B. I. News on the 'Net, July 11-17, 2011

Proposed Parking Policy for Charlevoix Airport

Editorial on Proposed New Parking Policy for Charlevoix Airport:

To the City Council of Charlevoix:

This is being emailed to you through the City Manager because I cannot afford to pay $90 to be able to come over and attend your meeting in addition to the cost of a motel, and meals. 

Again, I would like you to consider the fact that your airport manager and staff don't really know much about traveling to and from Beaver Island, and they appear to want to be regulators instead of facilitators.   The new policy suggests a limitation on the vehicles allowed to be used and requires a person to make direct contact with an airport employee in order to be able to park a vehicle there even if a parking pass is already purchased for the year.  A large number of Island people see this as just one more way of taxing the Island people because it looks good in print, doesn't mean it will work in practice.

Now, the policy as suggested by the airport manager requires the island traveler to come to the office in order to arrange a transfer of the parking pass.  This is not only inconvenient, but it is also only another effort to increase the costs of parking a vehicle at Charlevoix Airport because part of this policy states that the parking permit may be revoked for a violation of the policy.  The airport manager and staff should probably have some conversation with some Island people about the way this has worked in the past, and when something is not broken, you don't try to fix it.  The only reason for this issue at all is stated by the airport manager in the first few sentences of the proposed policy:

"to make all operations cost-neutral."  This is the purpose of the policy, which has nothing to do with the real issues facing island travelers.  Then later on in the proposed policy, the airport manager and staff have put another negative into the policy with "misuse or fraudulent conduct by the annual pass holder will result in automatic forfeiture."

Boy, what a wonderful way to thank visitors to Charlevoix, who just happen to also want to visit Beaver Island.

Then, yet another requirement is proposed which is pretty obvious to those of us who live on the Island, an outright slap in the face.  Now we have to report to the Airport Manager or designee to get a transfer of the parking pass:  "showing proof of family member status to the city airport staff.": 

Not one of these staff members have tried to get to the airport in time for a flight.  Not one of these staff members know about the difficulties in getting to and from the island when the weather is not cooperative.  Not one of these staff members has arrived at the airport and been told that the last flight was leaving in five minutes, and they would not wait for them due to the weather closing in.

I again suggest that the Airport Manager and his staff be required to sit down with some Beaver Island year round residents to discuss these issues OR simply go back to the easy method of placing the parking pass on a piece of plexiglass, and stop worrying about who might use that parking pass.  After all, if the parking pass is not being used on one vehicle and that vehicle is not parked at the airport, why shouldn't it be used on another vehicle, no matter the relationship with the parking pass owner?

Then the staff further suggests who will be considered an "Immediate Family Member" with a definition that is also quite narrow, and narrow-minded in my opinion:  "A parent, sibling, or dependent by adoption that is claimed by the adult on their income tax as a legal dependent and is under the age of eighteen."

Why should my college age dependent not be included?  Why should my older son not be included?  Why should the adopted family member have to be under the age of eighteen?  Why do they have to be claimed on my income tax, and how will that be proven by them?

If the airport manager wishes to come up with a fair and equitable policy, why is he not making contact, even by telephone or by mail or by email, with those that have commented on this parking issue previously?  Perhaps the airport manager doesn't want to  facilitate, but to regulate .

I will finish with a restatement of the purpose of this policy according to your airport manager: 
"To make all operations cost-neutral."  If my contributions to the Charlevoix economy are not worth anything but to make the parking operation at the airport "cost-neutral," then perhaps I won't contribute at all.

The following is quote from a previous email sent to your manager, which I will share with all my friends and acquaintances on the island:

"You can rest assured of the following:  If I have a ticket on my vehicle when I come to Charlevoix , I will not spend one single penny in the City of Charlevoix .  I will stop banking in Charlevoix .  I will stop buying retail products in Charlevoix .  The City of Charlevoix has attempted to do this to island folks just one too many times."

Joe Moore,
Beaver Island year round resident who has never once been contacted by the airport manager on the parking issue even though I am a parking pass owner.

Beaver Island Music Festival Saturday Afternoon

On Saturday, July 16, 2011, Phyllis Moore took a trip down to the music festival. She reports that she saw three bands perform: The Northern Skies, My Sweet Patootie, and Andro. She got some excellent pictures of the bands and the crowd there enjoying the music.

There were even people we recognized in the photos like Jim and Donna Stambaugh, Kimberly Read, Melvin and Alvina NaPont, and the girls from the historical society.

B.I. Music Festival Saturday Afternoon Music Meld Video


Peaine Township Meeting Video for Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Memorial Service Scheduled for Sally Davis

The memorial service for Sally Davis is scheduled for Sunday, July 31, 11:30 a.m. at Beaver Island Christian Church.  This is a separate service, NOT part of the regular Sunday morning worship service that begins at 10 a.m.. There will be lunch afterwards at the Gregg Fellowship Center; McDonough's will have a sign-up sheet for a dish to pass, probably a little closer to the actual date.

New Address for Chuck Schellenberg

Raybrook Manor, 2121 Raybrook St.S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49546  Same phone 646-827-8044 or cell 213-4995285

Birds at Whiskey Point and Gull Harbor

There were plenty of birds to keep track of out at Whiskey Point and then on the drive around Gull Harbor over the last two days, July 15+16, 2011. Here are a few of the pictures taken:

An eagle in the tree at Gull Harbor..

Heron on a rock at Gull Harbor

Scurrying birds at Whiskey Point

Ducks, here and there, and everywhere

One who continued to hide in the tall grass for quite awhile and then finally flew away

A Gull taking a bath

If you stop to look around, you will see some amazing things in nature. You just have to take the time to look, and it does take some time, but you will see wonderful wildlife around.

Emerald Isle Departure Delayed More Than Four Hours

(10:15 pm, 7/14/11) The “Emerald Isle” was about four hours late in arriving tonight on the island, Thursday, July 14, 2011. According to a passenger returning to Charlevoix on an 11:20 Beaver Island departure of the Emerald Isle from Beaver Island, a small private pleasure craft and the Emerald Isle were involved in a very minor collision. The Charlevoix County Sheriff's Department Marine Deputy, and the USCG crew arrived to investigate this minor collision. The investigation began about the time the ferry was to leave to return to the island. On board were many island visitors coming to the Beaver Island Music Festival as well as other visitors. The captain of the pleasure craft reported to the USCG that his yacht struck the side of the ferry. There were no injuries, very little damage to the yacht, and no injuries or damage to the ferry.

The Emerald Isle was delayed by the USCG for about four hours and fifteen minutes as a USCG crewman from Sault St. Marie had to come down to investigate. The four member crew of the Emerald Isle were subjected to drug and alcohol testing as part of the investigation. The Emerald Isle arrived on the Island and was docked at 9 p.m.

