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Peaine Township Meeting 2/10/2010

While the editor was unable to attend the meeting, arrangment were made with Mike Hurkmans to attend and video tape the meeting. The editor was teaching an EMT-Specialist class at the governmental meeting. However, the meeting can be viewed by video tape, and after spending several hours capturing, editing, converting, and uploading the 44 video clips from the meeting, the editor feels competent to make a few comments. The animosity between individual board members and between the board members and members of the audience is quite obvious. When the subject of reappraisal came up in the meeting, there were many strong views about how and when this work would get done. Some even suggested that there was absolutely no way the township supervisor, the assistand supervisor, and the current assessor could get the job done before the State of Michigan took over the assessment role from Peaine Township. Individual board members suggested that they felt left out of the meetings with those that had received a Request for Proposal for this reappraisal job. The public still seemed quite concerned that the current assessor, nor the supervisor, nor the assistant supervisor had completed the first five steps of the plan that was approved by the State of Michigan for Peaine Township to come into compliance with the fourteen point review. Jack Gallagher assured everyone that this job will be done and it will be done correctly.

The discussion of the amendment of the Joint Township Meeting Minutes from January 2010 was also quite heated with a member of the audience calling for a "Point of Order" and declaring this discussion to be out of order. Another exclaimed with a reference to the former airport committee, "Just hang them all." Of course, his reference as interpreted by this editor, and since he was a former airport committee member, was that that was what the supervisor was trying to do to the airport committee members. In actuality, the expansion of the airport means one thing to one person, and another thing to another person. The real issue here is that those having a discussion about the airport expansion do not have the same definition in mind as they discussed it. One side seems to think that the necessity to increase the property in order to trim trees for the west approach is what is meant by airport expansion. Another side thinks that the proposed building of another terminal is the definition of the airport expansion. What is necessary is a face-to-face discussion about the definitions and then a serious and successful discussion can begin.

You can view the video clips of the meeting if you wish to know more about what happened at this Peaine Township meeting:

Review of the bills--Question about the cost of RFP's

Review of bills question about software purchase for reappraisal

Discussion about the bills and availability of 48 hours before the meeting

Bills to be available 48 hours before the meeting MOTION

Peaine Township paying taxes on airport property discussion

Annual electors meeting and budget hearing meeting discussion

Annual electors meeting and budget hearing meeting discussion 2

Annual electors meeting and budget hearing meeting discussion 3 set as March 27, 2010

Board of Review Appointments to last til 12-31-2010

Waste Managment Committee Appointments to last til 12-31-2010

Joint township projects procedure discussed

Reappraisal Discussion 1

Reappraisal Discussion 2

Reappraisal Discussion 3

Reappraisal Discussion 4 attendance of 3 board members = special meeting

Reappraisal Discussion 5 Ed Wojan comments

Reappraisal Discussion 6 Jack and Ed discussion

Reappraisal Discussion 7 Jack and Ed discussion

Reappraisal Discussion 8 Jack and Ed discussion

Reappraisal Discussion 9 Donna Stambaugh asks a question

Reappraisal Discussion 10 Ed Wojan says the money will be well spent for reappraisal

Reappraisal Discussion 11Terry Saxton asks question

Reappraisal Discussion 12 Peaine Board members want to be included

Board Salary Recommendations

Budget Discussion 1

Budget Discussion 2

High Speed Internet Discussion 1

High Speed Internet Discussion 2

High Speed Internet Discussion 3 Ed Wojan comments

High Speed Internet Discussion Tina Walker informs the board

Sound System and conference phone now available

Generators for Peaine Hall and Peaine Firehall discussed

Township hall cleaning with Pete LoDico

Needed Township Committee and Commission appointments to be made at March meeting

Bills needed to be approved 1

Bills approved working to approve minutes

Addition to minutes of joint meeting passed out and read aloud

Joint Meeting Minutes proposed amendment 1

Joint Meeting Minutes proposed amendment 2 public comment

Joint Meeting Minutes proposed amendment 3 Larry Kubic comment

Joint Meeting Minutes proposed amendment 4 Paul Welke and Judi Lanier comments

Public discussion while Jack locates posting for Joint Meeting

Airport Expansion from the Notice for Joint Meeting and Jack explanation

Terry Saxton say hang everbody and more minutes changes

Motion to approve Minutes and motion to adjourn

Shamrock Valentine's Day Dinner and Fantastic February

BI News Server Crashes

UPDATE: It's interesting how much work a server crash can provide to the website editor. None of the subscriber information was included in the upload, when the website was uploaded to the new server. This creates a great deal of extra work for the editor, who must not only check the website pages to make certain they have all uploaded properly, but also to re-enter all subscriber information. Imagine what a job this would be if there was no backup of the data. Some people might even give up, but not this editor. A few hours of extra time and a few moments of frustration were not to deter this editor from accomplishing this goal.

If you have had any difficulty accessing the Beaver Island News on the 'Net website, it may be that the editor was working on the subscriber list at that time. You may have had a few moments during the day on February 9, 2010, that the website was not available. If so, we apologize, but know that we are determined to get the website back to its original state. Thank you for your patience.

The webserver that hosts Beaver Island News on the 'Net crashed and died today, February 5, 2010. The host of the website stated that it should be back up and running soon, but it didn't get back up right away. As a matter of fact, in order to get it back up and working, the editor had to upload everything from the year 2009 and 2010 so far. It took most of the afternoon and into the evening to upload the whole website to the new server. It should be working now. If you are reading this, then it is working. There is still more checking to do to make sure that everything uploaded properly. It may take a day or two to resolve any issues.

