B. I. News on the 'Net, February 22-28, 2016

The 52 Lists Project #9

by Cindy Ricksgers

Phyllis' Daily Weather

February 28, 2016

The weather will either be late or not at all tomorrow, it's dependent on, guess what, the weather. I'm planning on meeting Joe in Charlevoix for dinner this afternoon and coming home tomorrow, but...we have to wait and see if Mother Nature will cooperate although it's not looking too good. Anyhow, right now it's 34°, feels like 24°, humidity is at 88.6%, pressure is rising from 29.52, wind is at 15 mph from the east with gusts to 21 mph. Today: Mostly cloudy. Chance of freezing drizzle in the morning, then a chance of rain and freezing rain in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 30s. East winds at 10 mph with gusts to around 35 mph. Tonight: Snow in the evening, then a chance of snow showers after midnight. Lows in the lower 20s. North winds 5 to 10 mph shifting to the northwest after midnight. Gusts up to 30 mph.

On this date of February 28, the final episode of M*A*S*H, a series about the staff of an Army hospital during the Korean War entitled ( Goodbye, Farewell and Amen ) became the most-watched television episode in U.S. history, with viewer estimates at 106 million Americans.

Did you know that between 1900 and 1920, Tug of War was an Olympic event?

Word of the day: premiate (PREE-mee-eyt) which means to grant a prize or an award to. Premiate stems from the Latin term praemiāre meaning "to reward." It entered English in the mid-1500s.


by Cindy Ricksgers

Phyllis' Daily Weather

February 27, 2016

It's 33° outside this morning, windchill is at 22°, wind is at 19 mph from the WSW with gusts to 27 mph, humidity is at 82%, pressure is falling from 1006 mb, and visibility is at 9.8 miles. Today: Partly sunny. Highs in the lower 40s. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts to around 40 mph. Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Lows in the lower 30s. Southwest winds at 10 mph in the evening becoming light.

On this date of February 27, 1922 - The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the 19th Amendment that guaranteed women the right to vote.

Did you know that sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don't drift apart?

Word of the day: natter (NAT-er) which means to talk incessantly. Natter is a variant of gnatter meaning "to grumble." It entered English in the early 1800s.

Phyllis' Daily Weather

February 26, 2016

It's 20° outside this morning with a light dusting of snow on the back deck, wind is from the NNW with gusts up to 20 mph, humidity is at 84%, pressure is rising from 1021 mb, and visibility is at 7.7 miles. Today: Mostly cloudy with scattered snow showers. Highs in the upper 20s. Northwest winds at 10 mph shifting to the west with gusts to around 25 mph in the afternoon. Tonight: Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 20s. Southwest winds 5 to 15 mph with gusts to around 30 mph.

On this date of February 26, 1919 - In Arizona, the Grand Canyon was established as a National Park with an act of the U.S. Congress.

Did you know that a California woman once tried to sue the makers of Cap'n Crunch because Crunch Berries contained "no berries of any kind"?

Word of the day: valence (VAY-luhns) which means 1. The combining capacity of an atom or a group of atoms to form molecules. 2. The capacity of someone or something to affect another. From Latin valentia (power, worth, or strength), from valere (to be well or strong). Ultimately from the Indo-European root wal- (to be strong) that also gave us valiant, avail, valor, value, wieldy, countervail, valetudinarian, and valorize, Earliest documented use: 1425.

Before I Move

by Cindy Ricksgers

Timeout for Art: Studio Time

by Cindy Ricksgers

Phyllis' Daily Weather

February 25, 2016

Snowmageddon missed us while it nailed a whole lot of the lower peninsula. Right now I'm showing 26°, with a windchill of 11°, wind is at 22 mph from the N with gusts to 28 mph, humidity is at 85%, pressure is rising from 1008 mb, and visibility is at 9.7 miles. We are still under the alert from yesterday until 4:00 this afternoon. Today: Mostly cloudy. A 20% chance of snow in the morning. Breezy. Highs in the upper 20s. North winds 15 to 25 mph. Gusts up to 45 mph decreasing to 35 mph in the afternoon. Tonight: Numerous snow showers. Breezy. Lows around 16°. Northwest winds 10 to 25 mph decreasing to 10 to 15 mph after midnight. gusts up to 35 mph.

On this date of February 25, 1793 - The department heads of the U.S. government met with U.S. President Washington for the first Cabinet meeting on U.S. record.

Did you know that the last time a Republican was elected president without a Nixon or Bush on the ticket was 1928?

Word of the day: gaucherie (goh-shuh-REE) which means a lack of tact or grace; also an instance of this. From French gauche (literally left-handed, awkward), from gauchir (to turn). Earliest documented use: 1798.

