B. I. News on the 'Net, December 27, 2010-January 2, 2011

How did you welcome the new year?

by Frank Solle

While the recent thaw and unseasonable rain wreaked havoc on the traditional winter sports such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, sledding, skating, and snowmobiling, they did provide the rare opportunity for another outdoor recreation - golf!

As the new year dawned with temperatures in the upper 30s, the idea to get a fairly early start to the 2011 golf season also broke the horizon of possibility in the mind of at least one local hard-core golfer. It didn’t take more than a short phone conversation to convince Joe Par to join me.

Despite the relatively warm temperature of the year’s first morning, a strong and steady wind drove the wind chill down near the single digits, prompting this initial outing to be shortened to four holes. But the idea of the day way only to get the season underway, not to set any kind of course record - which was good because despite our dedication we are not the ones to lower the bar of golf performance on Beaver Island, or anywhere for that matter, especially with only a handful of clubs between us.

I did, however, have two opportunities to record the first birdie of the new year as a pair of nice drives and wedge shots put me, at least, on the green in two shots on holes 1 & 2. But the birds are still flying free, although the first two pars of the season have amazingly been claimed.

The third hole presented the more-seasonable January challenge of snow golf, but unfortunately I wasn’t in possession of a snow wedge, or a shovel. What are you going to do? And then there was the problem of finding the hole. We both probed the snow-covered green to no avail. Consensus said we had two-putt plays for a pair of hard-earned bogeys.

By this time the wind and cold were well ahead on the scorecard so we teed off toward hole 2 on the back box of hole 4. And here, yet once again, we headed off in divergent directions with Joe finding the left rough while I placed my drive not-so-conveniently behind the apple tree on the right. While Joe toyed with his trusty and aged Sam Snead model 7-iron in trying to find the green, I flattened out my pitching wedge in order to attempt a quick climb without traveling much distance. It really was a good idea not to be too concerned with the score.

But rest assured, even as the temperature continues to drop, the wind continues to howl, and snow begins to filter through the January air and will, undoubtedly, accumulate to some depth yet again before spring is actually at hand, the 2011 golf season has begun. Happy golfing and happy new year.

Joe gets the 2011 season underway in fine style.

Frank's first pitching wedge of the year found the green.

Joe watches a long putt roll toward, but not into, the hole.

Frank tried on each of the first two holes to record the year's first birdie. He's still trying.

As if golf isn't hard enough, Frank encounters one of the 'special' challenges of January golf.

Joe chips to the snowy third green.

Another January challenge - Joe searches for the hole.

Joe takes aim from the short tee on #2.

Now when Joe is asked what he did to bring in the new year he can harken back to a round of golf.

The Night Before 1-1-11

December 31, 2010, will be remembered for the fact that there was a cloud bank of fog hanging over Beaver Island for the entire day. The stories in the future will go something like this:

Do you remember the New Year's on the Island in 2010? Boy, there was an interesting day. There were two flight services, Island Airways and Fresh Air, and neither one of them could fly the entire day. Remember that Danny Gillespie and Danny Johnsten were going to play with Cindy at Donegal Danny's, but Danny and Danny couldn't get over because the planes weren't flying. Remember that Rich Scripps couldn't get over to play at the Shamrock for the group "Rigormortis." Do you remember how the Island seems to have lots of talented people? Well, instead of just canceling the music at both places, it was decided that there were plenty of musicians to make this night a memorable one. Remember walking into the Shamrock and seeing Kevin Gillespie, Cory Sowa, and Randy Osborne playing together with Brandon Maudrie and Richie Gillespie in the wings? Hey, I almost forgot. That was also the 75th anniversary of the Shamrock Bar. We stayed there for a drink or two. Somewhere there are even pictures of this.

Yea, here they are.

See how young we all looked back then. There's Kevin Gillespie....Cory Sowa....

Richie Gillespie.....Randy Osborne

Do you remember that we then we went out to Donegal Danny's to check out the music there? Do you remember the surprise we had when saw the six musicians standing there playing music together? It was almost as if the night caused any and all hard feelings to slip away. In the doorway with her Irish drum was Cindy Gillespie-Cushman, the only one who was supposed to play here this night. Next to Cindy was Joddy Croswhite on his Dobro with his son Stryder on guitar. This in itself would have been enough musicians to make the night interesting, but next to Stryder was Miranda Rooy, Kevin White, and Patti Cull. Six very talented musicians, five of them solo vocalists, had decided to gather together and just play music. Do you remember how hot it was in the Pub? It was close to sauna temperatures, but everyone was enjoying the closeness; just like a large family crammed into one small house; pretty much the replaying of history of lots of Island families. We stayed there for a drink or two as well, but us old folks decided to go home and celebrate the New Year's with just family. There are some pictures of the musicians and other here somewhere. We figured there were plenty of people at both places to bring in the New Year in public. Some even stayed together at other places until daybreak, just like we used to do.

Stryder Croswhite............Joddy Croswhite............Cindy Cushman..........Miranda Rooy...........Kevin White.....................Patti Cull..........

Making music together is sure fun

The next morning as we gathered for our morning coffee, the sun was shining and the temperature was in the mid-forties. There was the roar of plane after plane taking off. Those who couldn't make it off the Island for the New Year's Eve celebration were heading off, and some of those who couldn't get here for the celebration, were coming home anyway. Then it became overcast and the thoughts went to those of a possible snow storm. Boy, that New Year's Eve was a memorable one!

