It's A

Aubree McKenna Merriam would like to announce that she has a new brother, Ashton McKay.  He was born in Annapolis, Maryland on January 16th at 8:29 P.M. He weighed 9 lbs. 8.4 ozs. and was 21 1/2 inches long. Proud parents are Rene and Leonard Merriam. Grandparents: John and Jeanne Gillespie, Merle and Becky Merriam & Penny and Danny Myers.  Great-Grandfather Walter Wojan. 

Strange Winter

This has been one very strange winter. There hasn't been as much snow as usual and the temperatures have been higher than normal. The weatherman proclaimed that this past weekend would be snow and or a mix of snow and freezing rain however ... we ended up with rain, and lots of it. Weather like this sure cuts into snowmobiling or most out-door sports. Not being a snowmobiler, or one who readily enjoys freezing her extremities off, I spent the weekend being run over my my train of thoughts. They certainly weren't deep thoughts either, just ideas of things to do when there's nothing else to do. My kids were experts at thinking up ideas. Next time you're stuck indoors and it's beginning to look as though you should start scrounging up lumber to build that ark there's a few things you can do to kill time before the actual building has to begin: you can braid your dogs' hair; you can give the cat a mohawk; you could count your belly buttton; you could write a short story using alphabet soup; or you could do like I did.. take a nap and hope winter will actually become winter.

Community House Progress

Like the tortoise and hare fable, things are moving along at a steady pace on the Community House project. For protection from the elements it's pretty much boarded up except for a few openings. One surprising thing, for me at least, was how small most of the rooms will be, at least on the first floor. It doesn't look, at the moment, as though the theatre area will hold even half the amount of audience as the present Holy Cross Parish Hall does, maybe they'll look larger when completed. It has to be mighty rough to work with the wind and rain blowing in across the harbor some days but they continue the march on. Soon the second story will become a reality.


Beaver Island Rural Health Center
and Beaver Island EMS Hold Health Fair

The Beaver Island Rural Health Center was a busy place on Saturday, January 28th, as folks arrived to take part in the Heath Fair. The grand total of attendees was 46. Those folks had their blood pressure checked, along with blood sugar, cholesterol, hearing, body mass index, height, weight, and anemia. "It's another great partnership event between BIEMS and BIRHC", according to Joe Moore. Special thanks go to all those BIRHC and EMS personnel who gave up their Saturday and kudos to all those who came to have their health checked.



Soup Cook-Off

Don't forget to have your tank on empty come Wednesday at dinner time for the Catholic Youth Soup Cook-Off at Peaine Township Hall. Last year the soups were fantastic! This year the money raised will go to the Father Fred Foundation. To check out the Foundation please go to

Beaver Island Club of Grand Rapids
Annual Beaver Island Party

Submitted by Paul and Shirley Cole

BICGR has a new website at While it is in its infant stage, we hope to develop it further as time goes on. Thanks to Jim Gallagher for his fine efforts. Included in the website is information about this year's party (40th anniversary celebration!). Everything you need to know is in there! If you hope to stay at the hotel, you'll need to book your room(s) by Feb. 15th. Here's an easy link if you'd like to book your room online:

Just do a copy/paste and it'll take you right to the BI reservation/information section.

We also plan to have a dinner available from 6-8pm for those interested in eating before the party. There will be a chicken dinner buffet in a room adjacent to the hall where the party will be. Pay at the door; we're thinking $10-$12 (which is less than eating at the Spinnaker). We needed to give the hotel a headcount, so we estimated 100 people. Hopefully we'll have that many show; if there's more, we're going to see if the kitchen will accommodate us.

We have loads of improvements this year (i.e. paper tickets instead of chips, with no limit!) ;-) so get your dancing shoes on and come join in the fun!!! See you there!!!