Green's Bay Has Wonderful Ice Sculptures

If you get to Green's Bay and then walk about a mile further south, you will see some wonderful natural Ice Sculptures made from the water, the wind, and snow. There are many ways to get out on the ice, but the most important words is to do is CAREFULLY! Walking out to the edge of the ice where the water meets it can be a dangerous experience, so pick your route and your steps very judiciously.

Video Clip from out on the ice HERE

More pictures from this adventure HERE

Deer on Sloptown Road

There were plenty of deer visible on Sunday afternoon, February 7, 2010, in a hay field on both sides of the Sloptown Road.

Video Clip of Deer near Sloptown Road HERE

Harbor Perfect for Skating

It is reported that there were lots of people out on the harbor on Super Bowl Sunday getting some fresh air and enjoying what the mirror-like harbor had to offer. Upon arriving at the public beach area, all the others except this young lady and her family had already left the ice. Whoops, a slip and a fall, but right back up and at it again.

Clear Cutting and Deer Management
(from email)

I think that we should see the organizations seeking to manage the natural resources on Beaver Island as a benefit to the Island with their good ideas and hard work aimed at improving the Island ’s natural resources. I feel it is important to manage natural resources. Indeed, there is evidence that human societies have manipulated their ecosystems for 1000’s of years to improve their lives. The important thing about natural resource management is that you must work in harmony with nature, nurture the entire ecosystem and the cycles within it that have evolved over millennia. Societies that have not followed this practice have failed, every time.

Clear-cutting a beach-maple forest is not working with nature. Clear-cutting is a necessary tree removal strategy for allowing trees that have minimal shade tolerance to regenerate like aspen and birch. Historically, MI had a small amount of aspen forests but today it is one of the dominant forest types due to clear-cutting. Historically, Beaver Island was dominated in the interior by a beech-maple forest. It is important to know what was here before the island was settled because then we know what type of biological community can sustainably exist here. Clear-cutting has no place in a beech-maple forest as the woody plants and wildflowers in this biological community are adapted to the low light conditions. Clear cutting will destroy this valuable biological community. A beach-maple forest is a complex community that is the habitat for many of the food webs that sustain the natural systems over all of Beaver Island . In general, there are more niches the more canopy levels a forest has. A beech-maple forest has four distinct canopy levels. After clear-cutting you have an even-aged forest with one canopy level. This means it is impossible to have the diversity or productivity in an aspen forest compared to a beach-maple forest.

In a mature beech-maple forest one finds logs and snags (standing dead trees) which may seem useless but in fact are of the utmost importance. Logs and snags are the base of many food chains and logs are necessary for roughed grouse to drum as part of their mating ritual. No big logs, no mating, no roughed grouse. Maybe most important and often over looked is the water reservoir that logs and snags provide. Turn over most logs on Beaver Island in a beach-maple forest and you will find red-backed salamanders and many other animals but also white growing roots from neighboring trees. When rain is scarce these logs which can have 50% water content provide water to the trees. Remember the drought a few years ago when the trees started loosing their leaves in the summer? A mature forest that has lots of logs and snags would be less susceptible to drought and be able to support animals through these hard times. Furthermore, clear-cutting creates a patch structure in the forest that becomes a legacy that persists through time. In English this means that even if left alone for centuries through many life and death cycles the trees that grow after clear-cutting and their decedents will not match the biodiversity or productivity that was in the beach-maple forest. Once an area is clear-cut you have altered that area for many many generations.

Increased clear-cutting may have unforeseen consequences that could degrade or even destroy the natural beauty on Beaver Island . Clear-cut areas have increased soil erosion, lowering the productivity of future forests. Most soils on Beaver Island are not the best to begin with and clear-cutting will make them worse. To quote Shaler “Soil is like a placenta… The importance of soil to forest productivity can not be over stated”. Besides degrading the soil, clear-cuts are disturbed areas which invasive species tend to thrive in. Moreover, beach-maple forests, that have been clear-cut were healthy ecosystems which have evolved over centuries to be more resistant to insects and disease. Clear-cutting is like amputating a healthy limb. I think everyone agrees aesthetic views are compromised by clear-cutting. This means clear-cutting is not good for the tourist industry, who wants to take a vacation to look at it? It also is not good for many song birds and therefore bad for bird watchers who according to the Audubon society spend millions of dollars a year on ecotourism. Furthermore, logging wastes left behind after clear-cutting may increase fire, insect or disease problems. The giant piles of logs on camp trail #3 are a real life exclamation point of this.

The beech in a beech-maple forest is the American beech which is in the same family as oaks. Like oaks their seed the beech nut is a very important food source for deer, turkey, roughed grouse, and non-game animals aplenty. Sugar maples also provide a seed energy source for many animals in the fall, not to mention so many things like to eat the leaves of spring seedlings and sapling sugar maples. (The soft maples silver and red maples produce seeds in the spring so it would be good to have these for spring food) Changing the type of forest from the mature forests that naturally occur here (beech-maple forest) to aspen by clear-cutting does not seem like a wise use of the resource.