Michigan’s First Confirmed Case of Zika Virus Reported

LANSING, Mich. – Michigan health officials have identified the first confirmed case of Zika virus in a Michigan resident.  The patient, a female resident of Ingham County, contracted the virus when traveling in a country where Zika virus is being transmitted.  The patient, who was not pregnant, experienced symptoms consistent with Zika virus disease shortly after her return to Michigan. 

Zika virus is spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes aegypti mosquito.  These mosquitoes are not found in Michigan, but are widespread in tropical and subtropical areas.  The most common symptoms are fever, rash, joint pain and red, itchy eyes.  Symptoms are typically mild and last several days to a week.  Many people who are infected will not experience any symptoms.  There have been rare reported cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome following Zika virus infection.  There have also been rare reports of sexual transmission of Zika virus infection. There is no vaccine to prevent or medicine to treat Zika virus infection.

“This is the time of year when many Michigan residents are traveling to warmer climates.  If you have plans to travel to areas where Zika virus is present, take precautions to prevent mosquito bites.  If you are pregnant, or may become pregnant, consider postponing your trip,” says Dr. Eden Wells, chief medical executive at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.  “Travelers to areas where Zika virus is present should contact their doctor if they experience symptoms associated with Zika virus during their trip, or within a week of their return home.”

Pregnant women are most at risk for complications from the Zika virus.  Serious birth defects have been reported in children born to women who were infected with Zika virus during pregnancy.  Scientists are studying the connection between Zika virus and poor birth outcomes.  Until more is known, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is currently advising pregnant women to avoid travel to countries where Zika virus is circulating.  For the most up-to-date information about where Zika virus is found, visit http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/page/zika-travel-information

“For several weeks now, travelers with potential exposure to Zika virus have been returning home to the continental U.S. with a few to be later diagnosed,” said Linda S. Vail, Ingham County Health Officer. “Fortunately, Zika virus infection is typically mild, and people recover without incident. We have known this was a possibility. Health officials and providers have been vigilant in following CDC guidelines and are taking appropriate precautions to test all travelers with symptoms consistent with Zika virus and all pregnant women who have traveled to areas with Zika transmission.”

Prior to 2015, outbreaks of Zika virus have occurred in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands.  In May of 2015, Brazil reported the first cases of Zika virus in the Americas. The virus has since spread to other countries and territories in South and Central America and the Caribbean.  Although Zika is not currently being spread by mosquitoes in the continental United States, cases of Zika virus have been reported in returning travelers. The number of Zika cases among travelers returning to the U.S. will likely increase as the outbreak continues.

Michigan residents can avoid mosquito bites when traveling by taking the following precautions:

If also using sunscreen, apply sunscreen before applying insect repellent.  When applying repellent to children, apply it to your own hands and rub them on the child.  Avoid the eyes and mouth and do not apply to children’s hands because they sometimes put their hands in their mouths.  Do not apply repellents to infants under 2 months of age and instead place nets over strollers and baby carriers. 

For more information about Zika virus, visit www.cdc.gov/zika.

St. James Township Board of Review Dates Set

March 14th and 15th

Sons of the North Star

by Joe Moore

The Sons of the North Star
By Joe Moore

My name is Fred Jones, and I grew up in Traverse City, Michigan, in the fifty’s and sixty’s.  When I was fourteen years old, I became an emancipated minor because I couldn’t continue to live in a household with two alcoholic parents, one a step-parent.  I lost my mother’s parents, grandpa when I was five and grandma when I was ten, and the house that we lived in had very little room. 

There was a bedroom on the first floor that I shared with my older brother.  He was and is a very talented mechanic.  He overhauled engines in our bedroom, which really wasn’t a bedroom.  I think it was originally a dining room since the opening from the living room to that front room in our house had a wide opening that we covered with hanging blankets.  The hanging blankets were there for two reasons.  They were there to provide us with some privacy, but more importantly to keep the heat in the living room and the kitchen as well as the bathroom.

There were many times that we had to fill Mason jars with hot water from the tap to be able to stand climbing into bed at night.  Once warmed up, the sheets and blankets kept us pretty warm, and we slept quite soundly, but getting into bed at bedtime was always an invigorating experience until we learned the trip of the hot water placed in canning jars.  About a half hour from bedtime, during a commercial in the middle of our favorite TV show that we watched together as a family, we would fill the canning jars, open the blanket long enough to get into the front bedroom, and place our warmers under the sheets of the bed to warm it up before we climbed in.  It really worked quite well.

