BI News on the 'Net, Feb 11-17, 2008

Rena Thorsen Dies

After a long illness related to a weak heart, Rena Thorsen, Christie VanLooy's mother, passed away yesterday, Friday, February 15, 2008. The funeral will be downstate on Tuesday. Christie's request is for any local donations, that are made in memory of her mother, go to the Beaver Island Christian Church. More information will be posted when available.

Happy Valentine's Day from BI News on the 'Net

"Happy Valentines Day to YOU"

The singing Valentine's song of the above title was sung to those fortunate enough to participate in the fundraising venture by the BICS Brownie Troup. In addition to the singing, each Valentine received a heart-shaped cookie. Thanks to Connie Boyle for the pictures of the Brownies in action.

Happy Valentine's Day to YOU, Mr. Satch!

The brownies participating in the Valentine's Day singing and cookie presentations.

TDS, DSL, and You

Killing the Blues

Music is a strong and constant thread that weaves creativity and passion together and on Beaver Island , simply put, is “killing the blues.”  For decades, kitchen tables, living rooms, and favored late-night-establishments have brought together and developed stringed instruments, voices, penny-whistles and drums that consistently lift spirits, provoke laughter, and provide a sense of well-being that shakes off the cold of deep winter and the blues of every kind. 

A golden opportunity is rising out of the Beaver Island Community Schools, with the support of the Dorothy Gerber Education Program and the Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association. This opportunity offers solace for those long winter days and provides a cure for boredom. It could easily become a beacon to many musicians, young and slightly older, who are rosining-up their bows, a-pluckin', a-pickin' and a-takin' to the woodshed.

Robin Lee Berry Williams, instructor from the Crooked Tree Arts Center Strings Department, thinks string instruction this year is off to a great start.

The beginning violinists this year, Hillary Rasch, Erin Myers-Dixon, Ireland Bigelow, Ryan Boyle and returning Zack Bousquet and Tessa Jones. Also we have second year violin players "gone" cellists, Jordan Marsh, Trace Butler, Liam Hodgson and Emily Burton  are proudly exercising beautiful and strong bow hands and climbing the D-scale with great enthusiasm.

To reinforce the basic strings techniques that are taught from Hal Leonard's Essential Elements 2000 Method Book , these students are learning a few tunes from a collection called Bakers Dozen from Christine Williams, creator of Family String Band Studio in Traverse City . For more information about Christine Williams, she can be contacted directly at (231) 946-2102 or by email . Christine's songs are traditional standards like Short'nin Bread , Flop-Eared-Mule and Soldier's Joy to name a few that are delightful and of layered ability so as to inspire young, mixed, string-playing talent. The collection builds skills in rhythm and notes on every string so the small string band advances quickly while having more fun than human string players are normally allowed to have.

The first year students' parts are harmonies for the intermediate students' parts. Intermediates this year are Brontae Lemmick (cello), Emily Boyle (cello), Brogan Maudrie (cello), Doug Campbell (bass), Desire Duhamel (violin), Sarah Avery (violin), with guest appearances from Tammy McDonough (violin), Gail Weed (violin), Beth Croswhite (viola) and Sue Avery (violin/viola). 

Caitlin Boyne (cello) and Andrea Moore (violin) are this year's advanced students who are invited to visit the mainland twice a month to participate in the Crooked Tree Chamber Orchestra.

The newest element to the strings program on the island is the creation of a community orchestra. Tuesdays after school, any string player interested in participating is encouraged to come to the Beaver Island Community School ready to rehearse. The Beaver Island Community Strings Orchestra will meet Tuesdays after school in the "Music" room from 3:15 until 4:00pm. Bring your strings, willingness, and sense of humor.

For more information, please contact the Beaver Island Community School at

( 231) 448-2744

Paradise Bay on the 9th of February 2008

Island Soul Performs at Donegal Danny's

Video clips of Island Soul Performing Irish Songs Here

Wildfowl Search for Food

Joe Favazza Dies

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Graduate Profile Presentation Required of all BICS Seniors, Class of 2008

Several years ago, the entire community was invited to help determine what Twenty-first Century Learning should look like on Beaver Island. Visiting futurists and visiting educators came to make presentations to the task force to help them develop this profile. The document cover is presented below to refresh your memory:

Here are the items that came out of the task force:



............1. Create new roles, responsibilities, and support structures for greater personalization..

............2. Increase the school's focus on performance standards, and align them with assessment and certification practices consistent with state, national and world-class standards.

...........3. Build on our current set of curriculum requirements for career and technical education

...........4. Increase the variety and extent of student's "service learning" opportunities

...........5. Invest in and make much more extensive use of computer technology


Chamber of Commerce News

You Can Nominate the Beaver Island Citizen of the Year

Citizen of the Year nomination forms are now available on your Chamber web site. Here is a direct link to download a form as either a PDF or a Word DOC. /events/citizen_of_the_year .html Anyone can make a nomination. You don't even have to be a Chamber of Commerce member. The nomination criteria are printed on the form. You can return the form by mail or email. The award(s) banquet will be Saturday April 12 at Stoney Acres. Please plan to attend.

St. Patrick's Day Games set for March 15

The annual St Patrick's Day games will be held on Saturday March 15. Your Chamber of Commerce is running advertising in select northern Michigan newspapers and web sites about the games and a Beaver Island visit. The theme of the ads is, “You've Never Been to Beaver Island?”

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Only Two July 19 Air Show Sponsorships remain

Only two $700 Air Show sponsorships are still available. Each sponsorship includes a ride ($425 value) in the Yankee Lady B-17 Bomber. One of the special guests at the show will be Mr. Elson Spangler. Lt. Spangler earned the Distinguished Flying Cross as a B-17 bombardier during WWII.

Beaver Island Trivia

Last Week's Question:

Last week's Trivia Question came from Sally Lounsberry.. Thank you, Sally, for a challenging trivia question.

Whatever happened to the pink and green cabins that were next to the old McDonough store?  They were on the site that is now the current McDonough's store.

"Two of the cabins were moved to where the Bailey's and Lucas's now have homes on McDonough Rd." This correct answer came in from Jerry LaFreniere. Also correct was Sheri Timsak.

Thanks for playing Beaver Island Trivia!

This Week's Question:

Since the school is building a new building, it seemed appropriate to discuss a program from its past.

Beaver Island Community School had an Industrial Arts Program years ago. Can you recall the teacher, the year of that program, and the location of the classes?

The first correct answer will earn a gift subscription to News on the 'Net for the months of March, April, and May for the person of your choice, anyone who is not already a subscriber. Email your answers to:

Where's This?

Last Week's "Where's This?"

Was this too easy a question without enough challenge for anyone to respond?

The picture was taken at Iron Ore Bay obviously in the winter time.

Thanks for playing "Where's This?"

This Week's "Where's This?"

This week there will be two separate locations pictured. Your challenge is to come up with the two locations. Your only clue other than the pictures is this, "BSWBBC."

At Stoney Acre Grill and Donegal Danny's

Thursday, February 14th, Valentine's Day Specialty Dinner.

Treat your Special Someone to Filet Mignon,

Lobster, Crabcakes, Shrimp and Sumptuous Desserts.

Or any favorite from our Full Menu.

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