Interview with Bill McDonough, President of the Beaver Island Boat Company


How nice to find so many Beaver Island residents and visitors with an interest in spending their day walking the gardens of 7 unique owners and hearing their tales of planning, planting, building and toiling to bring their little piece of paradise into the wonderful shape it was today.  Thirty-eight driven attendees, as well as ten bikers and walkers, started their tour at the lovely harbor home of Capt. Matt and Wendy Fogg.  Wendy delighted us with tales of the historic Fogg property as well as photos of the transformation over the century.  Her lavender iced tea was tasty, and her entertaining little helper (Westie McGruff) got the crowd off to a fun start.
On we ventured to Melvin and Alvina Napont's historic site.  Her garden was a mixture of nature's bounty;   shapely tree stumps, painted rocks, cute little forest creatures, as well as flowers and shrubs.  Her totem and staff represented her family lineage and her tale of the tea kettle from her grandmother which is filled with flowers was most interesting.  Her face beamed with pride as we all took in her lovely garden.
Just behind the Christian Church lays a lovely beckoning garden at the home of John and Joyce Erber.  Joyce has plotted and planted for over 20 years here.  She told us the names of her unusual and plentiful flowers.  Her well-tended bed in front included an asparagus mound, cosmos, lillies,  and a 22 year-old rhododendron!!  They also have a vegetable garden and berry patch in back of the house.  What a delight this was!
Steve and Elle Hagerman have captured the essence of victorian living with a “self-sustainable” twist at their home.  The guests were enraptured by her amazing vegetable array growing atop a three foot high stone wall which circled the lawn.  Beside that was the sculpture garden filled with angels and lovely boulders and a totem pole depicting their beaver island friends.  (Their dog, cat, and a rogue chipmunk are on the totem, too!)
Lunch was a must at this point and we meandered over to the Lodge for a scrumptuous  salad luncheon prepared by the new chef Simon Perron.  The tables were adorned with little pots of flowers grown at the Beaver Island Gardens, courtesy of Heidi Vigil, which added a continuity to our garden theme.
The Laurain Lodge beckoned some of us to stop there after lunch and tour their lovely spot.
(We even got a peak into their newly refurbished condos.) Then on to the home of Gene Masta and Linda Wolf(SP?)  Gene's never-ending garden was a welcome stop during the hottest part of the day.  He furnished us with tales of interesting plants and trees and shrubs.  His hostas were too numerous to count, and the variety was mind boggling.  His garden was a perfect spot for photos and many cameras continued to snap after the van and bus moved on!!  
Pinky Harmon presented the history behind the wonderful memory garden beside the priest's home.  The towering cross built by Bud Cruikshank is made of redwood!  The bricks are still being purchased to honor or memorialize loved ones on the island. There is even a stone from the “911” site embedded. there. Those who haven't seen this site should take the time to visit.  The view of the harbor from atop this hill is unbelievable!
We moved on to Laurie Souder's home next and besides her front yard of lovely plantings, she showed us the back yard, filled with 4 foot high Primroses, hollyhocks  and other perennials.  They all surround a circular fence.  When asked if she was worried about deer damage she said “sometimes, but mostly she didn't want her own dacshunds (sp??)to demolish the plants. What a clever way to hide a dog run !!
Our last stop was at the south harbor beach home of Peter and Ruth Igoe.  They have created a palette of lovely prairie flowers, which produce an abundance of seeds that are lovingly sprinkled by the Igoe grandchildren in late August each year.  Ruth's photos of her grandkids doing this was delightful, as well as the granddaughter with her zuchini in arms,
trying to help out her grandpa Peter and his very organized, tidy, vegetable garden of numerous varieties.  They also have an extensive perennial garden that winds around the beach house and includes many irises, cosmos, black-eyed susans, astilbe and catmint ,to name a few. Ruth treated all to iced tea and lemon bars on her lovely porch.
The wonderful day ended with a small gathering at Donegal Danny's for a sip of wine, and last minute bidding on the quilt.  Angel Welke put in the last bid on the sheet and she and Paul will be taking home their winnings.  It all has come full circle.
SAME TIME NEXT YEAR FOLKS!!   Submitted by Leonor Jacobson

(Some video and pictures will be posted as soon as possible.)

July Library News

Wow! It's been a busy beginning to summer at the library. Connie Wojan graciously agreed to do the Children's Story Time again this year to our delight. The children are enthralled with her stories and totally enjoy the various craft projects she comes up with.

On July 7 th the library hosted 19 little girls, ages 4 to 7, for a Princess Party. Michelle LaFreniere was fantastic at planning, organizing and baking very special cookies. Her assistant was Kimberly Read who kept the girls entertained by reading princess stories and teaching them how to do the princess wave, the curtsy and how to dance. Each little princess left with a special cup as a reminder.

For those interested in learning how to communicate with babies using the American Sign Language, July 11 th saw Andrea Moore teaching baby signing. Hopefully this is something we can repeat in another year as more people discover how easy it is to do.

The Jolly Roger was flying over the library on July 14 th as little pirates, ages 4 to 7, set sail for uncharted waters. Island pirate, Captain James “Swamp Man” Stambaugh, thrilled the little boys with breath-taking tales of life on the high seas. The little pirates each took home a special pirate mug. Again Michelle LaFreniere outdid herself in organizing and planning this event.

Remember that we do have Ancestry for Libraries for those of you interested in climbing your family tree. It's free within the library and already bookmarked on our public computers.

In the Langford Music Room our music system up and running again thanks to Don Langford. We were in withdrawal for a couple weeks and the patrons missed it. We also, over the past couple of months, enjoyed watching the eagles hatch and learn to fly. Now we have a mama robin sitting on three eggs via the live webcam. Stop in and check it out in the Music Room.

At the end of the month, on July 28 th and 29 th , the library will be holding a huge book sale (weather permitting – in case of rain we'll move it back a day). Please plan on stopping by and checking out the huge selection of books from hundreds of different authors. We'll have books on cooking, decorating, crafting, romance, mysteries, non-fiction, children's books, and lots more.

Pirate Party at the District Library

(9:45 am, 7/15/11) Upon arrival at the Beaver Island District Library Thursday morning, a loud "ARRGH" was heard from the garden behind the building. It was necessary to investigate. Sure enough, there was a pirate in the back garden. What was unusual was that this pirate was reading a story to the younger pirates. "Batten down the hatches" was also heard, but this was in the story being read by Jim Stambaugh, an excellent choice for a pirate party. Each of the young pirates had a hat and an eye patch, but they were fulling enthralled by the story being read. Kimbery Read and Michelle LaFreniere were also dressed in pirate garb, and began to echo the lead pirate at certain places in the story.

Inside activities and a party were planned for all the young pirates. The pirate party at the district library was quite a success, but unfortunately not so many young boys were able to attend. What a great idea this is to build on for next year! Not one of these young pirates will forget this opportunity to visit the Beaver Island District Library!

Video Clip of a story in the garden


The chief pirate Jim Stambaugh

Osprey Hatchlings Are Fed

(10 am, 7/15/11) There is no doubt when the osprey hatchlings are going to be fed. You just have to wait patiently until the adult osprey begin communicating, one guarding the nest and the other bringing in the fish for lunch. As soon as both adults are heard, the hatchlings add to the chorus, and you know that something will happen very soon. You just have to be patient.

And after a fine chorus of chirping, a second adult comes into view carrying a fish.

Drop off one fish, and almost immediately off to go fishing again. These not-so-little anymore hatchlings are hungry.