"Papa, you sure have lots of interesting stories."

"Well, honey, Beaver Island is surely an interesting place to live and there are lots of remarkable people who live there! I even have some video around here someplace if I can find something that it will still play it."


Former Beaver Island Logger in the News

Bob Graves purchased the Iverson Snowshoe Company about three years ago. He is living in the Upper Penninsula. This UP News story explains the reason that this former Island resident is in the news. Bob owns the only business in the United States that makes and sells handmade high quality snowshoes. His pink colored version is meant to raise money for cancer research.

Bob Graves in the News

At the Shamrock

The Menu:
10 oz. Filet Mignon
Twin 7 oz. Lobster Tails
Monster Crab Legs
Surf & Turf
Surf & Surf
Entree includes salad & dessert
Please call for reservations. 231-448-2278

Enjoy a sensational meal then:
Rigormortis will take us into the New Year!
A year that will be our Diamond Jubilee!
75 years of operation for the Island's Oldest & Finest!!

New Years Day we will open at 10 am.
We will serve breakfast from 10 am - 2 pm
Special on Mimosas!

At Stoney Acre and Donegal Danny's

PIZZA...PIZZA...PIZZA! By the Slice $2 Jim & Pam's
PEPPERONI PUB PIZZA , available every day...all day!
Our best to you in the New Year!
New Years Eve ...Indulge at Stoney! Crab Legs 1# Jumbo $17.95, 2# $32.95. Lobster Tail, Single $17.95, Twin Tails $32.95. Filet Mignon 8oz. $17.95, (Combo it) *add a Lobster Tail $15,
*add 1/2 # Crab Legs $8, *add a full # of Crab Legs $15.
Dinners include an Artichoke Dip Appetizer, Potato, Vegetable, homemade Roll, and a Token for our Champagne toast at Midnight (also good for a domestic Beer or house Wine.)
CELEBRATE New Year's Eve at Danny's! Music @ 9pm.
Drink Specials, party favors, and Live Music with Danny, Danny & Cindy!
AND New Year's Day...watch the games at Danny's Pub...Six Screens, Free Buffet, Drink Specials & Happy Hour All Day!
Great Food, Great Drinks shared good times with Great Friends,

Please join us for our New Year's Eve Dinner & Festivities.
Reservations appreciated, but not neccessary...walk-ins welcome.

Our thanks & appreciation,
Liam & Marilyn Racine

Randi Delamater Hunter Delivers

Theren Dane Hunter arrived @ 4:26am, December 29, 2010. He was 8 lbs 7ounces and 21 inches long! Big brother Kelton is excited to be holding his baby brother.

Snowe and Kevin Green Announce the Arrival of Russell

Russell Jonathan Green, 2nd. 7.3 lbs, born December 28, 2010

Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing, and Cross Country Skiing Canceled

Beaver Island is in the middle of a January thaw in December with temperatures above freezing and early morning and late morning fog to deal with. Travel plans must be revised. The outside winter events are obviously not going to happen with all of this melting snow and rain, with some of it predicted to be freezing rain. The day yesterday, December 29, 2010, was absolutely beautiful for traveling. It had sunshine and warmth enough to leave the gloves and hat in the car. Today, not so much. Overcast and less than pleasant with wet, moist cold. So just what will the weatherman predict for tomorrow, New Year's Eve? There will be joyous celebration in the pubs and many, many hangovers in the morning, but New Year's 2011 will greet us all, every one. Happy New Year's to all!

Father Pat's Dream Trip

The Parish of Holy Cross Church is sponsoring a trip for Father Pat Cawley to take the vacation of his dreams, Normandy, France. We are presently working out the details of his 2011 trip. If you wish to help with this endeavor, we have set up a special savings account at Charlevoix State Bank. If you wish to help, you can send a donation of any amount. Address your check to Nancy Tritsch or Skip McDonough, PO Box 14, Beaver Island, Michigan 49782 or Charlevoix State Bank, 111 State Street, Charlevoix, MI 49720. Please add 'Father Pat's trip' on the memo line. or you can give your donation directly to the bank. Personnel of Charlevoix State Bank at both the Island and the Charlevoix branches are aware of this special account. The savings account number is 910100732. Call Nancy Tritsch's phone at 448-2178 for any questions.

Bob Tidmore's "A Winter on Beaver Island"


Almost a year's worth of photos compiled into this video. Very interesting!

Blood Donation Bill Signed by Governor

Last Wednesday, Governor Jennifer Granholm signed a bill into law that will enable 16 year olds in Michigan to donate blood with parental consent. The Red Cross hosts thousands of blood drives throughout Michigan each year. Any 16-year-old who is interested in donating blood should visit RedCrossBlood.org or call 866-236-3276 for further information.  In order to donate blood,16 year-olds must read donation material and obtain a signed consent form from their parent or guardian.  This written consent must be presented at the blood drive prior to blood donation.

Lansing , MI December 28, 2010 – Last Wednesday, Governor Jennifer Granholm signed a bill into law that will enable 16 year olds in Michigan to donate blood with parental consent.  The bill is effective immediately.

“Much like voting and driving a car, the ability to donate blood and save a life has become a rite of passage for thousands of high school students,” said Sharon Jaksa, CEO for the Great Lakes Region of the American Red Cross.  “Until now, high school students under the age of 17 have been denied the opportunity to donate. Thank you to Gov. Granholm and other leaders for giving them this opportunity.”

Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. Last year in the state of Michigan , approximately 400,000 units of blood were collected and used to positively impact up to 1.6 million patients.  This new eligible donor population will enable the Red Cross to better support Michigan patients.

"This action by Michigan leaders makes the precious gift of life more available to Michigan patients, and improves the quality of health care in our state," said Sharon Jaksa, CEO for the Great Lakes Region of the American Red Cross.  “We owe a debt of gratitude to the state officials who acted decisively to make this bill become law.

The Red Cross hosts thousands of blood drives throughout Michigan each year. Any 16-year-old who is interested in donating blood should visit RedCrossBlood.org or call 866-236-3276 for further information. In order to donate blood,16-year-olds must read donation material and obtain a signed consent form from their parent or guardian. This written consent must be presented at the blood drive prior to blood donation.

“We consider the parental consent requirement for 16-year-old donors as an opportunity to educate parents on the importance of blood donation,” Jaksa said. “We are excited to have the ability to recruit 16 year-olds and educate their parents at the same time.”

Happy Holidays from News on the 'Net

Repairs Almost Completed

The repairs are almost completed to this building that was damage by a vehicle.

Christmas Eve on Beaver Island

The wonderful gatherings of friends and family seem to be the best tradition of the Islanders, starting with church services. The Beaver Island Christian Church service began at 6:30 p.m. to be certain that those wanting to attend the Holy Cross Christmas Eve Mass would be able to attend and be on time. The Nine Lessons has become a tradition at the Christian Church service with different readers participating and a good mix of congregational singing and instrumentals music. The Carol Sing at Holy Cross was scheduled for 7:45 followed by the Christmas Eve mass. The service is also very special with members of the community joining together to provide music for the mass. Christmas time on Beaver Island is very special.

The traditional drive to get pictures of the lights was not quite as successful as thought possible, but the spirit of the evening of Christmas Eve is present in the lighting of the town area, as well as the pictures of these lights. It wasn't too much later in the evening when lights were being turned off in preparation for the Christmas morning to follow. Here are just a few of the lights to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

The first place winner in this editor's mind was the combination of patriotism with Christmas in this display.

From light displays that were large in size to some that were very small, they were inspiring and proof of the Christmas spirit here on Beaver Island.

Senior Housing Construction Continues

The view of the housing project from the BIRHC rear parking lot looking west to east

The north end of the building

The view looking from east to west

The view looking from south to north

Interior framing continues...first two look straight in from the entrance on the south end of the building....the last shows header over single apartment entrance.

Plans for individual apartments

Video clip with descriptions of views


Lake Geneserath Winter Fun Scheduled


The Second Annual Fresh Air Winter Festival will take place on Lake G on February 19, 2011. The above was created by Mike Hurkmans from video of the event of 2009.

From the Associated Press Article, December 24, 2010

LANSING, Mich. — Christmas Day could have a little more kick because of recent changes to Michigan's alcohol sales laws.

The same legislation that allows Sunday morning alcohol sales in the state also permits sales on Christmas Eve through 11:59 p.m. and on Christmas Day after noon.

Previous law banned sales from 9 p.m. Dec. 24 through 7 a.m. Dec. 26.

Retailers and restaurants can sell alcohol on Christmas without extra permits. But local communities have the option of continuing to ban the sale of alcohol on the holiday.

First Snowshoe Adventure in December 2010

The wind was screaming out of the northwest, blowing ice pellets in earnest intermittently. The distance was probably too much for a first trek on snowshoes for an older person. The day was less than sunny, but the sun did poke its head, heat, and emotional support out a couple of times during the adventure. One person who was out walking his dog on Donegal Bay beach close to the end of the adventure asked, "Why don't you take off the snowshoes and walk down here along the edge of the water?" The response was, "That wouldn't be snowshoeing. The goal is to snowshoe around the shoreline of Beaver Island." "You could get where you're going a lot faster by just walking," he said. "Enjoy your walk." "Enjoy your snowshoeing." And we departed in opposite directions, and yes, he did pass the snowshoer headed back north. Walking was faster, but not the reason for the adventure.

Earlier, with the wind driving the ice pellets into the face, the imagination began to kick in. Imagining that you're back in history walking across the plains or the tundra. You need to get around this big lake in order to get to your destination. What would a mountainman or a traveling Indian have carried with him on his adventure? What kind of shelter would he have looked for with this face-reddening to almost purple ice pellet wind, or would he have just toughed it out to get closer to his destination? Once amongst the banks of windblown sand and snow, a perfect location was found for just that purpose. It demanded a break be taken to experience the repose from the journey. Taking the camera cases off, the video camera case off, and the snack and rehydration bag off, it was just wonderful to sit down on the snowdrift behind the sandbank and experience the calm from the wind. The wind had hollowed out this space creating a respite from itself as well as a perfectly shaped snow-packed seat to sit on at just the right height. Taking just a little longer to imagine the adventurer doing just this, the journey had to continue. More perfect bliss from the howling wind was not possible.

For pictures and video of the adventure click HERE

The snowshoe adventures began in 2008 at the small park in Port St. James looking out at Garden Island. In 2008, the shoreline was snowshoed from this park all the way down to Cable's Creek on the east side. In 2009, there was not much snow, but the adventures took the opposite direction, starting at that small park and going around the points to Donegal Bay. You can view pictures of these adventures at http://beaverislandnewsarchives.com and do a search for "snowshoe" and you should find these pages that describe the adventures.