It was interesting if you had to get up during the night to go to the bathroom, which was right off the living room.  You had to walk on a very cold floor in bare feet to get into the living room.  You had to make certain that you didn’t leave your sheets opened up because it would cool them off to downright cold if you didn’t.  You had to be careful walking out through the blanketed opening to make certain that the blanket didn’t catch on the oil heater just outside the bedroom, walk past the heater, and quietly walk into the bathroom to do your business.   You had to be quiet because in the upstairs of the house were two more bedrooms at the front of the house, and the door to the upstairs was also off the living room.  The younger children had bedrooms upstairs, and any baby would be in a crib right up above the bathroom.  Waking that the youngest up caused undue and serious consequences for the one responsible for the awakening.

On the way back to the bedroom, your feet were cold once again from the bathroom floor, so the stop was made in front of the oil heater to warm up your feet before opening up the blanket carefully and heading across the cold floor to get back into bed.  Sometimes, depending on how long you were in the bathroom, the sheets had gotten cold once more, but running water in the middle of the night other than to flush the toilet was not something you wanted to do because it might awaken someone.   So, if the sheets had gotten cold, you just had to shiver until your body warmed up those sheets.

The trip to the bathroom became even more difficult in the middle of the night when my stepfather’s mother lived with us.  My parents set up a bed in the living room with a single bed mattress for Grandma Jones to sleep on.  Although Grandma Jones was old and wrinkled, there was nothing the matter with her hearing.   She was also a light sleeper, so going to the bathroom in the middle of the night required us to tiptoe out of our cold bedroom to get to the needed location.  We weren’t even allowed to flush the toilet at night while she lived with us for a little over a year.

One night in particular is memorable.  It was well after midnight on a school night when I needed to go to the destination of elimination of fluid.  It was a cold February night with plenty of snow outside and plenty of cold floors on the inside.  I was very careful to open the blanket quietly from the bedroom to the living room and from the end away from the oil heater.  I was very quiet, knowing that Grandma Jones was asleep on the bed on the other side of the room.  I did my fluid elimination, but I was shivering from the cold floor and the change of temperature, and, as I walked past the oil heater, I stopped to warm up a bit.  I was purposely being very quiet and was surprised when the noise came out of my mouth.  “Uhhh!” it came out without my control.  It just snuck out of my mouth from the chilled bathroom and the change into warmth by the oil heater.

“What in the h_ll are you doing out of bed at this time of night?”  Grandma Jones hollered across the room.  “You scared the sh_t out of me!”  At that very moment, I heard the youngest upstairs start crying and whining, and snuck back into bed, curled up, and pretended to be asleep.  Eventually I did get back to sleep, but neither mom nor Grandma Jones said anything to me in the morning.  I mentioned the hollering to mom after school that day, but Grandma Jones said, “I thought someone had come in the house, but when I turned on the light on there was no one there.  It must have been a ghost.  This house must be haunted.”

I’d been called many things in my young years, but I had never been called a ghost.

Grandma Jones didn’t stay with us very long.  She left that same summer to go south somewhere.  Mom and my stepdad decided to celebrate the afternoon after she left.  They were out at the kitchen table doing their usual celebration, playing cards and drinking beer.  They were really quite lit up that afternoon.  I could tell because they were slurring their speech and arguing like normal, but it was getting louder than normal.

My younger brother John began playing a game to see what would happen.  He hollered, “Fred, quit it!  That hurts!  Stop it!”

I said, “I’m not doing anything, John,” but he kept it up.

“Stop it!  Stop hitting me!” John wailed.

My stepdad hollered from the kitchen, “Fred, if you don’t stop, I’m going to blister your butt!”

I said, “I’m not doing anything.  I’m sitting in a chair across the room, minding my own business, and watching TV.”

“Don’t give me any of your sh_t, “Charlie, my stepdad said somewhat calmly.  “You keep it up and you’ll go to bed without dinner after I whoop your _ss.”

John stopped for a few minutes, and we watched the cartoons that were on TV at the time; Looney Tunes is what was on.

John started up again.  “Quit hitting me, Fred!  I’m gonna tell mom!”  He knew that that statement always brought Charlie out to raise h_ll with us older kids.  I heard him pull off his thick belt with the big buckle.  I heard the buckle hit the table when he headed from the kitchen to the living room.

He came through the doorway, but he was too drunk to see that I was sitting on the other side of the room from John.  He was too drunk to even comprehend that John was saying, “Leave me alone,” just as Charlie came through the doorway.  Charlie swung that belt, and the buckle hit me on the left shoulder.  I don’t think he meant to hit me.  I think he meant to hit the back of the chair to scare me.

He certainly did scare me.  He yelled, “Get out in the back room.  I’m going to whip your _ss!”

