B.I. News on the 'Net, January 21-27, 2013

Airport Commission Live Streamed and Productive

The two ladies who visited were Kendra Thompson, architect, and Stephanie Ward from Meade and Hunt and these ladies participated in the meeting beginning at 11 a.m.. They will not be referred to by their names in this article.

Kendra Thompson and Stephanie Ward

There were two meetings today, January 26, 2013, the regular BI Airport Commission meeting, and a meeting with the architect and Meade and Hunt. The meetings today were very productive with decisions made that provided both visitors with the information that is needed to move forward, and stay on a good timeline toward completion of the airport terminal project.

Video of the Airport Commission Regular Meeting HERE

The first item that was passed as a motion was the determination of the location and shape of the parking areas. This was needed to be determined to allow bids for tree removal to get moving. The tree removal must be completed, at least the trees must be down on the ground, prior to the April 1st deadline to protect the nesting locations of migratory birds. "We don't want these birds to build a nest in the trees and then cut down the trees." The adopted parking plan with tree removal was to included a more square parking area with fewer drive areas instead of a very long rectangular parking area that would cause an almost 400 feet walk for the person parking in the furthest parking spot. The difference would cause approximately two acres of trees to be felled instead of 1.5 acres of trees. It was felt that this extra half acres of tree removal would be well worth it to make fewer plowing areas and shorter walking distances.

The second item that passed as a motion was the approval of the floor plan and elevations as presented and dated January 26, 2013. This presentation was the fourth decrease in square footage of the planned terminal since the 2008 plan was made. The board, as a whole, did not want to see any more cuts in the size of the building and accepted the multi-use concept of these drawings.

The third item determined by motion was the use of geothermal for heating and cooling. The payback time for the increased cost of geothermal when compared to conventional propane or electricity is approximately four or five years. The Meade and Hunt representative suggested that it might be possible for the geothermal work outside of the "four walls of the building" to actually be qualified as part of the federal grant for site preparation instead of the state grant for the building.

The first meeting began a little after nine a.m. This meeting was missing Mike Scripps because he was flying from off the island. Elaine West chaired this portion of the meeting. Included in this meeting were the listing of the questions that the BIAC wanted to ask of the architect and of Meade and Hunt. This meeting was suspended and went into recess for approximately fifteen minutes after the business was completed with the exception of the budget. Mike Scripps arrived at approximately ten a.m. and the meeting was resumed to work on the budget. This budget was completed and agreed upon by 10:45 a.m. and the first meeting was adjourned.

The second meeting included presentations by the architect and by Meade and Hunt and began at 11 a.m., the time posted. This meeting continued for approximately two hours with decisions being made as mentioned above. Lots of progress was made in the planning of the terminal building construction plans and the site preparation work as mentioned above.

The Airport Committee.......the audience early on

The work session with tables pulled together

Video of the Planning Session including decisions

Here is the plan.

The site plan presented by Meade and Hunt

The floor plan presented by the architect after four reductions in size

Conceptual plans for the four views of the building

Possible costs for parts of the plan

Beaver Island News on the 'Net Live Streamed the entire time from the beginning of the first meeting until the end of the second meeting. Video recordings of these meetings were also made and are available at links above.

Schematic Drawings from the Architect

(Click on each pictures below to see the full size schematic)

Floor Plan


Airfield View and Entry View

Winter Storms on the Island

Dropping about a total of 12 inches of snow with drifts up to the waist seems to be the rule here on the island with this last winter storm. Plenty of snow for all the winter sports as of January 27, 2013. There are piles of snow pushed up by loaders, so the kids can sled down the hills. Here are a few pictures of the last few days of the snow on the island.

There is a county truck in both of these pictures. The one from the front is easier to see than the one from following the truck.

The Kings Highway from south to north

All three of these pictures were taken from the corner of Carlisle Road and the Kings Highway.

Beauty comes along with the white snow. The temperatures ranging in the last few days from below zero to 28. The snow came down in the cold as well as the warmer temperatures. Enjoy the winter!

Jane Schmidt in Hospice at Home

Jane Schmidt is in home hospice in their apartment. Gus, her husband, stated that they are making funeral arrangements as she is at the point where she can't speak. Gus fell in November and is recovering from a fractured hip but is recovering well. Here is a mailing address for those that might want to send a card:

Gus & Jane Schmidt, 210 W. Garfield, #317, Charlevoix, MI 49720

From Stoney Acres

Chinese New Year Buffet ... Year of the Snake
Buffet only-No menu ALL YOU CAN EAT!
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Saturday, Feb. 2nd 5-9pm
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Homemade(except the egg rolls) & Very Much YUM!
Please Join us at Stoney! LIVE MUSIC at 9pm

Peaine Supervisor Announces Change in Office Hours

New office hours for the Peaine Township Supervisor BILL KOHLS

Effective February 28th 2013
Thursday's from 10am - 2pm
Peaine Township Hall
Office Phone: 448-2389
Email address: peainetownship@gmail.com

This is definitely plenty of lead time for those that might want to stop in and talk about some specific issue or issues in general.

From Michigan Outdoor News

Weekly Fishing Tip: What you need to know to catch walleyes this winter

Many anglers love to target walleyes during open water fishing, but they're leery to target them once ice arrives. But fishing for walleyes in the winter can be just as fun, if you follow some of the tips below!

Where to fish
When ice is new plant yourself on top of shallow shelves that have sharp drop-off points. Then, as the ice thickens, head to deeper water but still stick close to those drop-off locations. You might also want to find places with structure that appeal to schools of bait fish.

When to fish
Since walleyes are fairly photosensitive, the best time to target them is during periods of low-light. That means cloudy days will probably be perfect for an all-day trip, or sunrise and sunset work great as well.

How to fish
Consider jigging for this species very close to the bottom with a good lure or a nice minnow or two.

Want even more information on fishing for walleyes? Check out their page on the Michigan Fish and How to Catch Them website .

Mute Swans Off Whiskey Point

At McDonough's Market, the question was asked, "Do you have a camera with you?" The answer to that question is below. The information about several mute swans in a very small area of open water came from the ladies working at the store.

A few mute swans in open water surrounded by ice

A panoramic picture of this bevy of mute swans with a few ducks as well

By four o'clock in the afternoon the swans and ducks were gone and the ice had covered the area, or it looked like the ice had covered over the open water. No trip out on the ice was taken.

Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Nominations

Citizen of the Years Award nominations are now open for the 2012 award.

Every one is invited to send in a Citizen of the Year award nomination. You can pick up a nomination form at the Chamber of Commerce office on Main Street , download one from the home page of www.BeaverIsland.org or call the Chamber of Commerce and request a form by mail.

The award(s) will honor an individual, couple or community organization that has made a significant contribution to making Beaver Island a better place to live, work or visit.

The Award Banquet will be Saturday, April 27, 2013, at the Beaver Island Lodge.


Ed Lovely Passed Away

Edward (Ed) Loveley 70, of Grosse Pointe Farms, passed away suddenly on January 18, 2013. Ed was born in Dowagiac, Michigan, the son of Joseph D . and Mary Rose Loveley . He graduated from the Center for Creative Studies and Wayne State University and was employed by the automotive industry as a graphic artist until his retirement in 2002. Ed continued to enjoy his artistic achievements in his paintings, pottery and his activities at Pewabic Pottery. He also spent much time caring for the elderly and keeping busy with his yard work and landscaping. Ed enjoyed activities at the Scarab Club, as well as his time at his beloved Beaver Island. He was a very devoted husband to Sue, father to Monica, Melissa and Matthew and brother to Mary. Ed was always a caring and helpful man who added humor and cheer to whatever life presented. A memorial service and mass will be celebrated, Thursday, January 24, 2013, at St. Paul on the Lake Catholic Church, Grosse Pointe Farms at 12;00 noon. Memorial contributions may be made to Pewabic Pottery at www.pewabic.org .