On the map above, owned by Bill Cashman and Ed Wojan from 1977, reprinted with permission, you can see the shoreline of the Island in green has been snowshoed. The area in red is planned for 2010, depending upon the amount of snow received and the wind direction.

Last Boat of the Season

Sheri Timsak walked to the end of the Beaver Island Boat Dock and took this picture. Thank you, so much, Sheri for sharing this wonderful picture!

The last boat leaves the harbor....

and returns on time for its last trip of the season (Thanks to Andrea Moore for these pictures.)

..making its final docking on the Island for the season

Final unloading for the season....

School Board Position Appointee Sought

Because of the recent death of board member Gail Weede, the board of education must appoint someone to fill the position until the board’s annual organizational meeting on July 11, 2011. Individuals interested in a short-term appointment to the board, should submit a letter of interest as soon as possible to Barbara Schwartzfisher, School Board President C/O Beaver Island Community School. The board will interview applicants and will appoint someone at the regular board meeting on January 10, 2011.

What Were You Doing at 2:45 a.m. December 21, 2010?

Were you watching an event that only happens every 372 years ? This crazy person was out in the middle of the Kings Highway trying to get a picture of the eclipse of the moon, which happens on the Winter Solstice only once every 372 years (not 462 as reported on the news and just copied here). The drivers on the Kings Highway must have thought I was crazy standing in the middle of the road at this time of the morning. Not sure which is more crazy--standing in the road with a tripod or typing this up at 3:15 a.m. Well, didn't want to miss this historic occurrence no matter whether the pictures turn out or not. The next time this will happen is December 21, 2094.

Happy Winter Solstice!

Frank Solle's Eclipse Photos

The photographer Frank Solle sent these pictures to share for the island's eclipse. Excellent photos, Frank! We appreciate your excellent work and willingness to share.

The best shot I got all night was my first one before anything happened just before 1:15 am. It shows how bright the night was and what a great ring there was around the moon:

Here's a shot of the 'first bite' around 1:35:

And at the half-way mark at 2:00 am:

After that things went downhill. It was much darker than the last eclipse at totality and I had a hard time focusing, somewhere around 2:45:

This final shot at 3:00 am is nearly the same as the first, although a little longer lens setting, but it shows the great difference in the amount of light:

Last Barge Load of the Season

The Wendy Anne made its last trip of the season today, December 20, 2010. The ice is making in the harbor, and the sound the barge made breaking through the ice was quite eerie. Of course, every shipping season has to come to end. The Beaver Island Boat Company season will be coming to an end with the last boat this coming Wednesday, December 22, 2010. There are still items that need to be shipped off the island, like scrap metal, but the ice conditions seemed to be the main reason for the end of the season. Bud Martin still has a load or two to make for fuel before the season ends for him. There was a full load coming to the island on the barge today, and it could be seen quite a ways out from the island on this final trip. It was seen on the horizon from Gull Harbor about 2 p.m., and it finally docked at about 3:45 p.m.

out on the horizon with zoom lens

from the point as the Wendy Anne approaches Whiskey Point

as the Wendy Anne approaches the BIBCO dock

to its own dock....

One Wendy Anne waits for another to dock

Video Clip from first horizon view until docking


More Holiday Hilarity 2 Clips Are Completed

View them HERE

BICS Holiday Program

The Beaver Island Community School Holiday Program was held at the Community Center on December 15, 2010, beginning at 7 p.m.

(A big thank you to Andrea Moore for the pictures and Ron Marsh for the video)

The welcome and introduction was completed by Austyn Oliver and Forrest Avery. The first group up was the Suzuki Strings, directed by Ms. Sheri Richards, and included the music "Angels We Have Heard on High," "Joy to the World," and "Jingle Bells."


The next introduction was completed by Erin Myers-Dixon. This group was the Dance Club directed by Ms. Kimberly Read, "Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!"


The next introduction was completed by Tessa Jones and Ireland McDonough. This group was the Pre-K through 4th Grade Choir directed by Ms. Miranda Rooy singing "Deck the Hall," "Jingle Bells," "Silver Bells," and "O Christmas Tree."


The next introduction was completed by Alex Williams. This group was the 5th and 6th Grade Recorders directed by Ms. Miranda Rooy playing "Snow is Falling," "Duet Duo," and Jolly Old St. Nick Duet."


The next introduction was completed by Simeon Richards. This group was the K-3 Drama Club directed by Ms. Jacque LaFreniere performing "Has Anyone Seen Christmas?"


The next introduction was completed by Katie LaFreniere. This was the group of All Students and Staff Choir directed by Mr. Mike Myers singing and signing "Keep Christmas With You."


Student Participants:

New Michigan Bill Allows Blood Donations from 16-year-olds

Lansing, MI, December 16, 2010 – Thanks to a new bill that passed in the House yesterday, the American Red Cross Great Lakes Blood Services Region will soon be able to accept blood donations from 16-year-olds who have written parental/guardian consent.

This means that now even more high school students can help save lives by donating blood. The American Red Cross is excited to spread awareness that blood donation is something a 16-year-old student can do to make a difference in their community.

“Many of our committed donors began donating blood while they were in high school. As our donor base continues to age, it is important to educate a group of young donors about the importance of a safe and stable blood supply,” said Sharon Jaksa, CEO of the American Red Cross Great Lakes Blood Services Region.