Feeding the Osprey Hatchlings


Beaver Island Music Festival Begins

(10:15 am , 7/15/11)Even with the delay in the Emerald Isle departure from Charlevois, required by a new ruling of the USCG, the musicians and attendees were ready to get out into the woods for Music in the Outdoors at the Beaver Island Music Festival. The festival began yesterday, July 14, 2011. With some of the musicians delayed, local musicians filled in for those performance slots to keep the festival going during the five hour delay. Lots of music festival people, reported to be over 800 last year, were ready for some relaxing music and other entertainment. Trucks and wagons were waiting for the delayed festival-goers to get them out to the festival.

Fly Fishing the World Fly Fishes Beaver Island

(Permission to reprint received from Matt Dunn)

This past weekend Kevin and Steve hosted Conway Bowman and his crew, shooting footage for Fly Fishing the World. For anyone that doesn't know, Conway pioneered fly fishing for mako sharks along the California coast.

For the last spot of the day I wanted to make a big run west and Steve wanted to try a small rock bar just a mile away. Because we needed to get back to town for interviews and shots of local color we went with Steve's idea. And I'm glad we did, because Conway stuck a pig 30 pounder on the very last cast.

A big thanks to everyone who helped make Conway and Fly Fishing the World's trip possible: Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce , Island Airways , Beaver Island Lodge , The Toy Museum , Bill Cashman , Bill McDonough at the Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli , Stony Acre Grill & Donegal Danny's Pub , Danny, Danny and Cindy in the Irish Band, Richie Gillespie , and a big thanks to whomever's party we ended up at on Friday night.

For more story and more pictures go to this link ( excerpt from http://thirdcoastfly.com/)

Sign Up for Music on the Porch

Monday, July 18th at 7:30 p.m. - "Music on the Porch"
Anyone who would like to perform should contact me as soon as possible. My home phone number is 231-448-2393 or e-mail: kspeck@tds.net . Due to time restraints and depending on the number of performers for the evening, you will be limited to two numbers. We welcome any and all performers. Contact me soon!

Beaver Island Blood Drive

The American Red Cross blood drive for Beaver Island will be held at the Gregg Fellowship Center on Thursday, July 28, 2011, from noon until 5:45 p.m.

The annual event is sponsored by the Beaver island Christian Church, Holy Cross Catholic Church, and the St. James Episcopal Church with support from the Beaver Island Boat Company and Island Airways.

For details call Lars at 448- 2470, Jean at 448-2893, or Connie at 448-2379.

Forest View Senior Housing Apartments Grand Opening

The weather didn't cooperate very well today in getting the people participating in this Grand Opening Celebration to Beaver Island in a timely manner. First it was rain, and then it was fog, but the State of Michigan participants were not able to get to the island until after 11:30 a.m., so the beginning of the ceremony was delayed for a little less than an hour.

There were plenty of refreshments and lots to look at while the wait took place.

Lots of socializing, introductions, and last minute preparations to complete.

Then the announcement was made that the State plane would be arriving in about ten minutes.

One of the participants from the State of Michigan remarked, "It doesn't get any more rural than this." The absolutely most important statement made during the entire event in this editor's estimation. The program was then about ready to begin, so Phil Hoffman, the Master of Ceremonies, began the program. He introduced Sheriff Don Schneider, who lead the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Phil Hoffman, Master of Ceremonies, commented that this whole effort would not have happened without the perseverance and dedication of Pete LoDico.

Link to Pete LoDico's Speech

The Speakers

Jane MacKenzie, Executive Director, Northern Homes Community Development Corporation Pet LoDico, President, Beaver Island Community Development Corportation Jim Tischler, Director of Community Development Division, Michigan State Housing Development Authority Mr. Tischler is new to his position, so he introduced the staff that had worked on the project. He also spoke about the rural areas served by his authority
Chip Hansen, President, Charlevoix County Community Foundation Derek Bailey, Tribal Chairman, Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians Jack Gallagher, Supervisor, Peaine Township Shelly Fuller, Area Director, US Department of Agriculture, Rural Development Ms. Fuller also recognized and introduced the staff that worked on the project.
James Turner, State Director, US Department of Agriculture, Rural Development Gabriel Schneider, Regional Representative for Senator Carl Levin Brandon Fewins, Regional Manager for Senator Debbie Stabenow

The the presentation of checks was made by James Turner, State Director, US Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Jim Tischler, Director of Community Development Division, Michigan State Housine Development Authority. The following local people received the check: left to right; Rick Speck, Supervisor St. James Township; Pete LoDico BIDC; Kathy Speck, BIDC; Connie Wojan, BIDC; Don Spencer, BIDC.

Video of this event is available HERE

Beaver Island is home for many seniors as well as the location of their immediate families, friend, and natural support systems. Historically, seniors who have been unable to maintain their homes or who were isolated onthe Island had to leave the Island to see Necessary housing and medical care on the mainland. The Forest View Community is designed to meet the long-term housing needs of seniors and disable adults living on Beaver Island.

The Beaver Island Development Corporation would like to extend a than you to the multitude of private donors for their financial contributions and kind words of support, and all who supported the fundraising dinners at the Beaver Island Lodge.

Update from Donegal Danny's and Stoney Acre

Paul Lamb's band is back in the states, and back on Beaver Island.
Please join us Wednesday night at 9pm to welcome them back!

Thursday Nights Our Tender & YummY Baby Back BBQ RIBS!
Friday's all day Special Yellow Lake Perch !

Fresh Local Caught WHITEFISH Available Daily!

Sunday Happy Hour All Day , Complimentary Hot Dogs till 5pm, Dinner 5-9.

Enjoy a Safe & Happy Summer,
Liam & Marilyn Racine

Meet Father Joe Blasko

Father Joe Blasko has been involved with the Diocese of Gaylord since 1999, and is now working as the Archivist for the Diocese in addition to his assignment to Holy Cross Parish, Beaver Island. He likes outdoor activities including cross country skiing, snowshoeing, biking, and golf.

Video of Father Joe Blasko Introducing Himself to the Island Community


Holy Cross Altar Society Raffles Original Lighthouse Painting by Lois Stipp

The Holy Cross Altar Society is doing its annual raffle for fundraising. The Altar Society will be selling raffle tickets from now until October when the Bite of Beaver takes place. This smaller print of the original painting will be presented to the altar society member who sells the most tickets. The drawing will take place on October 8, 2011, at 2 pm at Holy Cross Parish Hall. The tickets are on the island, and they should be available now. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. They will be for sale after mass on weekends, at McDonough's' Market, or you can contact Audrey Beilman for more information at 448-2083. The altar society has received a raffle license from the State of Michigan, #X78435.

B.I. District Library Presents "Signing with Your Baby"

Presented by Andrea Moore


This program was presented at the Beaver Island District Library at 1 p.m. on July 11, 2011. Andrea Moore, who has had a little over two years of American Sign Language in her studies at Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, was the presenter. Being the daughter of one of librarians offered an opportunity for a program at the island library that wouldn't generally be offered. A few parents took advantage of the program. Why would anyone do sign language with their child was the question of the day and hour, so research on the Internet provided the answer.

