Happy New Year to Everyone!

New Year's Eve Celebrations on the Island

The public New Year's celebrations on the Island were well attended at both the Beachcomber Bar and Donegal Danny's Pub. Both had live music performed for New Year's Eve. Phyllis was not feeling well—sick with a cold, so I was called into service to make certain that the celebrations got documented for the ‘News on the Net.

I started my reporting by going down to the Beachcomber. Cindy Cushman told me that Randy Osborne was going to perform one set of music. Of course, I wanted to cover everything, but I especially wanted to cover the first set down at the Beachcomber since Randy Osborne, my son Michael Moore, and I played in a country rock and rock and roll band together for many years. I got down to the Beachcomber and began gathering the information. The band for the first set would include Cindy Cushman, vocals; Randy Osborne, vocals and guitar; Jeremy Sowa, lead guitar; Richie Gillespie, drums; and Cory Palmer, bass guitar. Randy had decided on several well-known and popular rock and roll songs to perform including “She Was Just Seventeen” by the Beatles, some Credence Clearwater Revival, and ended with “Free Bird”. I got a couple of pictures before I was called into service to join the band to take Cory's place on the bass for the rest of the set. It was a great time playing music again in this kind of group even though it took a while to “get the cobwebs out.”

The Warm-up Band Cindy Cushman, Richie Gillespie, Jeremy Sowa, Cory Palmer
The Warm-up soloist Randy Osborne
Jeremy and Richie are having a good time.
Joe Moore joins the band.
Jeremy, Cindy, and Joe
Richie on drums
Jean Palmer, Rick Speck, Kathy Speck, Nancy and Roger Sommers are enjoying the warmup band.
Thanks to Kathy Speck for the pictures with Joe in them.


After a break, the main attraction for the night got on the stage, “The Doghouse Boodlers.” This band is made up of John McCafferty, guitar; Jeremy Sowa, lead guitar; Hilary Palmer, vocals; Derrick Burris, vocals; Cory Palmer, bass; and Brandon Maudrie, drums. The song list included mostly country and western music with a few rock and roll tunes and polkas as well. The group performed well together. They sound very good, and it was obvious that they were enjoying playing together. Good job to all of you!

Doghouse Boodlers without John McCafferty Cory Palmer on bass Hilary Palmer singing John McCafferty and Hilary Palmer
Jeremy Sowa and Brandon Maudrie John McCafferty, Hilary Palmer, and Derrick Burris John McCafferty and Derrick Burris Derrick Burris, Brandon Maudrie, and Jeremy Sowa


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