#1 In the League

March 1, 2003:  The Lady Islanders are now #1 in the Northern Lights League following a winning season!  From Coach Connie Boyle comes the following:

Well, what a truly exciting tournament!  We beat Harbor Light Christian!  Our scores were 10-15, 15-11, 15-12.  We lost the first game, and came back to win the 2nd.  The third game was a nail-biter!  The game started and soon it was tied at 6-6, then 9-9, then 10-10, and finally we charged ahead and won 15-12.

Our team and spectators were excited!  It was quite a win and quite an accomplishment.  Harbor Light Christian and Pellston have always been the top 2 teams - and until today, unbeatable!  But, we did it with FANTASTIC teamwork, great skills, and true dedication.  My girls never gave up, and did everything I asked of them.

We've had another terrific season, winning 1st place in our Northern Lights League, and runners-up in our District, and I'm very proud of all "my girls".

While Coach Boyle has reason to be proud of "her girls".  The entire team, including the coach would like to thank all their fans and spectators, family and friends, who have supported them throughout the season.  The island is extremely lucky to have such a supportive community and the entire team and coach are appreciative.

The Lady Islanders Volleyball team

team.jpg (96636 bytes)

From left to right starting with the back row: Joan Adams; Kristen Russell; Brenna Green; Colleen McDonough; Hilary Palmer; Rachel McDonough; Christine McDonough; Krystle Timsak and Coach Connie Boyle.  Front row: Kerrie Gillespie; Melissa Bailey; Emma Adams; Megan Heller, Danielle Cary and Bailey McDonough.

Senior players and Coach Boyle

Seniors and coach.jpg (78464 bytes)

From left to right: Joan Adams; Megan Heller; Coach Connie Boyle; Hilary Palmer; Colleen McDonough and Kristen Russell

One Look Wasn't Enough

That incredible ice at the south end of Beaver Island drew me again today (February 28th).  This time I talked my dad and both of my daughters into going.  Courtney had no more than arrived via Island Airways for her spring break when she was informed we were heading for the ice caves.  Today we were a little braver and headed further out to see them from the opposite side.  Again, they were totally awesome.  I think these are some of the best ice photos I've done, if I say so myself.  See what you think.  Oh, the red marks on the one photo are to point out rocks under the ice which is as clear as glass.  I only wish the photo had turned out as clear as it does when you are actually walking on it.  A very strange feeling to be walking on frozen water that is so clear you can see the bottom of the lake and every rock and stone... keep in mind it's at least a foot thick here.  Also, this time we took a ruler with us so look at a couple where you see the small black ruler just to give you an idea of the immense size of these ice formations (second photo from the left in row 3 and in row 4).

P1010001+1.jpg (40189 bytes)    P1010002+2.jpg (43921 bytes)    P1010003+3.jpg (42133 bytes)    P1010004+4.jpg (42949 bytes)

P1010005+1.jpg (40121 bytes)    P1010006+6.jpg (35889 bytes)    P1010007+7.jpg (33861 bytes)    P1010008+8.jpg (37877 bytes)

P1010009+9.jpg (38073 bytes)    P1010010+10.jpg (41073 bytes)    P1010011+11.jpg (39869 bytes)    P1010012+12.jpg (37165 bytes)

P1010013+13.jpg (40709 bytes)    P1010014+14 with ruler.jpg (41473 bytes)    P1010015+15.jpg (35525 bytes)    P1010016+16 with girls.jpg (37817 bytes)

P1010034+1.jpg (37525 bytes)    P1010017+17 with girls.jpg (39013 bytes)    P1010036+1.jpg (36693 bytes)

P1010018+18 rocks under water.jpg (51629 bytes)

P1010037+1.jpg (35585 bytes)    P1010038+1.jpg (46405 bytes)    P1010041+1.jpg (40665 bytes)    P1010042+1.jpg (43385 bytes)

The following photos were taken as I turned in a circle.  I'd thought about doing them as a slide show, but I think this better shows you what it looks like.  Some of the photos are darker than others due to shooting into the sun.

