B.I. News on the 'Net, December 7-13, 2009

Jim Willis Passes Away

This morning Jim Willis passed away at his home. Jim was known by many different people in many different roles due his many talents. Jim was a softball umpire for the Softball Tournament. Jim was a tour bus and transit bus driver. Jim was a custodian at the Beaver Island Community School in the older building. Jim was a husband and father, and a friend to all. Jim will be missed. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Cookie Carnival

The editor drooling over the treats available.

The Beaver Island Christian Church Cookie Carnival has been postponed this year due to this blizzard that was taking place December 9, 2009. The annual cookie carnival took place on Friday, December 11, 2009, between noon and 3:30 p.m. See you there because as this story is being written, the cookie carnival is still going on.

Pictures and more story HERE

Short Quicktime Streaming Video Clip HERE

Linda Roath Retires


JULY 15, 16, & 17 Mark your calendars!

Special Holiday Ticket Sale!
(available now through pay pal)

Thursday: July 15th-General Admission $10.00

(Friday July 16th & Saturday July 17th)
Day Passes: Teen/Senior $20.00 - Adult $25.00
Weekend Passes: Teen/Senior $40.00 - Adult $45.00

Children 12 & under are always FREE!

(Offer ends: 1/01/2009)

BIMF: PO Box 23, Beaver Island, MI 49782

A Step Toward Compromise?

The Waste Management Committee (WMC) met on Thursday, December 10, 2009, at 4 p.m. at the Peaine Township Hall. Members representing St. James Township Board included Tim McDonough and Jean Wierenga, who chaired the meeting. Members from Peaine Township Board included John (Jack) Gallagher and Pete LoDico. While the contentiousness was present at the beginning of the meeting, at least in the area of the WMC, it appears on face value that the two groups attempted to strike a bargain. It appeared that negotiations might actually be in progress.

Although both township boards need to approve any actions by this committee, here is a summary of the tentative agreements arrived at in a thrity-five minute meeting that was scheduled to take twenty minutes.

1. The committee structure could be made up of three appointees from each township. There would be a seventh member recommended to both townships by the WMC that would have to be agreed upon by both township boards.

2. The first priority of the WMC would be the development of bidding requirements for tranportation of waste/recycled materials and the actual request for bids.

Again, this is a tentative agreement predicated on the approval of both township boards. The idea is to fill the committee as soon as possible with the seven members and continue the negotiation process on the responsibilities, the authority, and the functions of the WMC and the Transfer Station.

The two boards may take action on this tentative agreement as soon as their next meetings. Peaine Township meeting will be on Monday, December 14, 2009, at 7 p.m. St. James may schedule a special meeting for this and other business next week also.

Quicktime Streaming Video clips of WMC Meeting HERE

Music This Weekend

Beachcomber Friday December 11th  -Live Music Sowa Brothers & Denny Richards 9:30 pm

Peaine Township Meeting Postponed

Due to the weather, the Peaine Township Meeting scheduled for tonight, December 9, 2009, at 7 p.m. has been postponed until Monday, December 14, 2009, at 7 p.m.

Beaver Island Hit by First Winter Blizzard

The Beaver Island Boat Company has canceled its run for today and for tomorrow, December 9th and 10th, 2009, due to the winter storm warning for the entire "tip of the mitt." Gale force winds with blowing snow have pretty much shut down every school in northern Michigan including Beaver Island for December 9, 2009. You don't realize how cold it is with wind chill and blowing snow until you actually get outside in it.

There will be no incoming or outgoing mail for today and tomorrow either, so don't bother making your trip to the post office if it is not necessary for you to come in to town.

The storm causes problems, but also causes some beautiful scenery.

The wind is howling in from the east as this is written and the blowing snow causes a white-out as you look across the harbor.

From the playground about 9 a.m. From the post office about 10 a.m. From the post office about 11 a.m.

Quicktime Streaming video clip of harbor in blizzard HERE

District Library Closed

The Beaver Island District Library has closed for today, December 9, 2009. The library was open this morning at 10:00 a.m., but with the storm getting worse with blizzard-like conditions, Barb Cruikshank, head librarian, decided to close for the rest of day. We will update on the library on Thursday.

USCG Alder Visits the Island

The 225-foot, Juniper Class Seagoing Buoy Tender (WLB) built by Marinette Marine Corp. in 2004, the Coast Guard Cutter ALDER replaced the 180-foot SUNDEW, a Balsam Class Seagoing Buoy Tender built in 1944. This vessel visited Beaver Island on December 8, 2009, to place the winter buoys for the harbor and to remove the Garden Island Buoy for the winter. It was interesting to watch the small skiff work with the larger cutter to accomplish these tasks.

The Alder with the USCG station buoy on deck. It replaced the summer buoy with one for the winter.

More story and pictures HERE

Quicktime Streaming video clip of the cutter and skiff working together HERE

It's a Girl

Danielle Cary Scheller (Blake) has a baby daughter this morning. She is named Nora Lynn. She weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz. at birth and was 21 inches long. More information will be posted if it becomes available.

Wendy Anne Leaves with Barge of Logs

New father Matt Fogg left the Island on the morning of December 6, 2009, pushing a barge load of logs with the tug Wendy Anne. The destination was Ironton after passing through the channel between Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix. His wife Wendy Anne, who the tug is name for, was at home with a newborn baby, but she was not alone. Wendy has both sets of grandparents on the island to help her, the Foggs and the Harwoods.

Bon Voyage, Matt and Wendy Fogg!

Quicktime Streaming Video of the Wendy Anne leaving HERE

Merry Christmas from the Cantata Choir and Director Kathy Speck!


