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January 7-13, 2008

BICS Building Project News

4:00 PM
Technology Planning Information (ppt)
Updated Floor Plans
Interior Finishes
Interior Storage and Casework
Updated Exterior Elevations
Site Plan Update
Meet the Project Manager - Tom Sloan of Traverse City
Parents, Students and Community Members are Welcome.

TDS Updates DSL Deployment Timeline

Snowstorm for January 10, 2008

Beaver Island District Libary News, January 2008

Peaine Township Board Minutes December 2007

Fog, Fog, and More Fog

So far the shopping trips and the meetings on the mainland have been put on hold due to the heavy fog over the northern part of Lake Michigan and Huron. With the melting snow, the thunderstorms, and lightening even, there is plenty of moisture in the air. Sometimes, on the way to school this morning, it was even difficult to see the tailights of the car ahead of you on the King's Highway. There have been no flights to or from Beaver Island for the last two days due to the fog, and, of course, there is no ferry during this time of the year.

The library meeting in Gaylord, the shopping trip to Walmart or K-Mart, and the return of an exchange student from Germany have been temporarily delayed. Hannah Connor will make it home sometime soon after her time in a foreign land as an exchange student, but the fog is delaying her return.

This makes almost three whole days without the ability to fly to and from the Island. It's now 3:30 pm on Tuesday and no flights today so far.

Wednesday morning--

Three days of fog and no flights. The title of this article fits..This morning it's really windy, A plane was heard during take off this morning from Welke Airport at approximately 7 am so there should be a mainland connection and possible freight and passenger movement today. For those that don't know what being fogged in for three days means, here are a few of the little inconveniences provided by people who were asked on Tuesday:

No deposits able to be made.................No mail on or off the Island...........No supplies for stores or bars..

No supplies for restaurants.......No mainland doctor appointments, mainland meetings, mainland shopping.........

No trips to the casino.......(No, they won't be identified)........No services from the mainland........No doctor either....

But we're a hardy lot of people, and we still have essential services including lights, heat, library, education, medical care, dental care, market, fuel source, restarurants, bars, and Internet access. So, even though we couldn't receive the items ordered, there was nothing to prevent us from ordering more either by phone or over the Internet.

Did you hear about the US Postal service customer that walked into the post office just as Island Airways delivered three days of back mail and asked for sixteen $1 money orders? Of course, it was a joke! Just like customer that walked into Island Airways office watching two planes being loaded and asked, "Are you flying?"

Great Service from Charlevoix State Bank

The weather did not cooperate for the Tuesday bank day, but that didn't stop our local Charlevoix State Bank from providing service to Beaver Island. Nancy Ferguson canceled personal appointments and she arrived at the bank Wednesday morning (not a regular bank day-- in the off season, it's usually Tuesday and Friday). The first customer thanked her and took her picture. "Thanks for coming here, today," the customer said as several others were waiting in line to do their business.

Welcome Home, Hannah!

Welcome Home, Hannah!

This picture is from last year's talent show.

BICS Girls' Basketball

reporting by Coach Marianne Brown

I expected the weekend to be much more challenging for the girls, not to discredit the strong Hannahville team but I think our girls did a wonderful job stepping up, played together as a team, and had fun.  Friday night 's game was the closer of the two.  The final score had us winning by 8 but the game was closer than the score.  Going into half time we were ahead by 5 points, that lead dwindled during the 3 rd quarter with Hannahville beating use out of our offensive zone for an easy lay up(to me it felt like it happened every time!).  The score was tied going into the 4 th quarter.  The girls turned it around in the 4 th by playing good defense, limiting Hannahville to only one shot (most of the time) and continuing to play as a team!  Final Score was 36-28.  Leading scorer from Friday nights game was Sam with 10pts, followed by Maeve with 7pts and Briana and Kristy each with 6pts.  However, this was a complete team effort, I have stressed team from the first day of practice because without a team we cannot win ball games… I think we are starting to get there!

Saturday morning was a much different story than Friday night .  The nerves were gone and the ladies played good ball.  Our average shooting percentage from Friday night to Saturday morning improved, our defense was solid and it seemed as though the baskets fell just a little bit easier.  The Lady Islanders gained a quick lead in the 1 st quarter and never looked back!  The final score on Saturday was 44-17.  Again this win was a complete team effort by the girls however, Co-Captain and Junior Maeve should be noted for her outstanding play on Saturday she scored a triple double (double digit stats in 3 categories) with 12 points, 10 rebounds and 11 steals… following Maeve in points was Alex with 10pts (all scored in the 4 th quarter), and Briana with 8pts. 

I am very pleased to have returned to the island with 2 wins against Hannahville.  We are currently preparing for our next match up against Paradise in two weeks.  Paradise and Hannahville split their games 1-1 so I am assuming they will also be a tough team but with our defense, basketball knowledge and teamwork continuing to improve I am confident that our games against Paradise will be very competitive!

