Winter Scenes

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Looking from Gull Harbor over to Garden Island on Friday morning, one could see the steam rising out of the water as small ice floes hurried along in the currents.  There was even a tiny patch of blue colored ice.  At the other end of Gull Harbor, the swans hunkered down on the ice looking like white rocks and looking like they were waiting for the next boat to arrive.

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Getting Ready to Park

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Workers began clearing brush and small trees from the area next to the playground and below the Convent for the new parking area on Friday.  Was a mighty cold job as the wind chill was down in the minus double digits.  It is hoped that this new parking area will eliminate the congestion that occurs every summer as folks gather at the swimming beach.

Humanities Projects

High school teacher Jim Stambaugh really gets his kids involved with their assignments.  The students gave presentations on various topics Friday morning from chariots to embalming to weapons and voodoo.  Each student had to physically make a project, write a paper and give a few minutes talk on their subject.  One student made a video of their topic while another chose medieval foods and prepared a meal accordingly.  An excellent job was done by all.  How come we didn't have fun projects like this when we were in school??  Here's a few photos of some of the projects.

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