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Joe Favazza Dies

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Feline Volunteer Needs Help-

Thank You for Responding

UPDATE: The news on Little Girl is this. She has picked up an infection and is now on antibiotics. Jeff Powers ran some other tests, and we should hear back in a day or so what they show. Jeff thinks she might have a heart murmer, but will let us know for sure. She is back at the T/S and is sleeping now. Once again we thank you, your website, and all the wonderful Island people. Her bill has been paid by someone unknown to us, we thank them too. Doug said that he is still getting calls asking about her. I have been getting calls too all day. (from John McNeil)

UPDATE: The response to this short article has been overwhelming. The Transfer Station Crew thanks everyone for responding. Jeff Powers has offered to help out, and several of you have offered to help pay the bills. Thank you again for your overwhelming response.

The Transfer Station cat, "Little Girl" has for 15 years has chased mice and other vermin for the public at the station. She has been cared for by the employees who also have bought her food with their own money and with donations from the public.. No expenses were ever paid by the taxpayers. She is now very much in need of veterinary help. If you are able, would you be willing to donate some money for her treatment? We won't know the cost until Jeff Powers the veterinarian gets back to the Island.

The Transfer Station Crew

Welcome to Our Newest Business Supporter

Welcome, Mason Interiors!

Soup Cook-Off Successful

The Soup Cook-Off was held at the Peaine Township Hall, Thursday, January 31 st from 5pm to 7pm.

This fundraiser was to benefit the 8 th grade class trip to Washington DC. There was a free will donation requested at the door which raised over $700 net. The 8 th graders appreciate your donations for their trip to Washington DC , Thank you from The 8 th Graders of BICS Michael, Matt, Gus, Billy, Danny, Brogan, Desire, Olivia, Jamie, Kaylyn, Jenna, Brighid, and Ms.Brown.

The winners of the soup cook-off were really those who attended and got to sample so many wonderful soups and deserts. The winner may matter to those who worked very hard to make the soups, but to those who attended, the variety was the absolutely amazing thing. When one imagines everything from Oysters Rockefeller soup to Taco soup to beef and rice soup to the anything-but-ordinary chicken noodle soup, the two walls of the Peaine Hall were lined with variety. Everyone enjoyed a good meal and had a great time sampling the many kinds of soup.

The winners need to be recognized. The fantastic corn chowder soup winning first place was made by Rita Palmer. There was a question about who made the soup, and several wanted to claim the honors, but finally admitted it was Rita. Second place was successfully snatched up by Elaine West with her split pea soup. Third place was tied. These two soups were made byYvonne Crandall and Kim Jones with vegetable beef and bean with ham soups respectively.

The Oysters Rockefeller soup was by far and away the most exotic, yet magnificent soup present to appeal to an acquired palette. It was probably the most expensive soup to make as well. This editor gives two thumbs up and gives Joanie Banville the BINNSAELC, the Beaver Island News on the 'Net Sunrise Award for Excellence in Liquid Cuisine. This one was the winner hands-down for us.

BICS Graduate Profile Successfully Completed

Several years ago, the entire community was invited to help determine what Twenty-first Century Learning should look like on Beaver Island. Visiting futurists and visiting educators came to make presentations to the task force to help them develop this profile. The document cover is presented below to refresh your memory:

Due to a winter storm this past Wednesday, the first presentation to demonstrate completion of the BICS Graduate Profile was presented by Andrea Moore on Thursday, January 31, 2008. Daniel Runberg was plowed out of the first presentation due to the snowstorm. This senior presentation is now part of the graduation requirements of the Beaver Island Community School. The other seniors will make presentations later in the school year. The Learner Support Team concept came out of this task force also. A Learner Support Team is made up of the parent(s), a faculty member, the student, and one other adult member of the community. These teams get together once each month during the school year to help the student complete the items in the profile.

Here are the items that came out of the task force and were culminated in these first two presentations:



............1. Create new roles, responsibilities, and support structures for greater personalization..

