B.I. News on the 'Net, July 23-29, 2012

Sunday Baroque on Beaver Finale

Ann Glendon did the introductions.

The last performance of the Baroque on Beaver Festival on Beaver Island took place at the Holy Cross Hall at 2:00 pm on Sunday, July 29, 2012. Robert Nordlin, conductor, led the strings in Romance for Strings by Gerald Finzi.

This was followed by the Quartet in D for 2 Violins, Viola, and Basso Continuo by Georg Phillip Telemann. This was a piece in four movements, but the first two movements were performed without interruption. The movements were Adagio, Allegro, Adagio, and Allegro; or Slow, Fast, Slow, Fast.

Next, the strings were featured once again in Irish Tune from County Derry (Londonderry Air) byPerry Graninger.

After the Intermission, Ann Glendon spoke once more, and asked for contact information from the audience members.

Felix Mendelssohn absorbed the music of many countries, and today's performance of the Scottish Symphony was Symphony No. 3, op 56 in A minor, had the following written right into the score. Do not pause between movements. In obedience to the composer's wishes, this piece was played with all four movements without a pause.

Robert Nordling, conductor

And the final performance was like a flash mob for the Gaelic Blessing by John Rutter with Kevin Simons, vocalist and conductor, beginning the song with parts being added from within the audience.

Another amazing festival on Beaver Island!

Baroque on Beaver Americana

The concert was held at the Holy Cross Parish Hall at 7:30 pm on July 28, 2012.

Marianne Weaver did the introductions.

The program began with Bach's Brandenburg Concerto Number 4 with three movements. Although the program had this as the second item on the program, it was performed first.

A violin and two flutes were soloists

The bass section......two flutes and the conductor.

The Bach was followed by Copeland's Appalachian Spring.

The orchestra and Maestro

After Intermission, the Finale from Oklahoma! by Rogers and Hammerstein was performed with soloists Mitzi Garnett, Marianne Weaver, Ric Roberts, Peter Amster, and Bradley Fergin. Then came a wonderful arrangement of Shenandoah by Mack Wilberg, and two Negro spirituals, the first arranged by William L. Dawson, the second arranged by Mark Schweitzer. The titles of the spirituals were Soon Ah Will Be Done and My Lord What a Moment featuring Meryl Mantione.

Meryl Mantione's solo

The last item performed was the Battle Hymn of the Republic arranged by Peter Withousky in which the audience participation brought tears to several sets of eyes. As an encore, the melody was sung a second time with the audience joining in once again. A wonderful performance of Classical music with close to 200 members of the audience.

Baroque on Beaver Chorus

Everyone enjoyed the performances...

Baroque on Beaver An Ensemble of Soloists

This program began at 7:30 pm at Holy Cross Hall on Friday, July 27, 2012. The appreciation for this concert was given to Joe and Marilyn Reed, the program sponsors. The program first recognized the following performers: Robert Nordling, conductor; Elizabeth Bert, cello; Fitah Rasendrahasina, tenor; the Baroque on Beaver Festival Orchestra; and the Baroque on Beaver Festival Chorus. The program included Symphony No. 5 in D-Major by William Boyce. It is unfortunate that the first movement of this did not end up being part of the video. BINN apologizes, but the movement of the camera tripod for audience members somehow unplugged the camera from the computer on two occassions during this performance.There was a short intermission following these pieces.


Woodwinds and piano ply Beethoven

The next required a rearrangement of furniture and the movement of the piano for the Quintet for Piano and Winds by Ludwig van Beethoven. This was followed by the Cello Concerto in G, RV 413 by Antonio Vivaldi. Again, there was a movement of tripod twice in the first movement which caused a few problems with the video.

Cellist Elizabeth Bert

The next piece was Intende voci by Franz Schubert featuring Fitah Rasendrahasina, tenor.

The last piece of the evening was Serenade to Music by Ralph Vaughan Williams with solos by Rachel Austin, soprano; Meryl Manitione, alto; Fitah Rasendrahasina, tenor; and Kevin Simons, bass.

What a wonderful concert with variety, splendid soloists, and excellent conducting and orchestra and choral performances!

Link to Video of this performance HERE

Baroque on Beaver Brass Quintet

Ruth Igoe introduces the brass quintet

The quintet performed the first piece and then Matt Thomas introduced before each other piece.

The Beaver Island Brass Quintet performed today, July 27, 2012, at Holy Cross Church beginning at 2:30 pm. The concert was sponsored by St James Marine. The quintet is made up of : Matt Thomas, trumpet; Brian Sutherland, trumpet; Robert Pavelek, horn; Joseph Radtke, trombone; and Sam Griggs, tuba. The performance as printed in the program included the following: Almand by William Brade, Three Pieces from Five-Part Music for Winds by Johann Pezel, and Sonata "St. Mark" by Tomaso Albinoni. These pieces of music were performed before a short intermission.

Ninety-two people were in the audience to hear the brass quintet

The individual members of the quintet

After intermission, the quintet was scheduled to play Fire Dance by Anthony DiLorenzo, A Foggy Day/Nice Work if You Can Get It by George Gershwin, and Basin Street Blues by Spencer Williams. Instead of the Sousa Liberty Bell March, the quintet played a dance tune, but the title and composer were not in the program.

Matt Thomas thanked Holy Cross Church, the Fogg family, and the audience for attending.

Link to video of the performance HERE

NRESC-Individual Interviews and Focus Groups for June 2012

This report may be found HERE

New Plaque at Veteran's Memorial

July 26th Baroque on Beaver Concert Live

A Night at the Theater

BINN once again streamed a live performance from the Beaver Island Community Center. There are still some bugs in the process having to do with Internet access and upload speed, but it is still pretty neat to be able to watch an event live from Beaver Island on the Internet. When one of the glitches happened, the view needs to refresh the web page to continue to watch it.

The program tonight was streamed live, and it was also recorded. When the recorded video is processed, it will be posted and a link will be provided here. BINN will continue to work on the streaming live video to try to get the process down and working reliably.

The program for Thursday night included Pelleas and Melisande-Suite for Orchestra, Opus 80 by Gabriel Faure. This piece has four movements: Prelude, Fileuse, Sicilienne, and Death of Melisande.

Jim Leutyn gave introductory remarks, then Robert Nordling described the evening's program

Baroque on Beaver Festival Orchestra

After the orchestra performed, the chair and stands had to be removed from the state to set up for the next piece, The Soldier's Tale, by Igor Stravinsky, with Judy Wagley as the Narrator; Robert Meyering as the Soldier; and Peter Amster as the Devil. Both the orchestra and the small ensemble were conducted by Robert Nordling.

........The narrators......the Ensemble for Stravinsky....Albert Wang, concertmaster

Video of the Performance HERE

Circle M Hosts Country Band From Traverse City

While there was music in the woods at the Beaver Island Music Festival down the west side of Beaver Island, there was also music at the Circle M. Bud and Colleen Martin hosted the band from Traverse City called Two Ole Broads and Three Buddies. The band included drums, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, fiddle, and steel guitar. If you like country music, you will enjoy this group. BINN captured some video of the beginning of the performance at the Circle M. You can view the video here.

The first few songs

A few more

This band may be coming back to visit the island in the future. Keep your eyes open for an announcement of their next performance.  

Week 11 Men's Summer Golf League Standings

There is only one week left with one round of golf left to determine who gets first place in the Men's Summer Golf League. This last week is a play-off week where teams are paired based upon their position in the league, so that 1st place plays 2nd place, then 3rd place plays 4th place, and so on. Next Wednesday night, August 1, 2012, is the scheduled play-off night.