9th Annual Christmas Cantata
    Sunday, December 6th, 3:00 p.m.
             at the Beaver Island Christian Church

You don't want to miss the 9th annual Christmas Cantata being performed right here on Beaver Island. This is just the thing to get you in the mood for Christmas. It will help get you in the spirit. The Cantata Choir and Director Kathy Speck invite you to this wonderful performance of Christmas holiday music.

Pictures and story of Saturday performance HERE

The Sunday, December 6, 2009, performance of the Annual Christmas Cantata, was well attended.

The total audience for both performances was just shy of 150 attendees, not counting the performers themselves. It was wonderful that the B.I. Lighthouse School students attended on Sunday.

The participants in the Cantata Choir include the sopranos--Jayne Bailey, Audrey Beilman, Shelly Scripps, Kathy Tidmore, Sheri Timsak, Marianne Weaver, Elaine West, and Karen Whitecraft. The altos were Deb Bousquet, Lil Gregg, Peg Hoogendoorn, Leonor Jacobson, Anna Martell, Diane McDonough, Judi Meister, Kim Newport, Miranda Rooy, Davi Stein, and Jean Wierenga. The tenors were Susie Fisher, Bob Hoogendoorn, Deb Plastrik, Chris VanLooy, and Dan VanderVliet. The basses were Bob Bass, Phil Becker, Ed Campbell, Mike Scripps, and Tom Whitman.

From the back of the Cantata's program (written by Kathy Speck):

"We hope you enjoy our program today--this is of "gift" to the Beaver Island community. The Cantata Choir will be performing some of your favorites from past Cantatas, and we know you will enjoy the selections our other musicians have chosen as well. I personally would like to thank the following people for theri faithful support and help over the years: The Christian Church, Bob Bass, Mike and Shelly Scripps, Deb Plastrik, Judi Meister, Laraine Dawson, Susie Fisher, Elaine West, Pam O'Brien, Holy Cross Altar Society, Ray and Carol Geskus, Mrs. Carol Myers, Matt Ritchie, Pinky Harmon, and, of course, our families. We especially remember today a man who was a special friend of the B. I. Christian Church and the entire community--Phil Gregg. We dedicate our 2009 Christmas Cantata in memory of him.

God Bless You and Merry Christmas. Kathy"

Streaming Quicktime Video Clips of the Cantata HERE

These video clips are BINN Christmas gift to the subscribers that have high speed Internet capability. Those with dialup may have to go to a library that has high speed. The clips cover all the songs of the Cantata by all the performers. Some were from Saturday's performance and some from Sunday's performance. If you have Quicktime Pro, you can download any of these clips. Otherwise, you will have to view them on this, the subscriber site.

Cookie Carnival Announcement 12/10/09

The Cookie Carnival.will be held at the Gregg Fellowship Center on. Thursday, December 10, 2009 from  noon until 3:30 PM.  There will be a gift table plus the usual Gregg Peanut Brittle, Nutmeg Logs, and Party Cookies.  Anyone wanting to preorder nutmeg logs or party cookies can call Jean Carpenter  448-2893 and place your order.

Ellen Welke Memorial Toy Drive

(11/25/09, 10:30 am) Connie Boyle will once again be organizing the Toy Drive .  The toys go to children who live in Charlevoix County .  Any children who qualify for the program through Social Services and live on Beaver Island will also benefit from the program! Toys need to be new.  Please do not gift-wrap them.  Social Services will do that after determining for which child the toy is best suited. You can drop the toy off to Connie at home, leave it in her car (or Neal's), bring it to school (room 115 ) , or the collection box at Island Airways Airport Terminal ( Island and Charlevoix ) .   All toys should be donated by…


(If you are unable to turn them in by the  12th,  asecond shipment will be made, so still drop off the toys! Social Services just needs the bulk of the toys early enough to make sure all children are “covered” — in case they need to go shopping themselves.)

This is also a great opportunity to teach our own children  about the spirit of giving.


The AMVETS Post #46 Ladies Auxiliary will hold a Children's Lunch with Santa on Saturday, December 12, 2009 from  11:30 - 1:00 at Gregg Fellowship Hall at the Beaver Island Christian Church.  All children and their parents and/or grandparents are invited to come and have a hot dog lunch before seeing Santa who will arrive at 12:00 Noon.

Because we can no longer obtain polaroid film, will the parents please bring their own camera to take a picture of your child with Santa.

The AMVETS and AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary will also again be having the Santa's Workshop on Monday, December 14, 2009, at Beaver Island Community School.  This will be for children to buy presents themselves for their families.  Each child is to bring nametags for the gifts.  Younger children will have an adult to help them make their purchases.







CALL KERRY SMITH AT 448-2601 OR 448-2744

Ages 17-ADULT (Sorry no one under 17)

(Received on Fri, December 4, 2009, 9:14:20 AM )


Friday, December 11th ISLANDERS vs Grand Marais

        Girls game starts at 6:00

        Boys game starts at approximately 7:15

Booster Club will be serving dinner starting at 5:30 // Other Concessions Available

Saturday, December 12th ISLANDERS vs Grand Marais

Boys game starts at 8:30

        Girls game starts at approximately 9:45



Best Wishes,
Kitty McNamara

BICS Basketball

Although the games played on Friday and Saturday, December 4th and 5th, do not count in league play, the Islanders had plenty of support from the crowd. The games don't count because the officials were unable to get to the Island. The Hannahville Soaring Eagles did get to the Island, and both the boys' and lady's teams were ready to play.. Due to the inability of the editor to be in two places at once, there are only a few pictures of the Saturday games available HERE.

It's A Boy!