Benefits of Signing with Your Baby


Boost Your Baby's Self-Esteem and Confidence
Success builds upon success. Your baby can communicate wants and needs sooner using signs, speak sooner with the help of signing, and learn more at an earlier age. The more you and your baby communicate, the greater the opportunity for positive interactions and this leads to higher self esteem and self confidence for your baby. Your baby is able to influence her world from a very young age by initiating and participating in conversations while her non-signing peers are limited to grunting, pointing and crying. Your baby is also likely to be more stable emotionally since she feels understood and validated long before she is able to speak. Using signs to express emotions such as happy, sad, mad and scared also helps your baby to recognize and label emotions in a constructive way

Help Your Baby Attain a Higher IQ
Research has also shown that babies who use signs to communicate pre-verbally score higher on IQ tests. In fact, studies have shown long term benefits as well. Children at the age of 8 who signed when they were babies scored, on average, 12 points higher on IQ tests when compared to their non-signing peers. Perhaps this is because signing allows babies to learn more about the world at an earlier age by getting feedback from their primary teachers - their parents.  If your baby signs the word "cat" while looking at a "dog" you can easily explain the difference. Your baby has now been presented with a real world distinction and thereby given the opportunity to learn. A baby who cannot communicate what she is thinking cannot be offered such distinctions and consequently simply cannot learn at the same level as a baby who can.

Enhance Your Baby's Memory
Parents and teachers have been using tactile and movement activities (kinesthetic anchors) with children of all ages for many years to enhance a child's ability to retain and recall information. Put simply, adding a touch and a movement to a word or song helps children remember the word or song. This is why almost every child in the US can recite the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or "I'm a Little Teapot." This is also why most preschool performances add physical movement to the songs that they present. Movement is simply another way for a child to remember and later access information that they learn. The same advantages can be given to your baby by teaching your baby to sign.

From http://www.mybabycantalk.com


Video Walk Through of Handicapped Apartment at Forest View

Pete LoDico provided this short walk through of the handicapped apartment at the newly opened Forest View Apartment complex. The apartment is set up for a wheel-chair bound individual with openings under the sinks as well as other conveniences for a handicapped individual.

Short Video Walk Through


BICS Seeking Math and Foreign Language Teacher

The school district is looking for a 7-12 grade math teacher who is also qualified to teach a foreign language (Spanish or Mandarin Chinese preferred).   The position is posted at  www.greatschooljobs.com .  The deadline for applications is July 15, 2011, or until position is filled. Candidates should send a letter of interest and resume to kittym@bics.us .  An interviewing committee made up of the Principal/Superintendent, two teachers, two board members and a parent will interview the top candidates.


A potluck salad/dessert luncheon and funky-fun fashion show will be held on

Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 12:30 pm at Gregg Fellowship Hall.

Fashions will be provided by:

Beaver Gems T-Shirt Shop The Blue Pearl

East Wind Spa & Consignment Shop Island Treasures Resale Shop

Livingstone Studios McDo nough's Market

Powers Do-It-Best Hardware Whimsey

Beverages will be provided by BICC Women's Circle.

Call now to make your reservations at Island Treasures Resale (231-448-2534 ) or Dee Gallagher (231-448-2262 ).   A Donation Jar will be available with proceeds to the BI Food Pantry and BIFDA.

8th Annual Boyne Thunder

When you saw these fast and somewhat noisy boats arrive in the harbor this morning, July 9, 2011 at about 10:15 a.m., you would see an amazingly fun, yet excellent fundraising effort for Camp Quality. Eric and Dana Hodgson were using their boat to pass out the cards here in Paradise Bay. Below is information found on the Boyne Thunder website.

Speed, excitement and smiles return to northern Michigan for the eighth annual Boyne Thunder Poker Run on July 8 and 9, 2011 in beautiful Boyne City. This unique boating event showcases high performance boats, some sporting several thousand horsepower, slicing through the waters of Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan on a 90-mile excursion.

In addition to a great event in a beautiful area, what has made Boyne Thunder special is its relationship with Camp Quality, a non-profit organization that provides special experiences and support for children with cancer. The goal of Camp Quality is to allow children with cancer to be children again, facilitate experiences and friendships, and provide confidence for these special children and their families in a way that matters. Since it began, Boyne Thunder has raised more than $182,000 for Camp Quality and it has become an important part of the camp's success.

For more information about Boyne Thunder, visit www.boynethunder.com , email \n mainstreet@boynecity.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact Camp Quality Executive Director Eleanor West at 231.582.2471.

One of the first boats into the harbor

Many different styles of racing boats came in for the Thunder Run.

Pick of a card, and then head out..Perhaps the sailboaters and ferry captain had an excellent view of the racing boats from the water.

Video of the Boyne Thunder Entering and Leaving Paradise Bay


Natural Resources and Ecotourism Steering Committee Resolution

Proposed By-laws for NRESC

Map of the 2011 EAB Panel Trap Locations on Beaver Island

These Locations are for Emerald Ash Borer Monitoring

Chamber News

Beaver Island Featured On WJR Radio Detroit

The Sunday Travel Michigan (Pure Michigan) radio show will feature a seven minute segment about Beaver Island on WJR AM 760. The station is a 50,000 watt power house. The show airs this Sunday (7-10) from 4:00 to 5:00. Steve West is interviewed. You can listen on your computer here.

http://www.wjr.net/article.asp?id=1476377 You will need to log in first so plan to go to the site a few minutes early.

Media Report – TV Show - Fly Fishing The World

On their first day of shooting (7-7) host Conway Bowman reports they caught a bunch of fish and, “got enough video to do a show.” They have two more days to shoot for perfection and the weather is on our side. Thanks to the Chamber host partners Indigo Guides, Island Airways, Beaver Island Lodge Restaurant and Roger & Nancy Wilcox. The show will air later this year.

BI District Library's Princess Party

Michelle LaFreniere, Kimberly Read, and Phyllis Moore put in a great deal of effort that paid off today for twenty young ladies between the ages of 4 and 7. Reading stories, doing crafts, and eating cake, brownies, etc. as well as having a picture taken in Cinderella's coach was just what these three adults had in mind for a party. And a great party it was!

The tables were set for a feast for the princesses.

The princesses have a story time before the other activities. Kimberly did a great job!

Ready to make craft activity.

Short Video Clip of the beginning of the party during the story.


Jaimen Waha Researches Island Dunes

Jaimen Waha is from Charlevoix, and when given a chance to do some work on the Beaver Archipelago, jumped or kayaked at the chance.

Short Video Interview of Jaimen Waha


Osprey Protects the Nest

One of the osprey adults guards the nest while the other adult goes out hunting for fish.

Short Video of the Osprey Protecting the Nest


The First Fawn of the Summer

This picture was taken by Frank Solle as he captured the first fawn of the season out by his home.

What's the Crane Doing at Whiskey Point?

The short video answer

Mr. Cunningham


The working crane (Very loud, turn your volume down!)


The barge and crane are at Whiskey Point to work on the dock area that belongs to Central Michigan University. The first permit states that Lyons Marine can install four pilings for the purpose of tying up smaller boats. A second permit states that Lyons Marine can remove the railway.

