B.I. News on the 'Net, July 29-August 4, 2013

Rita Gillespie Memorial Blood Drive Successful

(from the Red Cross Northern Michigan Blood Drive Coordinator)

The northern team staff ran a very successful blood drive. The 21st Annual Rita Gillespie Memorial Blood Drive was held on Beaver Island on 7/25/13. It is quite an event with the truck and MUA going over on the Ferry, the remaining staff going over by plane and everyone returning by plane with the blood and some supplies. The coordinator and year-round islander Connie Wojan did a great organizing the blood drive. The staff saw over 70 potential donors and collected 63 pints of blood including the one extra from the double red cell donor.

Bird Feeder Visitors

Christian Church 50th Anniversary Picnic

The Beaver Island Christian Church is celebrating 50 years of Christian service to the Beaver Island Community. Today was the celebratory picnic held at the Gregg Fellowship Center beginning at 5:30 p.m.

There were over a hundred people in attendance at the picnic dinner, open to the entire community, consisting of sloppy joes, coleslaw, chips, salads, and cake along with the veggie trays. There was plenty of food available for those present.

A few comments and letters were read by Judi Meister and a couple of hymns were sung including Amazing Grace and Great Is Thy Faithfulness with Mike Scripps playing piano.

Short Video Clip of Judi Meister reading letters and Mike Scripps and Amazing Grace


Dear Judi:
Hope this arrives in time, if you choose to use any of it. Had been away and did not pick up the mail until yesterday. Sorry we cannot be with you for the picnic. Kruse Reunion down in Caseville the same weekend. As you know, Naomi and I love the Island.

Things we have enjoyed:
Worshiping with you (and when Mike Scripps is with us, his special music), the comfortable and always shiny and spotless parsonage, the use of the church car, listening to or participating in the Christmas Cantata, the Cookie Sale, the Easter and Thanksgiving meals, the beauty of the island, the boat rides, the plane trips, the Transit bus, McDonough’s Store, the hardware, the library, the Senior Meals each day at the Shamrock, Stoney Acres, or Dahlwhinnie’s, programs at the Community Center (thanks to Ann Patridge).
One story I remember is our first stay in the parsonage. Phil Gregg picked us up at the boat dock and took us to the parsonage. It was locked, but Phil said he could pick the lock. We went to his house and he got his tools, and did indeed pick the lock.
Our first stay in the parsonage!!
We look forward to the coming months when we will be with you eleven days each month from October through May. A wonderful time for us! 
You are in my thoughts and prayers each day;many times some days. You have been a big part of our life since I preached there for the first time on October 4, 2004.
Thanks for the memories. See you in about eight weeks.
God’s best to you and yours, Judi.
Harold Kruse

Dear BI Christian Church,
If my memory serves me properly, the Fox Family first came to Beaver Island on Homecoming Weekend during the summer of 1988. It was the year before our youngest, Sam, was born. Because of his July birth, we did not come back in the summer of 1989. Again, as I recall, we were on Beaver in most summers during the 1990; then sporadically during the summers and sometimes in the fall and winter during the 2000s. I even did a wedding there once and also one on the ferry. Not to mention the times coming over to referee soccer games for the school. During the summer of 2012, we got to share Beaver for the first time with our married son Ben, our daughter-in-law, and four grandchildren. We are really looking forward to being there again in late June 2014. We hope that several of our children and/or grandchildren will be able to share the time with us. Our memories of Beaver Island are golden to us. It is a place more than loved by our children. It is for all of us a place in our hearts…a place of the sweetest memories. Let me just list some for you:

  1. The loving people of the Beaver Island Christian Church
  1. Singing as the Fox Family Singers--usually songs that we brought from worship and Camp Roger. Sometimes we even brought the guitar along.
  2. Family hikes to hidden destinations and Mormon ruins.
  3. Retrieving a row boat from the south side of Fox Lake and paddling it back to the boat launch with sticks.
  4. Riding bikes all the way around the island with the bike tour just last summer.
  5. Swimming and kayaking to Garden Island from the north shore.
  6. Iron Ore Bay, Greene’s Bay, Little Sand Bay, Big Sand Bay, Donegal Bay, City Park---swimming in beautiful crystal clear water wherever we went.
  7. Sam falling off the back end of the truck.
  8. Getting stuck with Van out in the middle of the woods
  9. The Big Rock, the huge white birch.
  10. The toy store--my grandkids loved it just as much as their dad, aunts, and Uncle Sam.
  11. Finding cans and bottles, especially that first Homecoming weekend, and saving the money for ice cream.
  12. Loons, eagles, ospreys, kestrels, turkeys, beavers, and other wildlife.
  13. Hikes to different beaver dams.
  14. Riding on three different ferries (South Shore, Beaver Islander, Emerald Isle) not to mention some harrowing plane flights during the winter.
  15. Climbing Mount Pisgah
  16. Fishing, snakes, and cormorants.
  17. Family games, the library, reading, and relaxing.
  18. Rescuing a damsel in distress in a pouring rain.
  19. Volunteer choirs during the church service.
  20. The many people who shared their lives, their homes, their cars, and their love with us.
  21. Snorkeling at the Betsy Smith
  22. Snowshoeing at Big Sand Bay.
  23. Riding bikes all over town and around the north end of the island.
  24. Climbing the lighthouse at the south end.