Samuel Wardwell Fogg was born to Wendy Anne Fogg and her husband Matt Fogg on December 2, 2009, at approximately 4 p.m. Samuel weighed in at 7.1 pounds. More information will be posted as it becomes available. We know that the proud grandparents on Beaver Island are Sally and John Fogg. Other grandparents are: Don and Sylvia Harwood of Maine who are visiting the island. We also know that Aunt Deborah Harwood is grinning from ear-to-ear. Rumor has it that the family will coming home to the Island, perhaps as soon as this Friday.

New Beaver Island Teller for CCSB

Charlevoix County State Bank's teller in residence has been Linda Roath ever since the beginning of the branch here on Beaver Island. Linda Roath has decided to retire. There will be a new teller in residence beginning on December 11, 2009. Her name is Cathy Jones. Cathy lives on the Island year round, and has been living here for four years (since 2006). Cathy retired from Chase Bank after being a loan officer with that bank for 18 years. Cathy will be taking over the Tuesday-Friday bank schedule for the winter. Welcome to Cathy Jones!

Quicktime Streaming Video Clip Interview HERE

December Beaver Island Regatta

Can you imagine the look on anyone's face as they are told that there is a sailboat sailing around the Beaver Island Harbor on December 2, 2009. Well, it's not a joke! It's true! Adam Wirth was taking his sailboat for an "after snow" sail around the harbor before taking his sailboat out of the water and preparing it for winter.

Well done, Adam!

Quicktime Streaming Video Clip Interview HERE

An Email from Kevin A. Elsenheimer

Beaver Island Baiting Ban News ... Thu, December 3, 2009 10:54:52 AM (Posted at 11:50 a.m., same date)

Dear Friends,

I wanted to update you on the ban on deer feed baiting on Beaver Island .

Today, the Tourism, Outdoor Recreation, and Natural Resources Committee is meeting to discuss House Bill 5830, which deals with the process by which the NRC administers deer and elk feeding.

The committee chair, Rep. Joel Sheltrown is offering a substitute version, H-4, which in part would exempt islands in the state from the ban on deer and elk baiting for recreational or supplemental purposes.

I have supported this change in law, and have been in discussions with other legislators to see it implemented and look forward to helping its passage on the floor should the committee approve the substitute language. As you know, I have been working towards this change for many months making colleagues aware of this needed common sense reform .

This is a common sense reform and there is no reason Beaver Island should be under a baiting ban. As you are likely aware, initial reports are that the deer take was down this year.

Dr. Powers will be testifying in the committee and I applaud him on his efforts. I'm looking forward to continue moving this substitute bill in the process.



Follow-up on Baiting Ban from Kevin A. Elsenheimer

Beaver Island, and other islands separated from Michigan 's mainland by 2 miles or more of water, would have been exempt from deer and elk feeding bans administered by the state's Natural Resources Commission under a legislative amendment that failed in a House vote today.

According to Rep. Kevin Elsenheimer, House Bill 5830 contains the solution to a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place -- banning feeding of wildlife that is already protected from contamination danger by the population's geographic isolation.

“I've been making the case to the DNR and Director Humphries for months that the island's distance from other wildlife populations provides a natural protection and a man-made restriction is unnecessary,” said Elsenheimer, R-Kewadin. “It's just hard to understand why we can't interject some common sense that will benefit the people of the island, as well as have a positive impact on the local economy there.”

HB 5380 is intended to extend legislative authority to the NRC for implementing bans on supplemental and recreational feeding in Michigan for another six years.

A bipartisan amendment exempting the islands from the ban was approved by the House tourism, Outdoor Recreation and National Resources Committee on a 6-3 vote, with Elsenheimer's support. The measure failed on the House floor with a 66-37 vote.

Northern Michigan legislators voting in favor of the Beaver Island feeding ban exemption were Elsenheimer and Reps. Wayne Schmidt, Joel Sheltrown, Andy Neuman, Darwin Booher and Tim Moore. Voting against the measure were Reps. Gary McDowell, Dan Scripps, Mike Lahti, Steven Lindberg and Judy Nerat.

(from Elsenheimer newsletter, 12/5/09, posted 12/6/09, 10:30 a.m.)

Launch of a New Website

Beaver Island News on the 'Net has always attempted to provide subscribers with an archive of previous week's postings. As the website has become more and more progressive with more photographs and the addition of video clips, the memory on our hosting server kept getting too full, too quickly. As a result, the archives had to be shortened and elminated except for the most recent months of activity in order to continue to bring you, the subscribers, the most modern format of the News, which includes Quicktime Streaming video clips.

As a result of this dilemma, some of the actual historical pages of Beaver Island News on the 'Net have been lost forever. At one time a computer crash deleted the News' pages and these pages are gone. Everything that we can pull together from the very beginning of Beaver Island News on the 'Net is now available on another website. This project will be ongoing. We have located all of the photographs from the missing pages, and we will attempt to build replacement pages for those dates with no less than all the pictures that we can find.

So, Beaver Island News on the 'Net is proud to provide this gift to its subscribers, the historical Beaver Island News on the 'Net beginning in the year 2000. The first decade of the 21st century of modern history from the News' editors perspectives is available HERE.

There are many other directions that we are planning, such as a listing of specific events in alphabetical order with links directly to those pages. These are not completed yet, but are meant to give you one of the possibilities. For example: If you were interested in finding the story, pictures, and/or video clips related to McDonough's Market's 75th Anniversary, you currently would have to know what year that took place and what month. Then you could begin looking for that event in the list of things that are included in the Archives for those four weeks. You would find that week and then be able to look at that week's News. In the future, we hope to have the specific events listed with links directly to those pages, so you won't have to do the searching for yourself.