Frigid Temperatures and Lake Effect Snow Beginnings

These interesting and somewhat unusual pictures suggest that it might be difficult to spend as much as one minute outside in the bitter cold below zero windchills at Whiskey Point. The first picture is taken from the playground and prompted the trip to Whiskey Point.

The rest of these pictures were taken either from Whiskey Point or on the way to Whiskey Point. The first pictures are of the beginning of the lake effect snow phenomena. (The following is from weatherquestions.com)

The moisture being drawn up into the sky by the temperature difference of the lake and the air. Lake effect snow is caused when a very cold winter air mass flows over the relatively warmer waters of a large lake. Intense evaporation from the lake surface under these conditions forms convective clouds that cannot contain all of this water, and some of it falls back to the surface as snow.

Lake effect snow showers often organize themselves into bands or lines only a few miles across, with abrupt edges to the falling snow. The organization into lines is the result of wind shear (a change in wind speed or wind direction with height). If there is no wind shear, then the snow showers organize into individual snow shower clouds.

The moisture from the warmer lake going up into the convective clouds.

A closer view of the evaporation

Can you tell why this is called an ice buoy?

The sky looked especially different today with the cold and the wind. The sun began to poke its way through the clouds creating an interesting effect.

Sun's rays coming through the clouds....That is the sun behind the clouds

BI Community Center and COA

30 Day Public Comment Period of the

Draft Peaine Township Recreation Plan


The Draft Plan Is Available on the Peaine Township Website using the following link:


It is also available on the Natural Resources/Ecotourism Steering Committee Website at:


These results of the survey for the recreation plan can be viewed on this website. (See below)

Hardcopies of the plan are available at: Office of the Supervisor, Peaine Township; Beaver Island Dikstrict Library; Beaver Island Community Center; and Beaver Island Zoning Administrator's Office (St. James Government Building)

The plan will be presented for additional public input by the Peaine Planning Commission and the Peaine Township Board at public meetings to be held by each of these entities. Notice of these meeting dates will be published.

The Draft Plan consists of an inventory of Recreation Resources, a Summary of the Peaine Recreation Survey Results, and Recommended Goals, Objectives, and Action Items.

Comments may be emailed to the Planning Commission Secretary, Krys Lyle: krys@kryslyle.com

Written comments may be mailed to: Peaine Township Planning Commission, Attn: Krys Lyle, Secretary, 36825 Kings Hwy, Beaver Island, MI 49782

AccuWeather's Predictions

22 January 201 3 -- Accu Weather reports cold weather will stick around through the weekend from the Upper Midwest to the mid-Atlantic and New England. The bitterly cold air will slosh out by the end of the week and will not dip into the Deep South. Moderate cold (lower-than-average temperatures) will remain in place into Sunday in most areas farther north. According to Expert Senior Meteorologist Henry Margusity, "The coldest air mass in North America was sitting just north of the Great Lakes over central and northern Ontario and western and central Quebec Tuesday morning."

Temperatures reached the 40-below-zero mark in these areas and dipped below zero from northern New England to much of Michigan and areas near and north of Chicago. "The air just north of the Great Lakes is colder than that over the North Pole," Margusity said. The arctic outbreak is the end result of the stratospheric warming discussed a couple of weeks ago on AccuWeather.com. The cold pattern delivered by this stratospheric event generally lasts a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

Temperatures have already or will approach levels not reached in the past two to four years in a number of locations by the middle of the week from the Upper Midwest into the Northeast. In some cases, these levels are represented by daytime highs, and in others they are represented by overnight lows.

It's Not Storm-Free Cold
The southward plunge in steering-level winds high in the atmosphere, known as the jet stream, is guiding a series of storms from western Canada and across the northeastern third of the nation. These storms, known as Alberta Clippers, can bring anything from spotty flurries to a heavy snowfall. A weak Alberta Clipper may bring spotty flurries to perhaps a coating of snow across part of southern Ohio to northern Virginia, Maryland, part of the Delmarva Peninsula, southern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey late Wednesday night into Thursday morning. A stronger clipper that may merge with a more southern storm has the potential to bring a swath of moderate to heavy snow from portions of the Ohio Valley to part of the mid-Atlantic coast Friday and possibly part of New England Friday night into Saturday. This storm is trending colder and farther south with its all-snow area.

Next Week and Beyond
The cold is forecast to relax next week. However, the extent of this relaxation is questionable. The latest indications are that a storm riding the crest of the warmth during the middle of the week may track farther east, rather than north. If this happens, lingering cold air near the surface could set up a large zone of a wintry mix or ice in the Midwest and Northeast.

Regardless of that major storm track next week, AccuWeather.com's Long Range Team of meteorologists expects arctic air to return in the wake of the storm during early February. The cold air could have more staying power and as much punch as this week's event.

Illegal Drugs in Charlevoix County

Sheriff W.D. (Don) Schneider reports the Charlevoix Sheriff's JOLT (Joint Operational Law Enforcement Team) drug team conducted a search warrant on a meth lab in Wilson Township on 01/21/2013. During the search warrant, all the components were found and active. Warrants are being sought for individuals involved. Michigan State Police meth lab response team and the Boyne City Police Department assisted at the scene. Meth amphetamines are an extremely dangerous, explosive and highly addictive substance.

Sheriff Schneider also reports another search warrant conducted in Charlevoix Township on January 3rd and 4th, 2013, on a residence resulting in five arrests for delivery of heroin. Over fifteen grams of heroin and cash were seized. The Charlevoix Sheriff's JOLT team (officers from Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office and Charlevoix City Police Department) conducted the investigation.

NRESC Produces Timeline

NRESC Planning Process – Adopted January 21, 2013

The NRESC intends to produce a full draft set of recommendations for natural resource management that will be submitted to the Township Boards and shared with the community/stakeholders for feedback by May 1, 2013. Once a draft is completed, the NRESC intends to hold a 45-day feedback process, after which it will revise the draft and submit final recommendations to the township boards.

Process/Timeline for Producing Recommendations


Time Line

Adopt deadline and revise process for completing draft recommendations

Completed - January 21, 2013

Establish subcommittees to develop recommended Strategies for three Goal areas.

Co-chairs are:

Resource Management : Grassmick, Mastenbrook, Parsons

Economic Growth: Powers, Plastrik

Informed Public : Cashman, Tilly

(Plastrik will serve as liaison between the subcommittees, to ensure minimal duplication of effort, and coordination of recommendations)

Completed – January 21, 2013

Subcommittee co-chairs review input to date, gather additional input, and develop recommended Strategies for review by full NRESC

January 22-February 22

Working session of NRESC to review/revise draft recommendations from subcommittees

February 23 (public session)

Subcommittees revise/redraft recommendations based on feedback

February 24-March 8

Working session of NRESC to review/revise draft recommendations from subcommittees, and to assemble overall “unified” draft of recommendations

March 9 (public session)

Plastrik leads process of drafting unified recommendations for NRESC consideration

March 10-March 29

Working session of NRESC to review/revise unified recommendations draft

March 30 (public session)

Completion of draft recommendations (additional input, as needed)

March 31-April 30

Submission of draft recommendations to the community, stakeholders, and township boards for feedback

May 1

Feedback processes

May 1-June 15

Working session of NRESC to review/revise draft based on feedback from various sources

June 22 (public session)

NRESC submits final recommendations to township boards

July 1

(BINN Editor's comments: It appears as if the NRESC has listened to those that want to move this process forward. Those that were concerned about the length of time this process was taking, should consider that this new plan provides a deadline for completion, and a timeline is something that Part-Whole, concrete and sequential people can understand and usually get behind. BINN editor Joe Moore suggests that those that were frustrated by the perceived slow process might reconsider and be willing to join in the subcommittees to help complete the area of their concerns.)

Be Really Careful Out There

The temperature is really, really, really cold! Those that have to be out in this below zero wind chill need to be careful. Try to have most, if not all of you skin covered up by outdoor clothing such as coat, hat, gloves, scarf. You should also have layers of clothing on to help trap the heat in and keep the wind from penetrating and getting right down to the skin.