............2. Increase the school's focus on performance standards, and align them with assessment and certification practices consistent with state, national and world-class standards.

...........3. Build on our current set of curriculum requirements for career and technical education

...........4. Increase the variety and extent of student's "service learning" opportunities

...........5. Invest in and make much more extensive use of computer technology


Chamber of Commerce News

You Can Nominate the Beaver Island Citizen of the Year

Citizen of the Year nomination forms are now available on your Chamber web site. Here is a direct link to download a form as either a PDF or a Word DOC. /events/citizen_of_the_year .html Anyone can make a nomination. You don't even have to be a Chamber of Commerce member. The nomination criteria are printed on the form. You can return the form by mail or email. The award(s) banquet will be Saturday April 12 at Stoney Acres. Please plan to attend.

St. Patrick's Day Games set for March 15

The annual St Patrick's Day games will be held on Saturday March 15. Your Chamber of Commerce is running advertising in select northern Michigan newspapers and web sites about the games and a Beaver Island visit. The theme of the ads is, “You've Never Been to Beaver Island?”

Membership Renewal Information

If we had not received your Membership renewal form and check last week a printed invoice form was sent to you via snail mail. Please renew promptly so we can proceed with the 2008 print Directory. So far we have eight (8) brand new members for 2008 and the majority have renewed. Questions, deferred payment needed, contact Steve West at your Chamber office. (231) 448-2505

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Only Two July 19 Air Show Sponsorships remain

Only two $700 Air Show sponsorships are still available. Each sponsorship includes a ride ($425 value) in the Yankee Lady B-17 Bomber. One of the special guests at the show will be Mr. Elson Spangler. Lt. Spangler earned the Distinguished Flying Cross as a B-17 bombardier during WWII.

Beaver Island Trivia

Last Week's Question:

This week's Trivia Question comes from Marie LaFreniere. Thank you, Marie, for a challenging trivia question. It follows nicely after the comparatively easy question from last week.

The Beachcomber sponsored a Girl's Softball Team in the early 70's. What was the name of the team?

The following pictures sent by Marie LaFreniere answer the question better than any sentence. The first correct answer was from Carol LaFreniere. Others correct were Loie Connaghan, Mary Palmer, Mary Delamater, Ken Taylor, and Alice Belfy.

Thanks for playing Beaver Island Trivia!

This Week's Question:

This guest trivia question comes from Sally Lounsberry. Thank you, Sally!

Whatever happened to the pink and green cabins that were next to the old McDonough store?  They were on the site that is now the current McDonough's store.

The first correct answer will earn a gift subscription to News on the 'Net for the months of February, March, and April for the person of your choice, anyone who is not already a subscriber. Email your answers to:

Petoskey Varsity Dance Camp for BICS Intercession

Here is a video clip of one of the intercession activities for BICS students last month. View HERE.

Where's This?

Last Week's "Where's This?"

Phyllis had used this feature in the past, and maybe it can have a revival. This picture of the cold water was taken from my car on the road. Can you guess where this picture was taken from?

There were quite a few correct answer to this one as well. The answer is that this is the martini glass suspended from the tree at the Beaver Island Lodge and Nina's Restaurant. Correct answers were received from Sally Lounsberry and Pam Moxham. Thanks for playing "Where's This?"

This Week's "Where's This?"

At Stoney Acre Grill and Donegal Danny's


FRIDAY, February 8th, Bring in the Chinese New Year with a Chinese New Year Dinner Buffet

$13.95 per person, $7.95 for children, under 5 free

No menu items, buffet ONLY!

ISLAND SOUL performing at 9 p.m.

Thursday, February 14th, Valentine's Day Specialty Dinner.

Treat your Special Someone to Filet Mignon,

Lobster, Crabcakes, Shrimp and Sumptuous Desserts.

Or any favorite from our Full Menu.