Any 16-year-old who would like to donate blood should visit RedCrossBlood.org or call the eligibility hotline at 866-236-3276 to find out more information. Before donating, 16-year-olds must review a few materials and have a parent or guardian sign a written consent form. This written consent form must be brought with the 16-year-old to the blood drive or donor center.

“We have always viewed the requirements of parental consent for 16-year-old donors as an opportunity to educate parents on the importance of blood donation,” Jaksa said. “We are excited to have the ability to recruit 16 year-olds and educate their parents at the same time.”

Much like voting and driving a car, the opportunity to donate blood and save a life has become a right of passage for thousands of high school students. Until now, high school students under the age of 17 have been denied that right of passage. The bill is expected to be signed into law by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm next week and put into effect immediately following the Governor's signature.

To make an appointment to donate blood, call 1-800-RED-CROSS (733-2767) or visit RedCrossBlood.org.

About the American Red Cross

The Great Lakes Region serves 65 counties, and needs to collect about 700 units of blood a day to meet patient needs in hospitals across the state. In addition to providing blood to our community, the American Red Cross also provides relief to victims of disaster, trains millions in lifesaving skills, serves as a communication link between U.S. military members and their families, and assists victims of international disasters or conflicts.

Island Treasures Resale Shop Announcement

The Resale Shop welcomes donations and shoppers this week, Thurs., Fri., and Sat. from noon until 4:00. As always, we can accept only "in season" items.

We have warm sweaters and coats available. There are some great cross country skis and a few pairs of skates for sale. We have lots of Christmas decorations and the prices are very low. Stop in and browse through the treasures.

We will reopen on Thurs., Dec 30.

We thank all of the dedicated volunteers, donors and shoppers that make our shop so successful.

Call Donna at 448-2797 if you have questions. Merry Christmas !


On New Years Day, the Station will be closed, and the hopper will be out all day, the station will reopen on January 3, 2011. If you have questions, you can contact the Transfer Station during normal business hours at 448-2228.

Happy Holidays from Doug, Tim and Amy!

Township Airport Clearing Finished

The west end of the Beaver Island Airport looks entirely different that it did last year at this time. Although not in the air for some photos (hint, hint), the photos taken on the ground from the west end of the east-west runway show a different view than seen in recent history by anyone on the ground at the township airport. You can certainly tell that a lot of trees were taken out by looking at these pictures.

The first taken from the eastern end of the runway....the second taken from a little more than halfway headed west.

Taken from the western end of the east-west runway, you can see High Island on the horizon...

Looking east from the west end of the runway...

These changes have been accomplished by the former Airport Committee, now the Airport Commission, with money from grants from the State of Michigan and federal funding. A major improvement for the flying public who use the Beaver Island Township Airport!

Library News

The end of the year and the beginning of a whole, new one means it's time to check backpacks, behind the sofa cushions, and under the bed for any books/videos/recorded books you may have forgotten to return so that 2011 can start with a clean slate.

New additions to our books are in the New York Times Bestseller lists and include such titles as: Cross Fire by James Patterson; The Confession by John Grisham; Fall of Giants by Ken Follett in the fiction category. Some of the nonfiction titles on our shelves are: Decision Points by George W. Bush; Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume I by Mark Twain; Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff; and $@&# My Dad Says by Justin Halpern. How about a newly released video? We have Shrek Forever After; The Twilight Saga- Eclipse; The Sorcerer's Apprentice; Despicable Me; and Babies – the documentary just to name a few .

Did you know that the library is like a mini-office center? We have computers, productivity software, high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, printer, copier and a fax machine for your use. Copies and printouts are only ten cents while the cost of faxing information is only $1.00 to send and a quarter to receive. Using the library is less expensive than buying all that equipment and usage of the computers, software, and internet is free.

In this economy, it's always nice to be able to save some money, so rather than spend it, stop in and read your favorite magazines: Woman's Day, Time, Family Circle, Woodsman, Newsweek, New Yorker, Good Housekeeping; Ireland of the Welcomes; National Geographic. We also subscribe to several children's magazines: National Geographic Kids; Ranger Rick, Zoobooks, and Your Big Backyard. All totaled we subscribe to more than 50 publications, stop in and spend an hour or two catching up on current and past issues. We also have newspapers available to you such as The Grand Rapids Press, Wall Street Journal, Beaver Beacon, NorthernIslander, Charlevoix Courier and Petoskey News Review.

The library is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from noon until 5:00 pm and on Wednesday from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. We are closed on Sunday. The drop box is always available.


The Northern Lights League is proud to announce its All-League Soccer and All-League Volleyball teams for the fall 2010 season. Members of the Northern Lights League are among the smallest K-12 schools in the State: the Beaver Island- Islanders, Grand Marais-Polar Bears, Hannahville-Soaring Eagles, Mackinac Island-Lakers, Maplewood Baptist-Black Bears, Munising Baptist-Bobcats, Ojibwe-Eagles, Paradise-Rockets.

Final NLL Standings in Soccer: 1st Place: Grand Marais & Hannahville-Co-Champs; 3rd Place: Beaver Island; 4th Place: Paradise; 5th Place: Mackinac Island; 6th Place: Munising Baptist

Final NLL Standings in Volleyball: 1st Place: Mackinac Island; 2nd place: Beaver Island and Paradise; 4th Place: Maplewood Baptist; 5th Place: Hannahville & Munising Baptist; 7th Place: Ojibwe

The following athletes were selected as the 1st and 2nd All-League Northern Lights League teams. The All-League teams are selected by all coaches from each of the Northern Lights League schools.