I believe that’s just what he planned to do with that belt, and I wasn’t guilty of a thing.  As I stood up, he tripped and swore he was going to beat me “within an inch of your life!”  He tried to grab me, but the fourteen year old scared young man, literally scared to death tried to push past him to get out the door of the house, not the front door, but the side door.  I pushed him a second time to get his hands off me.  He tripped on the rug in the living room and went flying through the picture window near the side porch wall. 
I kept running out the back door of the house, and Charlie and I never spent another night together under the same roof.  As I look back on it now, I realize that Charlie was really the only father I ever knew, but he wasn’t my father.  Charlie must have been embarrassed because he left the house the next day according to my little brother who I saw at the bus stop the next day.

I went out the back door and spent the night with a friend of mine from school.  I began looking for a place to live, and I found a room for rent on the other side of town.  I was not going to go back home to deal with the situation.  Luckily, I had a job at the Big Boy, which provided me with one free meal a day and half price on the second meal.  This job paid me a little less than a dollar an hour, but it was money enough to pay for the room and lunch at school.  Yes, I was still in school and living on my own.  I still needed a parental signature for absences, and my mom wanted me to come home, so she’d sign papers for me when I needed them. 

She continued to drink, and was still married to Charlie.  We found out later that he had gone south just like his mother.  I couldn’t face her about what had happened.  I felt guilty that the kids had lost their father.  I felt guilty that mom had lost her husband.  I simply felt that everything was my fault.

I got in trouble a couple of times, and mom had to come pick me up, but I didn’t move back home right away.  I think I was fifteen when I met up with a few boys downtown that seemed to be on their own like me.  They liked to party, and I joined in once, and we had a lot of laughs about things that weren’t really funny, but seemed funny at the time.  On one Saturday night, I joined this group of young men, and we all had too much to drink.  We made a pledge that night.  We somehow became the group called the “Sons of the North Star.”  I don’t know where we came up with the name.  We started getting together two or three times per week with alcohol involved in every gathering.  We arranged to get together on Sunday afternoon after I got out of work at the Big Boy.  None of us could drive yet, so we all met at one of the kids’ houses, and his parents were off traveling somewhere.

Well, we started partying again, and got into the harder liquor in the liquor cabinet.  Through our drunken haze that night, we all ended up with a tattoo on our arms.  I was later told that it was a tattoo of the “North Star.”  We all officially entered the group of the “Sons of the North Star” that night.  I woke up with not only a hang-over with vomit all over me, but I was too late to go to school, was very sick, and had this throbbing left arm.  I managed to walk back to my rented room, get cleaned up, and went to work that afternoon.  I had officially become marked as a member of a young man’s social club called the “North Stars” short for “Sons of the North Star.”

Three days later I ended up in the hospital with blood poisoning.  My boss at work had noticed a red streak on my arm and later on my shoulder and my neck.  He suggested I go to the doctor, and the doctor put me in the Osteopathic Hospital where they kept me for two days and started an IV and gave me drugs for two more days, so I missed a whole week of school and a whole week of work.

I had to go back and talk to my mom about getting an excused absence from school and from work.  She wanted me to move back home, and I figured I might as well since she had given permission for me to get treated in the hospital and wrote me an excused absence for both work and school.  My activities with the North Stars kind of got in the way of regaining family relationships with either my mom or my brothers and sisters.  If there wasn’t school, there was work at the Big Boy, or North Stars’ gatherings and activities.  Finally, my mom lost patience with this.  Mainly, I figured she had wanted me to do more around the house, but I was already cooking dinners, and cleaning the kitchen, and taking care of my brothers and sisters when I was home.

I finally got into somewhat serious trouble with the North Stars, and my mom stated that she didn’t have the time to take care of me anymore.  The social worker, the judge, and my mom had a hearing which I had to attend, and I became an emancipated minor, legally responsible for my own actions.  It took me a while to realize what that meant.  It took a couple more times of meeting with a judge in less than friendly situations for me to realize that I was headed into something more serious and less legal if I didn’t clean up my act.  So I decided that I had better give up my membership in the “North Stars.”

The judge really had more to do with that than I wanted to admit at the time.  He kind of intimidated me by saying, “If you get caught in one more less than legal venture, I’m going to send you somewhere that you won’t like.  It’s called BTS or Boys Training School.  You are going to go down there for a visit to see what you have ahead of you if you continue on this path.”

All of the “North Stars” would think that I was pretty bad if I had to go to BTS, but I wasn’t sure about this.