Team #
Team Members
Total Points
Stroke Avg.
Rob and Dan
John and Doug
Ron W and Bob S
Chuck and Ernie
Bob E and Ron M
Jeff and Ryan
Ivan and Buck
Francis and Larry
Howard and Joe
Travis and Gerald
Frank and John
Ron S and David

So, in the play-off, Rob and Dan will play John and Doug; Ron W and Bob S will play Chuck and Ernie; Bob E and Ron M will play Jeff and Ryan; Ivan and Buck will play Francis and Larry; Howard and Joe will play Travis and Gerald; and Frank and John will play Ron W and David.


Daily Happy Hour Mon-Sat 2-6pm & All Day Sunday
Mon Fresh Atlantic Salmon $12
Tues. $2 TWOSDAY All Domestic Bottles or 10oz. Drafts
Wed. WINE DOWN WEDNESDAY $1 off a Glass $3 off a Bottle
Thurs LIVE MUSIC with the Jeff Connor !!! @ 9PM
Stoney's BABY BACK BBQ RIBS ...Tender & Finger-Licken GOOD!
Fri. Stoney's FISH FRY …WHITEFISH/Yellow Lake PERCH, COD
Sun. Bloody Mary Bar Free Hot Dog Buffet Noon-5 AND... &
Jim & Pam's PIZZA... Homemade & Super YUMMY! 5-8:30
Our best to you for a safe & happy Summer!
Stoney Acre Grill & PUB

Baroque on Beaver Schedule

Baroque on Beaver Brass Quintet

Friday, July 27, 2:30 pm

Holy Cross Church

An Ensemble of Soloists

Friday, July 27, 7:30 pm

Holy Cross Parish Hall

Baroque on Beaver Woodwind Quintet

Saturday, July 28, 2:00 pm

Livingstone Studio


Saturday, July 28, 7:30 pm

Holy Cross Parish hall

Baroque on Beaver 2012 Finale

Sunday, July 29, 2:00 pm

Holy Cross Parish Hall



Bird Festival Feasibility Study and Comments

Invasive Species Summit

Video of the summit can be viewed HERE

Beaver Island Veteran's Memorial

View the Tribute to Veterans Video

Public Hearing on Charlevoix County Storm Water Management Ordinance

View Draft Ordinance HERE (takes about 20 seconds to download)

View video of this public hearing HERE

June 6 St James Township Meeting Video

BICS HS Awards

You can watch video of the High School Awards HERE

Island Airways Hosts Emergency Management Tabletop Exercise

Many members of the local emergency services organizations, county organizations, and federal agencies all met at the Island Airways hangar here on Beaver Island yesterday, May 31, 2012. The purpose of a tabletop exercise is to gather all the agencies that might be involved in a specific disaster in the same location at the same time to meet and greet, and work toward a solution to a situation that could happen in and around the waters of Beaver Island. The program also provided all participants an opportunity to discuss who could and would do what, when, and where. This is really an important part of planning for a serious situation that could happen.

This program began with refreshments; coffee, donuts, fruit, and snacks, provided by Island Airways prior to 10 a.m., and ended after 1:30 p.m. with some practical hands-on skills at the Beaver Island Boat Company. Thank you to all who participated in this important planning session!

Thank you to Island Airways for hosting this excellent event!

View Video of the beginning of this exercise

Freedom of Information Act and Open Meeting Act Presentation

The scheduled presentation covering the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Open Meeting Act (OMA) took place at Peaine Township Hall, yesterday, May 23, 2012. The presentation was scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. and end at 4 p.m., but the questions extended past 4:20 p.m. This presentation was given by Robin Luce Herrmann. Ms. Herrmann is a lawyer who represents the press in FOIA and OMA court actions. She had previously represented the Petoskey News Review (PNR) in a court case after the PNR was denied a FOIA request from the Charelvoix County Prosecutor. The PNR won this court action. The Charlevoix County Prosecutor had been asked to come give this presentation, but no mutually acceptable date had been determined.

Robin Luce Herrmann provided a large amount of information about many aspects of both of these acts and answered several questions related to these specific pieces of law including court decisions and Attorney Generals opinions.

Video of the Presentations Can Be Viewed HERE

Mute Swan Presentation, Bike Trails, and Garden Island Indian Cemetary

At the Natural Resources and Ecotourism Steering Committee meeting tonight, May 21,2012, there were three presentations lasting just over an hour all together. These presentations included the mute swan presentation that basically showed the invasive species designation, and how to tell the invasive from the native swans. The second presentation was a short presentation and discussion about designating some trails on Beaver Island as bike trails. The third presentation was an introduction to the Indian Cemetary on Garden Island and the destruction taking place.

Video of all three presentations can be viewed HERE



Spring Serenade Group Recital

Video HERE

Spring Serenade Solo Recital

This spring, string serenade of solos in recital format took place today, May 5, 2012, at the Beaver Island Community Center. It began at 3 p.m. Sheri Richards introduced each student as each performed. The music was diverse from folk songs through J.S. Bach with a George Harrison piece and a Seitz concerto.

You can view video of the recital HERE

Beaver Island Talent Show

This talent show was a fundraiser for the middle school students of BICS for a trip. There were many talented individuals who participated. There is video available for those who did not attend the evening event on Saturday, April 21, 2012. Pictures and description of the programs will follow later.

Please view the video HERE.

Bill Cashman Featured in CMU Public Broadcasting Program

This Central Michigan University program features the history of Beaver Island as told by museum director Bill Cashman as well as Deb Rotman, archeologist, from the University of Notre Dame. It includes Antje Price speaking about Protar. Father Dan Connaghan presented information about the history of the Catholic Church. John Runberg, president of the Historical Society, speaks about the history of the fishing industry. Bill Cashman speaks about the Irish connection on Arranmore and the Twinning Ceremony.

View the program HERE

WMC Links

Meeting Dates

New Prices for Transfer Station

NRESC Has Its Own Website

Beaver Island Airport Commission Meetings Schedule for 2012

Beaver Island Community Center


At the Heart of a Good Community

Check www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org or the Community Center for listings

B I Community Center Activities


Recycling Info

Visit the Charlevoix Recycling Website for more information

Notre Dame Professor leads study into Beaver Island's Irish Heritage

Link to the Beaver Island Airport 10-year Plan

B. I. Community School Board Meetings Schedule

View Meetings Schedule HERE

Human Services Commission Resource Manual

Complete Guide to Charlevoix County Human Services HERE

On the Beach of Beaver Island

You will need Quicktime or another music player to enjoy this link.

The music played in the Holy Cross Hall in the late 70's and early 80's, recorded for posterity and shared here.

Beaver Island Food Pantry and Gregg Fellowship Hall Donations Accepted

Click Here to donate

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Airport Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Steering Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Transportation Authority Minutes

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes

Waste Management Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Airport Commission Minutes New for 2011!


There's a winner! Rita McAvoy from Charlevoix, MI, won the stained glass window entitled Flowers of Beaver Island at the drawing held on July 21, 2012, at the Beaver Island Community Center. The raffle was sponsored by the AMVETS Post #46 Ladies Auxiliary who would like to thank everyone that bought tickets. The proceeds of this raffle will help the ladies with their community service projects during the coming year.