All-League Soccer Players


Allen Archambeau (Paradise)

Jenna Battle (Beaver Island)

TallenBoda (Hannahville)

Doug Campbell (Beaver Island)

FourwindsCharginghawk (Hannahville)

Taren Halfaday (Hannahville)

Leroy Ward-Harbaum (Grand Marais)

Emily Tufnell-MacArthur (Munising Baptist)

Jake Rivera (Grand Marais)

Jesse Ross (Grand Marais)

Seth Williams (Hannahville)


Collin Armstrong (Mackinac Island)

Jordan Atwood (Paradise)

Rachel Bodak (Grand Marais)

Gus Connaghan (Beaver Island)

Todd Fridline (Mackinac Island)

Taylor Hopkins (Mackinac Island)

Amy Kerst (Munising Baptist)

DominikKinlaw (Grand Marais)

Austin Ruddle (Mackinac Island)

Alyssa Sagataw (Hannahville)

Alec Wandahsega (Hannahville)

Jake Weaver (Paradise)

All-League Volleyball Players

Northern Lights All-League 1st Team

Jenna Battle (Beaver Island)

Morgan Brodeur Bunker (Mackinac Island)

Marie Bunker (Mackinac Island)

Olivia Cary (Beaver Island)

Maggie Chambers (Mackinac Island)

Brontae Lemmink (Beaver Island)

Calah Marsh (Paradise)

Northern Lights All League 2nd Team

Janie Atwood (Paradise)

Madison Drozdrowski (Paradise)

JaylynLaFlamme (Munising Baptist)

Alyssa Sagataw (Hannahville)

Kenzie Williams (Maplewood Baptist)

Shelby Williams (Maplewood Baptist)

News on the 'Net congratulates all players and thanks them for an exciting year!

Holiday Hilarity II

The performances this past weekend at the Community Center certainly lived up to the title. Holiday Hilarity was performed on Friday and Saturday, December 10 and 11. The acts, including the videos, but particulary the live performances, were hilarious. So the title spoke the truth. Standing out was Pat Nugent's monologue and Jeff Powers' Hardware Man as two of funniest, but the entire performance was funny.

Billed as completely different from the first Holiday Hilarity, this performance was completely different. Elaine West's addition to the group was an excellent choice. The only thing missing from this performance were some of the previous cast members. The technical part of the performance was almost flawless with the addition of Deb Plastrik behind the curtain. Ann Partridge coordinated the efforts from the booth upstairs, and the audience was never aware of any glitches. When the lights go off in this auditorium, it is really dark in this room.

While the Saturday performance was to a completely full house, the Friday performance was not. Friday's attendance was only about half of the seating. This is important because the performers feed off the audience laughter, making enuciations and facial expressions even more hilarious, which is why the live performances are more hilarious to this amateur critic. As previously stated, the live performances were certainly well done, and the video included some surprise participants. An excellent production and truly hilarious!

Selected Video Clips of the Friday night performance HERE

Airport Commission Meeting No. 2

With the BIAC meeting in alternate locations, St. James Township Hall and Peaine Township Hall, there was no confusion and no seating problem with this meeting at the Peaine Township Hall on Thursday, December 9, 2010, at 6 p.m. The most important part of this meeting for most to understand is that the property acquisition is the main hold up in the ten-year plan. Nothing can move along until this issue is resolved for at least a couple of reasons. One of the most important reasons deals with the use of grant money, and how much of this grant money will be needed to complete the land acquisition. That puts all other items in the plan on hold until this issue is resolved because money availability is always an issue in completing any plan. It is unfortunate that the Beaver Island community must wait for lawyers to resolve the issue of the value of the property to be able to move forward with any plans at all.

According to the report at this meeting, the tree clearing has been almost completed. Don Vyse and Mike Scripps have completed the interim inspections, which save the cost of having Meade and Hunt travel to do these interim inspections.

Frank Solle's Woodpecker Pictures


Frank sent these pictures last week along with this short story:

I noticed the beech stump just off my driveway had been assaulted by what looked to be a pileated woodpecker. Now since the stump is less that two feet tall, this just seemed weird. But then, who else makes those elongated, rectangular holes in dead trees? And they just showed up. Then, this afternoon when Sue came home from town she saw the bird at the stump. It flew up into the nearby trees by the time I came out with the camera and in the late, gray afternoon light it was hard to get a decent shot. When it finally flew off I turned with it in an attempt to 'pan' it in flight, although there wasn't time even to turn the camera from vertical to horizontal. But somehow, I found a little luck and got, given the circumstances, a fairly decent shot of it 'awing' through the trees.

Great pictures, Frank! Thanks for sharing!