My goodness, I didn’t like what I saw at the BTS.  It was run like a Marine boot camp with drilling and sitting at attention when you ate.  Lots of push-ups and pull-ups with your face pushed into the dirt if you didn’t do what you were told when you were told to do it.  And, I was only there one day as a visitor, but I knew I didn’t ever want to go back there again.  I even got beat up by one of the bad boys just because I looked at him.  “There’s nothing funny to look at over here,“ he said before he punched me in the face. 

Well, I wasn’t nearly as stupid as some would like to think.  One night at BTS was enough of being locked up for me.  I came back from BTS a changed kid.  The judge suggested that I continue working, continue being responsible for myself, and even recommended that I join Civil Air Patrol (CAP) to get some male direction since he knew the Commander of the local group.  I did and ended up doing quite well, not only with CAP, but with work and school, and everything else.
Oh, and by the way, since I quit the local group of the “North Stars,” I got beat up once more.  The code that was made up on that night of the tattoo marathon required me to pay my dues, and that was the way they allowed people out of the group.

I want to tell you about the method of tattoos that was used back in the old days, and the reason for the blood poisoning.  It had nothing to do with the modern method of getting a tattoo at a tattoo parlor.  That night three straight pins were wrapped together with yarn and then three more were added, also wrapped in yarn.  A rubber band was put around the top of the tattoo tool made out of six straight pins.  The design was drawn on your arm with an ink pen, and then the pins were dipped in a bottle of India ink and used to poke the permanent ink into your skin.  There was no alcohol applied to the skin, nor was there any new tool created for the individual members of the group.  We all used the same tool, the same pins, the same yarn, and the same bottle of ink.  Nowadays, we have lots more to worry about than blood poisoning with all the blood borne diseases that are out there today.

By the way, I’ll close this with an answer to the questions you might have.  I still have the tattoo that was done painstakingly on a night of alcoholic stupor.  No, I never saw Charlie, the only father I had ever known, again.  No, I’ve never been in jail again.  BTS cured me.  No, I don’t go out and get so drunk anymore.  I’ve already made it ten years past what my mom and stepdad did, and I’m a contributing member of the society that I live in. 

Phyllis' Daily Weather

February 24, 2016

It's 29° outside and feels like 23°, wind is at 7 mph from the NE, humidity is at 88%, pressure is steady at 1017 mb, and visibility is 8.2 miles. Today: Mostly cloudy. A 50% chance of snow in the afternoon. Highs in the mid 30s. Northeast winds 5 to 15 mph. Gusts up to 20 mph increasing to 35 mph in the afternoon. Tonight: Snow. Areas of blowing snow. Windy. Lows in the mid 20s. North winds 15 to 30 mph with gusts to around 45 mph.








On this date of February 24, 1803 - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled itself to be the final interpreter of all constitutional issues.

Did you know that Fredric Baur invented the Pringles can. When he passed away in 2008, his ashes were buried in one?

Word of the day: parsimony (PAR-si-mo-nee) which means excessive frugality; stinginess. From Latin parsimonia, from parcere (to spare). Earliest documented use: 1475.

More of Charbridge

by Cindy Ricksgers

New View of the Harbor

from Holy Cross Rectory

After some work today, and a little bit of smoke and flames, the view has become amazing!

View Photo Gallery HERE

Beaver Island Lighthouse Students Tour Armor Express

Students from the Beaver Island Lighthouse School went on a Talent Tour at Armor Express in Central Lake to learn about the body armor manufacturer and job opportunities there. The Talent Tour is part of the Jobs for Michigan's Graduates program being used at the Lighthouse School.

View video HERE



Holocaust Survivor Martin Lowenberg

Video by Kaylyn Jones HERE

Airport Commission Meeting

April 4, 2015

View video of the meeting HERE

Emergency Services Authority

June 30, 2015

Video of this meeting HERE

Meeting of July 30. 2015

Video of this meeting HERE

August 27, 2015

Video of the meeting HERE

September 24, 2015

Video of this meeting is HERE

October 29, 2015

Video of this meeting HERE

November 24, 2015

Video of this meeting is HERE

January 28, 2016

Video of the meeting HERE

BIRHC Board Meeting

March 21, 2015

Link to video of the meeting HERE

Information from Our School

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Schedule

BICS Board Meeting Schedule 2015-16


BICS Board Meetings

June 8, 2015

Video of this meeting HERE

June 29, 2015

Video can be viewed HERE

July 13, 2015

Video for the meeting HERE


Video of this meeting HERE

August 28, 2015

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September 14, 2015

Video HERE

November 9, 2015

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January 11, 2016

Video of the meeting is HERE

Anti-Bullying Presentation to BICS Parents

View presentation HERE

Peaine Township Meeting

June 10, 2015

Video of this meeting HERE

July 8, 2015

Video of meeting HERE

September 9, 2015

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October 14, 2015

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January 13, 2016

Video of Meeting HERE

January 21, 2016

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St. James Township Meeting Video

The report from the St. James Township website, which is a report to the St. James taxpayers, can be viewed HERE.