BICS Boys' Basketball

reporting by Coach Dan Martell

Friday 1/4/08

The Islanders got off to a slow start on Friday night, shooting only 25% from the floor in the first half and 50% from the free-throw line.  Solid defense and a taking care of the ball kept them up 7-4 after one quarter and 17-13 at the half.  The Islanders improved to 41% from the field in the second half including 3 for 4 from beyond the arc.  This improved shooting helped weather Hannahville's offensive outburst from Parker Trudeau (8 third quarter points) and Eddie Frye (8 third quarter points).  Beaver Island lead 34-29 at the end of the third quarter.  An inspirational pep-talk in the huddle before the 4 th quarter led to a stiffening of the Islander defense which allowed a mere 5 points in the 4 th quarter.  Bryan Timsak scored 6 of his 10 points in the 4 th quarter to help the Islanders put the Soaring Eagles away. 

Dereck McDonough came off the bench to lead the team with 12 points and 4 steals and Eric Albin had a double-double with 11 points and 17 rebounds.  Brenden Martin contributed 8 points and 11 rebounds.  Dan Runberg was 2 for 2 from 3 point range.

Saturday 1/5/08

Beaver Island had shooting troubles again on Saturday with only 32% of their shots finding net, but controlled the game never allowing Hannahville to get going offensively.  A sleepy Islander team started slowly again, scoring only 20 points in the first half.  However, Hannahville was only able to shoot 25% from the floor and was dominated on the boards leading to a meager 12 first half points.  The second half was a different game for the Islanders offensively.  They attacked the Soaring Eagles 3-2 zone and ran repeated fast breaks netting easy lay-ups, while creating turnovers on the defensive end.  The third quarter ended with a 39-18 Islander lead.  The 4 th quarter saw the Islanders running the court at will with all players getting significant playing time.  The final tally gave Beaver Island a dominant win, 64-31.

Eric Albin lead scoring (18) and rebounding (13) with his second double-double of the weekend.  Patrick Cull had 13 points and 8 rebounds.  Dan Runberg had a good all around performance with 5 points and 6 rebounds while leading the team with 5 assists and 6 steals.

Our team still has a long way to go in order to achieve our goal of winning our district, but we played well enough to win.  It was a big confidence booster to get our first two wins on the court, especially when they were decisive wins away from home.

Welcome to the New Year of BI News on the 'Net

Welcome to the New Year on Beaver Island. This is the first edition of Beaver Island News on the 'Net that is posted in 2008. We welcome back all of our previous subscribers, individuals and businesses. We also welcome all of our new subscribers whether from gifts, prizes, or from whatever means. We want to thank all of our supporters for a wonderful first year with a new editor, reporter, photographer, and general do-it-all-if-you-can guy. What else do you have to do since you retired from teaching school, right?

Interestingly enough, Beaver Island News on the 'Net will be branching out to advertisers from the mainland, particularly those who benefit from our Island business. There have been several questions about the business subscriptions to this web site. The first question received was about placement of business cards on the homepage: "How do you decide whose card is on the site at the top of your page?" This questions deserves an answer.

Public service organizations will be placed first on the homepage, followed thereafter by the businesses in the order in which each becomes a supporting member of this web site. If there is a tie in the order, then the order is determined strictly by alphabetical order.

So what does that have to do with the Island businesses and their subscription to the web site? Well, honesty is always the best policy, so the answer is simple. If a mainland business subscribes before an Island business, that mainland business will be placed ahead of the Island business on the homepage. It is called fairness and not capitalism. He who pays the higher price will not get more or better or any other privileges because there is only one fee for business subscriptions. If you are still interested as a business, please click on the link below to read the letter to soon be delivered to the businesses in Charlevoix.

Business Letter 2008

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Would you like to subscribe right now over the Internet? If so, click on this link for business or individual subscription. Click on the "Buy Now" button underneath your choice, choose credit card on the left of the next page, and enter your information. If you are a business, you can email me a jpeg of your business card and the address of your web site. You will be up within 24 hours of your payment.

Beaver Island Rural Health Center Presents Community Education Programs

Presented live via the REMEC TeleHealth Network from Munson Medical Center at the

Beaver Island Rural Health Center Community Room

No Fee For more information, call 448-2275

Heart Attack and Stroke Awareness  

Thursday, January 10, 2008 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Speaker: Cheryl Barnes, RN, Munson Medical Center

Heart Disease is the number one killer of Americans. Cheryl Barnes, Cardiac RN, will provide the signs and symptoms of a heart attack and stroke and the appropriate actions to take. Your control over risk factors for developing or worsening coronary artery disease will also be discussed. Suggestions for improving your health will be given.