While the below zero temperature and close to 20 below zero windchill is enough to keep some inside, there are those that work and play outside during these cold temperatures. How cold is it? The extension cords going to the two cars in the driveway have frozen in the ice. Pouring salt to melt the ice above the extension cords is not doing any good. It's so cold that the salt will not melt the ice. These extension cords are in semi-permanently and will stay there until it warms up enough for the salt to work.

Besides the bitter cold out there, the ice is really dangerous on the roadways, walkways, and parking lots on the island. Be especially careful in all the walking that you do outside. For seniors in particular, a fall in this cold weather could end up being the most serious injury of your lifetime! There are a lot of your family that are counting on you being safe!



Peaine Township Meeting, January 9, 2013

The meeting was live streamed on the Internet.

The Peaine Board scheduled a proposed Joint Township Meeting to take place at 2 p.m. on January 14, 2013, at the Peaine Township Hall to consider the resolution for the Airport Commission. This meeting was schedule to occur after the Airport Commission meeting that is scheduled a 11 a.m. at the Peaine hall. Board of Review appointments were made, and posting for other committees were approved. The Verizon tower swap plan was not included in the documents received by the supervisor, so the supervisor had those included in the plan and the lease renewal. An update was made on the county road commission proposed garage and repairs to the old Peaine hall were discussed.

John Kurtz presented a bike trail improvement plan and requested the two townships to put together a joint Trails Committee for him to work with. He also requested permission to post the trails with markers and that the township approve of the advertisement of the availability of the trails.

Select video clips are available here.

St. James Township Meeting, January 2, 2013

The St. James Township Board Meeting on January 2, 2013, began in a forty degree room with everyone still wearing his or her coat. The chilly room was caused by the fuel oil boiler being broken down. The boiler will be repaired as soon as January 3, 2012. The electric heaters being used to keep the temperature above freezing had blown the circuit breaker for the lights, so entry into the building was delayed as the circuit breaker for the lights was found to get some lights going. At the very end of the meeting it was decided to get the furnace repaired and to pay up to $1000 for that work completion.

During the rest of the meeting, which can be viewed in its entirety here, included appointments and postings for letter of interest, as well as discussion of property for the proposed Charelvoix County Beaver Island Road Commission Garage.

View the video HERE

Bird Festival Feasibility Study and Comments

Airport Commission Announces Funding for New Terminal Building

The chair of the Beaver Island Airport Commission announced today, October 29, 2012, that Mead and Hunt had told him that the BIAC was to received a grant to fund the building of the new terminal building at the Township Airport.

Video of the announcement and comments can be viewed HERE

Invasive Species Summit

Video of the summit can be viewed HERE

Beaver Island Veteran's Memorial

View the Tribute to Veterans Video

Freedom of Information Act and Open Meeting Act Presentation

The scheduled presentation covering the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Open Meeting Act (OMA) took place at Peaine Township Hall, yesterday, May 23, 2012. The presentation was scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. and end at 4 p.m., but the questions extended past 4:20 p.m. This presentation was given by Robin Luce Herrmann. Ms. Herrmann is a lawyer who represents the press in FOIA and OMA court actions. She had previously represented the Petoskey News Review (PNR) in a court case after the PNR was denied a FOIA request from the Charelvoix County Prosecutor. The PNR won this court action. The Charlevoix County Prosecutor had been asked to come give this presentation, but no mutually acceptable date had been determined.

Robin Luce Herrmann provided a large amount of information about many aspects of both of these acts and answered several questions related to these specific pieces of law including court decisions and Attorney Generals opinions.

Video of the Presentations Can Be Viewed HERE

WMC Links

Meeting Dates

New Prices for Transfer Station

NRESC Has Its Own Website

Beaver Island Airport Commission Meetings Schedule for 2012

Beaver Island Community Center


At the Heart of a Good Community

Check www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org or the Community Center for listings

Recycling Info

Visit the Charlevoix Recycling Website for more information

Link to the Beaver Island Airport 10-year Plan

B. I. Community School Board Meetings Schedule

View Meetings Schedule HERE

Human Services Commission Resource Manual

Complete Guide to Charlevoix County Human Services HERE

On the Beach of Beaver Island

You will need Quicktime or another music player to enjoy this link.

The music played in the Holy Cross Hall in the late 70's and early 80's, recorded for posterity and shared here.

Beaver Island Food Pantry and Gregg Fellowship Hall Donations Accepted

Click Here to donate

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Airport Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Steering Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Transportation Authority Minutes

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes

Waste Management Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Airport Commission Minutes New for 2011!

Meet Gaye Paget and Farewell to Christy VanLooy

With the nasty weather outside and ice covering the roads and a litle dusting of snow on top of the ice, there were lots of Island people at the Gregg Fellowship Center to meet Gaye Paget, the new Physicians's Assistant hired by the Beaver Island Rural Health Center. In addition to meeting the new healthcare provider, many were there to thank Christy VanLooy for her service to Beaver Island, being the only provider to serve in two nonconsecutive periods at provider first with the Beaver Island Medical Center in the old building and second with the Beaver Island Rural Health Center in the new building.The program of speakers would follow a little over an hour of socializing and snacks, sandwiches, salad, and punch or coffee.

Some started snacking and others decided to socialize first

Lil and Gerald getting snacks....Bob and Peg talking to Deb....Judi and Jean having a good time

Someone noted that many couples were not seen much in public together since the Holy Cross Hall parties

Mary Cook taking pictures, Phyllis and Sandy talking, Donna Kubic and Connie Wojan chatting

Gerald and Don Spencer chat.....Michelle and Lois deep in converstaion....Gordy, Chris, and Kevin snacking

The Kruses snacking....Don talking with Ed..........Betty listening during a conversation

Frank and Sue......Ken and Betty talking to Chris.....Wendy and Jeff

Mr. and Mrs. Merriman and Latimer....Sue talking to Beth and Joddy......Sheri and Heidi......

The Richards family

Then it was time for the program to begin, it being a little after 1 p.m.. The program began with Phyllis Moore whistling to gain attention, and then Connie Wojan welcomed Gaye Paget and began the program of farewell for Christy VanLooy. Those who attended learned of Chris's history of fifty-three years as a healthcare provider, first as an LPN, then EMT, then RN, then paramedic, and finally Physician's Assistant (PA). Chris had served previously with Sue Meis, then left to go to Georgia. Chris replaced Connie Harris after helping the island by providing Sue Solle some time off.

Bob Hoogendoorn then got up and spoke about first meeting Christy and her mom and thanking her for her service to the island.

Next, Jeff Powers spoke about how Christy had helped his son Forest in his decision to go into medicine. He also thanked her for the many times he would call and ask for some equipment that he did not have, and stated that Chris would always be willing to help him out.

Joe Moore spoke on the relationship between the medical center and EMS during both of Chris's tenures at the health center. Joe also read off the top ten emails and/or facebook posts compiled and printed and placed in a frame for Chris.

(Thanks to Frank Solle for these pictures.)

Here is the text of Joe's speech:

I wanted to say a few words about Chris today to tell her how much we all appreciate her. I've been fortunate to be involved in healthcare and Prehospital care throughout both of Chris's tenures at the Beaver Island Medical Center and at the Beaver Island Rural Health Center. These periods of time were so different with the medical center in the old building and the rural health center in the new building, to cite just one obvious difference.

When Chris was here the first time, before leaving Michigan to go to Georgia, she had a paramedic license, an RN license, and was a PA, quite an accomplishment, The first time I had a chance to work with Chris at the medical center, but I was a lot skinnier then. You had to be to work in those small rooms. I've had the distinct honor to work with Chris during emergency situations, and you could always tell that she was thinking how to help take some of the pressure off the EMS crew. Chris, we thank you for that.

The second time Chris moved to the Island, she had let her Michigan paramedic license lapse. Perhaps, she thought she was beyond the age of functioning in the field. But let me tell you, I've worked serious emergencies with her since her return, and: “Once a paramedic, always a paramedic.” The cool and calm exterior and the ability to step in to help in any way needed have been appreciated.