Visiting Teen Dies in Rollover Accident

At approximately 10:50 p.m. on July 22, 2012 Charlevoix County Sheriff's Deputies along with Beaver Island EMS and Fire were dispatched to a rollover accident on Gull Harbor Drive in St. James Township on Beaver Island. Initial reports indicated that the passenger of the vehicle was unconscious. Upon arrival of Emergency Responders, it was determined that the passenger, 16 year old Thandiwe Elizabeth Baton-Stawson from Pittsburgh, PA had died as a result of the rollover accident.

The driver, Anna Rieker, age 16, also of Pittsburgh, PA, was airlifted to Harbor Springs Airport by the United States Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City's helicopter and was further transported to McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital. At this time, her injuries are undisclosed. Initial reports indicated that Rieker may have swerved to avoid hitting a deer. At this time, the accident remains under investigation by the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office Accident Re-constructionist.

Both the victim and the driver were visitors to the island at the time of the crash.

(This news release information is from the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Department.)

A link to a wonderful story about this young lady is HERE.

As a follow up to these stories, it has been brought to the News on the 'Net editor that Yvonne Crandall, the BIFD auxiliary, and Mary Scholl had contributed money to pay the cost necessary to return this young lady's body to her family in Pittsburgh. There also is a fund to help with the funeral expenses. Last night, a small group gathered at Gull Harbor to place flowers on the site where Tandy died. These are just another examples about what makes Beaver Island such a wonderful place to be.



BIA Presentation NOT Streamed Live

The Beaver Island Association meeting begins at 4:30 pm today, July 22, 2012. Rather than wait to stream only the presentation, the entire meeting before the presentation will be streamed as well.

Update: There was a beginning of the BIA meeting that was streamed live. Almost one hour of setup was a waste of time as the Internet at the Community Center, along with the Chamber of Commerce, Harbor Market, BIBCO, Harborview, and Linksys, all of these lost Internet connectivity after five minutes of the meeting was streamed live. The major question is this: Why does this happen? Why is there a complete lack of connectivity when many people meet in the downtown area? This is exactly like it happened on the 4th of July, but there were many more people downtown then than tonight. TDS needs to resolve this issue and need to do so very soon since they are selling a product that is not performing as advertised.

The message that was received on my two laptops was the same. "DNS server unavailable" or "No name server connection."

The meeting and presentation was recorded. You can check out the video HERE.

2012 MAD Camp Performance

Almost fifty MAD Camp participants joined fourteent MAD Camp staffers for another wonderful music, art, and drama camp. It is amazing to see the final performance of these talented teachers and talented youngsters. The link to the final MAD Camp Performance for 2012 is HERE.

Red Hat Lunch at Paradise Bay Coffee Shop

Summer on Paradise Bay

Sailing, tubing, swimming, tanning, and, oh, so refreshing water temperature.

Blacksmithing in Action

There is a very amazing project going on at Heritage Park today, July 21, 2012, even though it's raining right now. The blacksmiths are working to make items and demonstrate their craft. If there are any parents or children out there that are interested in history or anyone interested in history of Beaver Island or the world, today's presentation is for you. BINN has video and pictures that will be posted as soon as possible, but don't wait for that. Get up to Heritage Park to see history in action. Some of the equipment being used is truly historical from the early 20th century.

This group even has its own non-profit designation as the Michigan Artist Blacksmith's Association. They also have a website that you can go to HERE.

Lance Olsen, organizer of the Beaver Island event


Blacksmiths at work

Some of the items made by hand by this blacksmith

Another working blacksmith with older equipment

Some of the intricate work....

Video of the Smiths at work


Beaver Island Music Festival

Quite a ways down the West Side Road, back off of the road, in about a half mile (or at least it feels that far if you have to walk), is a home owned by Dan and Carol Burton. Every year they put on a music festival with a very wide variety of music. You can check out the information about this music festival HERE. The festival is going on this weekend, and it is a wonderful opportunity to meet people, enjoy music, and, all in all, have a good time. Here are a couple of pictures taken by one of the Friday attendees to the festival.

Late afternoon and early evening.......After dark........

Beaver Island Welcomes Baroque on Beaver Musicians

When the Emerald Isle arrives on Monday afternoon, July July 23, 2012, many of its passengers will be Baroque on Beaver musicians. These visitors will be spending the next week on the island, rehearsing, performing in a variety of concerts, and entertaining at informal gatherings throughout town. Many of the artists are returning from last year; they look forward to another stay at the Brothers' Place or to reuniting with island host families from previous years. On Monday evening the Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association, with the generous help of many island cooks, will host a pasta dinner at Gregg Fellowship Hall. Anyone who would like to contribute a salad or dessert to the welcome dinner should bring it to the Gregg Fellowship Hall between 4:30 and 5:30 PM on Monday, July 23.

The classical music festival begins with the Gala Benefit Concert at the Community Center on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday afternoon the Family Music Fair will introduce children to musical theater, and that evening CMU will host a concert of chamber music. Thursday evening's performance at the Community Center will be A Night at the Theater. On Friday afternoon the Beaver Brass will perform at Holy Cross Church, and Friday evening will feature soloists at Holy Cross Parish Hall. On Saturday afternoon the Woodwind Quintet will entertain at Meet the Artists at Livingstone Gallery. Saturday evening the Festival Chorus and Orchestra will present Americana – an evening of traditional American music. The final concert on Sunday afternoon will feature the orchestra and chorus and end with the traditional Gaelic Blessing. All of the concerts except the opening night benefit are free; no tickets are required. Times, locations, and details of all concerts can be found on posters around town or online at www.baroqueonbeaver.org .

Baroque on Beaver has become an extraordinary week of classical music. The musicians who make the festival possible love coming to Beaver Island. They look forward to performing with this outstanding Festival Orchestra, they enjoy playing such an exciting repertoire, and they value the beauty and friendliness of Beaver Island. Welcome them on Monday, and enjoy the music!

Michigan DNR Releases New Catch and Release Video

View Video HERE

This is an excellent video that provides correct procedures for the practice of catch-and-release for fishermen that fish for sport and not for meat for food. The link above is to a DNR webpage that has the video on the page. It may not always be there, but it's good information anyway.

BIHS Art Show

This year's Art Show is taking place at the Gregg Fellowship Center on the road behind Harborview called Kenwabikise Lane. This year's showing is a little larger than last year's show as evidenced by the amount of video necessary to do a short look at each piece of art hung for viewing. There are three approximately six minute video clips to view almost all the arts and crafts present. The great thing about streaming on demand video is that you can pause the video, back it up, and move it forward, however you want to view the items on the screen. This is perfect for the art show because you can pause on any picture or craft to get a better look at it.

You can view the video HERE

A few pictures were taken also:

A touch of variety to say the least...

From furniture to models

From photography to wood carving

From organizers to spinners

And a Happy Birthday Song to Judi Jones besides!