St. James Township Meeting, July 6, 2011

The meeting began with the quick approval of bills and minutes. The discussion about the DNR-required sewer system began anew. The costs of original installation was discussed as well as the increase in monthly cost of being connected. One taxpayer was concerned about the cost of the FOIA request from the engineering firm, the cost being slightly more than $180. A motion was passed to have the township pay that FOIA cost. It was reported by Township Supervisor Rick Speck that the Phragmities location and GPS locations had met a hurdle. All of the first ten hours of data was lost in a tech glitch. This work will all have to be repeated. The supervisor reminded the board and public of the Board of Review to take place on July 22, 2011. The board discussed the mileage reimbursement for employees and agreed to pay the federal rate of $.51 per mile as long as the employee documented the date and the specific activity. The St. James Township Board passed a motion to approve the resolution for the creation of the Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Steering Committee unanimously. During public comment, the lack of a flag at Whiskey Point was discussed. Jim Wojan is working on this issue with CMU Biological Station, the owners of the property. A revised driving guide was authorized for printing by the township. Bud Martin discussed the possibility of building a break wall along the edge of the drop off Whiskey Point to create a park. He mentioned that there might be federal money to fund this project. The townships agreed to the extent that work will begin in the near future to update the Recreation Plan, which would be the first step toward applying for grant money. Rick Speck suggested that this might take about two years, but that it would be a good idea to update the plan for application for funding of any project since it is required by the state.

Video of this meeting HERE

Coming Soon A Very Special Beaver Island Video

The Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce is pleased to show this two minute trailed for a very special Beaver Island video that will be released later this summer.

Here's the link. 


Some viewing tips:

  Because I make videos in High Definition, you can watch the video in HD right on YouTube. On the bottom of the video is the play-bar. On the right side of the play-bar is a small button that may say "360p". If you click this button, you can choose higher res versions to watch. Choosing "720p HD" is the highest quality and works well with our TDS bandwith. This option is only available for movies made in High Definition.

  You can also click the "full-screen" button on the bottom-right corner to enter fullscreen mode. When you're done, press the "esc" key on your keyboard to exit full-screen

July 4th Fireworks

The fireworks this year were very good except for the finale that looked like it got away from the fire department. While several of the viewers asked about the possibility of an emergency, none seemed to exist. Most of the effort this year went into getting video, so two cameras don't operate themselves. Here are just a few pictures of the fireworks.

Video Clips Below


Fireworks Clip 1..........................................................................................................Fireworks Clip 2

Fireworks Clip 3


Fireworks Clip 4................................................................................................................Fireworks Clip 5

July 4th Carnival

The location of the carnival was changed from the convent lawn by the Holy Cross Hall to the parking lot and ground of the Gregg Fellowship Center. It appeared that there were fewer people at the carnival this year. Missing were the middle schoolers and older. Missing also was dunk tank. The carnival this year was good for the age group that attended, which were mainly the early elementary students.

Ticket purchases

The water balloon challenge

Most of the games were for the younger children from sling shot to duck dunk to teddy bears to air shot

Cotton Candy was back

Bouncing and tattoos

Bowling for prizes..

Video of some of the events at the July 4th Carnival


All of the youngsters that were here at the carnival certainly enjoyed themselves. What will next year bring?

July 4th Parade

This year's July 4th parade was larger that the parades of the last few years. The quality of the event continues to amaze when one considers the small size of this community. It was an interesting interpretation of the theme by some participants, but somehow the makers could make their creation fit, but "honoring our veterans and military serving in the present" was a patriotic message to all.

The publicity about removing the water fights from the parade also seemed to have worked, and the canon didn't scare too many kids. Everyone seemed to be working to provide a terrific time of entertainment in honor of our military past and present.

For pictures of the parade, click HERE

For Video of the parade, Click HERE

Dead Swan at Barney's Lake

Last weekend, the weekend before the July 4th weekend, Jim Stambaugh was kayaking on Barney's Lake and came upon a dead swan. This picture was taken by Jim Stambaugh. No one knows what happened to the swan, but there are some interesting things noted about it. A week before the picture was taken and the week before that, the swan had a greyish colored neck, which was unusual since it had been completely white prior to that. Is it possible that the mute swan may have contracted a disease or eaten something that caused its death? The mistery still exists, but there are no mute swans on Barney's Lake as of last weekend.

Mist over the Ball Diamond and Field

In the early morning hours on July 3, 2011, Bob Tidmore was driving up toward Whiskey Point and noticed the mist over the field and the ball diamond. Bob Tidmore took a picture of the mist and sent it to News on the 'Net. Thanks, Bob.

AMVETs Formal Dedication of Veteran's Memorial Park

This formal dedication ceremony took place at 3 p.m. on July 3, 2011. The Veterans' Memorial Park was a project of AMVETs Post 46 with approval of St. James Township and Wolverine Electric. This formal dedication was well attended by many Islanders and summer visitors alike. The center flag was the flag that was on the casket of Ed Wojan who passed away in 1945 while in service to our country. The center flag that was flown had only 48 stars in the blue.

(These panoramic photos were taken by Phyllis Moore. All other pictures by Andrea Moore.)

The Opening Remarks: "Good Afternoon. We would like to welcome all of you to the formal dedication of the Beaver Island Veterans Memorial Park . It was just one year ago on July 6th, 2010 that Carl Felix, a WWII veteran and member of this post turned the first shovel of dirt. We lost Carl last week as we have lost a number of veterans over the past few years. They will all be missed.

We want to particularly thank all those who made this memorial possible through the donation of money, time, services and the purchase of bricks. Many people on the Island and the mainland made this park possible.

Today we are honored to fly on the center flagpole the burial flag of PFC. EDWARD WOJAN from Beaver Island who died in combat on MARCH 19 TH 1945 IN GERMANY .

Today's ceremony will be brief and we believe meaningful. Thank you for attending."

The Pledge of Allegiance: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Bob Hoogendoorn read a military poem written by Robert A. Chapin entitled "The Wall." Bob found it in a book by Randy Kington entitled "What a Life." (This is copyrighted material.)


Aircraft Honor our Veterans

Beaver Island Veterans Who Gave Their Lives in Service to Their Country

Video of First Part of Dedication Ceremony

(Video by Kolton Kazakos)


The Laying of the Wreath

The Gettysburg Address

Video of Second Part of Dedication Ceremony


A Dedication Prayer

The Star Spangled Banner

Island Airways Missing Man Fly-over

Video of Third Part of Dedication Ceremony


The Rifle Detail


Video of the End of Dedication Ceremony


Post 46, Beaver Island AMVETs

Beautiful Sunny Beach Days

The parking lot down by the Holy Cross Hall was packed. Lots of activities were going on with volleyball, swimming, and sunbathing being the top three.

Short Video Clip


Sailing seemed to follow closely behind with these other activities including paddling around the harbor in a kayak or with a paddle board.

Can we go to the beach, mommy?

Art in the Park (in the Harbor) on Saturday

With lots of items for sale at Art in the Park, the variety was remarkable. From clothing to fur hats to beaver tooth necklaces, to wonderful jewelry and candles, the attendees got a great look at the talents of the Islanders present and showing their skill.

The location was across the street from the old McDonough's Market, or more commonly the Charlevoix State Bank Beaver Island office.

Art in the Park attendees and artists...

Video of items for sale and the artists


Not Your Old-fashioned Summer School

Twenty-first Century Learning summer school is nothing like the summer school that your fathers and mothers and grandfathers and grandmothers used to talk about. This is an amazing and motivating program with lots of different types of learning besides the three R's. Here is the weekly newsletter put out by this program director Laura Gibson.

Link to newsletter with lots of scheduled activities

BIRHC Benefit Golf Outing Scheduled for August 6th

The Beaver Island Golf Course has scheduled the BIRHC benefit outing  for Saturday, August 6th at 1:00 p.m .  Rain date is Sunday, August 7th . More details to follow.  You can contact the golf course at 448-2301.

