Winter Temps Back

Although snow is in the forecast, at the present time there's very little on the ground. Most of January has been fairly warm, some days making it into the high 30's the result of which is a harbor that isn't frozen, snowmobilers who are chomping at the bit to use their machines, and ice fishermen who haven't had a chance to wet a line. Sunday all that changed when the temperature plummeted and a few flakes of snow had everyone on the edge thinking we were in for a major blizzard. Nope, just cold, cold, COLD wind that whipped around buildings and through any opening it could find. The winds picked up beach sand and colored what few snowdrifts that could be found. What little ice there is along the shoreline is more like crushed cubes and has piled up upon itself and when the wind-driven waves hit it some unique shapes are formed and the icy spray makes them glisten in the sunlight.


Where'd I See That?

If you move about at all on the island, you've driven or walked past this. It's old, it's been there a long time. Do you know where this star "shines"? Check next week to see if you're right.

Community House Progress

Although it seemed as though things had some to a screeching halt obviously something was happening behind the scenes as the expression goes. Hidden behind the cement blocks but attached to the main building is now the mechanical/changing rooms area built in wood. Considering the wind and cold the workers were probably delighted to have that concrete wall blocking the majority of mother natures wrath.


What's Happening

It's exam week at the Beaver Island Community School so kids will be having half days on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

This weekend it's a home game against Paradise so head to the school gym on Friday evening at 6:30 and Saturday morning at 9:00 to cheer on the Islanders.

The Beaver Island Rural Health Center board meeting will be held at the Peaine Township Hall on Saturday afternoon at 2:00.