Islander Sports

This weekend the Islanders played Hannahville in the Upper Peninsula.  I have not received the scores for the basketball games from their coach as of yet.  Thanks go to Coach Connie Boyle for the volleyball scores.





Beaver Island 15 Hannahville 7
Beaver Island 15 Hannahville 10



Beaver Island 15 Hannahville 6
Beaver Island 15 Hannahville 3

Ice Cave

Bob and Peggy Hoogendoorn have been out exploring the ice in front of their Mike Boyle's beach home and while doing so found this incredible multi-colored ice cave.  Since it resembled a gigantic organ, they added some blue pieces of paper for the keys.  Thanks, Bob and Peg for sharing your find.

February 21, 2003.jpg (257948 bytes)

Beaver Island Boat Company

News Release

21 February 2003

The Beaver Island Boat Company is committed to the negotiation process with the Beaver Island Transportation Authority and will continue to strive toward a contractual agreement by 31 March 2003.  Such distractions as have been recently directed at the Beaver Island Boat Company only delay the process.  Once an agreement has been reached between our two
organizations, appropriate public comments will be made.

Islander Sports

After being postponed twice due to weather conditions, the Islanders finally played Grand Marais on Tuesday evening and again on Wednesday morning.






Beaver Island 69 Grand Marais 40 Beaver Island 12 Grand Marais 15
Beaver Island 11 Grand Marais 15



Beaver Island 66 Grand Marais 49 Beaver Island 15 Grand Marais 11
Beaver Island  4 Grand Marais 15
Beaver Island 15 Grand Marais 11

Although the volleyball team lost on Tuesday night, they came back to win on Wednesday morning which means they are currently tied with Grand Marais for 1st place in the Northern Lights League.  Way to go, Ladies!

As for the basketball team, they are on a high having won their first games of the season.  We were proud of you when you lost, and are just as proud of you for winning.  You players have shown great sportsmanship throughout the entire season.  Way to go, team!

Beaver Island Transportation Authority

News Release

The Beaver Island Transportation Authority (BITA) has been working diligently to get into place by March 31, 2003, a new agreement with the Beaver Island Boat Company (BIBCO).  This has been necessitated by state and federal guidelines and regulations.  This processes was originally started in 1997 at the insistence of the Beaver Island Transportation Authority.  

BITA and BIBCO have held a series of meetings since October to resolve these issues.  On Monday, February 17, 2003, BITA held a special meeting to discuss the progress in reaching an agreement.   

The BITA board of directors offered the following resolution:  The Beaver Island Transportation Authority is anxious to have the contract agreed upon by March 31, 2003.  We are of the opinion that it will not be achieved with the present chief negotiator for BIBCO in place.  We urgently request the BIBCO board of directors to replace their chief negotiator so we may achieve the new contract by our deadline of March 31, 2003.   

Furthermore, since we have not received a draft agreement as promised from BIBCO; we will be presenting a draft contract to their negotiating team.  This draft document in its current form meets the criteria for state approval and is similar in content to an agreement used by another ferry system within the State of Michigan.   

BITA is very concerned by not meeting state and federal requirements and guidelines the advantageous relationship that we have with the State of Michigan in providing funds for equipments, improvements, and maintenance of the Emerald Isle may be in jeopardy.  In the ten-year existence of the Beaver Island Transportation Authority, the state and federal government for the purchase and operation of the M/V Emerald Isle have provided $5.8 million dollars.  This figure includes the vessel, capital equipment, maintenance, and improvements to the facilities.   In the FY 2004, the authority is requesting $315,000.00 in capital equipment and improvements.  

BITA’s board of directors’ has asked for BIBCO’s recommitment to this negotiation process in order to better serve our community and the traveling public.