Happy Holidays from Beaver Island News on the 'Net

Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukkah! Happy Winter Solstice! Happy Muharram!

First Snow That Sticks

Update: 12/6/09, 10:45 a.m. The Christmas Cantata's first performance found the snow much less than the previous year, but the roads were and are very slippery. Drive carefully out there today. Going around curves at more than 15-20 mph could cause you to have a really bad day!

Beaver Island woke up to the first snow on the ground that stayed there for the season on December 3, 2009. Their will be no golfers on the golf course today.

The branches, the dead leaves, the brown grass-all are covered with the fresh pure whiteness of the snow. Yes, it may get muddy and slushy as the temperatures increase throughout the day, but this pristine ground covering of snow provides us a view into the world that many do not get to see. Imagine the same snow over in Charlevoix mixed up with the melted snow and sand. Imagine the same snow over in Traverse City with the thrown dirty slush alongside the roads. The beautiful snow on the ground may not last, but the picture is one that lasts forever in our minds as one of the reasons we live here on Beaver Island.

Now, imagine another type of weather that we experienced just a few weeks ago in November. You might not be ready for the snow, but no one is ever looking forward to the fog, but even the fog shows beauty. After attending the St. James Township meeting last night, in the email were some pictures to be shared with all of the News subscribers. These are:

Pictures from the South End

St. James Township Board

Here are some pictures of the St. James Township Board at work during their meeting on the night of December 2, 2009. Missing from this meeting was Ray Cole, the newest trustee appointed to the board.

Jim Wojan, treasurer....Rick Speck, supervisor.........Jean Wierenga, clerk..........Tim McDonough, trustee

After a few hours of work, there will be Quicktime Streaming video clips of this meeting available here of the St. James Board meeting of 12/2/09.

Quicktime Streaming Video Clips of St James Twp Meeting

Frustrations of a Small Town Editor

The topic is communication.....

This is an editorial, and the title pretty much describes the topic of the editorial. First and foremost, I apologize for the late update on the St. James Township meeting minutes that are available to anyone outside this subscriber portion of the website. They are available from the homepage without logging in. The minutes are late because they were not received until Wednesday, December 2, 2009, a little after 1 p.m., when I drove to the governmental building (the old medical center) and asked the supervisor if he had any minutes available since the St. James Township clerk has not mailed them to me under the subscription request that had been submitted several times by mail and by email. I copied the minutes and then brought them home, and I thank Rick Speck for being willing to give me his copies of the minutes to take with me to copy. Then the minutes actually needed to be typed into the website page because they were not given to me in an electronic format.

So you now know one of the frustrations of a small town editor. In an attempt to get information out to the public within a reasonable time before the next township meeting, I was unable to do so due to the failure of the small town government to comply with the Freedom of Information Act. It would not be such a big deal except the St. James Township Clerk stated outside the government building, "It just might be better if you picked up the written copy of the minutes at the meeting.:" So, this editor is frustrated because the township clerks, both of them, are not willing to comply with the Freedom of Information Act. The law states that these minutes will be available 8 days after the meeting and a subscription to the meeting minutes is an acceptable method of requesting these minutes.

So I ask both townships publicly in this editorial to begin, starting with their meeting in December, to comply fully with the Open Meetings Act. I am publicly requesting that each township supervisor direct the township clerks to mail the township meeting minutes no later than the ninth day after the meeting to me. I further request that each clerk be requested by their respective boards to accept a computer lesson from Joe Moore on how to electronically send minutes across the Internet to help prevent the delays that have occurred in the past. A copy of this editorial will be provided to each township supervisor.

Next, I live next door to Stoney Acre Grill and Donegal Danny's Pub, and I did not know this Saturday night there was music scheduled there. I received no information about the Sunday night fundraiser that was scheduled there.

Is there some way that the organizations and businesses on Beaver Island would share the information about what is going on here on the Island with one of the news services that can post items on a daily basis? So this is a plea to the organizations and businesses on the Island to send me the information in any form whatsoever, preferable electronic, so that this editor doesn't have to be ignorant of the happenings on the Island. It just might be that someone else might read about the event on the News website go to your scheduled event, but at least you would have the information out there communicated in a timely manner.

Update: I want to apologize to Colleen Martin, who has been physically injured. Colleen has sent me the minutes within the 8-day time frame this summer long into the fall. Colleen has sent me the minutes in a timely manner. I was not aware of Colleen's injury, and in my frustration of not getting the St. James minutes, I struck out at clerks of both townships. Injured or not, Colleen faithfully has sent me the Peaine minutes and also sent me the minutes of the joint meeting which I received on December 7, 2009, along with a letter stating how disappointed she was to read the editorial. So, I will apologize again for the misunderstanding. I will be keeping Colleen's letter to remind me that this editorial and others must be accurate as well as timely.

BICAA Announces Grant Recipients

(from Sandra Birdsall, posted 12/2/09, 8:30 a.m.)

Two performing community groups, The Beaver Island Community Players and The Recorder Group, have been awarded grants by the Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association.

The Beaver Island Community Players who put on the original performance called “Beaver Tales” in 2009 were awarded $600 to provide stipends for composers and writers to create original music and scripts for the 2010 Beaver Tales II performance. The Recorder Group has played in the Christmas Cantata for the past five years and participated in Baroque on Beaver in 2006 and 2007. They were awarded $500 to purchase new music and to travel to Charlevoix to attend a recorder rehearsal and to take a lesson from Lonhilt Close, a mainland recorder teacher.

The Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association initiated its mini grant program this year for local artists who need financial support for their creative work. The funds for this program were generated by proceeds from Baroque on Beaver, the annual classical music series. This new grant was created by the Arts Association as a means of fulfilling its mission to support cultural arts in the Beaver Island Community. In selecting the two applicants for the grant awards, the Board expressed its pleasure that two such talented and energetic groups would benefit from the new program.

According to Jacqueline LaFreniere who requested the grant on behalf of the Community Players, the group has been in existence since 1993 but has performed primarily scripted shows until 2009 when the group wrote and produced “Beaver Tales,” a unique look at Beaver Island House Parties once held on the island. An original musical composition was written by Elaine West and Scott Kasbaum exclusively for the show. “The 2009 show was a great success. It sold out 3 shows and came close to selling out a 4 th ,” Jacqueline said.

“Next year's production of Beaver Tales II would also feature some original music. It is important to compensate the composers and writers for their time and efforts to create two or three new musical compositions for the new show,” Jacqueline explained The Community players donates the proceeds to the Beaver Island Community Center and said they were asking for funds to help make Beaver Tales II as successful and the first show was.

The Recorder Group consists of Jayne Bailey (Alto recorder), Donna Stambaugh (soprano), Matt Ritchie (tenor) and Joe Moore (bass). According to Jayne Bailey, who requested the grant on behalf of the group,” the beauty of the recorder is that it allows the musician to share in a musical form that is ancient and unique. The recorder is a simple instrument with a tremendous potential for complexity.” The group started by Brenda LeFevre is self taught with prior musical training but no specific training other than instruction books on the recorder. “Our participation in community events included Music on the Porch where we played lively dance numbers with more crowd appeal. We would like to continue in this vein with new music and steadily increasing skills and repertoire,” Jayne explained that the grant's use for new music and lessons would be put to good use. . The group has been invited to participate at the island churches, the talent show, and cookie carnival and plans to continue with music appropriate for each venue.

Beware! Internet Fraud on the Rise

Update: Received new PIN from CCSB on Saturday, December 5, 2009. Still awaiting the replacement debit card. Be really carefull with the PIN number. If someone knows or can guess your PIN number, (s)he can withdraw money from your account using that number. Debit cards are wonderful, but be really careful in how you use them.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to wake up in the morning and find that your checking account was overdrawn close to a $1000. Checking the online banking capabilities of Charlevoix State Bank on the morning of December 1, 2009, Joe Moore found himself in exactly this position. A call to the bank was definitely in order. Discovered as the cause of the overdrafts were two Internet purchases made using Joe's CCSB debit card number. One charge on the card was between $700-$800 and the other charge was between $200-$300. One item had been ordered using the debit card information with a shipping address of New York City, New York. The second item had been ordered with a shipping address of Houston, Texas. Both fraudulent orderers had successfully reported the proper billing address.

Taking the time necessary to work out the details with CCSB, Joe contacted the companies listed with the charges by phone. It took just a little under five hours to begin to resolve the issues, but in this holiday time, Joe will be without his debit card for the next ten days to two weeks. All charges using that debit card had to be stopped including some regular occurring bills that had been set up will a bill paying arrangement. "I'm awfully glad that I checked the account balances this morning. The charges to the account were made just yesterday, so the fraudulently ordered items had not shipped out yet," Joe related.

Now, some people may suggest that Joe had been less that security-conscious in using his debit card. Perhaps, he had been ordering lots of items online. Perhaps he had lost his debit card. None of these is what occurred. Since this was the second time that Joe has to get his debit card replaced, he was fully aware of the security issues surrounding the ordering of items on the Internet. "I don't use my debit card to order online," Joe said. "I learned that the first time around. I use only a credit card that is protected by an anti-fraud protection program for online purchases. The only way that someone could have gotten this debit card information is through a present business owner where I have purchased items or through a leak in security at the banks or businesses that handle the credit card transactions. I use Paypal to do most of my purchases online."

So what is the moral to this sad, sad story? The moral is three-fold.

1. Make certain that you have a method of checking out your accounts, daily if at all possible. Online access is available from most banks.

2. Make certain that you do NOT use your debit card for online purchases unless you want to have the same problem, because it is much more difficult to reverse the charges to a debit card than it is to a credit card.

3. Make certain that you have an anti-fraud protection program on the credit card that you use to make Internet purchases.

"It may take up to a weekto ten days to get my account balance back to what it was prior to the Internet fraudulent purchases. Hopefully, my creditors will understand the short delay in getting their bills paid," Joe stated. "Everyone must be careful in this day and age to protect themselves."

Beaver Island Music Festival Search for Particpants

Music festival news

It is that time of year again when we start searching for artists to perform at the 2010 Beaver Island Music Festival. This year we continue to have an additional evening of music to our festival so there are more opportunities to have fun and enjoy. The dates for this year are July 15, 16, & 17. If your group is interested in performing at the 2010 festival, the deadline for applying is January 1, 2010, and any aplicantions received after this date will only be considered for the 2011 festival. It is very important in our selection process that you include information about your group, size of the group, and a list of all band members that would be attending if selected and a CD.

Due to the large number of applicants, it is crucial in our selection process that we have an actual CD from your group. Please send all of your press kits to: BIMF Selection Committee PO Box 23, Beaver Island, MI 49782.

Our committee will be making all of their selections by January 31, 2010. We select based on quality, originality, diversity, personality, and try to have only one group from each musical category. We have also established a performing rule that no band can play the festival more than 2 years in a row (no exceptions) and must wait at least 1 year before reapplying. This rule has been put in place so that we can continue to bring a diverse and new festival to Beaver Island each year. If your group is chosen to perform for this year's festival, you will be contacted shortly after the final selection date. We will try to have our final line up posted by March 1, 2010.

