Islander Sports

Submitted by Coach Connie Boyle

Both teams won both days.  The teams played great. The referee came onto our bus this morning to tell us that he enjoyed officiating for both our teams.  He went on to say our teams played very well and had great sportsmanship. Mike Myers and I were once again proud to be their coaches.

Basketball scores:
Friday night:      Beaver Island 63 -- Grand Marais 51
Saturday morning:  Beaver Island 67 -- Grand Marais 60

Volleyball scores:
Friday night
Beaver Island -- Grand Marais
       25     --   5
       25     --   8
       25     --   5

Saturday morning
Beaver Island -- Grand Marais
       25     --  14
       25     --  17
       25     --  15

Volleyball stats:

Christine McDonough 26 good serves (20 aces)
Caitlin Boyle 24 good serves (10 aces)
Emma Adams 23 good serves (10 aces)
Krystle Timsak 16 good serves (4 aces)
Brenna Green 9 good serves (1 ace)

Emma Adams 17 kills plus 5 good hits
Christine McDonough 9 kills plus 11 good hits
Bailey McDonough 4 kills
Krystle Timsak 3 kills
Brittany Crandall 2 kills

Caitlin Boyle 19 assists
Melissa Peters 7 assists

Christine McDonough and Emma Adams both with 2 blocks

The volleyball umpire complemented the girls on their excellent play, and especially their excellent serving and good use of taking "3 hits"!  He wished the girls good luck in their district tournament and said they should "go far."

The Lady Islanders play at Pellston on Saturday, March 4.  The tournament starts at 10:00 am with Harbor Light Christian playing Pellston.  After that match, Beaver Island plays Mackinaw City (a very strong team).  The winner of that match will play in the District Finals.

Ever Had One of THOSE Days (or weekends)?

Ever had one of those days? How about one of those weekends? While a good share of islanders were off having a blast at the Grand Rapids Party, I was "having fun" wiping out my hard-drive on my computer. Why? Because some gremlin had screwed it up so bad I couldn't do much with it. I'm finally up and running again but it's been an interesting couple of weeks and this past weekend was like frosting on the cake, or should I say the whitening of the hair for both my long-suffering spouse, Jeff Cashman - who was buried in emails full of idiot questions, and me.

To start things off a few weeks ago I suddenly couldn't get on the Internet via my profile. I could send and receive email but nothing else would work. No programs, nothing. However, I could use a different profile and things would be just dandy - except for the email and I then had no access to DreamWeaver that I use for this site. Problem band-aided by working on the site blindly for two weeks and switching constantly back and forth between profiles. Simple way to solve the problem was to wipe out the hard drive and start all over as if with a new machine.

Easier said than done. Somehow, and here's where I think the gremlins' got involved, my restore discs vanished along with the ones for DreamWeaver. Ok, I contacted Compaq about getting a new restore disc. It arrived within two days. Yippee!! That's when I discovered that the DreamWeaver disc was missing too so I then contacted MacroMedia about getting new ones since I did have it registered. Great idea but they were out of them and the only alternative was to download the entire MX program. Now I have a dial-up connection and that would have taken me about 7.3 weeks to complete but luckily I have a spouse that isn't in golf season at the moment and he agreeded to download it for me and burn it onto a new disc. However, he kept forgetting to bring it home until this weekend. After hours and hours of reinstalling programs, emailing Jeff 4,264,648 with questions I'm finally back up and running. Withdrawal from my computer has been hell and as a result I haven't been out taking pictures so far this week.

The only other time I can remember such a bad day in Bedrock was the day I ran out of gas, got a flat tire, the vacuumn exploded and I got stuck in my new washing machine. Hopefully I've exhaused all of Murphy's Laws and things will get back to normal.... whatever that is. Thanks Joe and Jeff for your patience. I can order you both some Gretian Formula if you want.

Island Trivia

Island residents Terry and Nancy Saxton listen to the radio quite a bit on 58 AM . The other day they learned an interesting fact about Beaver Island. The question was, "What Michigan library has the most books per capita?" The answer was the Beaver Island District Library! Pretty cool!

By the way, did you know that besides books the island library has jigsaw puzzles, an ongoing used book sale, videos - both in DVD and VHS format, recorded books, has three public computers and is wireless? Check it out.

Perfect Winter Day

The first of March was a perfect winter day: sunny and calm. The harbor is frozen with a section of mirror-like ice surrounded by shove-ice that reflected the sun from many angles as if made up of sheets of glass. Snow drifts look as though they were small mountains of whipped cream where the wind has shaped them. With these perfect conditions one could see the mainland as clear as could be, trees and sand dunes included. Absolutely perfect.


I've left the following photo at its full size so that the details may be clearly seen. As a result it may take a while to load if you are using a dial-up connection.