Charles W. Anglin

Long time summer island resident Charles W. Anglin, aged 64, passed away at his home on Saturday, February 22, 1004. He was a graduate of Creston High School and attended Davis Tech. Early in hi working life he was a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company assisting several pharmacies getting started. Mr. Anglin was a very diversified person with many interests and goals. In 1979 he purchased Executive Air Transport and continued his ownership until 2000 and was also the owner of Game Shooter Limit. He was an avid hunter and arranged hunts for many people and he enjoyed traveling throughout the world to find his game. He was a member of the Safari Club International - Michigan Chapter and Ducks Unlimited.

He is survived by his children; Kelly Anglin-Noordewier and her husband, Jerry, of Rockford, Michigan, Rebecca Anglin-Hondalus and her husband, Joseph, of Cedar Springs, Michigan, and Paul A. Anglin of Rockford; his grandchildren, Kathrine, Rieley, and Kylynn. A right proper Irish wake will be held at a later date. Those planning an expression of sympathy are asked to consider the charity of one's choice. The Pederson Funeral Home of Rockford.

Home Sweet Home

After sitting around hospital waiting rooms for the past two weeks it's wonderful to be home and even better to report that my dad, Phil Gregg, is also home. He's doing much, much better although he will have some life-style changes to deal with. Sheri Timsak mentioned on the Forum wanting to see him in his hospital gown. Well, here you go Sheri. This was taken on Wednesday morning when he was told he'd be released. Between grabbing this picture and telling about Ruthie's escapades I may have to move to High Island to be safe.

Thanks all of you for your prayers, thoughts, cards, emails and visits. It's terrific to live in such a close community.

Hospital Visitors

This isn't Beaver Island but the picture was too good to resist. While we were in Charlevoix we noted this trio of turkeys headed for the entrance door of the Charlevoix Area Hospital.

Winter Flight

It was great to be flying home yesterday and this time I remembered to use my camera. The lake is pretty much frozen across to the mainland, however as the wind changes constantly chunks of ice move about the lake sometimes gathering in large pieces and at other times looking like a multitude of ice cubes from the air. The island has a white petticoat of thick ice near the shore. Some folks may be surprised to note that the ice is not clear but various shades from black to blue to greenish blue to white from snow cover. The lake seldoms freezes smooth either, but in bumps and ridges sometimes resembling a moonscape. The island itself looks very different with a covering of snow. It's hard to tell these are color photos as they really look more black and white.

Frosty Morning

With the weather warming over the past couple of days the side effect is fog as the cold from the drifts meet the warmer air. Early in the morning the frost clings to everything making Christmas-like scenes.

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