If you are not selected this year please, continue to submit for future years and remember that we have an open-mic session that is open to all performers during the festival. You can register for a slot any time after February 1, 2010.

A special note to all artists that have applied to or performed at our festival before:

If we have received all of this information concerning your group from past years, everything about your group remains the same, and we have a CD, all you will need to do is e-mail me at bimfburton@yahoo.com to reactivate your application. We continue to keep all submissions to our festival each year for the convenience of your group and our selection committee.

We look forward to hearing from your group and wish you good luck for this year‘s selection!

Carol Burton

Emmalee Antkoviak's Condition

Update: Emmalee was move this evening to Mary Free Bed with therapy to start in the morning.

Mary Free Bed
Emmalee Antkoviak
Room 338
235 Wealthy SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

You can also send an email to:
patient@maryfreebed.com and put Emmalee Antkoviak in the Subject.

Update: 12/6/09, 10:45 a.m.: Rumor has it that Emmalee has been transferred or will soon transfer from the Children's Hospital to Mary Freebed Hospital. Mary Freebed is a great location for physical therapy as advertised on television. There has been no public update on why the transfer took place, but the assumption is that Emmalee soon will be or is ready for physical therapy. This is good news. Verification would be great to receive if this is true.

Update: 12/3/09, 7:20 p.m. Emmalee has been move out of ICU. One of many positives steps on the road to her recovery! The parents and family must be ecstatic.

Update: 11/30/09, 6:30 pm, Quoted from a post on the Forum:

"There is no cancer and no second surgery. We continue to focus on Emmy's road to recovery. We love you all and WE BELIEVE!"

Opportunity to Serve on Health Center Board




The Board meets every other month on Saturday morning. The new terms begin on January 16, 2010. In addition to attending regular Board meetings, Board members are expected to serve on a Board Committee and take an active role in Board activities. Meetings can be attended by conference call and both interested part-time and full-time residents are urged to apply.

A willingness to serve the community and an interest in the health center are qualifications sought in all applicants. Prior board experience, expertise in fund raising, endowments, finance, information technology, marketing, insurance, health care industries, business, or personnel management are a plus. 

Interested? Send a letter telling us about yourself to: 

Board Selection Committee, Beaver Island Rural Health Center, PO Box 146, Beaver Island , Michigan 49782  

Applications due: January 8, 2010

Joint Township Meeting

With the lawyer present from the firm that represents both townships, the Joint St. James and Peaine Township meeting got underway at 7 p.m. on November 23, 2009, at the Peaine Township Hall. The meeting was well attended. The two boards were seated on the north side of the hall with seemingly a large physical distance between them, which was an indicator of the distance in philosophy between the townships that has grown over the last year.

Jack Gallagher was the chairperson of the joint meeting. From Jack's opening comments after the Pledge, it was obvious that this meeting would not be an easy meeting nor a meeting with easy agreements. Such was truly the case with the two governmental entities at complete odds when it came to discussing any issue that dealt with the joint operations of the airport, waste management, fire department, and township cemetery.

It took a full 69 minutes to discuss and hash out the issues related to the township airport. The townships' attorney suggested that the two townships create and Airport Authority, and the disagreement between the two townships began to simmer and eventually boil over.

At times, the issues seemed to be mixed up almost like a breakfast scramble with the eggs, meat, garlic, onions, and cheese all rolled into one. At other times, the widening distance between the two townships became quite obvious on the individual issues related to the airport. The township lawyer suggested that the issue of the "Declaration of Necessity," the authorization to negotiate, and upon failure of the negotiations, the authority to use "Eminent Domain" to seize the property, should be set aside until an "Community Airport Authority" was created.

The two townships could not agree about the reason for the resolution mentioned above. The "airport expansion" (Jack Gallagher) was pitted against the "Safety" of the airport. Jack stated that the resolution spoke of airport expansion with a needed protection zone. St. James board members and former Peaine supervisor John Works spoke vehemently about the true issue being safety as it was related to the two aircraft crashes with loss of eight lives and the trauma that crash caused to the B. I. Fire Department personnel. Jim Wojan spoke about this airport expansion being "only a plan." Jack Gallagher stated that it was much beyond a plan if the resolution, if passed, could authorize court proceedings at which private property may be taken away by the townships.

The two townships did pass the same resolutions eventually. The Resolution of Necessity was tabled by both townships. The townships' lawyer was requested to provide a list of pro's and con's for two possibilities related to airport governance: airport authority and contractual agreement between the townships. And, a meeting to take place in January where the currently existing airport committee would present and explain the plans for airport expansion.

After the airport discussion, the next item of disagreement related to the Waste Management Committee. Jack Gallagher presented two names from Peaine Township and one from St. James Township to fill the openings on this committee. St. James disagreed upon the make-up of the committee. Jean Palmer stated that the committee consisted most recently with three members from each township and one member-at-large. Jack Gallagher stated that the documentation was clearly stating that there would be two township board members from each township and three members-at-large. St. James board members stated that there had been difficulty in getting the positions filled due to lack of interest, so the make-up of the committee had been changed to three board members from each township with one at-large-member. St. James board decided that with the return to the makeup suggested as necessary by Peaine, that they would re-post the positions in St. James Township, and make certain that everyone knew that the three positions could come from either township.

The budget discussion were contests of disagreement as well with no final motion or resolution.

The next Joint Township Meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on January 11, 2010, at the Peaine Township Hall.

Thanks goes to Levi Connor for the video work at the Joint Meeting. Good work, Levi!