2011 Car Raffle is a Chevy Cruze


- Early Bird Drawing for "$1,000 Cash Prize"

For the third year, Beaver Island Rural Health Center is offering early bird ticket sales for the car raffle of a 2011 Chevy Cruze to be held September 5, 2011. The Early Bird winner wass Jared Wojan and he won a $1,000.00 cash prize!  He will  remain in the drawing for the car raffle on Sept. 5, 2011. Tickets may be purchased at the Beaver Island Rural Health Center.

"Volunteer Bill" Signed Into Law

Gov. Snyder signs House Bill 4111 to allow DNR to utilize volunteer efforts to improve conservation and outdoor recreation
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Erin McDonough - (517) 775-9500
Kent Wood - (517) 346-6462

LANSING, MICH --  One of the 2011 legislative priorities for Michigan United Conservation Clubs ( MUCC ) is complete. On Tuesday , Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder put his signature of approval on new legislation that will enable volunteers to help the DNR to further improve the value of our state's natural resources and their recreational opportunities (House Bill 4111, sponsored by State Rep. Bruce Rendon (R-Lake City).

MUCC Executive Director Erin McDonough said that House Bill 4111 is proof positive that Michigan's outdoors community is willing to step to the plate. "With the state's funding crunch, hunters, anglers and trappers were seeing our public lands being neglected simply because there was not enough budget to support them," she said. "Rather than simply sit back and complain, they approached MUCC and asked us to find a way that they could help. This common sense legislation allows volunteers to assist the DNR with improving the public lands that make Michigan such an incredible place to live. Without this legislation, limited resources could otherwise prevent certain improvements or services from moving forward."

The legislation authorizes the DNR to appoint volunteers to facilitate responsibilities of the Department under Section 503 of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act . McDonough also emphasized the importance of this legislation in expanding the DNR's ability to form working partnerships with willing volunteers and partners to fulfill tasks that are currently stagnant due to a lack of resources (i.e., stream bank restoration, fish stocking, wildlife habitat, deer check stations, trail grooming, etc.).

"We have already started to see a new sort of partnership taking place that pairs the general public with state government. This is no small accomplishment because that relationship has not been healthy in the past. With new partnerships such as the Michigan Pheasant Habitat Restoration Initiative and, now, this new legislation, Michigan's outdoors community can truly take even more ownership in the heritage we treasure."

MUCC would like to commend State Rep. Rendon for his leadership in sponsoring House Bill 4111.

Library Events in July

Arrrrr!!! Avast ye landlubbers! Ye are invited to chart yer course for the Beaver Island District Library. There will be a gathering of young pirates, Boys ages 4 to 7, on July 14, 2011. Games, grub and grog fit for a pirate from 10 a.m. to noon.... Wear your best pirate gear or walk the plank. Anyone dressed as a landlubber will be keelhauled! Registration is required and can be done by calling (231) 448-2701 Limited to 20 little pirates.


BIRHC Will Dispose of Expired Drugs

Rather than just throwing your expired prescription drugs or over the counter drugs in the trash or down the drain, the Beaver Island Rural Health Center has become a "pill drop off" location. They will dispose of these items for you. The rural health center also has needle disposal containers and are willing to provide them to you as well. Here is their flyer.

Community School Announces Guest Speaker

BICS has a guest speaker coming to the island on July 14th, 2011. The presentation is titled  “ A powerful message about how a cell phone changed so many lives forever in less than two minutes.” The presentation will be held at Beaver Island Community School in the High School Commons at 7:00 pm. Everyone is invited!

Summer Update from Stoney Acres and Donegal Danny's

Summer Hours at Stoney
Lunch Mon-Sat 11-2
Dinner Mon - Sunday 5-9
Thurs-Baby Back BBQ Ribs
Fri-Yellow Lake Perch
Fresh Whitefish Daily
Daily Specials plus full Menu

Danny's Pub
Mon-Sat 11-2am
Sunday 12-2am
Stoney menu available daily till 9pm/Pub menu till 2am
Sunday- Danny's Bloody Mary Bar & Complimentary Hot Dog Buffet

Music most weekends...never a cover charge or drink price increase
Rides Available
Enjoy a Safe & Happy Summer!
Our Best to You!
Liam & Marilyn

Thoughts and Opinions

by Joe Moore

The Chamber of Commerce has been doing a wonderful job of promoting the island's fisheries and other things that sportsmen might be interested in. Cudos to the Chamber. The Chamber has also done an excellent job of providing website links of off-island businesses in this promotion process. Exellent job!

BINN would like to help in this promotion. Located on the Internet is a website that is not supported by anyone except BINN editor Joe Moore. That website is located at http://beaverislandnewsarchives.com and is free and open to anyone with Internet access. Many things are on this website are part of the history of Beaver Island recorded over the last ten plus years. Included also are some of the pictures, text, and video shared on News on the 'Net for these ten plus years. BINN gives anyone out there the permission to use any one of the links in the promotion of Beaver Island and/or its activities. For example, the Baroque on Beaver samples found below on this page; the St. Patrick's Day activities, and several others including video of BICS sports' events. This archives is available. Please make use of it.

Another website out there that could help with the promotion of the Island is located at http://beaverislandtour.com and is currently going through an upgrade in information by the website founder Phyllis Moore. This website is a virtual tour of Beaver Island which is quite complete. When the updates are completed, the modernization of the island will be obvious to anyone who goes there. This website could probably use some sponsors to help cover the costs of maintaining it. All should feel free to post links to this website for the promotion of Beaver Island or just to provide information about what is where on the island.

On another note, today, June 18, 2011, is a mighty busy day for Beaver Island. Scheduled for today are three weddings, one funeral, and the Jerry Sowa Memorial Golf Tournament. The island is getting so busy that you can't possibly attend every event like you could in the past. Perhaps use of the free access Beaver Island Community Calendar might help people schedule their events. BINN is more than willing to post any event on this calendar if it effects Beaver Island residents and/or visitors.

They're Baack!

Frank Solle came across his new nemesis the Eastern Swamp Thistle (Cirsium palustre) has popped up in a number of locations along Hannigan's Road. These are my first sighting of the summer so I need to check the locations I found them in last year. The treatment regime is fairly simple and straightforward:

1. Identify - spiny stalk and branches, small purple flower heads in clusters at top as well as single buds along stalk; currently the flower clusters are mostly closed and tightly packed at top.
                  Plants grow up to 6-7 feet tall.  Wherever one is found it's likely to not be alone. (native Swamp Thistle does not have a spiny stalk; Bull Thistle has a much larger flower head)

2. Clip and bag the flowering heads and take to Transfer Station. Some type of work glove is required.

3. Cut stalk below lowest bud to prevent further growth (hopefully).

Allowed to grow free this invasive species can be very robust and will take over wet areas, crowding out native species. All property owners are encouraged to keep an eye out for this invader and properly dispose of them.

Phragmites Update for 2011

Phragmites was on the agenda at both the May and June Township meetings. The need for a tentative 5 year plan was discussed and also the potential depletion of the Save our Shores (SOS) fund.