To say that I will miss Chris sounds like just a buinch of words, but, in emergency situations, Chris has been the best paramedic partner that anyone has ever had. "Once a paramedic, always a paramedic."

Joddy Croswhite spoke about how many times he has been with Chris during serious health situations.

Marriane Weaver spoke about her friendship with Christy and read a poem by the Mooney girls.

There were plenty of posed pictures as well as those special hugs provided to Christy VanLooy.

And now for the posed pictures:

Chris poses by the banner....Chris and Ed pose by the banner........Gaye poses next to her banner

Pam and Garrett pose with Christy.....Christy poses for another picture......Christy and Gerald pose for one

Deb Bousquet, Chris VanLooy, and Joe Moore pose for a picture.

You can view a portion of the video for this program HERE

Wake Up to Ice and Cold

All of us were okay with the melting snow yesterday, but some were not quite so happy about the rain. This warming and then freezing cold change has caused several issues, such as this one.

Every night during the winter, the on-call paramedic wakes up to an interesting situation. Will the emergency response vehicle (ERV) be warm enough to keep the medications and IV solutions from freezing? This morning was one of those mornings. After yesterdays wonderful warm spell of about twelve hours and then the rain, the extension cord from the house to the ERV was frozen into the slush, not just partway but completely under the frozen slush.

The first walk outside this morning had determined that neither the charge light on the Chevy Volt, nor the light showing the cardiac monitor charger were lit. This means at some point before the temperature change, the circuit breaker in the house had tripped due to the moisture. Not seeing the lights meant resetting the circuit breaker, and then going out to the ERV to warm it up. "Slip-sliding away," some lyrics from an old rock and roll song, is the best description of the walk to the ERV some twenty feet from the front door. Ice skating rink ice is easier to walk on than the ice in the driveway. The light dusting of snow on top of the ice made it just that much more hazardous. The best description of the walk from the house to the ERV is "like walking on a liberally greased gymnasium floor."

The icy driveway made the gluteus muscles very sore as the feet went one way and the head the other. Luckily, there was a fairly large amount of padding on top of the gluteals, and the pain from the fall was tolerable.

The moral to this story is very important, especially for those that are seniors:



The Beaver Island Rural Health Center is seeking applicants interested in serving on its board of directors. Board positions will be filled at its next meeting on Saturday, March 23, 2013.

Board terms are for three years and directors are not compensated. The BIRHC board meets every third month on the fourth Saturday. Directors are expected to attend most of the meetings, either in person or by speakerphone.

Candidates should be team players who will champion the cause of the Health Center and be willing to contribute their time and talents to board activities, including fundraising. Full or part-time residents are encouraged to apply by letter to the BIRHC Selection Committee, P.O. Box 146, Beaver Island, MI 49782.

For more information, applicants may contact Donna Kubic, Managing Director. Candidates should send or drop off a letter which states their interest and tells a little about themselves by the deadline of February 22, 2013.



Airport Commission

The BIAC has scheduled the next meeting for January 14, 2013, at 11 a.m. at the Peaine Township Hall.

St. James Supervisor Bill Haggard Announces Office Hours

Bill Haggard will continue to maintain the same office hours as the previous supervisor.

  1. St. James Government Building Wednesday's from 10:00AM to 2:00 PM

  2. Office telephone 448-2014

  3. Email address billhaggard.beaverisland@ gmail.com


Gregg Fellowship Center. Doors open at 6:15 pm and games start at 7:00 sharp!

Beaver Island Human Services Commission 2013 Meeting Schedule

At 2 p.m. at the Beaver Island Community School

The Commission is a collaboration of organizations that advocates for the emotional and physical needs of island residents and visitors of all ages.

January 17, 2013

February 21, 2013

March 21, 2013

April 18, 2013

May 16, 2013

June 20, 2013

September 19, 2013

October 17, 2013

November 21, 2013

Members: _______(Char-Em Human Service Coordinating Body), Adam Richards (BIRHC), Alice Belfy(BICS), Judi Meister (Food Pantry), Ann Partridge(COA liaison/Community Center), Lois Williams (Hospice/Helping Hands), Kathy Tidmore(St. James Township Rep.), Pam Grassmick (Peaine Township Rep.), ______ (AmVets)

BIRHC Annual Meeting Scheduled

The Annual Meeting of the Beaver Island Rural Health Center Board of Directors will be held on Saturday, January 19, 2013, at 10:00 AM in the health center community room.


Christian Church Ministers


3: Pastor Don Sinclair, Central Lake MI

10: Pastor Howard Davis

17: Pastor Harold Kruse

24: Pastor Harold Kruse


3: Pastor Don Sinclair

10: Pastor Howard Davis

17: Pastor Howard Davis

24: Pastor Harold Kruse

31: Pastor Harold Kruse

BIRHC Board Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Beaver Island Rural Health Center Board of Directors will be held on Saturday, January 19, 2013, at 10:00 AM in the health center community room.

NRESC Reschedules December Meeting

The NRESC Executive Committee has agreed to schedule the next natural resources planning meeting for January 12, 2013, at 10 a.m. at Peaine Township Hall. John Beck & Julie Brockman will facilitate. Agenda is same as for the cancelled 12/15 meeting

From Holy Cross Parish Council

Effective May 23, 2012

Summer Mass Schedule for Holy Cross Church

Sunday: 10:00am

Saturday: 5:30pm

Monday and Tuesday and Saturday Mass: 9:00am

Friday Mass: 12:00pm: with Holy Hour Following

Other Liturgies

Rosary before weekday Masses and on Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00am

Confession is heard Saturday from 3:00 to 3:30pm

Beaver Island Human Services Commission Announces

2012 Meeting Schedule

At 2 p.m. at the Beaver Island Community School

The Commission is a collaboration of organizations that advocates for the emotional and physical needs of island residents and visitors of all ages.

January 17, 2013

February 21, 2013

March 21, 2013

April 18, 2013

May 16, 2013

June 20, 2013

September 19, 2013

October 17, 2013

November 21, 2013

Members: _______(Char-Em Human Service Coordinating Body), Adam Richards (BIRHC), Alice Belfy(BICS), Judi Meister (Food Pantry), Ann Partridge(COA liaison/Community Center), Lois Williams (Hospice/Helping Hands), Kathy Tidmore(St. James Township Rep.), Pam Grassmick (Peaine Township Rep.), ______ (AmVets)

NRESC Meeting Schedule

Saturday, October 27, from 10 am – 1 pm

Those below are at Peaine Hall 7 pm

January 21, 2013

March 18, 2013

May 20, 2013

July 15, 2013

September 16, 2013

Message to All B.I. Organizations

BINN is willing to post any and all events on the News on the 'Net website! There is one exception to this rule.

BI News on the 'Net cannot post your event if you don't send the information to BINN!

Subscriptions Expire

You can subscribe online by using PayPal and a credit card. Please click the link below if you wish to renew online:





The Beaver Island Rural Health Center Board of Directors has set its meeting schedule for 2013. The board will now meeting quarterly instead of every other month. Meetings are held at 10 a.m. in the community room of the BIRHC. Meetings will be held on the following Saturdays: March 23, June 22, September 28. The annual meeting will be held on Saturday, December 14.

Winter Returns With a Vengeance

The January thaw that took place did not prepare us for the north pole chill that ascended upon us after the thaw. With windchills below zero and snow, snow, and more snow, today, January 18, 2013, kept us remembering the previous Beaver Island winters when there was plenty of snow. How much snow did the island get? The north end of the island go about this amount:

4 inches by 5:30 p.m.

Earlier a trip to the Whiskey Point was thought to be in order to see what could be seen. The answer to the unasked question is that you can't see much with the snow falling.

Whiskey Point looking around....not much to see across the harbor..

Paid Een Og Road had just a little bit more snow that in town.

THE HOUSE." by Jim Stambaugh

Beaver Island Airport Commission Work Session, January 14, 2013

Proposed look for the building

How the plans can be modified if a second FBO were to work out of the Township Airport

Floor plans and elevations from the 2008 plan

The architect and the heating expert.