Stress and Heart Disease :Understanding Your Control  

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 1:30 – 2:30 pm

Presented via the REMEC TeleHealth Network from Munson Community Health Center

No Fee

For more information, call 448-2275

Speaker: Beth Dole
Certified Exercise Specialist
Munson Medical Center , Cardiac Rehab

Stress is a cause and a response for heart disease, for both the patient and caretakers. This lecture will discuss ways we can learn to control and cope with stress. It will include:

How stress impacts health,...,,Stress: A risk factor for heart disease........Stress influences on exercise and daily activity

The relaxation response.........Stress reduction techniques.......Care giver guide for stress reduction

January Thaw, Good or Not So Good

There seems to be a difference of opinion about whether this particular weather is a good thing or not. Watching Jim McDonough break up ice on the walkway at McDonough's Market could have solicited a negative opinion. It looked like very hard work eliminating the ice from the doorway of the store to the bottle and can return location. Watching a person walking the dog gingerly down the sidewalk and then the roadway because of the ice would probably have solicited the same opinion. The same might be true of the person walking through the slush to get to the post office porch. Another person opined, "I just got the driveway smoothed out with the snow, and it was easy to drive down. Now I have nothing but muddy ruts." One person who consistently berms snow against the foundation of their home is also quite disappointed in the thawing of this insulation that kept the floors warmer.

The snowmobiles are also quite disappointed. There were three days of perfect snowmobiling weather that were just ruined by this January thawing of the snow cover. The travelers off and onto the Island were not really happy about the fog on Sunday, January 6, 2008, either.

Well, most of the ice is gone, and a great deal of the snow is gone. It looks and feels somewhat like spring, but most of the Island is not ready for spring yet. There are basketball games to be played, exercise classes to attend, fish to be caught through the ice, stories to be told, and plenty of socializing that still needs to be done before the Island has to gear up for another busy summer tourist season in addition to all those things mentioned above.

So far, no positive reason has been given for having the January thaw. If you have one and would like to share it, please email it to the editor at: If the reason is humorous, so much the better we will all be! Some of you may consider this a challenge, and that it is.

Here is the first one sent in:

There is no need to shovel snow off the deck to get to the bird feeders to fill them. Eleven inches of snow on the deck table have been completely gone over the three day thaw.

A view of the harbor and point on Wednesday morning after the fog cleared.

BIRHC Offers Exercise Opportunity

Beginning January 7th




5:00 PM TO 6:00 PM


Mother/Daughter (Aunt, Grandmother, friend) from

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM ON MONDAYS 



A New Beaver Island Business to Open Soon

Beaver Island Trading Post, Eclectic Curios From Around The World, 34545 Kings Highway,  Phone: 231-448-2020 Tina Walker - Owner

Opening soon… One of Beaver Island's most unique stores offering custom printed and hand painted clothing and gifts: t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, and many other custom printable items. We will offer items with local artwork & photography and individual Beaver Island lake names, your family name, your home / cottage or property name, your business card artwork or whatever you would like printed on them. Whether you need 1 or 100, your ideas or ours, we will help you find just what you need at affordable prices. We will also have paintings, art prints, photography and jewelry from local artists, including: magnetic healing jewelry, silver wire wrapped stones, fossils and crystals, handmade glass beads and jewelry, nature inspired gifts, relaxing music, books, and many other very unique items.

Some of the hand crafted jewelry is designed and made by Larry Robinson (Some people may have seen the magnetic jewelry and the silver wire wrapped stones, fossils, and crystals at the Beaver Island Music Festival) and some of the handmade glass beads and jewelry are made by Larry's brother Nathan Robinson of Gaia Glassworks . Larry is also going to begin making stone beads some time in spring / summer of this year, as soon as he gets his workshop set up. Owner Tina Walker hopes to begin painting this winter. She is legally blind and says she has painted since Kindergarten. "Some people actually call me an artist... I let people judge for themselves." she said. Tina plans to produce her own line of original paintings, art prints,  greeting cards and will be hand painting and custom printing the clothing and gift items as well.

Catherine “Georgie” Gatliff's 85 th Birthday

From left to right: Linda Wearn, Gail Craig, Georgie, and Carol Gillespie

A birthday celebration was held at Jerry and Marie LaFreniere's this past Saturday, where about 50 family and friends gathered to celebrate Georgie's 85 th birthday. Edward and Hilary Palmer provided entertainment, as Georgie loves to dance.

Georgie was born on Beaver Island to Hugh and Katie Connaghan on January 8, 1923. She married Danny Gatliff, son of Tom and Mary Gatliff. Daughters Linda Wearn, Gail Craig and Carol Gillespie were here to help celebrate. Her sons Jimmy, Tony and Perry were unable to be here.

At Stoney and Donegal Danny's

Tuesday, Jan 8th Elvis' Birthday Bash..."Whole lotta' shakin' goin' on!"