Another Event for Baroque on Beaver Week

Baroque on Beaver's: Family Music Fair 2012

Enjoy a skit put on by Beaver Island Community School's 21st Century CLC Summer School students about Stravinsky's The Soldier's Tale , a piece that will be performed by the Baroque on Beaver musicians in the A Night at the Theatre concert on Thursday evening, 7:30 at the Beaver Island Community Center. The tale is slightly altered from a religiously affiliated story written by Stravinsky's collaborator, C.F. Ramuz, to become a family and community friendly story about temptation. Children will learn about musical theater's various components as they watch an evil sorcerer trick a weary soldier coming home from war into selling his prized possession, his violin, in a trade for a book that tells the future. There will be discussions about the emotions experienced in the tale and then the components of musical theater that were present. Children will be split into groups to create their own skit with guidelines including a short list of songs to choose from, a general storyline for a comedy, and a handful of props to be used in whatever way they choose. Each group will be guided by a teacher with musical theater experience and encouraging collaborative ideas. Each child can participate to the extent that they wish from leaders in acting, narrating, singing, to backstage hands who help the “production” run smoothly by moving props or helping with sound and lights. Each skit will be a few minutes long. Children will have the opportunity to do a crossword puzzle, coloring page, or word search about what they learned in the program. Overall, the program will last 45 minutes to 1 hour, 2:00 Wednesday at the Beaver Island Community Center.

Laura Gibson, Site Coordinator, 21st Century Community Learning Center

Beaver Island Community School

20th Annual Rita Gillespie Memorial Blood Drive

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Rita Gillespie Memorial Blood Drive. The blood drive is sponsored by all the churches of Beaver Island with support from the Beaver Island Boat Company and Island Airways. For details call Lars Larsen at 448-2470, Jean at 448-2893, or Connie at 448-2379. You could win a $250 Meijer grocery card or a $125 Meijer gas card. Winners are drawn weekly. Let's all do our best to show the Red Cross that Beaver Island is in support of their efforts to help.

No August Homecoming Dinner

The Holy Cross Parish Council met on July 2, 2012 to decide whether Holy Cross had sufficient parishioners to assist with the August Dinner, the Homecoming Dinner, and given the numbers of people declining to help exceeded the numbers willing to help; we had no choice but to cancel any preparation for the Homecoming Dinner this year. The Homecoming Dinner has been a tradition upheld every August for the past 80 years. It began in 1932 to celebrate the Bishop Baraga Landing.
-Holy Cross Parish Council



Bake Sale

The Beaver Island Christian Church will be holding their Annual Bake Sale on Saturday, Auguse 11, 2012. They will be open 9AM until NOON at the Gregg Fellowship Center.

Women's Prayer Luncheon

The Women's Prayer Luncheon which was cancelled earlier this summer has been re-scheduled for Thursday, August 23, at the Gregg Fellowship Center. Punch, etc. at 12:00; a salad/dessert potluck at 12:30. So that we will know about how many to expect, there will be sign-up sheets at all 4 Island churches and at the Community Center. Any questions, call Jean Carpenter (2893).

Episcopal Summer Chapel Schedule

The Episcopal Church here on Beaver Island has some visiting priests scheduled to come to the Island this summer. This schedule is placed here for your convenience.

July 22, 29, and August 5.......

Reverend James Rhodenhiser from Ann Arbor, MI

August 12.........

Very Reverend Jared Cramer, from Grand Haven, MI

August 19, 26, and September 2..

Reverend David Madsen from Essington, PA

From Holy Cross Parish Council

Effective May 23, 2012

Summer Mass Schedule for Holy Cross Church

Sunday: 10:00am

Saturday: 5:30pm

Monday and Tuesday and Saturday Mass: 9:00am

Friday Mass: 12:00pm: with Holy Hour Following

Other Liturgies

Rosary before weekday Masses and on Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00am

Confession is heard Saturday from 3:00 to 3:30pm

Annual Funky Fun Potluck Salad/Dessert Fashion Show

August 16, 2012 Beaver Island Christian Church Gregg Fellowship Hall 12:30 PM

Annual Meeting of the BIA

The Beaver Island Association will hold their Annual Meeting on Sunday, July 22nd at the Community Center. At 4:30-5:00 an informal gathering will take place followed by a feature presentation by attorney and co-author David Fry... Saving the Family Cottage. He will share his extensive experience working with hundreds of families a across the United States in transitioning ownership of vacation property to families' younger generations. David will answer questions following the presentation. 6:15-7 p.m. will be the Annual Meeting. Open to the public, but seating is on a first-come basis.

Internationally acclaimed Watercolor Artist/teacher/

Sharon Long

Coming to Beaver Island August 18-24

Sharon will be offering classes in watercolor in either three-day or five-day sessions and welcomes students at all levels. She will provide all the supplies, and is willing to to teach both islanders and off-island visitors who book ahead.

The Laurain Lodge is holding five rooms for that week until June 15th so book them now to assure a place to stay as well as let Leonor Jacobson know if you plan to attend her classes. The space will be limited to insure favorable instruction time to all.

The price for each of the sessions is still being determined. Please visit her website slongwatercolors.com and call Leonor for more details (231-448-2894) and to hold a spot. after May 15th.

Visiting Pastors for the Beaver Island Christian Church

    July 15 and 22:  Pastor Eric Thorsen, Hudsonville MI

    July 29 and August 5:  Pastor Todd Sutton, Washington DC (nephew of Jan Hartle)

Consultant Report Available

The Feasibility Evaluation for Establishing a Fixed Wing Medical Evacuation Capability for Beaver Island EMS was presented to both St. James and Peaine Townships at their meetings in August. This feasibility evaluation was completed by a consultant Michael Slattery to eliminate any misunderstandings and to provide the information for BIEMS and the two townships to move forward. This report is many pages long, but Beaver Island News on the 'Net believes that it is important enough to post the entire document including all of the legislation that pertains to this issue. You may view this report by clicking on the link below.

Feasibility Evaluation for Establishing a Fixed Wing Medical Evacuation Capability for Beaver Island EMS

BIRHC Board Meetings in 2012

July 21

September 15

November 17

All meetings held at the BIRHC Education Room at 9:30 a.m.

Beaver Island Human Services Commission Announces

2012 Meeting Schedule

At 2 p.m. at the Beaver Island Community School

The Commission is a collaboration of organizations that advocates for the emotional and physical needs of island residents and visitors of all ages.

September 20, 2012

October 18, 2012

November 15, 2012

Members: Mary Cook (Char-Em HSC), Donna Kubic (BIRHC), Bob Tidmore (AmVets), Alice Belfy/Adam Richards (BICS), Judi Meister (Food Pantry), Ann Partridge(COA liaison/Community Center), Lois Williams (Hospice), Kathy Tidmore(St. James Township Rep.), Pam Grassmick (Peaine Township Rep.)

NRESC Meeting Dates Determined

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-tourism Steering Committee

. August 1-2: MSU facilitated community forum(s) for summer residents (details to be determined)

2. August 2, 3-5 pm: meeting of the NRESC Conservation Easement Subcommittee. At Peaine Hall. Purpose of meeting is to discuss strategies for easements on the Island. All NRESC members welcome.

3. August 2, 6-9: meeting of NRESC with MSU facilitator John Beck to continue the natural resource management planning process. Pizza and beverages will be served. Let Pete know if you plan to attend.

4. September 8, Saturday, from 10-4 for meeting with MSU facilitators to continue the planning process.

5. Monday September 17, 7 pm, for next regular meeting of the NRESC.

Message to All B.I. Organizations

BINN is willing to post any and all events on the News on the 'Net website! There is one exception to this rule.

BI News on the 'Net cannot post your event if you don't send the information to BINN!

Subscriptions Expire

You can subscribe online by using PayPal and a credit card. Please click the link below if you wish to renew online:





Great Lakes Research Institute

The Great Lakes Research Institute, aka the old Coast Guard Boathouse, was opened to the public for tours beginning at 10 am today, July 17, 2012.

According to Dr. Don Uzarski, over 520 people attended the Open House and tour during the hours it was open. The evening event was open to the Friends of CMU and there were some snacks for those attending after 6 pm.