Mechanical engineer talking with John Roberts about geothermal heat and air conditioning

Video of the entire two plus hours of the meeting HERE

BICS Sports Order Form

BICS Basketball Cancelled for This Weekend

If you are on Beaver Island, this is a no brainer. One look out your window should indicate that the airplanes are not able to fly, and, since the only way on and off Beaver Island this time of year is by plane, the inability of visiting teams to come to the island should be fairly obvious. BINN is not able to live stream nor record the games that are not taking place. It is not known if these games will be rescheduled or not. If you were planning on attending the games, you'll have a night to do whatever else you might like to do.

Job Posting for Library Director


Is seeking to employ a LIBRARY DIRECTOR:

Forty hour per week, with benefits; college degree preferred;

Public contact experience and computer knowledge required;

Level 4 Library Certification Class will be provided for qualified candidate.

Salary range $17 - $20 per hour based on education and experience.

Job Description available upon request

Please send a letter of interest and a resume to:

Joan Vyse, President

Beaver Island District Library Board of Trustees

Box 181

Beaver Island , MI 49782

Email: vyse@tds.net


BY FEBRUARY 20, 2013



District Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to accept or reject any and all applicants

Peaine Township Recreation Survey Results Are In

This survey was done using Survey Monkey who provided these results:

Percentages for these responses were calculated by Survey Monkey.

Free Response items all shown

Joint Township Meeting, January 14, 2013

The purpose of the joint township meeting was to determine the progress of the Airport Commission in the planning of the airport terminal, to find out financial as well as design plans for the terminal, and to provide signatures on four contracts required for grants for the terminal building project. The meeting began with a presentation by the architect for the project and a discussion about the project between Mike Scripps and Bill Kohls. The video of this joint meeting is presented Here.

BIEMS to Offer Courses

A CPR program for Healthcare Providers, the complete program will be offered on February 2, 2013. This program is open to all healthcare providers and those interested in becoming healthcare providers. This CPR program is the pre-requisite for the Basic EMT program that begins on February 10, 2013. The Basic EMT program is offered without charge to those willing to sign a contract agreeing to provide services here on Beaver Island. For more information, you are asked to contact Danielle Dedloff, BIEMS director at 448-2578. If you are interested in finding out more about the educational program, you may contact Danielle Dedloff at 2578 or the program coordinator and instructor Joe Moore at 2416. There will be continuing education offered throughout this program for existing BIEMS members including, but not limited to all necessary credits for license renewal, Advanced Stroke Life Support and Pediatric Emergencies for Prehospital Providers. An International Trauma Life Support class will also be offered, but will be offered outside of this Basic EMT program.

Approval for this educational program was received from the State of Michigan, EMS Division, with ending date of July 1, 2013. The classwork will end on June 13, 2013, but required clinical will need to be completed between June 13th and July 1st. This is an extensive education program consisting of classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings with some selected Saturday classes as well. Total program length including classroom, practical, and clinical hours is 250 hours.

Former Petoskey Student Named Beaver Island Superintendent/Principal

News Release January 11, 2013

For more info rmation contact Dianne Litzenburger

231.547.9947 ~ litzd@charemisd.org

Beaver Island --A former Petoskey High School graduate has been selected to lead Beaver Island Community School. Currently with a school system in Detroit , Riley Justis said he is thrilled to "be heading home," to serve as the superintendent/principal on Beaver Island.

At a special school board meeting January 9, 2013, Riley was unanimously selected from three candidates interviewed for the post. Pending successful contract negotiations, he is expected to start in mid-June.

Justis grew up in Petoskey, and is a Petoskey High School graduate. He played hockey in high school, was a volunteer firefighter with Resort-Bear Creek starting at age 16 until he left for college, and attained his pilot license in northern Michigan. After obtaining his undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Education from Central Michigan University, he taught in a rural fly-in K-12 school in Port Graham, Alaska, and was the curriculum specialist/teaching advisor for a K-12 public school district serving nearly 10,000 students on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.

For the past year he has been the Curriculum and Technology Administrator at Hope Academy Schools for the Future in Detroit . Hope Academy is a high school focused on innovative programs to raise the achievement level of student populations two or more grade levels behind.

Justis also has direct ties to Beaver Island. His family has owned property on the island "since before I was even born," he said, and is where he vacationed all his life. His mother continues to live in Petoskey and his father, who passed away six years ago, was the attorney for the island townships. Justis and his wife, Jenny, have a 16-month-old daughter, Sophie.

"I am excited to return to northern Michigan and call Beaver Island home," he said. Justis said he was drawn to the position due to the school's dedication to continuous improvement in student achievement, the innovation of learning, and the student centric learning model that allows for the effective integration of technology in the learning environment.

Speaking for the board, board president Jessica Anderson said they are "thrilled" to be bringing Justis on board.

Besides Justis, the board interviewed two other candidates over a two-day period January 8 and 9. Also interviewed were Melanie Allen, Multi-Tier Systems of Support Transition Coordinator at Holt Schools; and Greg Paxton, Superintendent at Beaverton Schools, Beaverton . A fourth candidate withdrew her name for consideration due to family circumstances prior to the interviews."

"All candidates interviewed are very qualified and would bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our school," Anderson said. "There will be a lot of positive things coming our way with Riley at the helm," she added.

A total of 20 candidates applied for the administrative position, which is being vacated at the end of the school year by Kathleen "Kitty" McNamara who had been superintendent/principal for more than 24 years.

With assistance from Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District , which coordinated the search, a brochure for the position was mailed to all 523 school districts in the state, and advertisements were on state and national websites.

Forums were held with school staff and the community to gather input on qualities the community is seeking in their superintendent. Comments ranged from good communication skills to someone who will interface easily with students, parents, and the community.

Waste Management Committee Meeting, January 15, 2013

Video of the Meeting can be viewed HERE

The WMC met for the first time in a few months. The meeting content included approval of minutes, Don Welke's December and January reports. The WMC is down one member with the resignation of Jim Birdsall, so one position will be posted in Peaine Township. The budget will need to worked on and that will be done by Don and Angel. The committee looked at its 1991 governing document and discussed changing the document. The school's can drive was discussed. Don Welke requested permission to put out bids for concrete for the compactor. For more information read the two transfer station reports below and watch the video of the meeting.

Monthly Transfer Station Report for December 2012 (No meeting took place this month)

1. I have purchased a book called Hazardous materials, SubstancesandWastes Compliance Guide for 2012-2013. I am reviewing the book at this time. The book shows requirements for DOT, EPA, and OSHA. It is required that the facility have a "trainer" on staff or utilize off-island training facilities. The cost for me to become a trainer would be 1165.00 for the course and the costs associated with travel to the seminar. I am willing to do this although it will take considerable time and effort. Other employees would be trained by me throughcourses which are purchased, but at a lower cost and simpler program level.

As I talked about in last month's report I would also like to become certified in refrigeration. This would save the island 63.00 per refrigerator. We have already accumulated 17 refrigerators since August. We anticipate about 40 refrigerators per year which would be a savings of 2520.00. The Midwest Refrigeration Co. is authorized through the EPA to give the test and study material for refrigeration certification at a cost of $104.00. The test is given in Traverse City. The tools needed would be a recovery pump @ 500.00, gauge set @ 75.00, piercing tool @ 30.00, 100# recovery tank @ 250.00 (holds approximately 125 refrigerators). Total cost of equipment 855.00.

All of our appliances since August (33) have been recycled. This does not include refrigerators. The sheet metal was taken for free. We have saved 28.00 apiece. This totals 924.00 savings on shipping with the added future benefits of selling the sheet steel, copper, and ABS plastic for all appliances including refrigerators.

2. At the November meeting of the Charlevoix County Recycling Committee it was agreed that they would purchase a compactor for the station so that we can comply with the standard used by Emmett County. This would also make it easier for tourists to recycle.

New Items:

1. We did not buy a new carburetor for the Toyota lift truck because the cost would have been $1000. Instead we cleaned the carb, gave it a complete tune-up and changed all the fluids, put a thermostat back in it and so far it is running although the carb is still a problem.

