Election Results for Charlevoix and Beaver Island

This information compiled from TV 9 and 10 and TV 7 and 4.

Charlevoix County Clerk- Cheryl Potter Browe

Charlevoix County Sheriff- William Donald Schneider

Charlevoix County Commission (BI district)- Shirley Roloff

Charlevoix County Recycling Millage- Pass

Charlevoix county Senior Citizen Millage- Pass

Peaine Township Fire Department Millage- Pass

Peaine Township Operating Millage- Failed

Transfer Station Millage- Pass

St. James Township EMS Millage- Pass

St. James Township Trustees Elected- Tim McDonough and Richard Speck

St. James Township Clerk Tied between Jean Palmer and Pam O'Brian

From the Petoskey News Review:

The Tie in St. James for clerk with be decided in this way:

According to election officials with the Charlevoix County Clerk's office, Michigan election law requires the two to appear before the Charlevoix County Board of Canvassers at a date yet to be announced. At that time two identical slips of paper will be written on. One will read, “elected” and the other, “not elected.” Whoever draws the elected slip gets the seat.

Jean Kinsley, a 60-year-old Republican with no past political experience, beat Nancy Saxton in the treasurer's race 90-41. Kinsley will face Larry Kubic, one of the agents she works with on the island at Prudential Preferred Properties, in the November general election.

Current township supervisor John W. Works Jr. who ran unopposed was reelected with 99 votes. And incumbent clerk, Colleen Martin, who also ran unopposed, was reelected with 115 votes.