First, the five year plan. Beginning this year and alternating years following, Jacque LaFreniere-Phragmites Administrator and Brian Mastenbrook-DNR Wildlife Biologist recommend a complete GPS survey and mapping of the shoreline of Beaver Island followed by treatment by a chemical contractor hired by the townships. The Townships will conduct the bidding process and will select a qualified herbicide applicator with good recommendations identified from other northern communities with similar programs . Next year, the recommendation is to coordinate a volunteer effort, similar to last year's program, to survey and treat Phragmites on the island shoreline. With a little over $28,000 left in the SOS funds, this alternating year plan would attempt to stretch funding.

However, recently, the DNR notified the townships that their funding was minimal and probably wouldn't cover the cost of treatment of the state lands on and around Beaver Island. Both townships voted to treat the state land from the SOS funds and ask the state for reimbursement of the costs of treatment.

The SOS funds will be seriously depleted by treatment of Beaver Island this year. Alternate funding sources (through grants etc.) will need to be explored and applications made to continue treatment of Phragmites on Beaver Island and the surrounding archipelago.

New shoreline property owners were notified via mail of the Phragmites survey and treatment plan. All property within both townships falls within the Phragmites Eradication Zone created by the townships in 2008. If Phragmites is identified on your property and you feel that your property should not be included in the Eradication Zone Treatment Area, you must contact the townships in writing by August 1, 2011 to be considered to be taken off the treatment plan. Treatment for Phragmites will take place at the end of August, 2011 or beginning of September, 2011. There will be a public meeting with the contractor held just prior to treatment.

The survey will take place prior to July 7. Equipment will be on loan from the Charlevoix County GIS dept through Brian Kelly. Maps will be created by the CC GIS and posted at the Township Library and both Township halls showing where Phragmites has been located in 2011.

Any questions about the Phragmites program for 2011 should be directed to Jacque LaFreniere, Phragmites administrator at 231-448-2220.

Baroque on Beaver Island

The 10th Anniversary

Opening Night Benefit Recital July 26, 2011, at the Community Center 7:30 p.m.

Family Music Fair Suzuki Violin and Drumming, Thursday, July 28, 2:00 pm at Holy Cross Parish Hall

Water Music July 28, 2011 at Holy Cross Parish Hall

Baroque on Beaver Brass Quintet, Friday, July 29, 2:00 pm at Holy Cross Parish Hall

Mozart Symphony No. 40, July 29, 2011, 7:30 pm at Community Center

A Night at the Opera, Saturday, July 30, 2011 at Holy Cross Parish Hall

Mendelssohn Favorites, Sunday, July 31, 2011, at Holy Cross Parish Hall

Baroque on Beaver Website

What is Baroque on Beaver?

The answer in words, pictures, and, in later years, video may be viewed here of past Baroque on Beaver performances on http://beaverislandnewsarchives.com




















We hope you now know that Baroque on Beaver is an excellent classical music festival right here on Beaver Island!

Peaine Township Meeting, June 8, 2011

The Peaine Township Meeting on June 8, 2011, discussed the NREC at the beginning of the meeting and as Item 8 on the agenda. The decision was made to table the approval of the new Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Steering Commitee untill both township attorneys have an opportunity to review the resolution to make any necessary changes to accomplish the purposes of the steering committee as approved by the small group of individuals working on the document. In addition to the legal opinion, the two township supervisors were requested to write a letter to all previous participants and members of the NREC asking them if they would still be willing to participate on the newly constituted NRESC if it is approved at the July meeting. The Trails Committee membership was decreased back to five instead of the seven that Peaine Township had originally required due to lack of attendance at meetings, the last meeting being in February due to no quorum in attendance.

The Phragmities report was presented from Jacque LaFreniere and Pam Grassmick. It appeared that changes in last month's report were necessary due to cuts in funding at the State of Michigan level with the DNR withdrawing its funding support for survey and treatment of state land. The final decision was to approve an assistant for the administrator for GPS location of phragmities on state and private land as well as fund the treatment of state and private land if the finances allow this addition of state land to the budget. Suggestions were made to send an invoice to the state to see if any help could be obtained. This plan and timetable would allow for treatment of phragmities in late August or early September.

This synapsis is not complete, but the video is available to be viewed HERE.

Bike Event Will Precede Boodle 5K in October

A bike ride to benefit Beaver Island Sports Boosters will be held, Saturday, Oct., 8, 2011, at 8 a.m . Bikers will meet at beach parking lot next to Holy Cross Parish Hall , bike 2-12 miles and make a donation of your
choice based on miles biked. Flyers will be posted around town after July 4th and be available at the Chamber of Commerce office . Bike rental is available. You could make it a duathlon if you register for and run or walk the Island Boodle 5K at 10 a.m Registration fee benefits the Beaver Island Sports Boosters. Call Linda Frysinger at 231-651-9618 for further information.

Bird Lady to Visit and Present on the Island

Kay Charter Biographical Information     Kay Charter was the driving force behind the founding of Saving Birds Thru Habitat and currently serves as its Executive Director. Her engaging PowerPoint program addresses causes for these tragic losses, and it demonstrates how every single person can make a positive difference right in his or her backyard. In order to connect the general public with the magic and mystery of migrating birds, Charter began writing a regular column about birds and their habits and habitats for the Traverse City Record-Eagle in 1995. Charter's writings and photographs have been featured in regional and national magazines, including the San Diego Zoological Society's, ZOONOOZ, and Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine. She received a Gold Award from the International Regional Magazine Association for her piece in Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine about Connie Hagar, “the bird lady of Rockport”. Her book, For the Love of Birds , was published in 2000 by Crofton Creek Press. Charter has presented her program across the country. She has been a featured speaker at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, the Cox Arboretum in Dayton, Morton Arboretum near Chicago and the 2006 Rivers and Wildlife Festival in Kearney, Nebraska. In 2007, she presented a seminar on the subject of bird conservation to a standing room only crowd at the Zoological Society of San Diego's Center for Conservation and Research for Endangered Species. In May of 2007, Charter received one of the state's highest conservation awards when she was honored by Michigan United Conservation Clubs as “Exceptional Outdoorswoman of 2006” for her efforts. She is the first birder ever honored by this organization. In the fall of 2010, the Leelanau Conservation District similarly honored Charter and her husband as Conservationist Partners of the Year.            

Short Interview with Kay Charter, the bird lady returns to the Island)

(From BINN, August 16-23, 2010)

Kay Charter

Kay Charter had some interesting things to say about the relationship between deer browse lines and the effects on the bird population. This lady is very knowledgeable and was personable and very free-flowing with information, very willing to share her knowledge. When asked about when she may do another presentation, it was suggested that could happen next summer. (And it is happening on July 13, 2011)


Does it have to be birds versus deer? The answer is absolutely NOT.

Ladies Golf Tournament, July 16, 2011

There is a golf tournament registration deadline of July 8, 2011, for this golf tournament. The fee for the tournament is $20.00 which includes a catered lunch at the Beaver Island Golf Course. The event will start promptly at 8:30 a.m. There will also be a putting contest. If you are interested, please include your stroke average for nine holes of golf, and send a check to Sharon Scamehorn, P.O. Box 193, Beaver Island, MI 49782. Non-members will also have to pay green fees on the day of the event. If you have any questions, please contact Jean Carpenter at 448-2893 or Sharon Scamehorn at 449-2641

New Proposed Documents for

Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Steering Committee

View the unapproved document for the resolution HERE

View the unapproved document for the By-laws HERE

These documents were made public and passed out at the St. James Township Meeting above.