November 4, 2015

View video of the meeting HERE

December 2, 2015

View video of this meeting HERE

1/4/2016 at 7 p.m.

Video can be viewed HERE

January 6, 2016

Video HERE

January 20, 2016, at 1pm

View video of this meeting HERE

February 3, 2016

Video can be viewed HERE

Waste Management Committee

October 21, 2014

View video of the meeting

Beaver Island Community Center


At the Heart of a Good Community

Effective Tuesday, 9/8/15
CLOSED Labor Day, 9/7 Happy Holiday!!
M-F 9am-5pm
Sat 9am-9pm
231 448-2022

Check www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org or the Community Center for listings

Link to the Beaver Island Airport 10-year Plan

On the Beach of Beaver Island

You will need Quicktime or another music player to enjoy this link.

The music played in the Holy Cross Hall in the late 70's and early 80's, recorded for posterity and shared here.

When Santa Missed the Boat to Beaver Island

as read by Phil Gregg

Click HERE

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by Cindy Ricksgers

Phyllis' Daily Weather

February 23, 2016

A tiny bit of snow dusting the back deck this morning. Right now I'm showing 28° with a windchill of 22°, wind is at 5 mph from the south, humidity is at 88%, pressure is steady at 1023 mb, and visibility is at 8.8 miles. Today: Mostly cloudy. Scattered flurries in the morning. Highs in the mid 30s. South winds at 10 mph with gusts to around 25 mph. Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Lows in the mid 20s. South winds at 10 mph.

On this date of February 23, 1954 the first injections of the new polio vaccine developed by Dr. Jonas Salk were given to a group of children from Arsenal Elementary School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Did you know that the The Code of Hammurabi decreed that bartenders who watered down beer would be executed. The Code of Hammurabi is a well-preserved Babylonian law code of ancient Mesopotamia, dating back to about 1754 BC. It is one of the oldest deciphered writings of significant length in the world.

Word of the day: parapraxis (par-uh-PRAK-sis) which means a slip of the tongue or pen, forgetfulness, misplacement of objects, or other error thought to reveal unconscious wishes or attitudes. Parapraxis can be traced to the Greek word prâxis meaning "act, action." The prefix para- is used in formation of loanwords from Greek and means "beyond, past, by." By extension, para- is also used to designate objects or activities auxiliary to or derivative of that denoted by the base word.

Beaver Island Wildlife Club Information

1. Ice Fishing tournament on March 5, 2015 on Lake Geneserath. There will be prizes for largest (by weight) Walleye and Pike. Kids division too. Adult division (15 and older) will be open from dawn to dusk on March 5, 2016. Kid division will be shorter, like 10-2 perhaps. Will take suggestions on their time frame. Anyone with expertise, equipment or shanties they are willing to share with the young kids, please let us know. We are asking for folks to sign up at the Hardware by the close of business on Friday March 4, 2016, so we can plan ahead.

2. Conservation Resource Alliance is once again offering us trees in the spring to plant on the island. We will probably get Red Oak and a variety of nut bearing trees as well.

3. If you haven't visited our website, please do...beaverislandwildlifeclub.org.

No Address

by Cindy Ricksgers

Video Report for February 2016

Although there were basketball games on the schedule for live streaming video, these games did not take place due to the weather prohibiting the off-island teams to come to the island. With the Northern Lights League Tournament taking place last weekend, the basketball season is over. (The video for those games is available.) So, there was no live streaming video this month. The opportunities to provide this service abound, such as weekly announcements from the school of activities taking place, interviews of the school staff have been offered, as well as the possibility of live streaming other meetings. BINN is working to be able to live stream events at locations where this is not an Internet connection. You may see this happening in the near future.

The on demand video feature of Beaver Island News on the 'Net has had an increased activity this month. The number of viewers has increased significantly this month to 312 as of the 22nd of this month including views of 1782 video clips , and an almost 50 GB. Considering this does not include any live streaming, this is a serious increase.

The views of these clips come from several countries including, of course, the United States for the majority, but also Russia, Vietnam, Australia, and Canada. This also includes views from twenty-eight different states for the month so far in February with one week left in the month.

