Beaver Island Youth Consortium Looking for Right Person to Lead Non-profit Organization Forward

The Beaver Island Youth Consortium is still looking for a new director following the November resignation of director Michelle LaFreniere. The Youth Consortium board has extended the application deadline to April 14 th , 2006 and the group will host an “informational open house” on Wednesday, March 22, 2006 to share information about the position and help potential candidates better understand this valuable position. The Informational Open House is scheduled to run from 7:00 – 8:00 pm at the Peaine Township Hall – anyone who is interested in the position or in learning more about the Beaver Island Youth Consortium is invited to attend.

Founded in 1999, The Beaver Island Youth Consortium (BIYC) is a joint project of the Beaver Island Community School , Peaine Township , St. James Township and the Preservation Association of Beaver Island. The Consortium was formed based on a desire to provide island youth with skill-based after school programs with a balance among art, music, cultural, sports, recreational and environmental activities. The Beaver Island Youth Consortium (BIYC) has been lucky to have had dedicated directors in the past, starting with Elaine West followed by Mary Jane Martin and most recently, Michelle LaFreniere. A copy of the director's job description can be seen posted around town or by contacting the Beaver Island Community School – it is expected that the director will work from 15-20 hours per week at a pay rate of $12.00 per hour.




Beaver Island Liaison wanted to work with Senior Citizens in their homes and community. Represent the Commission on Aging by advocating and arranging services to seniors on Beaver Island . This is a year round position, part-time. Will train, must be trustworthy and dependable, reliable transportation a must. Flexible schedule, hourly wage, plus mileage. M-F, No weekends or holidays. Please call CHARLEVOIX COUNTY COMMISSION ON AGING, ASK FOR MARGE OR SUE @237-0103.


Volunteer drivers to deliver meals on Beaver Island for Homebound elderly starting March 1, 2006 will pay mileage reimbursement at 44.5 cents per mile. Call Sue Bergmann 237-0103.

BIG Critter War

Several years ago I wrote a couple articles about Phil Gregg's ongoing battles entitled, "The Squirrel Wars". Since that time, Phil's made friends of the furry critters and feeds them along with the birds. This past week Ron Gregg sent some photos of another fellows' bird feeder and his problems with it that doesn't include squirrels. I have the feeling that this guy isn't going to win his battle either. The photos were so funny I had to share them.

Ron's comment was that he wondered what the heck was that rope made out of to hold up to the task at hand. Good question! Sure makes you appreciate our little squirrels.

Community House Progress

Despite the article in the Traverse City Record Eagle, work has steadily marched on and quite a bit of progress was made this week. The many, many huge trusses were lifted and put into place as was the "false" front. To read the Record Eagle article go to It would sure be a shame to have to stop in the middle of work due to this bump in the road.


What's Happening

Check out the Community Calendar for times and places of events happening on the island this week. Come the weekend plan to head to the school and cheer on the Islanders as they take on Hannahville for an exciting competition.