Hidden Valley 2008

Earlier in the winter, there was a desire to get a snowshoe trip into hidden valley, but, being new at this snowshoe business and grossly out-of-shape, the trip was postponed until a little endurance could be built up. When the Hidden Valley sign's picture was posted on this website earlier, there had not been any snowmobile activity through the Hidden Valley trail. On February 23, 2008, the path to Hidden Valley had several snowmobile tracks showing entrance and exit to this location. The snowshoeing adventure still had its merits, and so the adventure began. Entry to the Hidden Valley Trail on this day was by the old Nackerman Farmhouse.

The majestic farm house with the wonderful porch

The path back toward Font Lake running past the house--lots of snowmobile tracks

Font Lake--a rowboat stored upside down by the lake

The Cull house seen from across the lake

A look across Font Lake from the south looking north

An inviting bench on the south shore of Font Lake

The view to the left of this end of the wooded trail, the trail, and a look to the right of the trail as well

The reason it's a valley--hills that beg to be climbed.

Another inviting bench right in the valley called Hidden Valley

a look to the left and the right of the open field in the valley

Snowshoe tracks that sink into the rather deep snow

The fence row that indicates a former farm and homestead

The work begins to climb hills and walk out toward the northwest side toward the lake

Quiet, peaceful, and easy walking on the snowmobile trail with a great view

A reminder of the beauty that lured one here

Several downed trees, protected from the wind, still hold the snow along the side

On top of a hill looking down---carefully, oh so carefully

Made it down without falling down---whew!

Another ridge to either go around or climb--breath-taking view

Climb yet another hill or ridge--getting tired!

There's the road. Made it all the way through!

The sign on the west end of the Hidden Valley Trail

Off with the snowshoes and the walk begins toward Donegal Bay from the south. Trout Island across the ice.....Hmmm.....Nope, too tired...

The last view before being picked up for a ride back to town..

Even with the snowmobile tracks, this adventure was well worth the solitude, the peace, and the quiet. I don't know why others haven't discovered this beautiful place called Beaver Island. In the wintertime, Beaver Island has just as much beauty as it does in the summer even with the colder temperatures.