Senior Services to Significantly Decrease

by Pam Grassmick

Despite the Commission on Aging (COA) meeting which took place on January 19th and the activities listed in the January 28th Forum post, steps by COA have been taken to significantly decrease the availability of senior in-home services on Beaver Island. This weekend, the Beaver Island Christian Church, Holy Cross Church, and the Lighthouse Fellowship distributed form letters to be submitted to the Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners. This letter asks that assurances be made that all Charlevoix County residents be given equal and adequate COA services year round and that these senior services be restored. If you would like to obtain a copy of this letter in support of restoring Beaver Island's senior services and submit to the Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners, the letter can be picked up at the Community Center, the library, or McDonough's Market.

Thank you for your consideration and assistance in efforts to restore vital senior services. Without action, COA will deprive island elders of hard-fought services such as light housekeeping, laundry, medication reminders, nutritional meals, and personal care.

There is also an online copy of the letter that you can download on News on the 'Net. Questions?? Contact Judi Meister 448-2963 or Pam Grassmick 448-2314.

Download the PDF of the commisioner letter HERE

Phyllis' Daily Weather

February 22, 2016

It's 19° outside this morning, wind is at 3 mph from the east, humidity is at 81%, pressure is steady at 1027 mb, and visibility is at 9.6 miles. Today: Mostly cloudy. Scattered flurries in the morning. Highs in the upper 20s. Light winds. Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Lows in the lower 20s. Southeast winds 5 to 10 mph.

On this date of February 22, 1879, Frank Winfield Woolworth opened the Great 5 Cents Store in Utica, New York. Pledging to sell "nothing" that cost more than a nickel expanding over the next 50 years to 1000 stores, but due to changes in the retail market the last Woolworths shop in the United States was closed down on July 17th, 1997.

Did you know that Marie Curie's notebooks are still radioactive? Researchers hoping to view them must sign a disclaimer.

Word of the day: piacular (pie-AK-yuh-luhr) which means making or requiring atonement. From Latin piare (to appease). Earliest documented use: 1606.

BIEMS Completes Mandated Training

The State of Michigan EMS Division mandated that all Beaver Island EMS members of this state licensed agency take a State of Michigan approved Emergency Driving Program. In addition to this mandated training, the state also mandated that all Medical First Responders, Basic EMTs, and paramedics take special training on the treatment of opiate overdose. Today, February 21, 2016, eleven BIEMS providers took a State-approved emergency driving program. The driving program had a classroom component as well as a practical drving obstacle course component. All eleven successfully completed all components of the emergency driving program and the opiate overdose training program including an intranasal administration program of the opiate antagonist called Naloxone. All participants were successful with this training as well.

So, if you happened to be driving by the Township Airport today, you may have seen and heard an ambulance running lights and sirens while completing parts of the specific, locallly designed, state-approved, driving program for all members of Beaver Island EMS. The program worked around the flights into the township airport, and actually added another component to the obstacles. Although quite cold with a wind today, all worked safely to accomplish the requirements of the program.

The instructor for both programs was Joe Moore, a State of Michigan licensed paramedic instructor coordinator and island resident. He was contracted to provide EMS continung education by the local EMS unit, which includes these two state-approved programs.

Northern Lights League Bball Tournament

The Islanders and Lady Islander Basketball teams, along with coaches and chaperones, left the island on Thursday, February 18, 2016, at 4 p.m. The teams left early on purpose because there have been too many weather problems in this season that prevented our kids from having the opportunity to travel or to have other teams visit us. It was decided that the tournament of the Northern Lights League in basketball was NOT going to be one of those things our kids would miss out on. Leaving a day early allowed our kids to stay Thursday night at the Best Western, and allowed them to go swimming in the pool. On Friday, they left for the Nah Tah Wahsh PSA.

The teams participating in the tournament were Hannahvill Soaring Eagles, girls and boys; Beaver Island Islanders, girls and boys; Grand Marais Polar Bears, girls and boys; Mackinac Island Lakers, girls and boys; Maplewood Baptist Black Bears, girls and boys; Munising Baptist Bobcats, girls and boys; Ojibwe Charter Eagles, girls and boys; and Paradise Rockets, boys only.

After the games, the kids went back to the motel and went swimming again. On Saturday, the teams returned home.

Link to picture gallery

Video of the fun at the Pool HERE

In the first game, the Lady Islanders won 35-33 against Grand Marais. Congratulations, Ladies!

Video of the game HERE

Munising Baptist versus Islanders, Final score Munising 47, BI 32

Video of the game HERE

The Lady Islanders played the Lady Ojibwe Eagles. Final score was Lady Islanders 24 Lady Eagles 64

Video of the game HERE

The 52 Lists Project #8

by Cindy Ricksgers

Special School Board Meeting

February 25, 2016, 3:30 p.m.