Peaine Township Board Meeting, December 8, 2010

Peaine Township's meeting of December 8, 2010, was relatively calm this month, but there were still contentious matters discussed. The NRETC was able to get their original resolution passed to allow for a total of 21 members on the commission. This would include those two that were seemingly missing from the group, the Chamber of Commerce and the Beaver Island Conservation Club. The resolution also added a few more like the Odawa indian tribe, the Little Traverse Conservancy, and specified the organizations and the individuals that were to participate. Fourteen organizations and five individuals were mentioned, but Paul Welke asked for the list of all 21. Then the motion to accept the resolution passed. Postings were agreed for the Planning Commission and the Board of Review. The waste management bylaws were table again. The exchange of property by St. James Township was once again discussed with some on the Peaine Board and in the audience wanting the trade to reflect the joint ownership of the DNR property instead of just St. James Township. The discussion was tabled at the board level and sent back to the committee of Larry Kubic and Pete LoDico to discuss with St. James Township. Emerald Isle Propane was granted a conditional bid for the propane tanks and the first fill of the tanks. The condition included a clarification that the townships own the two tanks for both generator sites. The generators are here and waiting for fuel tanks and fuel.

The cleanliness of the Peaine Township Hall kitchen was brought into question with the general consensus being that it should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice per year which would make the cleaning person work additional hours with additional expense. The question was raised about how the DNR may react to the assertion of Peaine Township for joint ownership of the deputy residence and the waterfront across the road.

Video of this meeting HERE

Veteran's Memorial Bricks

Please consider a Beaver Island Veterans Memorial brick for a Christmas present this year. 

Send us your brick application and we will send you back a custom printed 4 x 6 card and envelope with a picture of the memorial site on the cover.   Inside there is the artist rendering of what the site will look like when completed and a place for you to add a message.

Veterans bricks are $100 for 3 lines of text and $200 for 6 lines of text,  18 characters per line.

Non-veteran bricks are also for sale for anyone wishing to purchase one. So far we have bricks purchased with family names, organizations and businesses.    Non-veterans  bricks will be placed in the sidewalk leading to the memorial site.

E-mail us and we e-mail you back the application form. 


AMVETS Post 46
Box 319
Beaver Island, MI  49782


Cantata Sunday at 3 p.m.

What a wonderful Christmas gift to the entire community! The Cantata performance on Saturday, December 4, 2010, began promptly at 3 p.m. If you missed it, you still have a chance to attend on Sunday at 3 p.m. The music was beautiful! The comradery was amazing! The Spirit of Christmas was present! Thanks to Shelly Scripps and to Ron Marsh for taking pictures and helping out!

What a program! Here are some pictures from the Saturday performance to give you an idea.

Video of the Entire Performance is HERE

Judi Meister and Joe Moore "O Holy Night" ...Jayne Bailey, Jean Wierenga, Mike Scripps, Dan Vander Vliet "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem: 

Liturgical Dance "Joy to the World" Nancy Ferguson..."Coventry Carol" Joe Moore, Matt Ritchie, Jayne Bailey, Donna Stambaugh, Marianne Weaver

"Joseph Lieber, Joseph Mein" Recorders

"Silent Night" Sheri Timsak, Mike Scripps, Laura Gibson....."Bethlehem Babe" vocal ensemble and strings, Judi Meister piano

Bethlehem Babe Story

"A couple of years ago, Joe Moore received a letter from Eleanor LaFreniere. Eleanor had been the organist for Holy Cross Catholic Church on the Island for many years. She had been married to Bussy LaFreniere. When Eleanor left, Joe took her place on the church organ.

Included in this letter from Eleanor was a handwritten melody and words. Eleanor wrote in the attached letter that this melody and these words were written by a Dominican Sister who had been on Beaver Island when the school was taught by nuns. This spanned quite a long period of time, and there is no record of this melody in the Dominican archives. Joe took this melody and arranged it for violin and piano. He played it last year in the Cantata of 2009.

Joe then wrote out the melody and harmony for four voices and piano. With some thought he decided to add two violins and a viola, and an optional cello part, along with the piano to make up this ensemble.

So, here you have “Bethlehem Babe” melody and words composed by an unknown Dominican sister, arranged by Joe Moore.

We hope you enjoy it."


:"Ave Maria" Bach-Gounod Joe Moore and Judi Meister....."Silent Night" liturgical dance Nancy Ferguson

"Ordinary Baby" Mike Scripps with Laura Gibson and Sheri Richards

Chimes Choir directed by Deb Plastrik "O Little Town of Bethlehem" "What Child is This" "Angels from the Realms of Glory"

And the Cantata Community Choir singing "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" Narrators: Matt Ritchie and Pinky Harmon

This included solos by Elaine West, Phil Becker, Bob Hoogendoorn and a small, young children's choir.

"Angels We Have Heard on High" with Cantata choir, Mike Scripps on keyboard, and the children's choir with audience participation.

Many thanks to the Cantata Choir Director, Program Designer, and overall organizer Kathy Speck!!

Sunday's Pictures Below:

St. James Township Meeting, December 1, 2010

At a very short township meeting, just a little over thirty minutes, the St. James Township Board accomplished a great deal. In one motion, minutes of three meetings were approved. Bills were approved with additions. One letter was read, and there were no reports. Due to some county disagreement with the order of approval, the board re-approved the rezoning for the Connelly property from Agricultural to Residential. In new business, the Board of Review position posting was discussed. The Board of Review was scheduled for Friday, December 17, 2010, at 4 p.m. St. James approved the the BI Airport Commission Rules of Approval and passed a resolution allowing the Airport Commission chairman to sign paperwork for the MDOT grants in the amount of just over $200,000. The board approved the rental of office space to the airport commission in the Governmental Center, as well as agreed to post notice for snowplowing bids. It also authorized the supervisor to open the bids and choose the person for snowplowing after polling the other board members.