Message to All B.I. Organizations

BINN is willing to post any and all events on the News on the 'Net website! There is one exception to this rule.

BI News on the 'Net cannot post your event if you don't send the information to BINN!

We post school events, religious events, sports events, visiting minister events, and many other events including musical events, special events, and even regularly scheduled events. At the very least, the event will go on the Community Calendar, so others won't schedule something at the exact day and time of your event. Imagine the following:

Two well known and exceptional fundraising events are scheduled on the same day. How sad for those who work so hard to raise funds for a good cause.

This can be avoided by sending your dates to BINN,. You can send them by postal mail, email, or even call the editor at 448-2416. Email medic5740@gmail.com

Music/Specials/Pizza /Sunday Dinner @ Stoney

Stoney/Danny's Summer Music Schedule 2011


Stoney/Danny's Summer Music Schedule 2011
Thurs-July 21 , DJ Tom
Fri-July 22 , The Folk Ups
F-July 29 , Flight Squadron Yon AND
Sat-July 30 , Flight Squadron Yon
Fri-Aug 5 , Jason & Nick AND
Sat- Aug 6, Jason & Nick
Thurs-Aug 11 , DJ Tom
Fri-Aug 12 , Boyne City Remedy AND
Sat-Aug 13 , Boyne City Remedy
Fri- Aug 19 , The Folk Ups
Fri-Aug 26 , Flight Squadron Yon AND
Sat-Aug 27 , Flight Squadron Yon

* Rigormortis too…dates to be set yet ?
* Never a cover charge or drink price increase!
Please join us for some GREAT tunes .....Music starts at 9pm F-July 1, Danny, Danny, & Cindy S-July 2, Danny & Danny

Enjoy a Safe & Happy Summer!
Our best to you,
Liam & Marilyn


Men's Golf League, Hot and Heavy Competition Continues

The Men's Golf League team competition is hot and heavy with the team that is having a good round moving up in the standings. That means that the team NOT having a good night is moving down in the standings.

With the statistician off Island for about ten days, which seems like forever, the results of the Men's Golf League play on Wednesday, July 13, 2011, will be in a simplified format. The previous week's record will remain below for comparison.

After eight weeks of play, and last night a playoff week, the teams closest in score were set to do their best and see which team should move up in the standings and who should move down in the standings. Howard and Joe moved up to first place with Rob and Dan moving down from first to third. Third place Jeff and Ryan move up to second place, and Ron and Bob move from sixth place to fourth. The standings are still very close with only a few points separating the top five teams.

Week 8-Playoff Week

Team #

Total Points

Team Members
8 91 Howard and Joe
2 89 Jeff and Ryan
9 87 Rob and Dan
1 83 Ron and Bob
10 81 Frank and John
7 79 Ivan and Buck
5 77 Chuck and Ernie
6 74 Bob E and Ron S
4 67 Larry and Joe
3 57 Francis and Larry
1 9 Rob & Dan 41 13 80 274 39.14
2 8 Howard & Joe 37 15 78 269 38.43
3 2 Jeff & Ryan 38 9 75 272 38.86
4 7 Ivan & Buck 40 10 73 272 38.86
5 10 Frank & John 39 10 73 281 40.14
6 1 Ron W. & Bob S. 37 11 70 263 37.57
7 5 Chuck & Ernie 43 5 70 281 40.14
8 6 Bob E. & Ron S. 52 7 61 313 44.71
9 4 Larry & Joe 39 12 58 235 39.17
10 3 Francis & Larry 45 8 46 270 45.00
TEAM #1 BEAT TEAM #2 11-9
TEAM #4 BEAT TEAM #3 12-8
TEAM #8 BEAT TEAM #5 15-5
TEAM #9 BEAT TEAM #6 13-7
TEAM #7 TIED TEAM #10 10-10

The codes above are explained here. S-strokes for tonight's match. P-for points earned in the tonight's match. Total points will be the sum of the point earned each week. Since this is the first week the points for the night and total points are exactly the same. T.S. represent total strokes for league play. Since there has only been one match so far, stokes and total strokes are the same. S. Ave-is stroke average. Again, since this is the first week, the stroke average is the same as total strokes.

Waste Management Current Agreement of Two Townships

This is a simple agreement that was completed in 1991, the year for writing agreements.

Human Services Commission Resource Manual

The Human Services Commission of Peaine and St. James townships has put together a resource manual--a guide to services available to all residents of Beaver Island.  A copy of this resource manual appears below.  Printed copies will soon be available at a number of locations, including the medical center and the library.  Other locations will be announces later.  Many thanks to Joan Vyse and Judi Meister for coordinating the information in the manual.

Complete Guide to Charlevoix County Human Services HERE

BI Christian Church Resident and Visiting Ministers

10: Mark Luckey

17: Curt Petrak

24: Joseph Fox

31: Joseph Fox

Air Transport for Island Medical Emergencies (ATIME for Us)

by Joe Moore

Read Article HERE

32 Miles of Water

(Copyright 2004, Phillip Michael Moore)

Update: 2/19/11---This video has had 108 viewings in the months of January and February so far. We hope that the views are getting the importance of having an air ambulance on Beaver Island and ready to go for the emergencies that have occurred here. It is obvious that ill and injured people are searching out other methods of transport since the transports for 2010 were down 50% compared to the last four years. While part of the cause is the depressed economy, the other part is the concern of being transported to the mainland and having a huge bill for that transport. BINN will continue to have this video available until something gets resolved with this issue. Comments so far: "You must be very proud of your son for doing this excellent video." "We never realized that this was still an issue." "Wow, a very important issue that seems to have been put on the back burner for too long. It's a burning issue."

Beaver Island has two flight services, and neither of them are currently certified or licensed to transport emergency patients from Beaver Island to the mainland. We thank the crews of the USCG helicopters for coming to do medical evacuations. We thank the flight services that have helped us get patients to the mainland for the last seven years and before. We thank Northflight for providing this service as well.

While a lot of things have changed over the last 7 years including a new school, a new executive director of EMS, new township supervisors,and new rural health center board members, there is one thing that has not changed.

Beaver Island does not have an FAA Certified Air Ambulance that is licensed by the State of Michigan.

When Phillip Michael Moore made this video as a Master's degree project, no one would have guessed that seven years later Beaver Island would still not have achieved this goal.

Please take the time to view the video. Please take some time to think about this, and then start asking some questions about how this can be resolved.

Beaver Island News on the 'Net Presents "32 Miles of Water" in its final form (28.5 minutes). The previously video, viewed here, was a slightly shortened version. The video is in high quality, but is still streaming video.


On the Beach of Beaver Island

You will need Quicktime or another music player to enjoy this link.

The music played in the Holy Cross Hall in the late 70's and early 80's, recorded for posterity and shared here.

Beaver Island Transfer Station Information

Expired Subscriptions

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Beaver Island Community Center


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Check www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org or the Community Center for listings

Community Center Titles and Tickets for 2011

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Airport Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Commission Minutes

Beaver Island Transportation Authority Minutes

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes

Waste Management Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Airport Commission Minutes New for 2011!