2. We are dealing with some very old equipment that is failing. I would like to make every effort to keep the equipment functioning and compliant until it can be replaced. I feel that it is necessary to make room in the budget for equipment updates in the future.

Monthly Transfer Station report for January 2013

I have reviewed the Hazardous Materials, Substances and Waste Compliance Guide and would like to order specific areas of training to cover our OSHA obligations for the BITS and employees. From these areas I will write a general program guide, safety manual and general hazardous program guide for our specific needs to satisfy Federal and State OSHA requirements. I will then give training and testingas applicable to BITS employees. In structuring our compliance this way, we will save the annual class time and associated costs. An annual review with employees will still be necessary but can take place in-house. With the completion of this training, manuals and some safety yellow painting we will be ready for an OSHA inspection should one occur. DOT compliance and certification should be next and must be taken online by me with training then extended to BITS employees. Hopefully I will be able to overlap OSHA and DOT. The EPA is going to be a different situation. I hope to do an online class without direct contact with them.

This system will enable us to build our own library for current and future BITS employees and maintain compliance. The estimated costs will be as follows: Each safety segment area, 125.00 (12 have been identified), OSHA regulation book, 59.00, and Miscellaneous binders, posters and supplies, 300.00.

Last month I reported the savings that have been addingup along with the potential savings. A recap of the years shows we have saved:

2400.00 for banding, 60.00 on stretch wrap, 200.00 on pallets, 3300.00 on Gaylord boxes, 2100.00 on appliance recycling, 800.00 on aluminum scrap, and 360.00 on discontinue the fax line

Other savings would include refrigeratorsprovided that we take the course outlined in last month's report. At 40 refrigerators per year, a conservative estimate of 2520.00 would be saved from shipping and Freon extraction alone. There are hundreds of dollars more that I would be able to save by purchasing office, bathroom, paper products etc. by shopping online, but I would need a credit card.

In November we shipped 24 yards of shingles in 24 Gaylord boxes at a shipping cost of 24.00 per box to the mainland plus3 pull trips to the landfill at a cost of 195.00 each pull plus 22.50 a yard landfill cost. Each Gaylord of shingles was cleaned and repackaged by BITA staff. Neither Roofs to Roads or Emmett County would accept them in Gaylords for recycling. If we could purchasea 20 yard container our cost would be reduced to 10.00 per yard plus 195.00 per pull plus 550.00 barge transport. A total cost of 745.00, adding in no Gaylord box cost vs. 1330.00 cost current method, calculatingone pull utilizing Land Transport 48 flat bed at 400.00. Emmett County and Roofs to Roads would accept them for recycling and they would not be landfilled.

The cement work for the used compactor will exceed 500.00 cot. I would like to post bids for 13 yards of concrete. The retainerwall and electrical components will be in the neighborhood of 3000.00. My expectations are that all work will be done by us.

The school has purchased their recycling bins as of the end of the year and are currently single-streaming all of their paper for recycling. This is an important step toward lessening our compacted trash. Streaming our recyclables into two categories is the single greatest thing we can do as a community and financially. The fact is that 75-80 percent of BI trash is being sorted out by American Waste as recyclables. Just imagine the savings if we shipped only 2 or 3 forty yard containers of trash annually and everything else was valuable recyclables. I believe that this plan would be a positive step toward making our island tourist-friendly as well as ecologically responsible.

The Toyota lift truck is still a major areas of concern. We must have a back-up and the cost to repair it will be over 1000.00. The question remains whether it is worth fixing because of its age and condition.

Gillespie/Maudrie House Walk Through

Many people are interested in how bad is the fire damage at the Gillespie/Maudrie house. BINN editor Joe Moore got permission to walk through the house and captured the following video of the damage. It was just to dark to go down to the basement where there must be the rest of the water from the six inches of standing water in one portion of the house on the night of the fire. Perhaps some have mopped up some, but, in any case, it was much too dark to go down to the basement. Here are also a few pictures of the damage in the house.

Video Walk Through


On the outside......damage to the upstairs and the roof is obvious

Obvious roof damage, more damage in some spots than others

Island Airways is Amazing!

Editorial by Joe Moore

While I am not able to speak about the medical evacuation flights by revealing patient condition, patient's name, or other information, I would like the Beaver Island community to know just how amazing the Island Airways crew are. From the owner operators, to the manager, to the ground crew, to the desk people, every single person is there to help our EMS get the patient off the island to whichever location the patient needs to go. I have continued to tell others that the two most unused words on Beaver Island are Thank You. This time, I'm making certain that I do not fall into that pattern.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the little things and the big things you do for Beaver Island emergency patients and the EMS! You guys are amazing!" from the paramedic that appreciates it more than you will ever know.

Great job, Island Airways and staff!

The NRESC Thinking Conflict-An Editorial by Joe Moore

Just like the first group of the Natural Resources and EcoTourism Commission, the Natural Resources and EcoTourism Steering Committee has once again shown the serious divide between two ways of thinking about the same situation. There are those that do not understand the major differences in thought process between these conflicting methods of approaching a situation, and there is one fact that must be stated that can and will allow progress to occur.

Thinking pattern number one is called Whole-Part. This thought pattern requires that all goals must be written for the entire project before the objectives necessary to complete any of these goals can be written. This thought pattern takes months and months to reach consensus, if consensus is ever reached. This is not a process that accomplishes small objectives in a fairly short period of time. This thinking pattern develops the whole plan before accomplishing any goals. This thinking pattern does nothing but frustrate and therefore anger the other thought pattern.

Thinking pattern number two is called Part-Whole. This thought pattern requires that one particular goal needs to be worked through with objectives determined and accomplished, and then, and ONLY then, does this thinking pattern allow moving on to another goal and another until the whole is accomplished. This group gets frustrated and angered by a process that they see is not accomplishing anything and is taking too long.

The research on these thinking patterns has determined that there is no way a group can continue to work together unless the part-whole thinkers are allowed to move the group into an accomplishment period of at least one part of the whole and much more often several parts of the whole. Mathematics and scientific method is based upon this type of thought pattern.

Another way to model thinking patterns includes two other diverse labels as well. At one end of a linear relationship is the concrete thinker. At the other end is the abstract thinker. Another model compatible with this concrete/abstract thinking is another linear relationship divided into sequential and abstract. When combined the two most diverse thinking patterns are then labeled concrete sequential and abstract random. Once again, the only way that these thought patterns can function together is if the abstract random thinkers once again allow the concrete sequential thinkers to accomplish things within a reasonable period of time and continue to accomplish another and another.

This is what is wrong with the NRESC planning process as it is currently being operated. The concrete-sequential, part-whole participants have become frustrated by the seeming lack of program in any area. The randam-abstract, whole-part participants can't move on to completion of objective on any one area until the whole plan is agreed upon. The only way to bring these two divergent thinking groups back into a group discussion after the frustration and anger emotions are felt is to have the Whole-Part, random-abstract members allow some concrete planning and actions on at least one small part of the plan that the other thinkers believe is exceedingly important.

It's too bad that the Whole-Part, random-abstract members did not listen and learn the first time around when this was presented previously. Their perceived “holier-than-thou”-“we must do it this way” responses do not allow the continued participation of the other group. The concrete-sequential, Part-Whole members need to see some accomplishment and completion of at least some small part of this process.

Now that those remaining are continuing, how are you to gain the support for your plan from those who think differently than you do? Do you think that those who think differently are somehow inferior? Now that you have lost the support of the realtors, contractors, developers, and the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce, how do expect to get your plan approved?

Waste Management Was Live Streamed

Hopefully some of you watched the Waste Management Committee Meeting Live scheduled for 9 a.m., January 15, 2013, at http://beaverisland.tv

Farewell to Christy Van Looy

"The Beaver Island Rural Health Center invites the entire community to a retirement party in honor of Chris Van Looy on Sunday, January 20, 2013, 12-2 PM at the Gregg Fellowship hall. Anyone wishing to say a few words in appreciation for Chris is welcome and encouraged to do so."

