Thank YOU Jeff Cashman

When you're as bright as Jeff Cashman it must be a terrible strain to have some idiot woman keep calling you hollering HELP at the top of her lungs. Poor Jeff has probably begun to think I'm stalking him as his phone number is now on speed dial and I accost him every time I see him. Trying to learn this new web editing program has about driven me to drink along with the rest of my family as I turn the air blue. Jeff took pity on me finally and arrived at the house to show me how to get this up on the internet. I have totally lived up to my screen name of Dim Witted although I'm beginning to think I should change it to Brain Dead. So I'm nominating Jeff for Computer Saint of the Year. I couldn't have gotten this far without you, kiddo. Thanks!

Winter Scenes

First Patients

The very first patients for the new Rural Health Center where Dr. and EB Lange who stopped in to cut a ribbon on the door to an exam room and get Doc's blood pressure checked.  Considering that folks from the Beacon, NorthernIslander, this web site and Frank Solle were all taking pictures his blood pressure should have been through the roof.

After the ribbon cutting, Sue Solle and Arlene Brennan give the Lange's an informal tour of the new building and I just happened to follow along to grab a few pictures.  While the major moving is taking place today, Friday, all week long small items have been arriving and of course, major things like the x-ray machine are in place and being hooked up as are all the telephones.

Congratulations Heather Cary

Heather Cary, daughter of Greg and Lynn Cary of Beaver Island, graduated from the Chic University of Cosmetology on January 21st at the Celebration Theater in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Heather received the following awards: Customer Service Award - Standish (this award is judged on ability to style hair, cut hair, sell products and teach the customer to do his/her own); third place Model Total Look Award (this is judged on the "total overall look", color, cut, style, make-up, dress. accessories; fourth place Model Style Award (overall look of color, cut and style of hair).  Heather used her sister Danielle as her model.

Since she was a little girl Heather has dreamed of working in this field.  Many friends and family attended her graduation.  She is still undecided as to where she will reside until the State Board testing is completed.

Congratulations Heather from your family and friends.  How lucky you are to have been able to follow your dream.  Well done!

Deserted Street

Here's Main Street on Sunday morning.  Definitely not the busy place that it is in August.  Actually with these bitter cold temperatures we've been having the empty streets aren't surprising.  All beach parties have been cancelled until it warms up to at least 35 degrees.  It's been too cold to venture far trying to get pictures.  Fingers don't want to work right when the wind chill is in the minus double digits.  Hopefully it'll warm up soon.

Forum Comments

Please folks do NOT send comments for me to post on the Forum.  If you wish to respond to someone there you MUST post it yourself.  I've had at least six requests in the past two days.  Requirement is that you must sign your name to any posting on the Forum.  Responding to or starting a new thread is easy, just follow the directions as they appear.  You must scroll to the bottom of the page of submission and click on post to have it appear on the Forum.  Please only click ONE time.  Repeated clicking only duplicates your posting and doesn't benefit the Forum.  Thanks.

Having Problems with Your BIIP Internet Service?

Submitted by Elaine West

During the last couple of months, a number of Great Lakes Internet customers have been experiencing difficulties with the internet system.  Difficulties range from long connection times to being disconnected frequently and the inability to send or receive emails/attachments/photos.  There was also a period of one to three days when biip-address customers could receive no mail.

The service and billing of BIIP and GTLK's accounts is now handled by TransWorld Network.  On February 4, a the conclusion of the St. James Township meeting, two representatives from TransWorld will be on hand to answer questions from customers.  They have also indicated those having difficulties might receive credit on their accounts.  Please try to attend this meeting so TransWorld can talk to island customers.