I could list many more memories and I am going to send this to Barbara and each of our kids to see if they want to add to the list and to send you more;.
Long story short, let's conclude by saying thank you to the Beaver Island Christian Church. You have provided the Fox family with memories to last a lifetime. We are partly who we are as a family because of Beaver Island and the Beaver Island Christian Church. I type this with tears in my eyes. We can’t wait to be there next summer and who knows someday the Fox family may come to Beaver for a destination wedding for one of our kid--at least that is our hope and prayer.
Love and a million thank yous,
Reverend Joseph Fox and the entire Fox family

In addition the text of the Kurt Petrak sermon was read by Judi Meister. It can be read HERE.

And a wonderful time was had by all!

Beaver Island Township Airport Project to Begin on Monday

The Beaver Island Township Airport (SJX) will begin it overhaul and new terminal building on Monday, August 5, 2013, it was announced at the Airport Commission meeting (see below). This means that readers may wish to have some idea of what the project of the terminal will look like. The architect Kendra Thompson sent these to BINN on Sunday, August 4, 2013. Here is a general idea of what the building will look like.

The airport looks a little different as they prepare for the site work.

Video of the township airport on Sunday, August 4, 2013


Summer Fun Golf Outing

Beautiful clouds dripped a little then passed by

The winners, Nel, Ruth, Pete, and Taffy

Results of the August 2nd B.I.G.C. GOLF OUTING
1 P. Igoe-R. Igoe-N. Worsfold-T. Raphael 36 -6 30
2 H. Davis-B. Detwiler-J. Moore-B. Ridgeway 32 - 32
3 J. Bouck-G. Hall-D. Hall 35 -2 33
4 D. Grimm-J. Works-D. Schurburg-C. Smith 33 - 33
5 P. Cull-J. Albin-T.Seng-J. Smith 34 - 34
6 L. Laurain-R. Wojan-J. Mcelwain-B. Simpson 34 - 34
7 R. Blalock-C. Blalock-L. Larson-D. Larson 38 -4 34
8 J. Mestelle-R. Latimer-E. Martin-R. Smith 37 - 37
A/S Actual Score Shot
H Handicap received
N/S Net Score
Women: #6-Doris Larson #9 Nel Worsfold #4 None
Men: #6-Ryan Smith #9 Dave Grimm #4 None

Beaver Island Golf Course GOLF OUTING AUGUST 2, 2013

This outing was set up for 4 member teams. The format was a Scramble, with each member needing a minimun of 1 drive and a maxamum of 3 drives. A handicap system was installed to give every team a chance to finish in the top 3 with a good round of golf. The results show some very good golf and the handicap system worked. Using the results above plus checking out similar scores from other tournaments, the handicaps used will be tweaked a tad if and when we have another outing. Future Outings will depend on golfers interest to do so.

And a fun time was had by all. Many comments were made about what a beautiful night it was to be on the golf course.

(Thanks to Buck Ridgeway for the information and the story.)

Visiting Writers at District Library

Here is Patrick during his introductions of, from left: Beverly Matherne of NMU, Mary McMyne of LSSU, Janeen Rastall, Keith Taylor of UM, ML Leibler of WSU, and Ron Riekki who led the night's discussion/reading.

Riekki is the editor of the newly released anthology of UP writers 'The Way North.' All of the writers here except ML are included in the anthology.

Despite the busy night of great events on BI, an attentive crowd of 15 gathered to listen to stories of life in the UP and wonderful poems read by the four panelists along with a short performance piece by Leibler, accompanied by a musical loop played off his iPhone (as Taylor said to him, "You always have the coolest toys.")