Saturday, January 12th, Celebrate Mardi Gras! All You Can Eat Buffet at 5:30 pm along with LIVE MUSIC with the Boodlers at 9 pm.

January 21st through Mid-February, welcome back to the Island for GUEST CHEF DEBORAH HARWOOD!

Sunday, February 3rd, SUPER BOWL PARTY, Complimentary Buffet and Happy Hour all day.

Thursday, February 7th, Bring in the Chinese New Year with a Chinese NY Dinner Special

Thursday, February 14th, Valentine's Day Specialty Dinner.

Saturday, March 1st is the IRISH CONCERT---Direct from Ireland "Moore and Broaders" @ 9 pm

Missed New Year's Eve Musician

Here's a New Year's Eve performer who got missed in last week's story. It took almost a week for him to turn from musician back into an editor. The change must have been excruciating because playing music was so much fun. This is your News on the 'Net editor who couldn't take his own picture. Thanks to Tara Palmer for the picture through Michelle LaFreniere. The performance included a little "Just Because" polka tied with Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scheherazde-Young Prince and Princess" and was blended right into "Turkey in the Straw." Let's remember how great that party was and try for another one just like it next year.

Beaver Island Trivia

Last Week's Question:

What was the name of the business that built the home owned by Glen and Kathleen Woods and the building that houses the Beaver Boatique?

The answer was emailed to me by many people. I was surprised at how many took the time to email me. Thank you to all of you. The correct answer was some form of the following:

American Central Land Development Company ( or Corporation)

The winner of the subscription by being the first to answer was Marie LaFreniere. Another who was correct was Joyce Bartells. There were others who were partially correct. Thank you for responding.

This Week's Question:

Who originally opened Stoney Acre Grill and how or why did it get that name?

The first correct answer will earn a gift subscription to News on the 'Net for the months of January, February, and March for the person of your choice, anyone who is not already a subscriber. Email your answers to:

Excavating the Harbor Bottom??

No one seems to know why this was done, or at least they are not talking about it. Curiosity, more than anything killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back. So what is the purpose of this excavation of the harbor bottom on land owned by the State of Michigan?

"Dredging or Excavation . Any dredging below (waterward) of the ordinary high water mark of a lake or stream requires a permit.",1607,7-135-3313_3681_28734-84615--,00.html

The State does own all the way up to the high water mark according to the research done, and a permit is needed to make any such changes also according to this same research. A Soil and Erosion permit is also needed from Charlevoix County. What's up?

From the Chamber

January 4, 2008 2008 Membership Dues, Don't Delay The deadline of 12-30-07 has passed. Most members have sent their form and check. If you haven't please do it today. Here is a link to the form. /2008-membership/index.html  If you have questions just call (231) 448-2505 or email . If you need a extended payment plan just call. No problem, we can work it out. Contact the office so we can move forward with the printed Directory promptly. Please renew today!

2008 Visitor Directory Ad Space Currently we have five (5) center section advertisers slated for our 2008 print Visitor Directory. Three (3) more slots are available. The ads include your business logo next to your web site listing as well. The  press run is 6000 and the printed directory has several years of "shelf life." The annual cost is only $500 and it is not due until June 1st. Call if you have questions or would like to be mailed a copy of the current Visitor Directory.

Only Two Air Show Sponsorships Remain Only two sponsorships for the July 19 Air Show remain. Each $700 sponsorship includes a ride ($425 value)  in the Yankee Lady. She is the finest restored B-17 in the world.  Take a look at this beautiful piece of history. Citizen of the Year Coming Soon You can download a nomination form from your Chamber web site or pick one up at the office. The annual banquet is slated for April 12 at Stoney Acre Grill.

Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Local Catholic Bishop Suffers Heart Attack

Bishop Patrick R. Cooney, leader of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gaylord, suffered a heart attack on Saturday, January 5, while preparing for the Ordination Ceremony for Deacon Joseph Muszkiewicz in Gaylord.

Bishop Cooney was taken for initial treatment to Otsego Memorial Hospital in Gaylord and then transferred to Munson Medical Center in Traverse City where he underwent open heart surgery. Doctors have reported the surgery went well and that the Bishop is now resting. His family is with him.

“We are extremely thankful for the many prayers that are being raised for Bishop Cooney and we are hopeful for his complete recovery,” stated Candace Neff, spokesperson for the Diocese of Gaylord. “The outpouring of love and concern for our Bishop is deeply appreciated by his family and the entire Catholic community. We know that he will face a long period of recuperation and are also confident that his need for privacy during this process will be understood and respected.”

The Catholic Diocese of Gaylord encompasses the 21 most northern counties of Michigan's Lower Peninsula (including Charlevoix County and Beaver Island) and includes 81 parishes and 17 schools. Bishop Cooney has led the more than 70,000 Catholics in the region since 1990.