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Friday Mackinac Island 64 Friday 15-5  Beaver Island
Beaver Island 43 15-11 Beaver Island
15-13 Beaver Island
Saturday Mackinac Island 50 Saturday 15-7 Beaver Island
Beaver Island 30 15-6 Beaver Island
18-16 Beaver Island

Parent Recognition Night

It has become a tradition to have the members of the sports teams recognize publicly the appreciate they have for all the encouragement and support they have received from their parents.  Each team member - soccer, basketball, volleyball - presented their parent(s), or stand-in if the parent was unable to attend, with a long-stemmed carnation.

.Emma-Joannie-Kathy-Dave Adams.jpg (57309 bytes)

Dave and Kathy Adams with their daughters Emma (soccer) and Joannie (volleyball)

Sue-Megan-Karl Heller.jpg (50265 bytes)

Sue and Karl Heller with their daughter Megan (soccer, volleyball)

Brenden-Adam-Justin-Travis Martin.jpg (56857 bytes)

Travis Martin, standing in for parents Bud and Collen Martin and Brenden (soccer), Justin (basketball), and Adam (soccer)

Linda-Colleen-Kevin McDonough.jpg (56677 bytes)

Linda and Kevin McDonough with their daughter, Colleen (volleyball)

Barry-Joey-Bill-Bailey-Tammy McDonough.jpg (60085 bytes)

Bill and Tammy McDonough with their children, Bailey (soccer, volleyball), Barry (soccer, basketball) and Joe (soccer)

Hilary-Mary Palmer Brett Maudrie.jpg (61801 bytes)

Mary Palmer and her daughter Hilary (volleyball) and Brett Maudrie (soccer).  Brett is the son of Kathy Maudrie

Mike-Kristen-Bev Russell.jpg (61241 bytes)

Mike and Bev Russell and their daughter Kristen (volleyball)

Maureen-Josh Runberg-Tom Bussell (2).jpg (55257 bytes)

Maureen and Tom Bussell and Josh Runberg (basketball).  Josh is the son of John and Carol Runberg

Joey-Sherry-Krystle-Joe Timsak.jpg (61661 bytes)

Joe and Sherry Timsak and their children Krystle (volleyball) and Joe (basketball)

Charlie-Michelle-Emily Gray.jpg (57877 bytes)

Michelle LaFreniere and her children Emily (basketball, soccer) and Charlie (basketball)

Jim-Richie-Kerrie Gillespie.jpg (59153 bytes)

Rich Gillespie and his children Kerrie (volleyball) and Jim (soccer, basketball)

Jim-Rachel-Diane McDonough.jpg (60833 bytes)

Jim and Diane McDonough and their daughter Rachel (volleyball)

Jayne-Melissa-Mike Bailey.jpg (60009 bytes)

Jayne and Mike Bailey and their daughter Melissa (volleyball)

Lynn-Heather-Danielle-Leaha-Greg Cary.jpg (62533 bytes)

Lynn, Heather and Greg Cary and daughters Leaha (soccer) and Danielle (soccer, volleyball)

Kristy-John-Eric-Keith Albin.jpg (59693 bytes)

Kristy and Keith Albin and their sons John (soccer, basketball) and Eric (soccer)

Tony-Debby-David Bousquet.jpg (61645 bytes)

Debbie Bousquet and her sons Tony (soccer) and David (soccer)

Christine-Tarry McDonough.jpg (60861 bytes)

Tarry McDonough and her daughter Christine (volleyball)

Saygan-Beth Croswhite.jpg (60921 bytes)

Beth Croswhite and her son Saygan (soccer, basketball)

Mike-Brenna-Kitty Green.jpg (59861 bytes)

Mike Green and Kitty McNamara and their daughter Brenna (volleyball)

Dave Schwartzfisher-Abby Adams.jpg (59189 bytes)

David Schwartzfisher (soccer) and Abbie Adams. David is the son of Dave and Barb Schwartzfisher

 Karen-Jimmy-Jared Wojan.jpg (59353 bytes)

Jim and Karen Wojan with their son Jared (soccer, basketball)

Congratulations to the team members who worked so hard academically to be able to take part in sports this year and special kudos to their parents who have supported and encouraged them throughout the year. 

Rural Arts Grant Update

Submitted by Cindy Ricksgers

After much discussion, we are changing the “House Parties” from Sunday to Saturday, until school gets out in June.  The time will remain 2 PM to 6 PM until summer, as well.  Our intent has been to provide a setting where all generations can gather for music, story-telling and conversation.  Although we have been happy with the level of participation, we continue to hear that Sunday makes it difficult for those with small children, or who need to prepare to get back to work on Monday.  This change is to try to ease those difficulties, and maintain the enthusiasm we’ve seen so far.  The next House Party will be Saturday, March 8, at the home of Karen and Adam Wirth.  Come join in the fun!  

The T-shirt project –originally planned for St. Patrick’s Day – has been postponed until summer.  This will give us more time to work out problems with the design, and a larger audience for distribution.  

We have had a good response to our “After-School Art” program.  About thirty children helped Deborah Harwood decorate valentine cookies last Monday.  At this time, at least twelve children are signed up for each of the scheduled activities.  

“Winter Wednesday” enrichment classes are going well, too.  Chinese cooking was a big hit on January 29, with fifteen participants dicing, chopping and stir-frying.  The highlight of the evening was the delicious meal that we’d all had so much fun preparing.  Special Desserts and Cake Decorating, taught by Sarah Myers and Tammy LaFreniere is scheduled for February 19.  Cheryl Podgorski’s Herbal Workshop will be held February 26.  Although enough people have registered (we require a minimum of 6) so that both of these classes will definitely be held, there is still room for more.  The March schedule offers  Leather craft with Kevin Bousquet on March 5, Music Appreciation and Voice with Martha Guth on March 19, and another Herbal Workshop with Cheryl Podgorski on March 26.  Flyers are available at the Post Office, with all activities listed.  We appreciate  prior registration;  please call Cindy at 2960 to register.  

We have added a Studio Art class during last hour on Thursdays, starting March 13.  Designed for high-school students who would like instruction in various art media, participation will be voluntary.  Offerings include watercolor, portrait drawing and collage.  

Beaver Island Community School will be participating in the Youth Art Show at the Crooked Tree Arts Center in Petoskey.  The opening reception is Sunday, February 23, from 2 – 5 PM . The work of fourteen students will be submitted to the show.  As soon as I am certain all works have been accepted and hung, I will send a list of the artist’s names.


The Winter Games have been postponed until Saturday, February 22 from 10 until 2 at Peaine Township Hall.

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