Richard L. Gillespie, Chairman

Kathleen McNamara, Vice-Chairman

Grace Matela, Secretary-Treasurer

Lawrence Malloy

Kenneth J. Taylor

Winter Weather

Although the east coast is getting blasted by a blizzard, Beaver Island is enjoying sunshine.  While we do have snow, it isn't being measured by feet this year.  Mother Nature has been putting her talents to work with ice in weird formations and even coloring some of it beautiful shades of blue.  Snowmobilers are out and about, some traveling to the outer island - hopefully a few carry cameras with them and will share photographs.  I haven't ventured out on a snow mobile in over 20 years, but I did - along with Bob Hoogendoorn - take a walk out on the ice at Mike Boyle's beach Friday and got photos of the natural ice sculptures at Sand Bay.  Today, Monday, I drove down to the south end of the island to see the "blue ice" and it was well worth the trip including wading through drifts up to my hips (which would be to a normal sized persons' knees).  Nevertheless, below are all the pictures of the various ice formations about the island.

At Mike Boyle's Beach

Mike Boyle's beach 2-03.jpg (47937 bytes)

Hills and ridges of ice look like waves frozen in mid-movement

Mike Boyle's beach looking north 2-03.jpg (53485 bytes)    Mike Boyle's beach looking south 2-03.jpg (53705 bytes)

Looking north and then south from out on Lake Michigan

Mike Boyle's beach ice tunnel distant.jpg (49397 bytes)    Mike Boyle's beach ice tunnel.jpg (54405 bytes)

Naturally formed tunnel through the ice

broken ice shards.jpg (49101 bytes)    ice shards close-up.jpg (60985 bytes)

What at first looks like broken panes of glass is skim ice that was shoved up on the existing ice shelf just below the hills of ice

Blue Ice

2 blue ice 2-03.jpg (42029 bytes)    4 blue ice 2-03.jpg (38097 bytes)

What makes blue ice?  I called our resident science teacher, Jacque LaFreniere for the answer to that.  Jacque said she'd heard two reasons 1) Dr. Matthew Hohn always claimed that it was because of algae in the ice or 2) that it's the amount of oxygen in the water when it freezes and the refraction of light causes the various colors.  For more information on ice and its colors, see the book Color and Light in Nature by David K. Lynch and William Livingston.

6 blue ice 2-03.jpg (45693 bytes)    8 blue ice 2-03.jpg (42581 bytes)    9 blue ice 2-03.jpg (45857 bytes)

12 Blue Ice distant 2-03.jpg (33721 bytes)    11 Blue Ice 2-03.jpg (36209 bytes)    13 blue ice 2-03.jpg (36461 bytes)

And Just Interesting Ice Formations and Pictures

1 ice 2-03.jpg (41309 bytes)    3 ice 2-03.jpg (48869 bytes)    7 ice cave 2-03.jpg (58689 bytes)

That's not water, that very clear, smooth ice in the front

9 ice 2-03.jpg (38737 bytes)    8 ice 2-03.jpg (37897 bytes)

6 ice 2-03.jpg (53997 bytes)    5 ice 2-03.jpg (39205 bytes)

This little creek starts at an artesian well, runs under the East Side Drive and then out into Lake Michigan where eventually it disappeared

creek shoreline 2-03.jpg (49073 bytes)    creek on lake 2-03.jpg (39793 bytes)

Short School Day

The Beaver Island Community School children had a very short day on Monday.  Normally they are released at 2 p.m. on Monday, but this week it was 11:30 due to the power company having to shut down the electricity to make repairs.  Not a bad way to begin the week according to the students who are out and about enjoying the sunshine.

St. Patrick's 2003 Festivities

March 15, 2003

Shamrock Bar 1:00 until ?

  • Shopping Cart Race - 5 man team

  • Tug-O-War - Fishchockers VS Hayseeders - 2 out of 3

  • Fish Toss - Women's Event - Men's Event - Best Toss

  • Fish Stomp - 4 man team - Best Time

  • Precision Poking - 2 man team - Best Time

  • Limerick Contest - 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prizes

  • King and Queen Contest - 2 team contestants

Call Denise 448-2344 or Kathy 448-2821 for more information

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