East Side Hot Spots in the Cold Winter

The Jordan River

The East Side Campground

The new tower ready to go up at the East Side Fire Station.

Trail sign near the Fire Station entrance. A mighty cold walk from here to Lake Geneserath you would have!

North Arm of Lake Geneserath looks mighty cold, too, except for the house with the light on.

South Arm of Lake Geneserath looking from Northeast to Southwest from Denny and Mary Cook's shorline.

Cable's Creek on Lake Geneserath side of the road

Cable's Creek on Lake Michigan side of the road

As it started snowing, the trip down the east side of the Island was terminated, the car was turned around, and the return trip was begun. Not too far up the road, this flock of turkeys needed to be herded up the road about an eighth of a mile before they finally decided to get off the road. There was no rush, and it was neat to see them moving so slowly up the road while being coaxed forward by the car.


The snow continued as the return trip neared its end, and this photo taken across the field shows some of the snow, but it doesn't capture how the home was almost whited out by the blowing snow. Obviously this photo is not of the East Side Drive area, but of the west side of Kings Highway near the Four Corners.