The purpose of this facility that holds ten tanks, each that can be controlled individually for temperature and light, is to maintain a control of three tanks, and use the others to do the experiments. For example, if the study was about different nutrients effects on the ecosystem, three tanks would be the control group, three could have phosphorous added, three could have nitrogen added, and three could have another nutrient, and all twelve tanks would be used to complete this experiment on the effects of nutrients on the environment.

Everyone aatending seemed completely excited about this research facility and the reliable answers it could provide for many issues relating to the Great Lakes in general, as well as specifically around the Beaver Island Archipelago. The CMU and GLRI tanks held some fish and crayfish.

The building also functions as a boat house and a covered boat launch.

Short Video Clip of the Open House and Reception


Help Wanted

(Hope your foot heals quickly Charlie...HugS)
*Hostess/Cashier position available also, call Marilyn @ Stoney

Julie Sommer's Continuing Success

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Funds Invasive Species Work

The Board of Directors of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has approved a grant of $368,646 to the Conservation Resource Alliance to support the Beaver Island Archipelago Invasive Species Initiative (MI) project. This grant is provided on the condition that these funds will be matched by $375,000 in non-federal contributions raised by the Conservation Resource Alliance.


How fortunate to have such a lovely day of sunny weather, tasty lunches, and 8 unique and inspirational gardens to visit on Beaver Island! Who would have guessed that touring through the woods, traveling down dusty roads, walking down driveways obscured from view, or stepping behind a very busy business in town, could bring you to such wonderful vistas of floral splendor, as well as various shades and textures of the beautiful greenery outdoors?

We began at the public beach parking lot in town by joining up into vans and the Stoney Acre bus. We then traveled to Mary Sholl's “Secret Garden” which was so delightful and such a surprise to many who came. Her 30 years of gardening certainly showed as we marveled at climbing hydrangeas, 4ft. tall dahlias, hundreds of hens and chickens in small containers, a 20 year old Japanese Cherry Tree, and many, many perennials in various stages of bloom. miniature plants, Bantam chickens and little paths leading off to “who knows where?” as well as her concrete art work and other decor all made for a panorama of color and wonder.

Visiting Skip McDonough's “Backyard Retreat” was a complete change for the attendees. We walked across the plush lawn, which serves as the stage for numerous family get-togethers of the McDonough clan, and wandered over to her angel statue (a memorial to her dear granddaughter Logan) and walkway that leads to Jim and Dianne's home. Dianne brings the plants; Skip gets to weed and water! We enjoyed the stories from the heart that only a seasoned Islander can tell and marveled at many of her beautiful plantings.

Our third visit was to two public areas that we encourage those of you who missed out to see: Oak Woods Condominiums (formerly Laurain Lodge) and Sticks, Stones, Feathers and Bones (now located across from the Lumber Store). Theresa Laurain spent time showing us around the condo landscape, gave us freshly-brewed coffee and even opened up a unit for us to view. Her manicured flower beds and buildings all beckoned a good ,long visit. A few yards away we stopped to see what Cheryl Podgorski had in her greenhouse and surrounds. Her tiny air plants, fantasy gardens, potted plants and numerous “miniature” gardens were a delightful change from the previous sites.

Last of the morning tour stops was at the sprawling gardens of Susie and Jon Bonadeo. The hostess, with her parents' and sister's assistance, guided us through the progressive building up of her unique hideaway. Organic maintenance, working around the animals who visit, and the use of native varieties, showed us another side of the gardening aspects one can consider on Beaver Island. She has incorporated hardcape for an effective artistic balance in her gardens. What yummy lemonade-tea she treated us to,( as well as a potted fir tree) before we made our way to the Wellness Garden for lunch.

What a delight to see 8 beautifully-decorated tables placed in the Wellness garden surrounded by a bounty of flowering shrubs and perennials! Thanks to Heidi Vigil, the bouquets of fresh-picked flowers,and the tablecloths from her, Joyce Runberg, and the Resale Shop, as well as th BI Fire Department's tables and chairs, we were able to accomodate 60 people for a delicious picnic lunch provided by Stoney Acre Grill. The Racines offered us both vegetarian and chicken-Caesar wraps (and their lemonade stand as well ) all served up in flower pots for the finishing touch.

After lunch the morning tour group was invited to view the Forest View complex and enjoy dessert over there, thanks to the manager Theresa McDonough and Pete LoDico. Then the full day group, as well as a few afternoon visitors, all climbed into cars and vans (BI Marine and Gordon's Auto both gave us courtesy vehicles) and headed into Peaine Township for what turned out to be a fun-filled afternoon.

First stop was at the hidden gardens of Peter Amster and Frank Galati. The group was blown away by the quiet splendor of their five garden areas; the vine-covered arbor was the entrance to an Aquascape stream (with frogs, lily pads and fish) leading to a walk through a shade garden, (hydrangeas abounding), then on to a lawn perfect for entertaining in the afternoon. The deck overlooked the natural areas that took us down to the beach which was filled with BI wildflowers and other native landscape (rocks, reeds.etc...) Our guide Peter gave us the history of his garden-planning as well as where he aquired his flora from. (Islanders who garden as a hobby love to “share” their wealth!) His primary gardener of 11 years is Pam O'Brien and her Bloomers crew, as well as Heidi Vigil (BI Gardens).

Down West Side Rd., into the middle of the island, we visited the home of Carol and Dan Burton and the venue for The Beaver Island Music Festival. Her garden was all natural, framed in homemade bentwood fencing. Her arbors were covered with trumpetvine and the daylillies stood tall like sentinels, in varying colors which accented the deep thick woods surrounding them. The garden has beds of strawberries, cutting flowers,and summer vegetables as well. As we listened to Carol talk of her family‘s many challenges here on the island (living off the grid, starting life anew here) it reminded one of the “Little House in the Big Woods” stories , with her playing the role of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Change gears; slow to a snail's pace now and meander down Hannigan's Rd to the East Side. (Jim Stambaugh: Did we see wooden mushrooms rising up out of the ditches along the way?) Finally the East Side. Here is Bruce Struik's “Rocks of Resistence “: a garden reflecting 16 years of toil, love, and idyllic beach beauty. Yuccas, yarrow, iris beds, dahlias, sunflowers, coneflowers and even a few unfinished corners that beg for more color (or just to be left alone). Bruce told his stories of hardship and heartbreak. He treated 35 visitors to homemade cheesecake (an old recipe from his former days of restaurant ownership). He allowed everyone into his home to view his “Imagineering” art (pieces made out of waterlogged relics from the beaches and marshes around Beaver Island.) He hopes to share this garden gem with anyone who ventures by.

Last on the afternoon tour was the “Floral Heaven” of Bob and Peg Hoogendoorn. Their garden was a cool, inviting spot so late in the blazing afternoontime. They treated us to cookies and refreshments. Bob spoke to us from his deck, 15 feet over our heads, where his tomatoes and peppers were growing (away from the deer, but not those chipmunks!) He is from the SW Michigan area of flower-growing Dutchmen. His long family history in the floral business has been the foundation of his hobby garden. He has incorporated the native plants in areas that they thrive in. He puts annuals in varying sizes and colors of pots; He brought in a peach, plum and Montmorency Cherry trees to encourage the birds, as well as supply the kitchen with fresh fruit. His compost pile helps supply the fertilizer for the veggies and his lawn is the product of watering religiously. Bob's philosophy, in contrast to the rock gardener, is that if you want the green, you must water every day. He also believes that hand-watering allows the gardener to be in touch with his plants; to notice a bug, a butterfly, a webworm or even a new bud that appears.