Even if I have not convinced you clear-cutting is bad in and of itself for the beech-maple forests and the animals and economy they promote on the Island , we should abandon clear-cutting because it is not even good for deer. To explain, one of the most important things in maintaining a stable deer population is to manage the habitat to produce deer food all year round. To do this there needs to be enough light reaching the ground to grow plants for the deer to eat. No one can argue that clear-cutting lets in light but deer will also benefit if much of that forage is under trees large enough to block snow so they can reach the food at critical times. Evergreens or extremely large beech and maples can do this. This is an often overlooked niche of large trees and conifers that are removed in a clear-cut.

Clear-cut logging fails to meet the feeding management objective over both the short and long-term. Everyone speaks of the abundant forage in new clear-cuts, but snow piles up and covers it just when it's needed the most. In the long run, the new trees grow up evenly and after a few years, they block out light for ground forage and provide NO mast fall forage. The aspen forest that clear-cutting creates soon becomes worthless to deer, no food or cover. The only way to get more ground forage for a century or more is to clear-cut again. Every time you clear-cut you have more soil erosion, and all the down sides of clear-cutting. I hope that no one is suggesting that the state clear-cut patches of the Island forever. There is only so much state land that can be converted to aspen. I am sure someone will say there is plenty of beech-maple on the Island ; we can remove some (insert % removed here). Something similar was said about the passenger pigeon. Besides, beech are already suffering from a disease most likely beach bark disease which is a fungal disease transmitted by a scale insect. The last thing we need is to indiscriminately remove healthy disease resistant beech trees from the Island . Furthermore, it is well accepted the importance of mast producing trees like beech in an ecosystem. Mast trees do not exist in clear-cut forests. If a goal is to improve the island for quality deer management we need to work to improve stands of oak and beech to ensure an abundant supply of nuts in the fall not cut them down for feed in the summer when open fields already in existence can do this. In stead of clear-cutting the state and private owners of beech-maple stands can selectively log every decade or so to increase the amount of woody browse available to deer. There are many types of selective cutting that would benefit deer and maintain a beech-maple forest such as progressive strip cutting. These are not simple forestry techniques and should be done by a professional forester.
It is also accepted by most biologists that just as important as food for deer habitat are softwood stands such as hemlock, cedar, spruce or fir. These evergreens provide deer a dense winter cover to protect them from weather, can be winter forage, and they block snow making food easier to find. Note that none of these trees need clear-cutting to grow and regenerate in the forest. Clear-cutting is not necessary for quality deer management and is not a proper forest harvesting practice for beech-maple forests.

On a related topic, people are calling for the culling of some coyotes to help deer survive the winter. This problem could also be helped by managing deer habitat without clear-cutting. Deer are better able to avoid predation successfully if they have food and there is cover to avoid being seen. Clear-cut areas allow coyotes (and yes hunters) a clear sight line. So, clear-cuts create areas that only provide deer with food some of the year, leaving them weak, vulnerable and easy for a coyote to see all winter. Clear-cutting more on this Island will only lead to more imbalances of nature.

To recap: clear-cutting goes against the natural system that exists on the island, causes soil erosion, is ugly to look at, removes healthy disease resistant trees, provides a place for exotic plants to grow, increases fire risk, fails to feed deer in winter when food is most needed, and leaves them more easy to be prayed upon by coyotes. Why are people calling for more clear-cutting? Clear-cutting a beach-maple forest does not seem like a wise use of the resource. Does clear-cutting cause aspen to grow in place of beech and maple? Yes. Can deer and roughed grouse eat or use aspen some of the year? Yes. Is clear-cutting a good thing for the Island and arguably deer? No. I hope that no organization on the Island would condone clear-cutting as its advantages are far outweighed by the many disadvantages.

Don’t get me wrong, clear-cut logging is easy to do and the most efficient way to convert trees to CA$H, but it's the worst possible prescription for maintaining productive deer habitat. People that want to help Beaver Island in the short and long term need to protect remaining beech-maple forests. Selective harvesting is needed and should only be done by a professional forester. Furthermore, selective cutting should only be done by someone that has signed a written contract stating how much wood is to be taken, what the remaining canopy cover will be and the penalty the logger must pay for removing the wrong trees (big mast trees for example) or damaging remaining trees. If the state is encouraging clear-cuts they are quite possibly paying people to degrade our natural resources now and for generations to come.

Dr. E. R. Myers

Excerpt from Wildlife Club Press Release

Habitat for wildlife has always been high on our list. We requested clear cutting as early as 2000 but it wasn't until 2006 that the first clear cutting was done near camp #3. According to Brian Mastenbrook the DNR would like to do 100-150 acres per years but we have not seen that forthcoming. In 2005, the last time we had a DNR officer here to do deer checks, he told us he was going to push for timber harvest. In 2003 the DNR sponsored material for 8 acres of food plot planting. We have encouraged private owners to establish food plots on their acreage and that has moved along but we could use more.

When it comes to management of whitetail deer on the Island it seems that wildlife biologists we never knew existed come out of the woodwork. Even the experts disagree but most do agree that island management is special—much different than mainland management. In 2005 we sponsored a Quality Deer Management (QDM) discussion at Peaine Twp. Hall. Perry Russo, North Central Regional Director spoke about measures aimed at improving herd quality. Following this the club decided to implement a volunteer effort to encourage non-harvest of small bucks in a campaign to “let him go-let him grow”. As of late most landowner deer hunters have implemented their own regulations to take only bucks that have at least 3 points on one side. The consensus was to keep it voluntary. To further compliment the liaison we have established with the DNR mostly through Brian Mastenbrook, we do yearly deer drive by census and check our own deer by our trained volunteers, mostly Jacque LaFreniere and Jeff Powers. We have been praised by the DNR for the information they have received from us to help them determine health, population and the future of the deer on this island-they never had access to this kind of information that we are gathering.