Added to the agenda were two items that were also approved. A resolution to amend the original NRETC creation resolution to include the Conservation Club, the Chamber of Commerce, the Little Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, the Historical Society, and the Little Traverse Conservancy was approved. Travis Williams made a presentation about his family's need for an additional bedroom at the DNR building. The board approved the creation of a bedroom in part of the garage space and to fund the total cost of the improvement of just over $1000 with hopes of sharing this cost with Peaine Township.

Video of this meeting

Genie Vreeland Address Updated

Genie Vreeland
Boulder Park Terrace
Re-Hab Center
14673 Garfield
Charlevoix, 49720
Ph #231-237-8026

Larry Hall Address

For those of you who would like to send your well wishes to Larry Hall, below is the address information:

Larry Hall
c/o Meadow Brook, Room #20A
4543 South M-88 Hwy.
Bellaire, MI 49615

Shirley Sowa Address

Shirley is recovering from a run in with pneumonia. Cards and letters may be sent to her in care of Catherine Meintsma at the following address:

450 Langer Crt
Hemet, CA 92545

c/o Lois Stipp

2011 Beaver Music Festival Tickets


Ticket pricing Holiday Special Gate Ticket
December 1 - 31, 2010 Price
Thursday (general Admission) $10.00 $15.00

Day Pass Adult (18+) $22.00 $28.00
Friday or Saturday

Day Pass Teen/Senior (13-17) (65+) $20.00 $25.00
Friday or Saturday

Weekend Pass Adult (18+) $45.00 $55.00
Friday & Saturday

Weekend Pass Teen/Senior (13-17) (65+) $40.00 $50.00
Friday & Saturday

Holiday Happenings at Stoney Acre

New Years Eve...Indulge at Stoney! Beef, King Crab, Lobster & Full Menu! (will update with more specials & prices soon)
Then, CELEBRATE New Year's Eve at Danny's!
Live Music with Danny, Danny & Cindy! Drink Specials and a Champagne toast at midnight....AND New Year's Day...watch the games at Danny's Pub...Six Screens, Free Buffet, Drink Specials & Happy Hour All Day!
Great Food, Great Drinks shared good times with Great Friends,
Our thanks & appreciation,
Liam & Marilyn Racine

Beaver Island Community Development Corporation


Applications are now being taken to rent an apartment at the long-awaited Senior Housing, named Forest View, which is now under construction on Carlisle Road , across the street from Stoney Acres. The construction is anticipated to be complete and the apartments ready for occupancy June 1, 2011, a date which is subject to change based on weather conditions.

Applications are also available for the part-time position of on-site manager who will be employed by KMG Prestige, an off-island management company who will manage the apartments. The position is anticipated to begin in March, 2011.

Applications for both leasing and employment may be obtained at the Community Center, Library, and Rural Health Center. They should be mailed directly to KMG Prestige, attention Jane Crawford, 3390 Pine Tree Rd, Lansing, Michigan 48911 .

Further information may be obtained by contacting Jane Crawford at 1-517-679-7298.

KMG is an experienced property management company well-versed in federal regulations. In managing the leasing for the Beaver Island Community Development Corporation, KMG will screen applicants to determine their qualifications under the federal regulations for low and moderate senior housing. Using a professional management company to handle the leasing will insure applicants that they will be correctly evaluated and that their financial data will be kept confidential.

The rental apartments will have rental rates which are set through the grant process which provided funding. The anticipated rent is $567 for a one-bedroom unit and $629 for a two-bedroom unit. Utilities are included in the rent, and the building will be heated through a geo-thermal system. The building will include six individual apartments, four one-bedroom and 2 two-bedroom, each with their own kitchen and bath. In addition, the building will have a laundry room, community room, and a community kitchen area.

Beaver Island Airport Commission Inter-Governmental Agreement

This is the complete agreement approved by both Peaine and St. James Townships

B I Airport Commission Rules of Procedure

These rules of procedure have been approved by the Airport Commission and Peaine Township. They have yet to be approved by St. James Township.

Community Calendar

BI News on the 'Net has a complete 2011 calendar up on the homepage of this website. We are willing to post any activities that take place on the Island on this calendar. When you know a specific date of any activity, please email medic5740@gmail.com and it will be posted on the Community Calendar. So far, the only items on the calendar into 2011 are those governmental meetings that are held on specific days. Please send your information for your activity as soon as it is know, so that other organizations will not conflict with your date(s).

Peaine Township Tax Assessment Roles Online

Search Peaine Township Assessment Role Online

Several people wanted to know how to get to this location. Feel free to access it from here and then save it as a Favorite.

Beaver Island News Archives Adds Search Engine

All of the years of Beaver Island News on the 'Net are available except for a short period of time when some of the months at the beginning were lost. Phyllis Moore started this website in late 1999 or early 2000 which means that the archives have ten years of Beaver Island history, the last ten years. The Archives are open and available to anyone to view from the homepage at http://beaverislandnews or directly at http://beaverislandnewsarchives.com for your viewing pleasure. There has been added a Google Search Engine to this archives website for those that don't want to page through and read all 520+ pages of history. The Sample website page has been removed since the archives are open to anyone from the homepage of this website. The Archives of 2010 are still only available from this subscription only page.

BICS Calendar for 2010-11 Approved

Beaver Island Transfer Station Information

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Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010 NEW!

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Commission Minutes NEW!

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes (includes agenda when available) New Feature for 2010!

Waste Management Committee Minutes (New for 2010!)