The pleasantly reverberating bass voice of Kevin White joined with the high, but sensual voice of Miranda Rooy, and the sonorous, tenor voice of Cindy Gillespie Cushman to make a fantastic combination of harmonies on the Irish songs and country songs that they performed. Kevin on guitar with stereo chorus and Patti Cull on bass combined with the Irish drum of Cindy and tambourine by Miranda to make up the instrumental portion of the ensemble with the three voices blending marvelously over the top. Enjoying the music in the crowded pub included many musicians including the band of Boodlers, Joddy Croswhite of Prisoners of Paradise. Community members were pleased with the selections of songs, and the atmosphere of complete relaxation and enjoyment was the tone of the night.

After an amazing Chinese Buffet, concocted by Deborah Harwood, many stayed on to listen to this group of performers. Some of the crowd had been waiting for the music for hours. Friends and neighbors were enjoying friends' and neighbors' company in a relaxed atmosphere. Who could want for more than that?