Wild turkeys were reintroduced in 1995. The population is now estimated at nearly 800. They require complementary feeding in the winter which we have assumed. The first year we provided 1000 #s of corn. We now purchase and distribute 10 Tons of corn in the winter to our feathered friends. We encourage more turkey hunters to reduce the population.

Last November we celebrated our first annual Harold Lounsberry Memorial Hunter's Dinner at the Shamrock. Proceeds of the dinner will be matched annually and given to the 21st Century Scholarship at the BI Community School.

So you see, we are well and living here on BI. We are a dedicated group of non-residents and residents who have the Island's wildlife at heart. We need to protect those things that we hold dear and continue to work hard to preserve them.

Prepared by Lois Williams, secretary to the Beaver Island Wildlife Club; Jeffrey Powers, president, supporting

News from the Chamber of Commerce

Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce- Michigan DNRE on Quality Deer Management

On February 4 The Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the national Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) and its Michigan chapters and branches. The agreement establishes a framework for cooperation on mutually beneficial projects and activities.

"We are pleased that the DNRE recently signed this historic agreement with QDMA. The Memorandum of Understanding paves the way to bring Quality Deer Management to Beaver Island, a move our directors expressed support for in early January,” said Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce President Kathy Speck. “It seems clear that the Michigan DNRE is endorsing QDM. This will likely prove beneficial to Beaver Island,” said Chamber Executive Director Steve West.

The MOU is the first in what DNRE Wildlife Division Chief Russ Masonhopes will be a series of agreements with conservation groups on deer and other wildlife management matters. “These agreements represent a clear recognition that the DNRE shares the same core values as many conservation groups, said Mason. “Rather than consider these groups as stakeholders, we think of them as partners. Any organization that wants to enter into an agreement with us that will enhance wildlife management in Michigan is welcome to contact us.”

The Chamber of Commerce and Beaver Island Conservation Club will sponsor and informational meeting about Quality Deer Management on Saturday March 6th from 4:00 – 6:00 at the Beaver Island Community Center.

Petition to Stop Asian Carp

Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox has developed a website ( www.stopasiancarp.com ) and is asking for your signature to put pressure on the powers in Washington D.C. to approve shutting down the canal system in Illinois to prevent the spread of the invasive Asian Carp into the Great Lakes and eventually into the rivers of the state of Michigan (such as the Grand River, the St. Joseph river, the Detroit River, the Red Cedar river etc.). Most of you have heard or read the testimonials from the biological experts who have stated if the carp make it into Lake Michigan it will devastate the fishing industry in the Great Lakes region and eventually do great harm to the tourism industry in this state as well as the other states which have shores on any of the Great Lakes.

In December it was reported that DNA material from the Asian carp was found within 6 miles of Lake Michigan. In today’s news (1/12/2010) more DNA material has been found within just a mile or two of the opening to Lake Michigan.

Cox is asking for all our help to go onto his site and electronically sign his petition to help put political pressure on Washington to take immediate action. President Obama ran on a platform that he would be the “Great Lakes President” and was adamant that we could not allow invasive species, like the Asian Carp, into the Great Lakes. But last week he announced he would not support the move to close the Illinois canal system. He is facing political pressure from his home state of Illinois, the only Great Lakes state that is fighting the closure of the canal system. Political pressure has to come to bear on Washington to change the Administration’s stance on this.

Would you look at the website listed above and if you are in agreement, electronically sign the petition? Also, please forward this information to your friends, relatives and other contacts who live in Michigan. Time is critical on this issue. As Cox states on his website, once they get into Lake Michigan we won’t get a second chance to stop the devastation that will occur.

Islanders Sweep the Mackinaw Island Lakers

The Lady Islanders may have given everyone present a little raise in blood pressure due to the closeness of the game on Saturday, but the Lady Islanders won both games, Friday night and Saturday morning. In this last of the homegames, the level of excitement was obvious. The boys also gave some excitement, but for another reason. They were much deeper in the bench than the Lakers, and when the best player on the Laker team was called for his third foul, it was time for him to sit on the bench. The Islanders then ran away with the game. All four games were a game of fouls as well as a game that was won by excellent defensive play.

More on Friday and Saturday Islander Basketball HERE

St. James Township Meeting

The St. James Township Board Meeting took place on Wednesday, February 3, 2010, beginning at 7:30 p.m. This meeting was longer than the majority of this township's meetings, lasting more than an hour and twenty minutes, but this was for a very good reason. Several audience members had excellent questions related to the reappraisal of property in St. James Township, and these questions were more than adequately answered by the two partners in the running for the re-appraisal bids. These two ladies were much more prepared and actually came to the Island to support their proposal. Their proposal was about $30,000 less than the other proposal received with cost to St. James property owners of approximately $68,000..

For those without high speed Internet, the library board posting brought three applicants, and the Board chose Lori Saunders to take this position. The other two applicants were present at the meeting and were asked if they wanted to be considered for the Human Resources Commission. Kathy Tidmore was appointed to fill the St. James position to this organization. The minutes of this meeting should be available in about a week and will be posted when received.

