James C. Gillingham Academic Center

In a surprise presentation at the ribbon cutting ceremony down at CMU Biological Station, Ms. JoAnn Hinds, a CMU alumna and current vice-chair of the CMU Development Board, announced that the new building complex here on Beaver Island would be named after James C. Gillingham, the director of the center for the last 22 years.

The event was billed as the Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Event for the Central Michigan University Biological Station on Beaver Island and sponsored by the CMU College of Science and Technology.

The crowd gathers for the event

The welcome and acknowledgements were given by Dr. James C. Gillingham, Director of CMU Bio Center

Dr. Robert E. Kohrman, Dean of the College of Science and Technology gave a Whiskey Point Lighthouse Update.

Everyone was welcomed by Dr. Michael Rao, President of Central Michigan University

Jim Gillingham introduces JoAnn Hinds, telling a story about a childhood business venture making jewelry boxes out of popsicle sticks.

Ms. JoAnn Hinds spoke about the importance of the Academic Center from an Alumna's Perspective

As Jim and Mary Gillingham sat in the audience, the surprise was presented.

Congratulations Jim for the James C. Gillingham Academic Center!!!!

Invitation to the ribbon cutting and picnic lunch was given by Jim Gillingham.

Then came the ribbon cutting ceremony began.

The ceremony was over with the ribbon cutting. Tours and a picnic lunch followed the ceremony.

Ellie Hohn was also awarded a special item for Matt and Ellie Hohn's early years with the Center.