Updated with video clips 11/27/09, 3 pm)

Quicktime Streaming Video Clips of this meeting HERE

Waiting for DSL on Beaver Island

If you have been following the discussion on the Beaver Island Forum about the DSL, you are probably wondering where, when, and what related to the availability of the TDS DSL service on Beaver Island. The basic information is difficult to access through the mumbo- jumbo of marketing language. Here is the current status of the DSA's (digital service areas) on Beaver Island at this time.

Beaver Island has seven DSA's. Basically, this is an area, but for this discussion we will call them actual locations of the green boxes that provide the services of Internet access. There are seven of these locations on the island. There are only two of them that are actually active at this time. The first one is the Central Office of the TDS operation across the road from the school. The second one that is active is located at the intersection of East Side Drive and McCauley Road. This means that the 18,000 foot distance would need to be measured from these two locations to determine the actual current availability of the TDS DSL service. These are the ONLY green boxes that are ACTIVE at this time.

There are five other DSA's ready to be activated on the island. The equipment is installed in the green boxes. They are ready to be used. These five locations are: 1. Kilty Point just before Nomad, 2. Southhead Lighthouse, 3. microwave tower, 4. Western Shores and Reddings Trail, and 5. West Side Road and Green's Bay Road. The reason that these five have not been activated is logical. The TDS backhaul is currently unable to handle the traffic for additional customers and maintain the level of service for the existing two DSA's. This is being worked on by TDS. There are steps necessary to complete the work and turn on the other five DSA's. A new radio needs to be received and installed is just one of those steps.

Chad Mix from TDS Marketing has suggested that these steps may be completed by March 2010. We understand the frustrations of the dialup customers who will lose their Internet access in three weeks. Relief is on the way. In the meantime, it will be a little inconvenient for you to accomplish your Internet needs if you are a dialup customer. You have options. You can wait until TDS gets these other DSA's activated. You can subscribe to Hughes Net satellite Internet. You can use the public computers at the Beaver Island District Library. You can use the public computers at the Community Center. If you have a wireless capable laptop, you have many options for Internet access including the Harbor Market and Shamrock, Stoney Acre, Island Airways, the district library, and the community center. It may be inconvenient for a time, but this will be resolved in the near future.

Charlevoix County Transit Fails to Renew BIBCO Contract

(11/17/09, 9:50 a.m.)

As this is being posted, a meeting is going on at the Dahlwhinnie to answer questions about this change in contract. The transit bus on Beaver Island is owned and operated by the Charlevoix County Transit Authority located in Boyne City, Michigan. All handicapped, seior, and other transit operations are handled by CCTA. BIBCO held a contract to provide these services on Beaver Island for CCTA. The contract with BIBCO expired and was not renewed.

CCTA is operating the transit bus on their own behalf without BIBCO, BITA, or an other Island organization or business.

Barb Schwartzfisher stated, "The BI Transportation Authority never had any involvement with the transit bus." The drivers and the bus was just coincidentally parked in the BITA parking area.

Updated (11/17/09 8:30 p.m.)

Ray Leach CCTA Manager.....Shirley Roloff, CC Commissioner

This meeting began with a very small number of community members in attendance at the Dahlwhinnie. This may have been a convenient location for the off-Island attendees including Ray Leach, Manager Charlevoix County Transit Service; Shirley Roloff, Charlevoix County Commissioner; and Sheriff Schneider. It was, however, not very easy to hear the statements, questions, and answers to those questions since the business was on-going with lots of noise from the dishwasher, the radio, the employees, and the customers. Several times, the people speaking were asked to speak up.

The gist of the information gathered was that the operation of the transit bus on the Island was over budget. The CCTA manager decided to attempt to gain control of the budget of the Beaver Island Transit Bus operation to gather data to determine the needs of the Island. The BIBCO was no longer the contractor for this service beginning November 16, 2009 when the CCTA took back control of the Beaver Island operations. The notice of the non-renewal of the BIBCO contract was sent to the BIBCO on or around October 15, 2009.

The first person hired by the CCTA to begin transit bus operation on the Island is Melissa Williams, Deputy Williams wife. The second person hired by CCTA in the transit operation is Tammi LaFreniere, Gerald LaFreniere's ( a CCSD auxiliary officer) wife, which may explain how they both gained information about the job being available. When pressured to name those that will be working for the CCTA and operating the two buses that will be on Beaver Island, the Manager of CCTA named these two ladies above, Bob Tidmore, Jim Birdsall, and Ed Campbell. It is obvious that the first two hired will likely get the most hours of employment, but the manager also stated that there would be back-up persons also.

Jack Gallagher suggested that future CCTA public meetings take place in a location which would accomodate a larger group of people. He also hinted that prior notification to more people would have resulted in more people in attendance. Jack suggested the Peaine Township hall for this location.

Quicktime Streaming Video Clips

CCTA Meeting Clip 1

CCTA Meeting Clip 2

CCTA Meeting Clip 3

The following information was provided to all attendees of this Dahlwhinnie meeting:

What services does Charlevoix County Transit provide on Beaver Island? Charlevoix County Transit provides demand response and reservation passenger transportation to and from most areas on Beaver Island. Seasonal roads are not serviced by Charlevoix County Transit, and for safety, unplowed or ice covered roads are not serviced until plowed, sanded and/or salted.

What is reservation service? Reservation service is booking a ride for a future date and time (more than two hours from the time of the call). This service can be requested up to a week in advance. Reservation service also is used for early morning (6-9 a.m.) or late afternoon rides (3-6 pm) when the driver/dispatcher phone is not in service. Reservation rides are good when you have an appointment or know in advance the date and time you need a ride. Reservation service is best used when your ride is time sensitive like a ride to a medical appointment, hair appointment, or to connect with a plan or boat departure/arrival.

