March Comes in Like a Lion

The old adage is “Red sun at morning, sailors take warning” which is suppose to mean stormy, very windy weather.  Add to that the one “March comes in like a lion” and you have our Beaver Island sunrise this morning, March 1st, 2007.  The winds are picking up from the east but the blood red sunrise caused Phyllis to make a quick trip into town to get this sunrise before Andrea had to be at school.  I am on the mainland for a meeting for school, so I am updating the website from the motel room.

Peaine Township Road Millage Defeated

With a resounding, emphatic margin, the road millage for Peaine Township was defeated at the election yesterday, Tuesday, February 27, 2007. The vote according to twice removed information was 68 no's to 32 yes's, a two to one margin of defeat.

Community Calendar

I have put up the Community Calendar for the month of March which can be accessed without logging on to this website. If you click on the link on the first page before logging on, you can see the calendar. I have placed all information that was available to me on this calendar. I would like this calendar to be complete with all public events listed. Once I get one month under my belt, I will try to post other months on the sight as well. If you have any informaton that you would like posted for any public get-together on Beaver Island and/or for any organization, please email me at

Saint James Township Minutes of 2/14/07 Meeting

Supervisor Don Vyse called the regular meeting of the St. James Township Board to order at 7:30pm on February 14, 2007.  Also present were Tim McDonough, Jim Wojan, Rick Speck and Jean Palmer.

Motion by McDonough and seconded by Wojan to approve the minutes of the January 3, 2007 meeting as written.  Motion carried.

Motion by Speck and seconded by Vyse to approve the schedule of payments.  Motion carried.


Clerk stated Jim Slough of East Jordon Auto Parts will again this spring accept junk vehicles sent across.  He will send the owner a check for $100 for each vehicle sent.

Vyse stated two representatives with the DNR were on Island recently.  The DNR will be discontinuing the Special Use Permits which has covered the local DNR building.  A separate long term lease agreement will be drawn up.  The representatives were impressed with the overall care of the building, but not impressed with the conditions on the water side. They took many pictures of the harbor area across from the building, the damaged dock, the old barge, the crane, plus other debris. Vyse was also told the land on Garden Island with the recently built shelter by local residents, would not be turned over to the Township because the State does not give away land.  They also addressed the overpopulation of turkeys and stress not to feed them or the ducks or use bird feeders.  A lot of noise will also scare them away.  

Vyse will meet with Skip Duhamel at the Fish Market in the spring to review the conditions in that area, and hope to come up with a cleanup plan.

Vyse stated snowmobiles are again using the bike path, which is posted no motorized vehicles.  He will talk to Kitty McNamara to get the word out at school since it is the young people who are using the path with their snowmobiles.

Vyse and Palmer will meet with two members from the Peaine Township Board and Sarah McCafferty EMS Director to review activities and problems with the EMS .  Meeting will be held on February 15, 2007.

New Business:

Board of Review Appointment:

Motion by Vyse and seconded by Palmer to appoint Garrett Cole to the Board of Review for a term to expire on January 1, 2009.  Motion carried.

Salary Resolution:

Board agreed to raise the salaries the Cost of Living amount of 3.3%.

Motion made by Palmer and seconded by Speck to raise the Supervisor salary from $13,500 to $13,946.  Motion carried.

Motion by Vyse and seconded by McDonough to raise the Treasurer salary from $13,500 to $13,946.  Motion carried.

Motion by Vyse and seconded by Speck to raise the Clerk salary from $14,700 to $15,185.  Motion carried.

Motion by Palmer and seconded by Wojan to raise the Trustee salary from $4,000 to $4,132 each.  Motion carried.

Roll call after each motion passed unanimously.

Road Dedication Withdrawal: 

Vyse reported that he had received a letter from the law firm representing the J.A. Woollam Foundation advising that the Foundation had acquired the Lookout Point Trails Condominium lots.  The Foundation has terminated the condominium Master Deed and is withdrawing any road dedication within the property.  St. James Township has no interest in the property for road purposes and acknowledgement of the notice will be sent to the Attorney Andrew Willis.

Historical Society Millage:

Motion by Palmer and seconded by McDonough to place the Beaver Island Historical Society Millage request for renewal of the .25 mills on the ballot of the May 8, 2007 School Election.  Motion carried.