P1010019+Stitch1.jpg (42669 bytes)    P1010020+Stitch1.jpg (39037 bytes)    P1010021+Stitch1.jpg (37209 bytes)    P1010022+Stitch1.jpg (35277 bytes)

P1010023+Stitch1.jpg (36489 bytes)    P1010024+Stitch1.jpg (37301 bytes)    P1010025+Stitch1.jpg (37429 bytes)    P1010026+Stitch1.jpg (36273 bytes)

P1010027+Stitch1.jpg (35729 bytes)    P1010028+Stitch1.jpg (36001 bytes)    P1010029+Stitch1.jpg (34629 bytes)    P1010030+Stitch1.jpg (35405 bytes)

P1010031+Stitch1.jpg (39929 bytes)    P1010032+Stitch1.jpg (43569 bytes)    P1010033+Stitch1.jpg (40853 bytes)    


More ice cave photos can be found by clicking here


As most of you know a large group of Beaver Islanders are heading to Ireland for a twinning ceremony with our sister island, Arranmore.  If you'd like to see what's going on with all the planning and keep up with information that is being posted, check out Rich Gillespie's pages devoted to this special event at http://www.beaverislandrealty.com/ireland/index.html 

Talking Threads Quilt Guild

of Beaver Island

The Talking Threads Quilt Guild of Beaver Island has produced another fantastic quilt to be raffled in May.  Who is the group that makes such wonderful things from bits and pieces of fabric and sews it all together with love?  To find the answer to that, I asked Judi Meister.

Let me see if I can figure this out - about 6 years ago, after Phyllis Duda had worked with the 5th and 6th grade class to make the first class quilt, Donna Stambaugh and I decided to ask Phyllis to teach us to quilt.  That summer Donna, Bev Russell and I had classes every week at Phyllis' house.  After she got us really hooked on quilting (Bev already was), she brought up the idea of a Quilt Guild where we could get together, share ideas, learn new techniques.  Original members were Phyllis Duda, Bev Russell, Donna Stambaugh, Judi Meister, Penny Kiss, and Carolyn Works.  Chris Butler, Jacque LaFreniere, Fran Teether, Linda McDonough, Margaret Comfort and Marge Wagner soon joined our ranks.  The first raffle quilt, won by Skip McDonough, was a Christmas quilt.

Those who worked on this quilt: Phyllis Duda, Bev Russell, Jacque LaFreniere, Donna Stambaugh, Connie Wojan, Linda McDonough, Kathy Ruis, Sally Davis, Fran Teeter, Penny Young, Carolyn Works, Chris Van Looy, Rena Thorsen and Judi Meister.

We've been meeting on Sunday afternoon at Peaine Towhship Hall from 1:30 to 4:00.  Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 6 (the first Sunday of each month).  Do you need to be an expert quilter? NO!  Do you need to sew? No! Some of us sew, some of us quilt very well, most of us consider ourselves ongoing learners - there's always something that someone else can teach us.  Dues are $10 per year; Connie Wojan is president and treasurer; Judi Meister is secretary.  We are planning an "Are You Interested in Learning to Quilt?" evening in April.  Possible topics are: what supplies do I need; how do I choose and prepare my fabric; color choices for quilt blocks, etc.




quilt 1.jpg (60877 bytes)

  • Raffle to be drawn on May 25, 2003 at 8:30 p.m. at Holy Cross Hall

  • Price of tickets

  • $5.00 each or

  • 5 for $20.00

  • Profits to:

  • Beaver Island Rural Health Center

  • Beaver Island EMS

  • Beaver Island Fire Department





License #X54406

If you are not going to be on the island, you can still purchase tickets by sending your check or money order, payable to the Beaver Island Rural Health Center, to the Guild in care of Connie Wojan; 26765 Donegal Bay Road; Beaver Island, Michigan 49782 or Judi Meister; 1128 Protar Lane; Beaver Island, Michigan 49782 along with (and this is extremely important):

  • Name

  • Address

  • City, State, Zip

  • Telephone Number

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