Airport Commission and Joint Township Meeting Live Streaming Video

The BIAC meeting scheduled for 11 a.m. and the Joint Township Meeting at 2 p.m. on January 14, 2013, at the Peaine Hall were live streamed at http://beaverisland.tv

Maudrie Fire Fundraiser at the Shamrock

This evening, January 13, 2013, beginning at 5 p.m., the Shamrock is hosting a fundraiser for the Maudrie family due to their fire on January 9, 2013. By 5:15 p.m., the Shamrock was packed with people, who came to support the Maudrie and Gillespie families and to partake in a spaghetti dinner. The dinner will continue until 8 p,m. The dinner consisted of spaghetti, meat or vegetarian; salad, and some excellent cheesy garlic bread, followed by some strawberry ice cream for desert.

The bartenders at work

Briana Maudrie taking Ryley to his dad, so she can work

The Shamrock was packed in both rooms

Heather serving the spaghetti dinner... Jessica serving dessert

Video Clip of the Dinner


Approximately 180 spaghetti dinners were served, and slightly over $6000 raised.

Barbara Duval Fox Dies

Barbara Duval Fox, 85, of South Bend , IN died Saturday December 23, 2012, at the Sanctuary at St. Paul 's following a lengthy illness. Barb was born July 24, 1927, in Mishawaka , IN to the late Ruth and Edgar Rufe, and was a lifetime area resident. On December 4, 1992, she married William Fox, SR, who preceded her in death May 24, 2008. She is survived by her stepchildren Mary Jane (Fox) Lawson, William Fox, JR (Linda) and Roland Fox (Carol) all of South Bend, IN., five step grandchildren and one great-great grand step child. Barbara and William (Bill) were seasonal residents on Beaver Island and stayed at their home, “Fox Pause” on Sand Bay.

They were active in the Beaver Island Christian Church, the Tuesday Golf Group, the Beaver Island Historical Society, the Beaver Island Community Center , the Beaver Island Amvets Post 46, and the Beaver Island Medical Center.

A Memorial Service was held at the First Presbyterian Church 333 W. Colfax Av South Bend, IN 46601 at 2:00 PM, December 29, 2012. The family received guests immediately following the Memorial service. Memorial Contributions can be made to any of their wonderful Beaver Island activities.

TV 7 and 4 Reports County Moving Forward with Beaver Island Garage

Read short article HERE

BICS Sports Cancelled Due to Weather

Cancelled by Weather!!

After waiting five hours for the weather to clear, the BINN editor was notified that the sports teams would NOT be flying to the UP for the games at Paradise. The replacement paramedic had waited even longer in Charlevoix for the flight to Beaver Island to cover for BINN editor Joe Moore. The trip plans were canceled. The motel reservation was canceled. The night's activities are now modified, and we will await the rescheduling of the games.

Frank Solle's Pictures of the Maudrie Fire

Frank Solle documented the fire at the Jewell and Rita Gillespie house, where their daughter Kathy Maudrie was living. Other information is in a story below. These pictures show the dedication of the Beaver Island Fire Department and the Beaver Island EMS members working and helping each other in a very difficult situation-the destruction of the home of a friend, neighbor or relative. The fire department and EMS worked feverishly for the first few hours.

Checking John Works after his smoky work.....

Jim Wojan, guardian of entry into the smoky interior......

Danielle and Pam checking out Jim Stambaugh after his exhausting work inside....

Chief Tim McDonough giving and receiving information...

Tom Whitman and Jim Stambaugh during a forced resting period...

Steve Crandall, even though sick, working to make sure the SCBAs are working correctly...

Fire officer John Works giving instructions to the group heading into the house....

Danielle Dedloff conferring with a fireman....

Gerald LaFreniere working to help get the SCBA working after changing a tank...

Bill McDonough helping get the mask working properly and sealed properly

Jim McDonough getting and giving information and helping out....

Engineer Neil Boyle taking a deserved rest...

Jim Stambaugh and Joe Moore talking after Jim's second trip into the smoky environment...

The Gillespie house overview photo as those inside look for the last hot spots....

Bruce Cull concentrates on the equipment as others suit up....

Ryan Oliver takes a short, but well-deserved and mandatory rest and discusses the situation with another firefighter....

Tim McDonough, fire chief, listens and provides information to Rob Coffel as the damage is being assessed.....

Frank's facebook post along with many more pictures had this as its title and comments: "Who You Gonna Call? Once again the BIFD and BIEMS proved they are always there when needed. We are fortunate to have such dedicated individuals ready to do whatever is needed at any time of the day or night."

Thank you BI Fire Department and BIEMS! AND Thank you, Frank Solle, for your documentation of this disastrous event!

Fire at the Jewell Gillespie (Kathy Maudrie's) Home

Just a little before 4:30 am this morning, January 9, 2013, Briana Maudrie woke up knowing something was wrong. The house was filled with smoke. All in the house were awakened and moved across the road to the Dusty and Cindy Cushman residence, the old Gillespie gas station. Kathy Maudrie made the call to 911, and the Beaver Island Fire Department and Beaver Island EMS were dispatched to this residence. There were flames shooting out of the south and east end of the residence near the roofline.

You can view a short video of the fire HERE


or view Yvonne Crandall's video at the link below:

Youtube video HERE

Nice story on 7 and 4 News HERE using Yvonne's video

If you would like to send anything, Kathy Maudrie's address is: P.O. Box 306, Beaver Island, MI 49782. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Grand Rapids Party 2013 Invitation

Airport Commission Prepares Q and A Document Regarding New Terminal

You can view the document in its entirety as a PDF HERE

BI Boat Company Schedule for 2013


Stoney Acre Senior Meals

Stoney Acres began serving senior meals on January 2, 2013. These are a few examples of their menu. Here is a copy of their completed menu.

Half turkey reuben.....Small Cobb salad

Beef Nachos........Two piece chicken basket

New Physician Assistant Visits and Locates Apartment

Gayle Paget and Bill Gorenc

The new Physician Assistant hired to take the place of Physician Assistant (PA) Christy VanLooy, who is retiring, visited the Island today to look for a place to live. It is believed that for this winter, she and her husband will be living above Dahlwhinnie's in the second floor apartment there. The new PA's name is Gayle L. Paget, PA-C. Her husband is Bill Gorenc. They have spent the last three years working in the American Indian reservations in North Dakota and New Mexico.

They spent the last year working with three Indian tribes in New Town, North Dakota; the Mandan (Nueta), Hidatsa, and Arikara (Sagnish). The year before this they were in Fort Yates, North Dakota, working with the Hunkpapa and Oglala Soiux. For nine months prior to that, they were in New Mexico working with the Zuni.

Gayle's education background includes an Associates of Applied Science, Primary Care, and Physician's Assistant from Cuyahoga Community College (Parma, OH) in 1986. This was followed by a Bachelor of Science degree from Baldwin Wallace College (Berea, OH). She is a

Certified Physicians Assistant, with over 25 years of experience in multiple disciplines, from pediatrics to geriatrics, at multiple types of care facilities, from Indian Health Service clinics and VA Hospitals to private high volume Urgent Care centers, with specific experience that includes: Urgent Care, Psychiatric Care, Internal Medicine, General and Family Practice, Pain Managment, and Occupational Medicine.

Welcome to the Beaver Island community, Gayle and Bill!

State of the Great Lakes Report Released

This annual report offers a look at water issues, recovery efforts and more. The Michigan Office of the Great Lakes today released Michigan's annual State of the Great Lakes report for 2012. Michigan law requires the annual report, which provides a snapshot of issues throughout the Great Lakes basin and informs policy discussions about protecting and managing Michigan's Great Lakes resources. The 2012 State of the Great Lakes report focuses on Michigan's efforts to improve water quality, best use water resources, fight aquatic invasive species and restore degraded areas. Sections detail efforts to protect and restore Michigan's coastal areas, featuring experts from state and federal resource agencies, Michigan Sea Grant, academia, and the environmental community.