How do I request service? Call the Charlevoix County Transit Beaver Island Service number---448-2026 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. A driver/dispatcher will take your call if they are not busy with another customer. If they are busy, you will receive a message to leave your name and number, and the driver/dispatcher will return your call within 15 minutes.

What information do I have to give the driver/dispatcher? The driver/dispatcher will request your name, home or cell phone number, pick up location, your destination, and number of passengers. If you have any special needs like wheelchair lift or an appointment to keep you should tell the driver/dispatcher at the time of making your request.

What if I make a ride request and then do not need the ride? Call 448-2026 as soon as possible to cancel your request. If you cancel a requested ride before the driver arrives, you are not counted as a "No Show."

What is a "No Show"? A "No Show" is a customer who request a ride and is not ready or does not come out when the vehicle arrives to pick them up. Customers who are a "No Show" must pay for the missed ride the next time they use the service. If a customer has three(3) documented "No Shows," service requests from that customer must be approved by the management.

What can I take on the vehicle with me? No hazardous materials/items may be brought aboard the vehicle. You may bring luggage and/or small packages/shopping bag. Service animals are also allowed.

How much does the service cost? A current one-way fare schedule is listed HERE:

Children under 6 yrs.............. $. 50

Senior Citizen over 60 ............$ .50

Handicap .............................$ .50

Youth (aged 6-19)................... $1.00

Regular Fare (aged 20-59)...........$1.50

Passenger fares are DOUBLED for 15 miles and over

When is service available? SErvice is available Monday through Friday between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. except holidays. PHones are answered from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is important to remember if service is needed between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., you must make your reservation prior to 3 p.m. the service day prior to the service request day. Also for rides from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. must be requested prior to 3 p.m. on that service date or any service day prior to the day the ride is needed.

What about service in winter weather? Customer safety is priority one for Charlevoix County Transit. Drivers have final word on issues of safety. If you road or roads on your trip are not safe for vehicles to travel on, you will be notified of that when you call for service. If, on there way to pick you up, the driver comes across an impassable road, they will contact you to let you know (like a tree blown down across the road or a big snow drift).

What if I have additional questions, comments, or recommendations? Please call the CCTA main office at 231-582-0296 ( A toll free number will be available in the future). Ask for Ray Leach (Manager) or Sue, Administrative Assistant.

Peaine Township Meeting 111109

All appearances suggest an all-out war between the two townships on Beaver Island. There is a Joint Township Meeting scheduled on November 23, 2009, at 7 p.m. at the Peaine Township Hall. You can view video clips and get a synopsis of the discussions at the Peaine Meeting by clicking on the link below:

Peaine Township Meeting November 11, 2009

Thanks to Levi Connor for the Video Work at this meeting!

The Beaver Island Food Pantry

How you can help and how you can get help

Donation to the Food Pantry via credit card

Donation to the Gregg Fellowship Center

Was it just a year ago that people started talking about an Island food bank? Yes. And since then, there has been tremendous wide-spread community support.
From its inception, donations of money have been steady. Some community members gave money which allowed the committee to purchase specific foods at the best possible prices and to provide vouchers for dairy products, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables.

(11/09/09 6:50 p.m.)
Beaver Island community—this is YOUR food pantry. It's here to help ease the squeeze. For example, you shouldn't have to make a choice between medical attention and food. Or blow your budget because of unusual circumstances.

Below is a table showing the income guidelines established by the Food Pantry committee. The income includes—but is not limited to—employment, unemployment, disability, Social Security, trust funds, pensions, food stamps, WIC, child support, etc.

Household Size

Add $579 monthly or $133 weekly for each additional member

Food distribution takes place the first Saturday of each month. To help maintain confidentiality, please call for your specific food pick-up time. Call Jayne Bailey:448-2933 or 448-2881.

Boathouse Makeover Continues


The boat house at Whiskey Point is getting a complete makeover this fall. As already reported in the video clips and the minutes of the St. James meeting for October, CMU is changing the siding, the windows, and the roof. Although the materials to be used will be modern materials, CMU will attempt to provide an historically correct replacement of these items. It will be interesting to see the results.

Beaver Island Community Center

Movies and events will normally be held on the week-ends. The Center staff encourages everyone to check the event listings on www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.Org ., as well as in the local papers, and at the Center. The fall, winter, and spring seasons will bring a variety of activities for the Island Community's enjoyment.

10am - 6pm Monday through Thursday

Friday and Saturday 10am - 9pm

CLOSED Sundays (except for senior dinners)

The Hangout: Snacks & Cold Beverages Availabl

Beaver Island Community Center and the Charlevoix County Commission on Aging

•  Mondays & Thursdays: 10:00 am – Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program!

A certified community-based recreational exercise program designed to assist in reducing pain level, increase flexibility and mobility, and enhance the ability to cope with arthritis and daily activities. Two classes per week, each progressing with different fun activities, information, exercise routines and relaxation techniques. Sign up now at 448-2022—or just come join us.

•  Tuesdays: 12:30 pm – Make Me Laugh!

Get your week in proper gear with the best medicine around— laughter! Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in, Red Skelton, Bill Cosby (when he did stand

•  Special December Dates of Interest:

6th – Christmas Contata Check listing for times and location.

11th & 12th 8 pm Holiday Hilarity The “world premiere” of the all-new Beaver Island Comedy Groups' original holiday production!

15th – Beaver Island Community School Christmas Presentation An unforgettable staging of holiday spirit!

December at the Community Center

Senior Activities

December Menu for COA Lunches

Holiday Hilarity, December 11th

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Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

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