So after a long day in the sun, our guests were tired but sated in their quest for garden ideas, new plants, designs and uses of nature. They took home their cameras filled with memories as well as a new group of friends. Will they come back for another Wellness Garden Benefit next year? We sure hope so! The tour will be on the same day, Wednesday, July 10th. Mark your calendars and get growing!


Photos by Terry Keyes HERE

Music on the Porch Successfully Streamed Live

BINN was successful in streaming the entire rainy evening of the first night of the beginning of Museum Week. Music on the Porch was successfully streamed live on the Internet for the entire performance list. Several people from different areas of the country were able to view the songs, poems, and instrumental performances. BINN is very fortunate to offer this option to its subscribers. Keep checking this website for links to other events that can be streamed live.

The interesting thing is that from the few events that have been streamed live, there have been viewers from fifty different cities across the United States. It appears as if there may be an interest in continuing this live streaming. The future of this project is still an unknown, but so far there appears to be an interest in it.

Many thanks go out to Powers Do-It-Best Hardware and Jeff Powers for access to the Internet, so this could be streamed live.

Music on the Porch Participants and Audience

The young ladies in the pictures above were singing different styles of music, but they all did a great job. The first young lady sang the National Anthem, the other two sang popular songs.

The crowd after the deluge and downpour was mostly over.

Sheri Timsak sang "Summertime", Mike Hurkmans sang "North to Alaska", and the third picture is of the live streaming video being posted on http://beaverisland.tv

Mike and Sharon Hurkmans singing...................Doris Larsen presents two songs by Dr.Phil Lange

Even the puppies and dogs enjoyed the evening

Bill Detwiler sang and there was instrumental Bach as well.

And Bach was converted to jazz by the group and then a duo.

Phil Becker sang two Bobby Darin songs, and then we were treated to Engineer Chase song.

The youngsters were either dancing or singing or just enjoying others talents.

The live streaming continued thoughout.

Bob Bass sang and then Matt Kilroy sang some Celtic tunes that got the little girls dancing.

Duff Connors sang and played guitar, Bill Detwiler sang the "Impossible Dream," Sheri Timsak sang "Danny Boy."

The program ended with Mike Hurkmans thanking everyone and then he sang the last song of the night.

What a good turnout of people dodging raindrops and providing support to the performers even during the rain storm!

On Demand Video of Music on the Porch may be viewed HERE

Men's Golf League Week 10 Results

TEAMS: S. P. T.P. T.S.
Rob & Dan 42 15 116 399
John-Doug 38 6 112 377
Chuck & Ernie 40 13 111 398
Bob E. & Ron M. 49 5 109 436
Ron W. & Bob S. 37 8 107 372
Francis & Larry 41 14 106 426
Ivan & Buck 36 14 100 414
Travis & Gerald 37 14 100 407
Howard & Joe 37 6 98 386
Jeff & Ryan 36 12 97 392
Frank & John 41 7 91 396
Ron S. & David 49 6 53 478
TEAM #2 BEAT TEAM #1 12-8
TEAM #3 BEAT TEAM #12 14-6
TEAM #11 BEAT TEAM #4 14-6
TEAM #5 BEAT TEAM #10 13-7
TEAM #9 BEAT TEAM #6 15-5

TEAM #7 BEAT TEAM #8 14-6


TEAM #11 VS TEAM #12


2012 July 12 Joint Township Board Meeting Video

We Have an Tentative Agreement for Air Ambulance

Tonight at 7 p.m., July 12, 2012, both township boards met at the Peaine Township Hall to discuss and help negotiate the air ambulance contract. This meeting was streamed live from the Peaine Township Hall by Beaver Island News on the 'Net. Recorded video of this meeting will be made available tomorrow.

The most important joint township meeting of the year took place at the Peaine Hall with Beaver Island EMS and Island Airways coming to an agreeement in the presence of both township boards. The public was present to ask questions, and both parties were ready and willing to negotiate to an agreement. We have a tentative agreement to provide air ambulance, air transport for emergency patients on Beaver Island. It could be another fifteen to thirty days before the operation is inspected and licensed by the State of Michigna, but the process is well on its way to completion. Island Airways agreed to insure its aircraft as required by the State of Michigan and get the proof of insurance to Beaver Island EMS as early as tomorrow. Beaver Island EMS has agreed to send in the licensing application with the fee as early as tomorrow, so the process of licensing an air transport operation for emergency transport of patients is well underway.

Both townships agreed to work together and ask their lawyers to work together to assure the legality of the agreement reached at tonight's meeting to move the agreement forward and complete the legal agreement between Island Airways and Beaver Island EMS.

Great job to all those involved in getting this accomplished!

For those interested, here are the Island Airways proposals presented to BIEMS: Click HERE


Board following succession plan to replace Superintendent/K-12 Principal

The Beaver Island Community School Board of Education is on target with its succession plan to replace long-time superintendent/K-12 principal Kathleen “Kitty” McNamara who will retire in June 2013.

For the past 18 months, the board has followed the plan put in place after McNamara announced her pending retirement two years ago. Since the announcement, the board has worked with Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District whose leadership team has extensive experience in superintendent searches regionally and throughout Michigan. A representative of the ISD has met with the board three times and with teachers over the past 18 months.

“The board understands that its primary role is to select a new administrator,” said newly-elected board president Jessica Anderson. “We recognize the final decision on whom to hire lies with the board, but our next phase is to start collecting input from staff, parents, students and community members about the qualities they are looking for in the school leader.”

As part of the process, school board members also attended sessions on succession planning during the recent Michigan Association of School Boards annual conference. In these sessions, board members were able to hear about the challenges and typical processes in superintendent selection.

“The school board is dedicated to ensuring we select the best possible candidate for the position,” Anderson said.

At a recent work session, the board determined they would like a candidate with at least a couple of years of administrative experience, that the position would be posted as a superintendent/K-12 principal, and defined the following timeline for the interviewing and hiring process:

Summer 2012

  • School board appoints Jessica Anderson, Nancy Tritsch and Karen Johnson (with Dawn Marsh as alternate) to the superintendent search committee
  • Inform public of the process
  • Host meetings with parents and community members to gain input concerning a profile of competencies and requirements for the new administrator

Fall 2012

  • Host meetings with parents and community members to gain input concerning a profile of competencies and requirements for the new administrator
  • Define a candidate profile and develop a hiring brochure

Winter 2012-2013

  • Post position by January 2013
  • Interview for position starting in March 2013. All interviews will be held in a public setting
  • Visit worksites of candidates selected as finalists

Spring/Summer 2013

  • Hire new administrator in April 2013
  • New administrator to start mid-June 2013

After School Program Loses Enthusiastic Leader

Laura Gibson recently resigned her position as the 21st Century Community Learning Center site coordinator. Laura started in the position when the federal grant was received in late summer 2009. Laura built the after-school program from a few K-12 students in 2009 to 30 regularly enrolled students in the 2011-12 school year. Her creativity and dedication built the program to include such services as: academic homework rooms, chess club, private violin lessons, elementary sport and fitness activities, mainland and island field trips, cooking classes, individual academic tutoring sessions and much more. The school's summer program is also funded by the grant and coordinated by Laura. This year over 30 students were enrolled in academic and enrichment activities. The school wishes Laura Gibson all the best as she continues her career off the island. The school is seeking interested candidates to fill the coordinator position vacated by Laura.


