Summer Scene in Winter

Photo by Frank Solle

The day of January 26th was absolutely beautiful. Not too cold, not too windy, and lots of sunshine. Frank Solle took the photo of "The Big Birch" during his travels. We've all seen it in the summer but not everyone has the opportunity to view it in January. Thanks for sharing, Frank.

Board of Directors Approved Minutes
Saturday November 19, 2005
Peaine Township Hall

PRESENT – Board Members – Anne Glendon (via speaker phone), Dr. Brad Grassmick, Pete LoDico, Barb Murphy, Rick Speck, Don Spencer, Angel LeFevre-Welke, Karen Whitecraft, Connie Wojan;

Staff – Donna Kubic, Managing Director, Sue Solle, FNP


I. Call to Order & Welcome

President Connie Wojan called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM , welcoming all board members and guests in the audience.

II. Review, revisions to agenda

New Business D. Fee Schedule update.

Old Business A. Land transfer to Beaver Island Development Corporation, where it stands.

Old Business B. Memorial for Grace Matela

III. Review, revisions and approval of minutes

Motion to approve minutes of August 20, 2005. (Grassmick/Spencer) approved

IV. Financial & Utilization Reports

•  Financial reports presentations & discussion

Rick Speck reported on the Income Statement in relation to the budget. Net operating income was $8215.04 which was carried forward to the 2005-2006 budget. There is $33,215.97 remaining in the construction account. The reason for the surplus is that Grace and Rick budgeted very conservatively on the income side and overestimated expenses, especially in categories related to facility operations. The expense of $5,800 for road construction was not part of the approved budget, and Rick suggested it come out of the special projects fund. Once the title is transferred to BI Development Corp, it will be sending BIRHC a check for $1,408.66 that is reimbursement for half of the cost of installing underground power to the Traudt property. Motion to accept the financial report (Spencer/Grassmick); approved.

Rick Speck asked for board approval to increase the patient fee schedule because it has not been increased in two years. Fees were compared to BCBS rates to ensure full reimbursement; on average fees would increase 4%, and fees for some procedures would not increase at all. Motion to increase fee schedule as recommended by 4%. (Grasmick/ LeFevre-Welke); approved.

•  Reports on Earned revenue for Services

Donna Kubic reported that the monthly activity report shows collections to date have increased by $4,151.00. Billing through October 2005 has surpassed 2004 by $17,484 with November and December not included.

•  Utilization Reports

Donna Kubic reported that the number of encounters for fiscal 2005 has increased by 467 from 2004. 122 physicals were done at the Health Center this fiscal year.

V. Resource Development Report

A. Endowment Fund/Special Project Fund update

Anne Glendon reported that our $75,000 grant request from the state was denied.

The good news is that the amount of income from the BIRHC Endowment Fund we can utilize next calendar year is $17,000. There was discussion about how the interest from the endowment should be used next year. T he Resource Development Committee will discuss the issue and return in January with a recommendation for Board consideration.

B. Update on Sale of Condo Unit

Rick Speck informed the board that $80,000 was received from the sale of the condo and immediately sent to CCCF. As stipulated in the terms of acquisition, the entire amount will be added to the endowment .

C. Annual Appeal

Anne Glendon thanked Connie Wojan for composing the Annual Appeal letter. Several board members came in early today and helped with the mailing. Connie informed the board that $1,500 was received from the grant to the CCCF instead of the $3,500 requested.

VI. Operations Report

A. Summary of Activities, Statistics

Donna Kubic reported on Angel and student nurse practitioner Marilyn McFarland spending many hours reviewing charts. This process is part of the State Evaluation, which had not been in place previously.

An IV pump was given to the Health Center by Mackinac Island . Two automatic blood pressure machines were donated Larry Hansz and Munson Healthcare – plus blankets and towels that were going to have to be purchased.

The staff is working on a Heart Health Screening to be held at the Health Center on January 28 th . At the screening the following services will be offered and readings taken: height, weight, body composition, blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol (free for the first 50 people), and glucose. There will also be an opportunity to schedule follow up visits.

A representative from the Commission on Aging is coming to speak to the Medicare recipients of the island about the new Medicare D Prescription plan on Thursday, December 15 th .

The exercise program has returned on Monday and Tuesday from 5:30 to 6:30 . Aerobic tapes are available in the reception area and in the community room. The more advanced levels of aerobics are done in the reception area. A TV and DVD/VCR machine were purchased with donated monies from last year's exercisers.

VII. Old Business:

A. Status of Land transfer to BI Development Corporation

Don Spencer indicated the land transfer paper work is almost done. As soon as Kathy Speck finishes checking the descriptions, the deeds can be signed by Connie Wojan and the transfer of 1.78 acres to BI Development Corp. completed. These activities were prompted by the BIDC receiving its probationary status as a 501(c)(3) corporation.

B. Memorial for Grace

Barb Murphy inquired about a special tree to be planted in memory of Grace Matela. Bill Cashman agreed to check into a nursery that sells unusual trees that might be purchased for planting in the spring.

VIII. New Business

•  New Policy Updates

Sue Solle explained the annual chart review process. Next summer another review will be performed. Angel LeFevre-Welke and Marilyn McFarland volunteered to do the chart review. There is now a baseline on which to make improvements in various areas. This review is required to make the Health Center compliant with state and federal requirements. The committee will meet four times a year.

•  Millage expires this year

Connie Wojan reminded the Board that the millage expires this year. Nothing technically needs to be done. The public should be educated . Motion to write a letter to both township boards to request renewal of millage on next ballot, the benefit of 2.0 full mills (Glendon/Spencer); approved.

•  Planning for Future Funding

Don Spencer spoke about applying to HRSA for federal funding. An important part of applying is having a value statement in place. He stated that an organization in Traverse City received $170,000 for the next three years to fund their start up. A Philosophy of Caring statement has been initiated with the staff. A target date of the middle of December has been set for the staff to agree upon their statement. Don Spencer will then asked the Board of Directors to review the current mission statement and either affirm or revise the statement as necessary.

IX. 2006 Meeting Dates –

Meeting dates of January 21, March 18, May 13, July 15, August 6 th , September 16, and November 18 were set for 2006. Motion to accept the board meeting dates for 2006 (Grassmick/ LeFevre-Welke); approved.

X. Public Comment

No public comment, except from Don Vyse, who said, “Keep up the good work.”

XI. Adjournment –

Motion to adjourn at 4:45 p.m. (Murphy/LeFevre-Welke) approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Kubic , Connie Wojan , Anne Glendon

Citizen of the Year Plans Underway

The Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce will hold the 5 th annual Citizen of the Year Banquet on Saturday April 22 at the Shamrock. The Shamrock will offer a complete meal package, hors d' oeuvres, three entrée choices including prime rib, beverage and dessert for only $19.95. The Chamber receives $2.00 for each meal to assist with the award cost. The event starts with cocktails at 6:00, dinner at 7:00 and awards to follow. Seating will be limited to 100, reservations are strongly recommended.

The award(s) for 2005 will honor an individual, couple or community organization that has made a significant contribution to making Beaver Island a better place to live, work or visit. Last year Phil and Lil Gregg were honored with the award. Previous winners include, Connie Wojan, Beaver Island Hospice, Island Emergency Medical Service and Don Vyse.

Each year nominations are solicited from the community. Anyone can submit a nomination; you don't have to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce. A nominating form can be downloaded from , picked up at the office on main street next door to the ferry dock or requested by mail: Beaver Island C of C PO Box 5 Beaver Island, Mi. 49782.

The nine person Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors reviews all the nominations received prior to the deadline and selects the winner(s). This year's deadline is Monday April 3. The winners are kept secret until the awards banquet. The award is a beautiful Beaver Island framed photograph and plaque. For information about the nomination process contact the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce at 231 448-2505 or . For banquet information contact the Shamrock at 231 448-2278.

Where'd I See That??

If you move about at all on the island, you've driven or walked past this. It's old, it's been there a long time. Do you know where this star "shines"? Like all stars, you have to look up. Next time you go past the Beachcombers, check it out.

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