Video Clips:

Discussion about contacting joint township attorney


Rick Speck introduces reappraisal proposal one

Rick Speck introduces the persons present to present proposal two

Reappraisal Discussion 1

Reappraisal Discussion 2

Reappraisal Discussion 3

Reappraisal Discussion 4

Reappraisal Discussion 5

Reappraisal Discussion 6

Reappraisal Discussion 7

Reappraisal Discussion 8

Reappraisal Discussion 9

Reappraisal Discussion 10

Reappraisal Discussion 11

Reappraisal Discussion 12 Motion

Reappraisal Discussion 13 Reschedule Hearings

Reappraisal Discussion 14

Library Board 1

Library Board 2

Human Resources Commission Appointment

Cormorant Study

Salary Resolutions for St James Board

Board of Review Schedule

Jim Wojan compliments BIEMS

Kathy Speck Comments

Don Vyse Comments

(Editor's note: At this point, the tape was full, so any further comments are not recorded.)

Islanders Complete EMR Program

Eight Islanders toughed it out through a grueling Emergency Medical Responder program taught by Sarah McCafferty, paramedic and instructor. The successful students passed their practical skills exam on Monday, February 1, 2010, and all were also successful on their written exam on February 3, 2010. From left to right in the photograph: Garrett Cole, Deb Bousquet, Kevin White, Instructor Sarah McCafferty, Danielle Dedloff, Rory Connaghan, Cameron LaVasseur, Tamie LaFreniere, and Dan Burton. These eight Islanders will now have to leave the Island to take the computer-based National Registry Examination to become certified Emergency Medical Responders. After successful completion of this NR Exam, they may then apply to the State of Michigan to be licensed as Medical First Responders. Congratulations to you all for your excellent work and your dedication to helping others! Congratulations to Sarah McCafferty, their instructor, as well!

Beaver Island Ice Classic

The 2009 Beaver Island ice classis is under way after the indomitable launch team of Bob Banville, Ed Troutman and Don Tritsch placed the tower on the ice February 3 rd . The purpose ofthe contest is to guess the day, hour and minute when the tower will go through the ice. Last year the tower went into the water on March 29 th and the winner collected over $600!

Ticket proceeds will be shared 50/50 and the net proceeds go to help operate the Beaver Island Community Center.

Tickets are$5.00 each or 6 for $20.00 and are available from any PABI board member, the Community Center or at McDonough's market. If anyone off the island is interested tickets contact Bob Tidmore at 231-448-3088 or e-mail him at b_tidmore@hotmail.com .

Island Treasures Resale Shop News

If you have nothing interesting to do on these long winter days, clean out that closet, attic, basement or garage and bring your unwanted "Treasures" to Island Treasures Resale Shop. We can always use your donations of clean, gently used clothing; men's, women's and children's. We also will take donations of small appliances, furniture, children's books, cookbooks, and dishes. We also have all of our winter coats on sale at this time.

Our hours are 12:00 noon until 4:00 p.m. THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY

If you are unable to bring the donation to the shop yourself, call Donna Stambaugh at 448-2797, and she will arrange to pick up your donation, or call the shop during the hours that we are open, and we will make arrangements with you. Resale Shop phone number is 448-2534

Thank you, Resale Shop Staff.

B I Broadband Inc. Fails to Get First Round Funding

BIBI Encouraged to Apply for Round Two Funding

In an email today, February 2, 2010, Jack Gallagher reported this. "Our application for Hi-Speed internet stimulus funding has been denied by the Department of Agriculture, but has been forwarded to the Department of Commerce for consideration.  We hope to hear from the Department of Commerce soon, perhaps this month.  We will consider filing an application for the second round of financing and will provide additional information as we receive it.  Thanks to all who contributed so much to this effort."   Jack Gallagher

Tim Maylone Responds

As a reminder under round one rules to be considered by BTOP for funding the application had to be rejected by BIP. 

Status of round 2:

Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) has been released. Many features of Beaver Island Broadband, Inc. (BIBI) application match round 2 focus points. Round 2 does require a 2 plus year operational history such as Cherry Capital Connections (CCC). Round 2 does suggest Collaboration with round 1 award winners. CCC is working on Merit endorsement.

Round 2 guidelines for application have been released, and the application should be available by Feb 16, 2010. The anticipated application submission date for round 2 is March 15, 2010.

Ski Plane on Lake Geneserath

February 13, 2010, Public Landing from 12-4 p.m.

Our Beaver Island Community School Receives an A

The opening of a letter from the school usually means another calendar of events, another request for volunteers, or another list of things that need to be accomplished with help from the community. To the amazement of this editor, on opening this letter from BICS, the news inside was absolutely amazing. As a former teacher, the editor really had no doubts about this school and the quality instruction that takes place there, but to see it in writing on a refrigerator magnet really makes you stand up and notice. Besides dates of importance for the school year, there was a seemingly small portion of the magnet, less than 5%, that was really important:

State of Michigan Report Card Grade:


You can't get a better grade from the State of Michigan, and you couldn't get a better grade from any of my classes. The grade of A means that the work accomplished is Superior.

Congratulations to all the faculty, staff, and school board!

Anyone Ready to Play Golf?

Frank Solle took this picture out on the Beaver Island Golf Course. Is there any way to fill up a foursome to go out and wade through the snow and play a few holes of golf? Count this editor in if anyone else wants to go. The golf clubs are still in the trunk of the car ready and waiting.