Many thanks are in order for the success of our 2nd Annual Wellness Garden Benefit:

First of all to our gracious hosts who made their gardens so inviting, fun, and such a reflection of their Beaver Island uniqueness: Mary Scholl, Skip McDonough, Susie Bonadeo , Theresa Laurain, Cheryl Podgorski, Peter Amster, Carol Burton, Bruce Struik, and Bob Hoogendoorn.

The picnic lunch: Thank you Stoney Acres for the delicious wraps and lemonade, and Heidi Vigil (BI Gardens) for the table decor, set-up and clean-up; and to the HC girls for all the work they do to make this such a success (tickets, posters, bookkeeping, auction bids)

Stoney Acres for the bus, Gordie's Auto, BI Marine for their vans as well as these private volunteer drivers: Sharon Hurkmans, Dana D'Andraia, Joyce Runberg, Anne Glendon, Phyllis Kayne ,

Donors who gave us the host's wine: Betsy and Glen Borre, Linda and Ed Troutman.

Lastly may we say that garden planning begins in the spring: How can we ever give enough thanks to the care that Jerry LaFreniere, Garrett and Pam Cole , the Lighthouse School kids and staff, The CMU Master students, Dana D'Andraia, Karen Whitecraft, Mary Jean Pike, Jan Paul, Michelle LaFreniere, Pete Lodico, Joyce Erber, Judy Jones, Jan Nank, Cary Johnson, Marianne Weaver, Jeff Powers, Denise McDonough, Heidi Vigil, Cheryl Podgorski, and Pam O'Brien have given us in their labor, their ideas and their donation .And on top of all of this we have the Rangers, Jackie LaFreniere, Patti Cull and Judy Boyle all helping put together a Fairy Garden for the little ones to enjoy this summmer. Thanks also to Laura Gibson and her 21st Century team for supporting us with a Fairy Garden Float in the parade this year.

Lastly (but not leastly) we have recieved memorial donations of plants and hardscape that have been put into the gardens :

for Rita and Jewell Gillespie: knock out roses from the Gillespie siblings

for Joy and Russ Green: yellow roses from Beth and Steve Lucas

for Laurene and John Adams: pink roses from Connie and Ed Wojan

for Phyllis Fitzpatrick: pink knock-out roses from Michelle LaFreniere

white lilac bush and angel from Sandy Latimer

blue butterfly bush from step daughter Marcia

for Tina Walker: A stone lighthouse (with solar beacon) from Dale and Terry Keyes

for the Fairy Garden

As we use any other memorial donations designated for the Gardens we will list our purchases for you as well as who made the donation. If you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know.

Many, Many thanks for all the support from Connie and Leonor

Peaine Township Meeting Video

Video of the July 11th meeting HERE

Timeline of Events in Negotiations for Air Ambulance

The following document was provided to BINN from BIEMS to indicate the efforts to successfully negotiate an agreement with the air transport provider. The major item not agreed upon is the lease fee for the aircraft. The air transport provider wants to share the income for these emergency flights on a 50-50 basis. BIEMS wantss to pay a flat fee---at least that is what was stated by Jack Gallagher at the Peaine Township Meeting on July 11, 2012.

Click HERE to view the BIEMS timeline


St. James Township Meeting, July 10, 2012

Video of the meeting...Click the title and link above.

Forestview Apartments for Rent

There are three apartments for rent at Forestview Apartments. This senior housing project is right next door to the Beaver Island Rural Health Center and right across the street from Stoney Acre Grill and Donegal Danny's Pub. The video below shows the apartment that is designed from someone who is physically handicapped or otherwise handicapped, but the other apartments have the same basic layout.



Friday, August 3rd, 8:00 pm Beaver Island Community Center 26215 Main Street Beaver Island, MI Tickets: $20 advance/ $25 at the door (231) 448-2022 - http://www. beaverislandcommunitycenter. org/events/

Claudia Schmidt plays a concert in celebration of her new album Bend in the River: Collected Songs. Featuring 16 spectacular tracks from her five Red House recordings, this collection showcases her incredible vocal range and versatility as a songwriter, perfectly blending folk, blues and jazz. It includes special guest appearances by members of JJ Farley & the Original Soul Stirrers, Beausoleil, Violent Femmes and Tom Waits' band.

A powerful vocalist and an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Claudia has been dazzling audiences worldwide for four decades. A regular on the early days of A Prairie Home Companion , she has been hailed as a “true artist” ( Boston Globe ) and “utterly original” ( Lansing State Journal ). After self-releasing several albums where Claudia delved deeper into jazz and spoken word, the Michigan native now returns to her folk roots, moving back to Minneapolis and her long-time label home of Red House Records. Her new album marks an important homecoming, featuring performances from some of her favorite Minnesota players (including Peter Ostroushko, Dean Magraw, Marc Anderson and Gordy Johnson ) and heartfelt liner notes written by Minnesota Public Radio veteran Dale Connelly.

“There's a full circle feel to this album,” says Claudia. “Listening to these songs is like watching a sped-up camera shot of a flower opening. I can summon up exactly what was happening in my life at the moments when I wrote and recorded these songs.” From the percussive soul-searching title track ( “Bend in the River” ) to dulcimer-driven folk tunes ( “Grampa Johnson,” “Going By” ), Bend in the River provides rich musical snapshots that capture an artist in her prime. Taking us through the genius of Claudia's storied career, we are transported from smokey jazz joints ( “Invitation to the Weep,” “Black Crow” ) to summer festivals ( “Banana Moon” ) and the finest folk clubs and theaters ( “Wayfaring Stranger” ). Playful numbers like “You Can Call Me Baby” stand nicely alongside more acoustic tracks that highlight her mastery of the dulcimer and 6 and 12-string guitar ( “Waltz on the 45th Parallel” ).

With the release of this stunning new collection, we are reminded that like Joni Mitchell, Claudia Schmidt is an artist that is hard to define but has an unmistakably unique sound and style--truly one of the preeminent songwriters and performers in folk music today.

Primary Ballots for St James and Peaine

St. James Township page 1 and 2

Peaine Township page 1 and 2


Come on in to the Health Center Lobby and start bidding on the art pieces, memorabilia. and services as well as our big hit from last year “The Beaver Island Bounty Basket” filled with goodies, just in time for August Homecoming. This basket will include 4 bottles of homemade wine from Pete LoDico, 2 loaves of bread from Barb Murphy, pie from the oven of Shirley Detweiler, 2 kinds of pickles from Heidi Vigil, maple syrup tapped from the trees of Jacque and Mark La Freniere, and to top it off a beauiful homemade apron by Connie Wojan.

Art pieces include a necklace from Nancy Peterson (BeaverIsland Jewelry), an art print by Beth Scully, Zentangle art by Jane Early, a framed photograph done by Phyllis Fitzpatrick (donated by the Novak's), framed watercolors by Ruth Barrett (former Island resident), Print by Leonor Jacobson (Honoring Ellie Hahn) , pottery by Ruth Kelly and a piece of Ray Matela's woodcarving. Pat Rowley has donated some former BI residents' pieces as well; a framed painting by Jane Schmitt, a painted plate by Leone Schellenberg, and an old Port of St. James Sign. Pete LoDico has 2 rooms carpet cleaning included in our spring clean-up package. Please stop by and bid on those items that catch your eye. We will list the “End” dates on each bidding sheet in the Lobby. Most items will be started at very reasonable bid prices to give everyone a chance to win something.