Bank Accounts:

Motion was made by Vyse and seconded by Palmer to set up separate checking accounts for the Fire Fund, Street & Road Fund and Sewer Bond Fund, changing all three from savings to checking accounts.  Motion carried.


Attorney legal fees service contract rates will not change in 2007.

Sarah Owsinski will be resigning as of March 2, 2007 as Director of the Youth Consortium.

Vyse asked the Board to think about possibly changing the Assessor/Zoning Administrator position now held by Kevin White.  White would be the Assessor only and create a new job for a Zoning Administrator and Ordinance Enforcement Officer. At this time Vyse is the Ordinance Enforcement Officer as a non paying position.  After four years it is time to think about some changes. 

Motion was then made by Vyse to go into closed session at 8:20pm  

At 8:50pm the closed session adjourned and the regular meeting of the St. James Township Board immediately re-convened and then adjourned at 8:51pm.  Motion to adjourn by Vyse and seconded by Wojan.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Palmer, Clerk

St. James Township

Islanders freeze out Polar Bears by Frank Solle

Islander Basketball

The weekend's basketball games weren't nearly as close as the Polar Bears , who had defeated Mackinac Island by 50 points the previous Saturday, flew over without three of their regular starters. Still, the young Polar ‘Cubs' played hard throughout the two games, but proved to be outmatched by the taller, stronger, deeper Islanders team.
Friday's game ended with a 72-38 Islanders win, while Saturday the Islanders roared to a 69-46 decision. The wins improve their league mark to a respectable 10-2, with an overall record of 13-2.

While the Islanders won big on Friday, things didn't look so good from the getgo as Grand Marais jumped out to an 8-0 lead, holding the Islanders scoreless for nearly four minutes until coach Mike Myers called a much-needed time out. “We went out not ready to play,” he said. “They just needed a little kick start.”

And what a kick it was. Following the time out, the Islanders scored the next 14 points, and outscored the Polar Bears 16-3 to close the quarter with a 16-11 lead.

The Islanders then opened the second quarter on another 16-3 run, to take a commanding 32-14 lead with just over two minutes left in the first half. The first half closed with the Islanders up by 20, 37-27.

The third quarter was a bit tighter with the Islanders outscoring the Polar Bears just 16-13, but that put them ahead 53-30 going into the final eight minutes of play.

It was all Islanders over the fourth quarter leading to the big win, just as it was all Islanders off the glass. A 45-23 advantage in rebounds is a telling statistic.

Jared Wojan led the Islanders with 28 points. Cory Sowa added 14, with Bryan Timsak scoring 9, Eric Albin 8, Brenden Martin and David Schwartzfisher 6, and Patrick Cull 1.

Saturday's game was a little closer through the opening quarter, despite the fact it again took the Islanders nearly four minutes to find their first fieldgoal. A quick 10-point run through the middle of the period gave the Islanders a 13-6 lead at the end of the quarter.

A 12-0 run to open the second quarter opened the game and a 25-6 Islanders advantage. Eighth-grader Jake Drost found the hoop for the first time in front of the home crowd late in the period and then capped the first half with a three-pointer from the left wing to give the Islanders a 32-14 lead at the break.

The teams played even through the third quarter as Polar Bear sophomore Brad Bauknecht broke loose for 11 of his team's 15 points in the period. Yet the Islanders were well in control going into the fourth quarter, leading 47-29.

Once again the Islanders inside strength showed itself as all but four of their 22 fourth-quarter points from within a few feet of the basket. The exceptions were a free throw by Wojan to complete a late three-point play, and a crowd-pleasing exclamation point on the home season by Eric Albin as he drained a long three to beat the final buzzer.
Wojan led all scorers with 24 points with Albin adding 12. Sowa scored 7, Cull 6, Drost 5, Martin, Schwartzfisher, and Timsak each had 4, with Dereck McDonough netting 3.

While Saturday's win was a good one for the Islanders , it also marked the final home game for coach Myers. In recognition of his efforts over his four years of coaching varisty plus his many years of working with the younger students in the school there was a short ceremony prior to Friday's game, including a bouquet of flowers from his appreciative players. As he put it, “It's been great to see these kids improve since they were knee high to a grasshopper and now I have to look up to them.”

The Islanders will join the other NLL teams in Manistique for a league tournament the weekend of March 9-10


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