Winter Carnival

With games and white clay (since there was no real snow to build snowmen) the Winter Carnival was a rousing success on Saturday, January 30. 2010. The Community Center hosted this event along with the Trails Committee of Peaine Township that setup a wonderful winter display on the stage and another over by the south entrance to the room.

The games were all related to wintertime activities including ice fishing and penguin bowling.

The games were quite popular including the fish toss to a bucket.

Another game required the participant to use the arm extender to pick up and move the characters from place to place.

You can tell by the smiles that this was a really big hit!

These girls got their picture taken near the polar bear...

Intense concentration was observed as each was given an opportunity to build a snowman out of white clay and then paint it.

The bird house contest prize winners!

From Tina Walker:

I would like to thank all of you who attended the carnival and made it such a success! We sincerely hope that you had a wonderful time! I would also like to thank everyone that submitted birdhouses for the Winter Carnival. Well done! You will be able to view your bird houses on the trails and the Parks and Trails Committee will let you know when and where they are placed.

Special thanks to the Beaver Island businesses for their generosity in supporting this event and for offering such great prizes for the birdhouse building contest:

Beaver Island Community Center
McDonough’s Market
Power’s Do-It-Best Hardware
Shamrock Bar and Restaurant
Stoney Acre Grill and Donegal Danny's Pub
TDS Telecom

Once again, I am awed by the help and generosity of the volunteers who helped make this event so special. I cannot thank you enough for contributing your time and special attention to the children of our community.

Tickets and Treat Bags - Tina Morgan
Ice Fishing Game - Pam Nicholas
Polar Bear Plop - Bob Hoogendoorn
Frozen Duck Pond - Peg Hoogendoorn
Fish Fling - Doug Tilly
Penguin Bowling - Ann Partridge

Thank You All Very Much! Tina Walker

Video Clip at Winter Carnival

Multiple Casualty Training Event

The adult MFR class is coming to a close with practical testing on Monday, February 1, 2010, and written course exam testing on February 3, 2010. As part of the review of all skills learned, this training event was scheduled as a simulation. So........

Imagine you called out to a three vehicle multi-casualty incident. The vehicles involved in the training exercise included a transit bus with an unknown number of passengers. Once on scene, you note that you have only eight medical providers and nine patients that need your help. What would YOU do?

On Saturday, January 30. 2010, twelve people gathered in the dark at the Governmental Center to prepare the patients, equipment, and the vehicles for a training and educational event for the adult MFR program sponsored by BIEMS. The event was to demonstrate the overwhelming situation of having more patients than a system is designed to handle. Since no real events could have been photographed due to privacy concerns, the training event gives a perfect opportunity to see the training while in progress, and, of course, to learn what types of training that our local volunteers go through in preparation for something we hope will never happen here.

If you are not the type of person who wishes to look at the patient's simulated injuries, do not click on this link. If you are interested in the training and would like to see the patients and more about this training, please click HERE.

MCI Video Clip 1

MCI Video Clip 2

MCI Video Clip 3

MCI Video Clip 4

Notice of Filing Deadline for BICS Board of Education

Filing Deadline for 2 Seats on the BICS Board of Education

Candidates for the Board of Education have until 4p.m. February 9, 2010 to register with the St. James township clerk’s office. Members will be elected at the school's annual election on May 4, 2010. Incumbent board member Barbara Schwartzfisher is running for reelection. The recent resignation of a board member opens up another seat on the board. Interested candidates must be registered voters of the school district and file a nominating petition. Petition Packets can be picked up from the school office or the St. James Clerk.

Because of the resignation of Kristina Drost, the board of education must appoint someone to fill the position until the board’s annual organizational meeting on July 12, 2010. Individuals interested in a short-term appointment to the board, should submit a letter of interest as soon as possible to Nancy Tritsch, School Board President. The board will appoint someone at the regular board meeting on March 8, 2010.


While some get bent out of shape by one sentence of a particular opinion statement and can't seem to see the substance, I prefer to look at the whole thing, and then step back away from what I've read, take some time to roll it around in the big, empty space between my ears, and then I go back and read it again trying not to put my own negative emotions into what I've read, but, instead, try to purposely take the writer's side, and see where that takes me.

Here is an example: Fred got his job because he knows Joe.

It can be read in many ways, and sometimes we let our mind read it in only ONE way. See if you can understand what I am suggesting by reading this sentence in these different ways:

•  FRED (I don't like Fred) got HIS job because he knows JOE (I'm not sure about Joe).

•  Fred (the lucky stiff) got his job (only) because he knows Joe.

•  Fred got his job BECAUSE (and only because) he KNOWS (his best friend) Joe.

•  FRED (the bad person) got HIS (It's his because of his badness) JOB (who'd want to do it anyway) because (and only because) he KNOWS (his best friend) JOE (I don't like Joe.)

So, the next time you read something, perhaps you should take a few moments and try to empathize with the writer. Perhaps, try to look at the writing from a different perspective. Perhaps, just once when reading something that makes you mad, try to pretend that the writer is your best friend and you know that (s)he would never write something purposely to inflame you. Perhaps, take some time to think about what was written. Perhaps, try to leave out your negative emotions.

Now, writers, if your purpose is to inflame, then quit beating around the bush. What are you trying to say? In other words, you should fill in (like the parentheses above) in your writing with introductory statements, attempting to show your position and the reasons for that position.

Please remember this wise saying:

Knowledge is power, but meaningless and worthless, without communication of that knowledge.