All proceeds will help our Wellness Garden Project plantings which hopefully will be completed by next summer. The Garden Tour will continue each year to provide funding for maintenance of the Wellness Garden by a Beaver Island gardener . Any other memorial donations through the years, will go directly to plantings and Garden art pieces. We already have six new gardens lined up for next years' Tour.

We will gladly take any other donated items until Labor Day which ends our summer fundraising. So we hope to see you stop by and add your name and a bid to one or more of these items. Thanks for your support
from Connie and Leonor and the Wellness Gardeners.

Beaver Island Community Center Events

Brad Grassmick for Peaine Township Trustee

Click HERE to read Brad Grassmick's Position Statement

The Beaver Island Reader, Spring 2012

This book has just been released to benefit the Beaver Island Writers' Group, and all the unaffiliated writers on or connected to Beaver Island. These 34 writers contributed their work, both to demonstrate the broad range of interesting voices currently writing about Beaver Island events and to help launch an ongoing venue in which writers can express their work. Not everyone appreciates every piece it contains, but the early response has been unanimous, that, taken together, the collection is a wonderful step toward elevating Island writing to the pinnacle enjoyed by Island music, art, and craftsmanship.

Incumbent Rick Speck Running for St. James Township Supervisor

Bill Haggard Running for St. James Township Supervisor

Broder Book Is Available

This book has arrived this past weekend and is available for sale at the merchants mentioned in a story below. This book will also be available at the Beaver Island Rural Health Center, which will receive the proceeds of the sale. The four Broder sons chose the pictures and the columns to be included in the book. The book will sell for $25.00. The title of the book is "The Beaver Island Columns" written by David S. Broder. There will be a "Book Party" on July 3, 2012, at the St. James Township Hall from 5-7 p.m.

Tax Payer Contributions by Township

This comparison chart is being presented for clarity:

Comparison of taxes paid by St. James and Peaine Taxpayers for Joint Projects for $80,000 Taxable Value

Funded agency

St. James taxpayer pays

Peaine taxpayer pays

St. James taxpayer pays approximately this much more

BI Fire Department

.9643 x 80,000 = $77.14 .6637 x 80,000 = $53.10


BI Rural Health Center

2.000 x 80,000 =$160.00

2.000 x 80,000 = $160.00

same amount

BI Airport

0.9014 x 80,000 = $72.11

0.6204 x 80,000 = $49.63


BI Transfer Station

1.4464 x 80,000 = $115.71

0.9955 x 80,000 = $79.64


BI Emergency Medical Svc

0.9948 x 80,000 = $79.58

0.6847 x 80,000 = $54.78


BI Historical Society

0.2347 x 80,000 = $18.78

0.1615 x 80,000 = $12.92


Two editorials on this subject by Joe Moore:

Equity in Tax Bills

How Serious is the Inequity

The information below is reprinted from a previous editorial on Beaver Island News on the 'Net by Joe Moore:

Peaine Township Millage Rates Set

The millage rates for the two townships are presented here for the joint operations, and you can draw your own conclusions based upon this side by side comparison:

Millage rates in the two townships for jointly funded operations

Funded agency

St. James millage

Peaine millage

BI Fire Department



BI Rural Health Center



BI Airport



BI Transfer Station



BI Emergency Medical Svc



BI Historical Society



St James pays 6.5316 mills and Peaine pays 5.1258 mills for jointly funded operations.

St. James taxpayers pay 1.4058 mills more than Peaine taxpayers for jointly funded operations.

Why should a St. James Township property owner have to pay more tax dollars for jointly funded operations than any Peaine Township property owner?

It takes a lower millage rate to raise the same amount of dollars in Peaine Township because the Peaine Township SEV is higher than the St. James Township SEV. It does not take a statistical analysis to see a statistically significant difference in these jointly funded millage rates. An individual taxpayer in St. James Township is paying more to support these jointly funded operations than an individual taxpayer in Peaine Township.

St. James individual taxpayers are paying between 31.17% and 45.28% higher taxes for the jointly funded operations.

At this Special Peaine Township Meeting of March 31, 2012, Bill Markey suggested that perhaps St. James Township should decrease their millages instead of having Peaine increase their millages for joint projects. This certainly will not work since the amount of money raised by St. James Township is just matched by Peaine Township, so the inequity of individual taxpayers will just continue. If St. James decreased its funding, Peaine would just match that decrease. If this cycle continued, the organizations trying to provide services to Beaver Island would eventually have no money to fulfill their mission.

It is Joe Moore's position that any jointly funded accounts should be taxed equally based upon equal millage, so that each Beaver Island taxpayer is paying the same amount of millage tax for the jointly funded operations. Joe Moore's request made at the Special Meeting of March 31, 2012, was to have the Peaine Township Board reflect and consider the fairness of these tax rates for jointly funded operations.

Equity in Tax Bills

Why should a St. James Township property owner have to pay more tax dollars for jointly funded operations than any Peaine Township property owner?

How Serious is the Inequity

Consultant Report Available

The Feasibility Evaluation for Establishing a Fixed Wing Medical Evacuation Capability for Beaver Island EMS was presented to both St. James and Peaine Townships at their meetings in August. This feasibility evaluation was completed by a consultant Michael Slattery to eliminate any misunderstandings and to provide the information for BIEMS and the two townships to move forward. This report is many pages long, but Beaver Island News on the 'Net believes that it is important enough to post the entire document including all of the legislation that pertains to this issue. You may view this report by clicking on the link below.

Feasibility Evaluation for Establishing a Fixed Wing Medical Evacuation Capability for Beaver Island EMS

Air Transport for Island Medical Emergencies (ATIME for Us)

by Joe Moore

Read Article HERE

32 Miles of Water

(Copyright 2004, Phillip Michael Moore)

Update: 2/19/11---This video has had 108 viewings in the months of January and February so far. We hope that the views are getting the importance of having an air ambulance on Beaver Island and ready to go for the emergencies that have occurred here. It is obvious that ill and injured people are searching out other methods of transport since the transports for 2010 were down 50% compared to the last four years. While part of the cause is the depressed economy, the other part is the concern of being transported to the mainland and having a huge bill for that transport. BINN will continue to have this video available until something gets resolved with this issue. Comments so far: "You must be very proud of your son for doing this excellent video." "We never realized that this was still an issue." "Wow, a very important issue that seems to have been put on the back burner for too long. It's a burning issue."

Beaver Island has two flight services, and neither of them are currently certified or licensed to transport emergency patients from Beaver Island to the mainland. We thank the crews of the USCG helicopters for coming to do medical evacuations. We thank the flight services that have helped us get patients to the mainland for the last seven years and before. We thank Northflight for providing this service as well.

While a lot of things have changed over the last 7 years including a new school, a new executive director of EMS, new township supervisors,and new rural health center board members, there is one thing that has not changed.

Beaver Island does not have an FAA Certified Air Ambulance that is licensed by the State of Michigan.

When Phillip Michael Moore made this video as a Master's degree project, no one would have guessed that seven years later Beaver Island would still not have achieved this goal.

Please take the time to view the video. Please take some time to think about this, and then start asking some questions about how this can be resolved.

Beaver Island News on the 'Net Presents "32 Miles of Water" in its final form (28.5 minutes). The previously video, viewed here, was a slightly shortened version. The video is in high quality, but is still streaming video.