A copy of the report can be viewed here.

Several key initiatives in this year's publication reflect priorities Governor Rick Snyder recently outlined in his special message on Energy and the Environment. Governor Snyder's recent election to co-chair the Council of Great Lakes Governors signals his priority focus on Michigan's role as a leader in Great Lakes issues.

For More Information Brian Sweeney, 517-373-6093, sweeneyb2@michigan.gov
Brad Wurfel, 517-241-7395, wurfelb@michigan.gov

WinterFest on Lake G Scheduled for 2013

Picture of Lights of Northern Michigan from Space

Link to View of USA

Thank You to Bob Tidmore for sharing these.

You can see Beaver Island and it small light profile in this picture. Click the picture to enlarge.

Several Subscriptions Expire in February

Several family and business subscriptions expire in February 2013. This is a reminder to those that wish to renew online. If you do renew online using a credit or debit card, and the Paypal SUBSCRIBE button, BINN will automatically make a donation of $10 in your name to the Beaver Island Food Pantry. If you are not sure when your subscription expires, please email the editor at medic5740@gmail.com, and your subscription expiration will be included in a return email.


Seniors' Meal Options

Besides the home delivered meals prepared by Dahlwhinnie, there are options currently at two restaurants, Dahlwhinnie's and the Shamrock. The menus are down below, but there are times where a picture is worth a hundred words. These pictures are not meant to depict the entire menu at either place, but just to give you an opportunity to see what some of the options look like. The editor can attest to the excellent meals that have been consumed over the last few months. The seniors, who have not participated, should seriously consider these wonderful meals. The seniors that have been participating should invite another senior to go with them.

Breakfast at Dahlwhinnie's is an excellent opportunity to sit down and socialize. The #1 breakfast at Dahlwhinnies was sampled by the editor and it received a two thumbs up, once the thumbs were done proving help to the hands in consuming this excellent meal. Here is a picture of the meal:

Eggs, hashbrowns, toast, orange juice, milk or coffee, and pears

Dahlwhinnie's is also participating in lunch. Breakfast runs from 7-10, and lunch from 11-2. The honey mustard chicken salad is another wonderful meal as is the tuna melt.

Downtown at the Shamrock Bar, there is no breakfast, but an excellent lunch is awating all seniors for a reasonable cost. These same senior menu items are available to the general public for $7.00. Here are a few pictures of the lunch items available at the Shamrock: Again, the senior lunch and dinner menu is posted below.

Soup and Salad is a wonderful combination of homemade soups and fresh salad with dressing, bread, and butter, Add coffee, tea, or iced tea as a beverage and a fruit cup and you have one excellent lunch.

This wonderful chicken salad is also available as one of the lunch or dinner items for seniors.

A hot beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw, and fruit cup along with your choice of three beverages can't be beat.

Barbeque pulled pork sandwich with mashed potatoes

Chicken wings with French fries and cole slaw

Pasta and Meatballs, very nice

Taco salad, yum, yum

So, there are plenty of Dining Out menu options and, at this time, at least two places to go for lunch. What are you seniors waiting for? Meet you for lunch?

The Shamrock is also offering these same menu choices for dinner for all seniors. The Dining Out program is part of the services offered by the Charlevoix County Commission on Aging.

Dahlwhinnie's Dining Out Menu

The CC Commission on Aging's representatives have approved the menu submitted by Dahlwhinnie's to offer seniors an additional option when deciding to dine out. The addition of a a breakfast menu to a lunch menu provides another option for Dining Out seniors. The menu was available as of Monday, October 8, 2012, and is presented below exactly as presented to BINN with only one thing added. The thing added was the word 'and' in front of the word 'milk.' The following menu items are available from 7-10 a.m.:

#1 1 egg, hashbrowns, orange juice, fruit cup, toast with butter, and milk

#2 1 egg, hashbrowns, orange juice, fruit cup, oatmeal, and milk

#4 Egg sandwich with cheese, orange juice, fruit cup, hashbrowns

#5 1 egg vegetable cheese omelet, hash browns, orange juice

The Dining Out Lunch Menus available from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. is:

#1 Fresh spinach salad with grilled chicken, red onion, honey mustard dressing, fruit, bread with butter, and milk

#2 Chili--(beef, chicken, or turkey) with tomatoes, beans, peppers, and onions, fruit cup, crackers, and milk

#3 Meat loaf, potatoes, vegetable, fruit, roll with butter, milk

#4 Open face pulled pork sandwich, vegetable, sweet potato, fruit, and milk

#5 Hot turkey or beef sandwich and potatoes with gravy, vegetable, fruit, and milk

#6 Tuna melt on wheat with cheddar, fruit, mixed vegetable

Shamrock " Senior" Menu Available to ALL!

After a discussion today, September 26, 2012, with Dana Hodgson, it is possible to replace mashed potatoes with French fries, so this makes the possibilities on the Shamrock menu a total of thirty possible combinations for food and three possibilities for drinks.

Lots of options and choices...

Dana and Eric Hodgson announced this morning, October 16, 2012, that the senior menu posted above will be available to all ages. If paid in cash, the cost of these menu items, all thirty possible combinations, will be $6.60 plus tax. This means that the menu, listed as the senior menu, is available for anyone for $7. This is a wonderful possibility for all! Thank you, Dana and Eric!

The BINN editor arrived at the Shamrock for lunch today, and suddenly realized that the senior vouchers were not in his pocket, but at home. With this new option, the same lunch was received without any issues and the $7 price was paid instead. This will allow several of the old gang who used to meet at the Community Center an opportunity to congregate again for lunch. Thank you again, Dana and Eric!

Mark Your Calendar for the 2013 Winter Free Fishing Weekend

Are you looking for an opportunity to take someone out fishing this winter, perhaps someone who has never been before? Consider scheduling your outing for February 16 or 17 as part of the 2013 Winter Free Fishing Weekend!

As part of that weekend, all fishing license fees will be waived for those two days. Residents and out-of-state visitors can enjoy fishing on both inland and Great Lakes' waters for many different species of fish. Please note all fishing regulations will still apply during that time.

For many, the annual Winter Free Fishing Weekend is a tradition – will it become one for you as well?

Numerous activities in communities throughout Michigan will be going on as part of the 2013 Winter Free Fishing Weekend. Maybe you would want to plan one of your own in your community? For more information, or resources to help you participate, please visit www.michigan.gov/freefishing .

Where Is the Tax Relief for St. James Township Taxpayers

Now that the election is over, it is time to bring this issue back up to the taxpayers on Beaver Island whether they pay taxes in St. James or in Peaine Townships. The following editorial was written by the editor of Beaver Island News on the 'Net, and he is responsible for all statements made. This position is his position only, not the position of News on the 'Net, nor of any family members. In short, the editorial is a response to two specific points: "Why do St. James individual taxpayers pay more for the joint services than does each individual Peaine taxpayer?" and "Are these tax amounts fair?" You can read the whole editorial by clicking on the small picture below.

Donate to the Live Streaming Project

The Live Streaming Project includes BICS Sports Events, Peaine Township Meetings, Joint Township Meetings, and much more.

Your donation may allow these events to be live streamed on the Internet at http://beaverisland.tv

Beaver Island Basketball Schedule 2012-2013

JAN 4 OJIBWE & BARNSTORMERS @ BEAVER ISLAND Rescheduled to Feb 15, 2013

JAN 5 OJIBWE & BARNSTORMERS @ BEAVER ISLAND Rescheduled to Feb 16, 2013






Proposed Beaver Island Garage

For Charlevoix County Services on Beaver Island

Site plans and artist renditions may be viewed by clicking on the schematic above.

Thank you to County Commissioner Rich Gillespie for the above information!

Community Calendar

A completely new feature includes a monthly calendar for each month of the entire year of 2013. Please send me your events and they will be posted so others can schedule their events without conflict. Email your schedule of events to medic5740@gmail.com.

If you or your organization has an event you'd like posted on this Community Calendar, please contact me and I'll add it in.  Please try to get me the information as early as possible.