Suppose some doctor in a little country in Africa accidentally stumbles upon the cure for the most menacing disease on earth. He has the knowledge. The question is: How will the knowledge get to the rest of the physicians on the planet? Will the knowledge get to them? Will they accept this knowledge and move forward to prove that it is accurate or false? OR Will they be so enflamed, because some unknown African doctor has claimed something that they could not have discovered because they were too busy, that they will not do anything with the knowledge?

There is a whole lot of good in the people of Beaver Island, but sometimes we are too close to each other to communicate what we really mean to say. Sometimes, we don't take the time to trust our fellow Islanders. Sometimes, the negative emotions are governing our thoughts and actions. I would say that the communication here on the Island is probably lacking in most of the battles that seem to be raging here, right now. Whether the issue is the airport committee, the waste management committee, or the assessment or reappraisal issue, the lack of communication has caused a great upheaval on Beaver Island. Although this does provide a great deal of news for this web site, it may not really be to the benefit of the residents of Beaver Island. So, let's sit down, talk, and share the information—

Communicate for the benefit of the entire Island.

Human Services Commission Seeks Help

The Beaver Island Human Services Commission is seeking individuals interested in forming a steering committee for the purpose of developing a Human Services-Health Fair for the Fall of 2010. Please contact, Pam Grassmick 231-448-2314, 248-489-0784 or e-mail: mcgrass@ameritech.net.

Winter Activities

PABI Ice Classic.......

Wellness Wednesday at Charlevoix Hospital

Charlevoix Area Hospital 's next “Wellness Wednesday” will be from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 3, 2010. The Wellness Wednesday Health Screens include: Cholesterol and Glucose levels, Body Mass Index (BMI) score, Fat Percentage, and a Blood Pressure reading. Cost for the service is $12. Participants will also receive a blood pressure log and pedometer as well as all test results at the time of the screen. A Registered Nurse will adapt health Consultation and educational materials to individual results. Appointments can be made in advance by calling the office of Community Health Education at Charlevoix Area Hospital :

(231) 547-8906 or by email: kjacobsen@cah.org Walk-ins are always welcome.

Communication from Tim Malone on Beaver Island Broadband

It is our understanding that the Beaver Island Broadband Inc (BIBI) application for round 1 is still pending with both the USDA (BIP) and NTIA (BTOP). Although the round 2 window is open the round 1 window has not been closed. Few dollars have yet to be awarded in Michigan Round 1. The BIBI group has done of good job in framing the need. Working with CCC they have created a certfied solution that meets your communities needs and will create needed competition and increased capacity. We remain hopeful that the BIBI application will be awarded, we must continue to wait on the USDA and NTIA.

As with any government program each published change provides additional insight on what the awarding agency considers a high priority. The Round 2 NOFA (Notice of Funds Available) reinforces many aspects of the BIBI round 1 application. Collaberation, anchor institutions, remoteness, community focused and Best practice solution for the applicants service region. These round 1 implied attributes are reinforced and highlighted in the round 2 rules. These were included in the original round 1 BIBI application.

Beaver Island and the leadership team have developed a solid plan for meeting the islands sustainable broadband needs. We are excited about the positive economic impact this project will bring if awarded. CCC and theirpartners look forward to playing a key role in this collaberative delivery. From what we can determine the BIBI leadership team has done all the proper steps to ensure the greatest level of success. If for whatever reason the round 1 application is not accepted by BIP (USDA) and/or BTOP (NTIA) there should be sufficient time to make any identifed changes in the application and resubmit for round 2. If a reapplication effort is required CCC is willing and able to assist BIBI in that effort. It is too early for that detailed discussion and our energies remain focused on round 1 funding.

Additionally, if round 1 is not successful private equity should be a viable discussion.

Do not hesitate to contact our office for information.

ARRA = American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
Round 2 for ARRA Broadband Funding Announced

The Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and USDA's Rural Utilities Service (RUS) announced availability of $4.8 billion in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grants and loans to expand broadband access and adoption in America. This is the second funding round for the agencies' broadband programs. NTIA and RUS also announced the rules for applying in this funding round, which have been modified to make the application process easier for applicants and better target program resources. The rules are presented in two separate but complementary Notices of Funds Availability (NOFAs) that promote each agency's distinct objectives. The agencies plan to accept applications from February 16, 2010, to March 15, 2010, and announce all awards by September 30, 2010.

Cherry Capital Connection, LLC (CCC)
Tim Maylone
General Manager

Peaine Township Meeting January 13, 2010

With the majority of the excitement for the week happening on Monday at the Joint Township meeting, there were only a few interesting items to discuss at this Peaine board meeting. There were corrections made to the December meeting minutes, Pete LoDico was appointed for at two year term to the BIRHC board, Jack reported on the Monday Joint Meeting, Jack Gallagher reported on the Tax Commission issue, Colleen Martin asked questions about the appraisal, who would be paid, and what went wrong before, Kevin White answered a question, and the issue of responsibility for this problem was discussed. The meeting ended with the approval of the bills and the designation of Pete and Sandy LoDico to write up a posting for cleaning of the Peaine Hall.