Saturday, March 1st is the IRISH CONCERT---Direct from Ireland "Moore and Broaders" @ 9 pm

An Emotion Packed Story

BICS Pep Rally

Beaver Island Boys' and Girls' Basketball Teams Soar Over the Eagles from Hannaville

Girls Basketball Friday and Saturday versus Hannahville

This includes pictures and video by BINN editor J. Moore

Boys Basketball Friday and Saturday versus Hannahville

This includes pictures, video to follow, by J. Moore

Even the youngest Islander came to support the Beaver Island team on Friday night.

What a beautiful child this one is! Gracien Mae Knox is her name.

Thank you to our scorekeepers, Tim McDonough and Rick Speck,

Thank you to our referees, Ray Puroll and Chuck Gothro.

A Special Thank You to the BI Sports Boosters for all their hard work and support!!

Go Islanders!!!

BICS Boys' Basketball

Written by Heather McDonough:

On the weekend of January 18 th and 19 th the Islanders boys ' basketball team added two more victories by the end of the weekend. The boys beat the Paradise Rockets on Friday night 71 to 6 2 . Eric Albin came out on top scoring 23 points followed by Bryan Timsak scoring 13. Saturday morning Daniel Runberg led the team defensively having 8 steals. Albin once again came out on top scoring 23 points followed by Patrick Cull netting 13. The boys finished the game with 75 points while the Rockets had come up with 35.

The Islanders boys ' basketball team took two more victories over the past weekend from the Hannahville Soaring Eagles. Friday night Eric Albin had 23 points followed by Brendan Martin who scored 18. The islanders finished on top with 80 points by the end of the night, while the eagles finished the game having 43. Saturday morning was a whole new ball game. Once again Eric Albin led the score board scoring 23 points followed by Bryan Timsak and Patrick Cull scoring 8. Towards the end of the 4 th quarter the younger players were sent into the game. In the end the boys came up with 64 points winning the game.

 Comments from Coach Martell:

The Paradise games were a good step for our team.  We needed to come out and really dominate game against a team and did that against Paradise both nights.  They were only able to get close on Friday night because they put their starters back in the game when our youngest players went in.  The Islander starters and top bench players were able to control the tempo of the game and defensively stifle the Paradise offense in both games.

The Hannahville games were a different sort of challenge for the Islanders.  Due to eligibility problems, the Soaring Eagles only brought 2 high school players to the Island and even brought a 7 th grader among the seven total players.  We did our best to play our game and keep sharp while trying not to run the score up.  Every player got to see the floor for considerable amounts of time.  Having all four 8 th graders playing in the 4 th quarter of Saturday's game was a great way to end the home schedule for this season.

Thank you to the community for your support of our team.  I hope that we provided good entertainment and a quality game for you to watch this season.  We will be thinking of your support as we finish our regular season and vie for a district title.

It IS Time to Get in Shape!




5:00 PM TO 6:00 PM


Mother/Daughter (Aunt, Grandmother, friend) from

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM ON MONDAYS 





People who wish to become a candidate for the May 6, 2008 Beaver Island Community School Board of Education election have until 4 p.m. on Feb. 13 to file their paperwork with the district filing official ( St. James Township clerk).

There are two seats to be filled at the May 6, 2008 annual school election. Incumbent board members Dawn Marsh and Nancy Tritsch are planning to file petitions to become candidates. Anyone else who is interested should contact the St. James Township Clerk or the school office for more information.


There will be a School Board Work Session on Monday February 4th at 7:30p.m. at the school to review plans and make near-final decisions. You are invited to attend the work session. It is expected that the final bid documents will be approved at a school board meeting on February 18th. After the bid documents are completed, general contractors will have several weeks to submit bids. Construction is expected to begin this spring.

The links show the most current information; there will likely be some changes before the bid documents are finalized. A more complete set of drawings is available for viewing at the school.

Please let me know if you have questions or comments,

Kitty McNamara

BICS Building Project Plans and Updates

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted as soon as they are received. News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. Please email them to

Peaine Township Board Minutes December 2007

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes