Winter Intersession

This year the Beaver Island Community School is trying a new concept, the intersession. This is a one week break from the normal school schedule when the school provides special events, activities and classes for the students. This week, January 24 to the 28, has lots of activities from sledding at Mt. Pisgah, to mainland ski trips, to driver's training, a snowmobile safari, photography and even outdoor survival. All this along with some grades taking the MEAP tests, regular math and English classes. They didn't have all these choices when I went to school here. If they had, I'd probably still be a student there.

Although the island didn't get the snow that New England received, we're not doing too bad with the white stuff. Ol' Jack Frost has been painting delicate ice feathers on the house windows, bits of crystal snow about blind one when the sun makes an appearance and the skeletal fingers of the trees are scratching the bellies of the clouds.

Today some of the older students made winter survival shelters. Led by Ken Bruland, they dug through snowbanks and used only items available, like the old Christmas tree, to build their cave-like hideaways. The photos don't really give justice to the size of these hidey-holes some of which were large enough for probably three persons.




Winter Serenity

A peaceful scene looking down the very end of the Kings' Highway towards Hannigan's Road.

Beaver Island Rural Health Center

Board of Directors Approved Meeting Minutes

(at the January 22, 2005 meeting)

Saturday, November 6, 2004 2:00 PM

Peaine Township Hall

PRESENT – Board Members – Anne Glendon, Dr. Brad Grassmick, Angel LeFevre-Welke, Barb Murphy, Dr. Paul Nelson, Joe Reed, Rick Speck , Don Spencer, Karen Whitecraft, Connie Wojan ;

Staff – Donna Kubic

Absent: Pete LoDico , Eula Thomas

I. Call to Order & Welcome

President Connie Wojan called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM , welcoming all board members and guests in the audience. Connie Wojan reported Eula Thomas would join the meeting by speaker phone. (Note: Although we could hear Eula for a portion of the call, it was a bad connection and she couldn't hear us; the call was eventually terminated and she was unable to participate in either the discussions or actions taken.)

II. Review, revisions to agenda

Don Spencer asked to add a brief announcement under Operations Report about the Employee Handbook/Manual.

III. Review, revisions and approval of minutes

With correction as follows, page 1, 4-C should read filed again (in place of refilled). Motion to approve minutes of August 14, 2004 with correction. (Spencer/Reed) approved.

IV. Financial & Utilization Reports

•  Financial reports presentations & discussion

Grace Matela reported on the year end statement and 2005 budget. Year- to- date carry over was not included (-$25,859). This would then become a net income loss of $17,112. The $52,981 needed from the building fund would then increase to $78,840. The $25,000 from the Indian grant was removed, which was denied in 2004. Patient revenue estimate was raised from $132,000 to $140,000 based on actual income from FY2004. This fiscal year employee expenses were under budget – because of only working with one Nurse Practitioner . Contract services line item of $14,000 was over because of legal expenses. Motion to accept the financial report (Reed / LeFevre-Welke); approved.

B. Reports on Earned revenue services

Grace Matela reported on $38,000 in accounts receivable with 63% in over 90 days. She explained monies were held back from billing company to tie into year end for auditing purposes.

C. Utilization Reports

Year to date encounters were up by 6% compared to last year. After hour calls were down compared to last year. Permanent residents seen at the clinic were up 6% from last year and seasonal patients down by 4%. Rick Speck commented this was not bad considering summer business was down significantly more than 4% this year. Donna Kubic hoped to see the permanent resident number increase as more residents use the Health Center is their primary care givers.

•  Resource Development Report

•  Capital Campaign update

Joe Reed reported as of today we have pledges of $486,162.57, of which $135,200.00 has been paid. When you add that to what we had ($111.000.00), we are in the neighborhood of $500,000.00 currently in the endowment fund. Since we started we have doubled our cash on hand. This is hard cash or written commitments. An additional $55,000.00 is in the pipeline, with verbal pledges. If we get the additional $55,000.00 by December 31 st, we will have accomplished the match of the $300,000.00 by a contributing Foundation. This would put us in the position of over $700,000.00 in pledges or cash which takes us a good deal down the road, halfway towards our goal. We are then looking for additional challenge grants, which will take us to the $1.5 million amount.

•  Final Report on truck raffle/fund raisers

Anne Glendon reported the results of the fashion tea, the truck raffle, and the dinner at Nina's – all resulted in $38,000 in donations, a very successful year.

A special thank you to Joe Reed and Bill McDonough for all their hard work on the Capitol Campaign.

•  Annual Appeal

Anne Glendon stated that not as many letters as last year would be sent out for the Annual Appeal, as major donors have been tapped out with endowment fund pledges and gifts, thus projecting less than in the past. The amount in the Special Projects Fund is now $57,000.00 – even with major withdrawals over the past two years and prior to sending out the annual appeal letter. Anne noted that in the 1990's, the amount in that fund hovered around $10,000 after annual gifts were counted. Although our expenses have grown significantly, BIRHC's services and organizational stability has dramatically improved. One indicator is the growth of this fund, which functions as an operating reserve. In response to a suggestion from Dr. Grassmick about including corporate donors on the Annual Appeal list, Anne said that we need to be strategic and selective in approaching them. Corporations are giving much less and usually only in locations where they reside or to organizations they have supported in the past. Nationally, corporate contributions are down 11%.

IV. Operations Report

A brochure outlining what services are available at the Health Center has been completed and sent to Island Business and major donors and posted in the lobby of the Health Center . Wanda Roop donated several of her paintings to the Health Center . Dr. Brad Grassmick donated a much needed baby scale and EKG machine. A patient satisfaction survey has been written. The surveys will be placed in the waiting room with a box in the lobby for the surveys to be turned in to the Center with suggestions.

Joe Moore did a tour of the clinic with students for career day. Deb Robert also did a career tour with 1st-4 th graders. A student from the Beaver Island Community School did a job shadowing. The summer survey results have been compiled

A big thank you goes out to Betty for all her hard work putting the two day Karmanos mammogram screening together. 45 women on Beaver Island had mammogram screenings. Several women thanked the health center for continuing this much needed service.

The computer list of things to do has been accomplished.

The Providers are no longer carrying pagers. They now have cell phones. The lobby phones are programmed to speed dial 911 and/or the Provider's cell phone. The phone in the lobby is clearly marked. This eliminates the confusion some people have with using pagers.

Again, we want to thank Larry Hansz , from Munson for finding a digital scale, 3 wall mounted chargers with otoscope and ophthalmoscope, 3 Desk top chargers with otoscope and ophthalmoscope, a Centurion Emergency surgery light being used in the treatment room, and a Welch Allyn's Exam Light.

The Organization Chart has been completed with input from the staff and the staff's Liaison, Don Spencer. The Community Room was used by American Red Cross workers for their organizational meeting. PABI also used the Community Room for a meeting.

Using some of the Fashion Tea monies a Hemoglobin Analyzer was purchased which allows the providers to get a precise hemoglobin analysis in seconds with a single drop of the patients blood (through a finger stick). This will be a very useful tool for the Providers.

A Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program has been initiated. There will be a welcome party for Connie Harris and her husband John at the Shamrock, December 6th, at 7 PM. Eric and Dana will close the Shamrock to the public. Staff and board members are being asked to bring an appetizer.

Don Spencer talked about a draft of Employe Handbook/Manual being completed. Motion was made to send the draft to Mr. Webb Martin for review and then passed out at the next board meeting for review and comment. Motion to forward the draft to Webb Martin. (Grassmick/Reed); approved.

Anne Glendon added that two long-standing objectives have been accomplished that significantly helps the Resource Development Committee: 1) the survey for permanent and seasonal residents has been completed; and, 2) the database of contributors has been brought in house.

VII. Old Business

•  By-laws Revision

Reducing of the maximum number of board members from 13 to 11 was discussed again as stated in Article III, Section 3.02 of the latest draft. Also addressed in this section is the additional language of a director elected to fill a vacancy. A director elected to fill a vacancy pursuant to Section 3.03 of these Bylaws shall be eligible for two additional consecutive terms.

In Article VI, Section, 6.1, last sentence, the most recent draft of the by-laws states, “The executive committee shall consist of all of the officers who are also Directors and at least two (2) other directors.” Since we have four officers (president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer), this language means that the executive committee would have a total of (6) members. If we reduce our maximum number of board members to11, the executive committee would then constitute a quorum and require all informal meetings of the committee be held in open session.

Connie suggested changing the last sentence of section 6.1 to read “The executive Committee shall consist of all the officers who are also Directors.” This would cut membership to 4, which would be less than quorum even if board membership was at the new minimum of 9.

Connie Wojan requested a motion to accept the revised bylaws with the change to Article 6 section 6.1 to read: “The executive committee shall consist of all of the Officers who are also Directors.” Motion was made to accept the bylaws as presented with the above correction. (Reed/LeFevre-Welke) approved; unanimous.

B. Insurance Claim Update

Don Spencer reported on the insurance claim, which was submitted yesterday (Nov. 5, 2004). The claim potentially includes:


•  replacing the carpet,

•  repainting repairs to wall,

•  overhead lights

•  replacing air conditioning unit because of coil freezing

•  the glass door in front of the check in counter which was imbalance because of water

•  a few smaller items.

The claim will likely total $30,000, of that amount $8,000 will be to repair the air conditioning unit that failed, plus another $9,000 if we have to replace carpeting. Insurance made allowance for replacing part of carpeting. The HVAC solution for the moment is to have an automatic reset sensor on the air conditioner, unit which will shut down. The Welter Foundation gave us $40,000 to pave the parking lot. Don Spencer went to the paving company and received a quote of $33, 000. Joe Reed then asked The Welter Foundation if we could take the difference saved in the paving project and spend it on fixing the air conditioning system; they agreed. We can then cover the additional $2,000 to put in an “alarm” .automatic reset sensor on the system.

system, visible for staff to see if something is wrong

VIII. New Business:

Since the next meeting of the Board in January will be our annual meeting and include election of directors, the Secretary informed those present from the two townships that they need to select representatives to the BIRHC for the upcoming calendar year. Joe Reed's one-year special term is expiring, which will bring the total down to 11 members. In addition, the terms of Angel LeFever-Welke and Eula Thomas are also expiring (since they were filling unexpired terms). A notice will be sent to the papers asking the public to submit letters of interest for Board service.

IX. Next Meetings

Discussion about setting 2005 meeting dates resulted in an agreement on the schedule. Financials for each month will be sent out the last day of the month following. Special meeting could also be requested by two board members. All meetings will be the 3 rd Saturday of the month. This schedule will be posted to comply with the Open Meetings Act.


•  January 22, 2005 2PM

•  March 19, 2005 2PM

•  June 18, 2005 2PM

•  August 20, 2005 2PM

•  November 19, 2005 2PM

Motion was made to accept this calendar for the 2005 Board Meetings with location(s) to be announced and to have it posted as the public announcement (Glendon/Grassmick); approved.

Connie Wojan again mentioned the welcoming party for Connie Harris to be held at the Shamrock at 7PM on December 6 th .

Dr Paul Nelson gave a farewell statement – he served 12 years on the Beaver Island Rural Health Center Board. He is the last serving Board member to have voted to hire Anne Glendon as a planning consultant in 1998, and later to elect her to the Board, and Dr. Nelson was very proud to have been part of that. He wanted to remind the representative from the township that this is a dual position and that balancing the responsibilities to each Board can occasionally be a difficult challenge. He has always tried to do his best to honor his responsibilities and provide meaningful support to both the township and BIRHC.

Connie Wojan thanked Dr. Paul Nelson for his 12 years of service.

X . Public Comment

No public discussion.

XII. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 3:30 p.m. (Reed/Glendon); approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Glendon, Secretary
Donna Kubic , Office Manager


It's that time of year again. The time between the big holidays of Christmas and New Years but before the big St. Patrick Day celebration. What is boils down to is a few weeks of "quiet" time on the island. This is that little window of opportunity for doing all those things you said you were going to deal with "during the winter." It's a perfect time for sorting all those photos you took all year and putting them in albums, a chance to do/have some quality family time skiing, snow mobiling, sledding, maybe even a quick trip to the mainland. Main Street on the island doesn't have much action this time of year even at high noon. The only soul I saw out this morning was Kenwabikise's dog meandering down the street. The east coast was hard hit by the blizzard that only dumped a few inches on the island but we did garner the cold temps with a Sunday morning reading here of minus 13. Invigorating weather if you try to see the up side of it.

Thank You From Lil

Lil Gregg would like to thank everyone for the prayers, meals and cards she's received the past couple of weeks. Although still confined to home, she's verbally teaching Phil the in's and out's of doing laundry and other housekeeping tasks. If you know her, you know that Lil sees everything as an optimist and "everything is going to work out for the best". She truly appreciated all the lovely thoughts, calls, cards, meals, and visits, so thank you all so much.

Remembering Warmer Times

While we're snuggling down in our Dr. Denton's and woolies, let's take a quick look back to a few days this past summer when we were complaining about how hot it was and how we were so looking forward to a cooler day.


There, now don't you feel a little warmer?

Don't Forget

Beaver Island Basketball and Volleyball vs Grand Marias at Beaver Island 6:30 p.m. on Friday evening and again at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. Come, watch and cheer the Islanders in action at the school gym.