Video Clips of this meeting:

December meeting minutes discussion 1

December meeting minutes discussion 2

December meeting minutes discussion 3

Pete LoDico appointed to BIRHC board

Report on Joint Meeting and Discussion 1

Report on Joint Meeting and Discussion 2

Report on Joint Meeting and Discussion 3

Report on Joint Meeting and Discussion 4

Report on Joint Meeting and Discussion 5

Reappraisal 1

Reappraisal 2

Jack Explains ReAppraisal Plan

Colleen Questions, Kevin White Answers

Colleen and Jack Discuss assessment problem

Jack Reports on Work on Financial Reports by Colleen and himself

Jack asks about cleaning at the township hall

Joint Township Meeting on January 11, 2010

Peaine Township Board......St. James Township Board.......Airport Committee members......Crowded hall........More audience members

Over 100 video clips of this meeting are HERE (Posted 1/17/10)

The meeting again started and ended on a controversial note. There was disagreement at the beginning about the reason for the meeting. Jack Gallagher had prepared a paper listing several questions that he felt needed to be answered. Don Vyse and other airport committee members (those not on the two township boards) stated that they did not have the information available to answer these questions, and, rather than guess, they were not prepared to answer them. Don, and Mike Scripps agreed, that some of these questions would take research. Jack Gallagher countered with a statement that suggested that anyone involved in the airport expansion project should be able to answer the questions presented. "Not on 10 minutes notice, no," Mike Scripps commented. Don Vyse had believed that the meeting was about the land acquisition, not about answering the topics of these questions. So began another contentious, and over two hour, meeting.

What was the outcome, the bottom line, of the meeting? Both township boards agreed to form a committee made up of two St. James Township Board members, two Peaine Township Board members, and the law firm representing both townships to work out a legal and formal airport authority, OR to hammer out an agreement between the two townships on all aspects of the airport committee. Those members on this committee are Jack Gallagher, Paul Welke, Rick Speck, and Ray Cole. While awaiting the group who will govern the airport, a motion was passed by Peaine, agreeing with the St. James' board's motion, to allow Don Vyse, current airport committee chairperson, to continue the day-to-day operations and decisions regarding the airport.

The above was the entire accomplishment of this over two hour meeting, but before getting to this point, there were many rather heated, emotional comments by many members of the public, as well as the airport committee. Don Vyse took over thirty minutes to enumerate and explain the actions taken by the current airport committee over the last ten years. He explained that all of these actions were voted on by both township boards, which signified their approval. From 2001, where Don began his enumeration, to the current land acquisition issue, Don stated the approval of both boards of all airport committee suggestions to those present.

The most important question was answered. Why is the property acquisition necessary for the Beaver Island Airport? Don Vyse stated that the committee and the townships had basically two choices, the first one nothing that the committee or the board would probably want to do. The Michigan Aeronautics Commission had provided these options to them. Either shorten the existing runway and spend $50,000 to move required equipment at township expense OR obtain the property and make the property conform to the regulation regarding the proper approach requirement for the 4300 foot runway. (The BI project was part of the commission's minutes. You can read them here. ) To make this simple, the reason for the property acquisition was to be able to trim the trees down to make the 4300 foot runway conform to federal and state regulations relating to the approach from the west end of the runway.

Mr. Vyse went on to explain all the actions taken by the airport committee, along with all of the votes by both township boards for the last decade. He stated that the new terminal building was just one part of the five year plan, which was required to be placed in a ten year plan by the Michigan Aeronautics Commission. The issue of the runway was required to be addressed. The other aspects of the plan including the building would cost the local taxpayers just over $25,000 according to Mike Scripps, and the townships would get a million dollars worth of building for this 2.5% local contribution.

Community Players to Present comedy on February 20th

The Beaver Island Community Players will present “A Bad Year for Tomatoes” on Saturday, February 20, 2010, at 8 p.m. at the Beaver Island Community Center. The comedy takes places in a rural community on the East coast and is full of funny, quirky characters that Islanders will love. In the spotlight are: Jan Day, Jeff Powers, Phil Becker, Bob Bass, Joan LaFreniere Banville, Wendy White, and Elaine West. The production is being directed by Jacque LaFreniere, and assistant director is Lisa Gillespie. Tickets are $10 and available at the Community Center.

Citizen of the Year Nominations Are Open

Official 2009 Citizen of the Year
Nomination Form
Two possible awards: Individual and Organization

The award(s) will honor an individual, couple or community organization that has made a significant contribution to making Beaver Island a better place to live, work or visit.

My name is ______________________________________ Phone _______________

Address ________________________________________________________________

I would like to nominate ___________________________________________________

Please write 3 or 4 paragraphs, typed preferred, see criteria above

Mail to: Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 5, Beaver Island, MI 49782 - Chamber@BeaverIsland.org

Deadline is Thursday April 1, 2010

Questions: Chamber@BeaverIsland.org or call Steve West, Mon. – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00, at (231) 448-2505

The Award Banquet will be Saturday, April 24, 2010

Emmalee Antkoviak's Condition

UPDATE: February 9, 2010, from facebook:

880 feet this morning! no stopping or slowing down our girl!

1/24/10 It was reported on facebook that Emmalee was able to walk over 200 feet. We BELIEVE!

Mary Free Bed
Emmalee Antkoviak
Room 338
235 Wealthy SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

You can also send an email to:
patient@maryfreebed.com and put Emmalee Antkoviak in the Subject.

Subscriptions to Expire

There are quite a few subscriptions that will expire or that have already expired in February, 2010. We appreciate your support and ask you to renew your subscription as soon as possible. Emails have been sent out, but quite a few have been returned without delivery, which means that BINN does not have your current email address.

You can subscribe online by using PayPal and a credit card. Please click the link below if you wish to renew online:


BICS Basketball Schedule in 2010









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