Ferdie Speaks Out

(The following story is fiction, although it is based upon an historical EMS patient.   It does contain a topic that some may find offensive.)
By Joe Moore

Hello, my name is Ferdie.  I’ve been a regular customer of Beaver Island EMS for almost ten years.  I know that I have made some of the EMTs and the first responders angry over the years.  I can tell by the way that they speak to me, and about me, but I truly have a medically diagnosed problem that I can’t control.  Everybody knows me as the crazy guy that lives on the East Side.

I have a medical condition in which my intestines don’t work the way they should.  For some reason, and the doctors don’t really know why, my intestines just fill up and simply won’t empty.  I get the same response from just about everyone I’m around.

Read the story HERE

Harbor Ice

Looking out the mouth of the harbor from the playground. The mainland doesn't look very far away, does it?

Looking back toward town from Whiskey Point

Stoney Acres and Donegal Danny's Officially Change Hands

Today was the day, February 17, 2016, that the previous owners of Stoney Acre Grill and Donegal Danny's Pub have handed the torch off to Dana and Eric Hodgson. Liam and Marilyn posted the following on facebook for everyone"

"IT IS OFFICIAL...with heavy hearts full of love & gratitude to all, today Tuesday the 16th of February is our last day with Stoney and the PUB. Thank you all for so many wonderful memories. Peace & Love Liam & Marilyn"

The new owners have posted the following sign on the door for those that may have been frequent customers:

Special Notice of Openings

St. James Township


HSC Meeting Dates

50th Anniversary of Grand Rapids Party


BIESA Meeting Schedule


BOBI (BIDL Book Club)

CC Transit Bus Back to Monday-Friday

In an email, Bob Tidmore notified me that two new transit bus drivers have been hired and effective immediately, the transit bus is back on its Monday through Friday schedule.

Preparing the Community Calendar

BINN is beginning the preparations for the 2016 Beaver Island Community Calendar. The events that are already scheduled for the coming year will be gladly be posted on the calendar. Any organization that has dates can be posted, but they have to be sent to the editor. Joe Moore said, "I have to be aware of the activity in order to post information about the activity." Save your dates now, so there are fewer conflicts!

Bank Hours Change

Starting in January the Beaver Island Branch of Charlevoix State Bank will be starting their winter hours. The hours for January, February, March and April will be Tuesday and Friday from 9am until 2pm. The bank will be closed on January 1st for the New Years Day holiday.

Beach Rangers

Beach Rangers, now is the time to start walking the beaches and recording any dead birds, and fish found.   Recently found were 4 Red Neck Grebes on Donegal Bay. Contact me if you wish to participate and are willing to walk the beaches this fall.
Jacque, 448-2220

Organizations Wanting Dates on the Community Calendar

BINN sponsors a Community Calendar as a one-stop location for anyone to view the meetings, programs, and events taking place on Beaver Island. BINN just included the entire year of 2015 in this location. Events already planned for a specific week or date could be placed in this location, so that no one else schedules an event that might conflict with your meeting, program, or event. In order for the editor to place these meeting, programs, or events on the Community Calendar, that information has to be emailed to the editor at medic5740@gmail.com. Please get this information to the editor as soon as possible.

Airport Commission Regular Meeting Schedule

April 2

August 6

November 5

Talking Threads Quilt Guild WEDNESDAYS

Talking Threads Quilt Guild invites all quilters, sewers, knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners, and any other crafters to Peaine Township Hall on Wednesdays from 9:30 until noon. � Bring your projects, supplies, and enthusiasm. � Call Darlene at 448-2087 if you have questions , or just stop in on Wednesday.

Island Treasures Resale Shop

Island Treasures Resale Shop will start the winter schedule.  We will be open from noon until 4:00 Thursdays through Saturdays.

Open for shopping and donations

If you need help with your donation, call the shop at 448-2534

or Donna at 448-2797.

BIRHC Meeting Dates Set

The board of directors of the BIRHC has set these meetings for 2016:
All are Saturdays at 10 AM in the Community Room at the Center:

March 19

June 18

Sept 17

December 10 Annual Meeting

B I Christian Church Worship Leaders

9:30 a.m. service

Bible study

every Tuesday evening at 7:00; discussion led by pastor of the previous Sunday-

-Everyone welcome!! Bible study 7:00 - 8:00; coffee/dessert fellowship after Bible study.

Message to All B.I. Organizations

BINN is willing to post any and all events on the News on the 'Net website! There is one exception to this rule.

BI News on the 'Net cannot post your event if you don't send the information to BINN!

Auditor's Report for St. James Township

for Year Ending March 31, 2014

Thanks to Bob Tidmore for the link to this report.




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