(Thanks to Frank Solle for the picture and the story)

Beaver Island Airport Commission Meeting

The BIAC met this morning, August 3, 2013, at the St. James Township Hall at Whiskey Point. The commission decided to exchange the two leadership positions for the commission. The vice-chair Elaine West was appointed as chair, and the chair Mike Scripps was appointed as vice-chair. The idea presented was logical: The airport terminal project needed someone who was full time on Beaver Island in order to take care of all the necessary paperwork. The building committee was given authority to make changes to the current terminal project up to 5% of the total cost of the project. This was a recommended action by the engineering firm Meade and Hunt. This provided the building committee of the BIAC the ability to make necessary changes in the building project as they need arose instead of waiting for the next full commission meeting.

The Airport Manager Rachel Teague provided her report. All systems are go, and the preparations are well underway for a site start this coming Monday. A few cars will need to be moved on Sunday using a wrecker.

Also discussed was the WAAS GPS approach. This proposed change would lower the visibility requirement for the Beaver Island Township Airport (SJX) as well as the ceilings required to land at the airport. The commission agreed that this was something that should be worked on to improve the emergency evacuation capability of the island, as well as improved the ability of aircraft to land at the airport if they are GPS equipped. The commission agreed to investigate the necessary steps toward this GPS approach.

Other items on the agenda were also discussed.

Video of this meeting HERE

Donegal Bay Sunset Sky

South view from Donegal Bay with the clouds on the horizon

Not many clouds for this sunset, but still beautiful

BINN thinks that the Port St. James Authority should consider placing a webcam on the common property, perhaps the pavilion would be a good location, to provide the sunset views of Donegal Bay all year long. It could also be used to view the storms coming in from the west. What do you think? (Email medic5740@gmail.com for your responses)

Paul Neumann Island Memorial Services

On August 7, Wednesday, at 10:00 a.m., there will be a Military Memorial at the AMVETs Park followed by an 11:00 a. m. Memorial Service at the Beaver Island Christian Church, There will also be a NOON luncheon at the Gregg Fellowship Center. A sign up sheet for the luncheon will be at McDonough's on August 2nd.

Visit to Dr. Jeff Powers' Veterinary Clinic

Today, August 1, 2013, BINN made a visit to Dr. Jeff Powers' Veterinary Clinic to see what services Dr. Powers could provide to the island's pets. Rest assured, the visit was very informative, and the services available are amazing . The pets of Beaver Island are very lucky to have this service available right here. Besides surgery, diagnostic blood tests, and pharmacy services, as well as overnight pet hospitalization are well thought out and arranged in a very organized manner.

The two people who will help you with your pet's needs: Rachel Champenoy, veterinary assistant, and Jeff Powers, DVM

Dr. Powers gives BINN a tour of the veterinary clinic.

Surgery room.....blood analysis equipment and microscope for diagnosis of disease

Specialty bath equipment....computerized reporting....outpatient exam and treatment

Overnight lodging and recovery area and xray equipment

The complete tour of the veterinary clinic by Jeff Powers and products with Rachel.


From Stoney Acre

Island Caught Fresh WHITEFISH Daily
Friday-Yellow Lake PERCH,COD and Grilled or Fried SHRIMP
PLUS Full Menu
Rock & Roll@ 9pm with LAYLA, CORY, & RANDY
Great Food...Great Drink...Great Music...Great FUN!
*Sunday 4-8:30 PIZZA...YUM!
Stop in at Stoney...RELAX and ENJOY!

From the Michigan DNR

Weekly Fishing Tip: Fishing for bass is fun at night
With summer in full swing and temperatures frequently reaching their peaks, fish can become quite lethargic. No need to fret! For certain species, such as bass, you just might want to tweak the time of day you set out to target them.

Some of the best bass fishing this time of year occurs during the first hour or so after dark. Dusk and dawn can still produce fish but that first hour or two after dark can be exceptional.

After dark, bass tend to move shallow in search of an easy meal. Target them near the same areas you would during other times of the day while also casting and targeting the shallows. You’ll definitely want to also change your technique. Since after dark you can't see the weed line or other underwater structures, fishing subsurface lures is not recommended. It is time for surface presentations. After the cast, work them aggressively with a jerking motion making sure they pop and gurgle across the surface of the water during your retrieve. Pay close attention during the retrieve, watching and listening for the strike which can be explosive.

If you’re feeling adventurous, get on the water at 10:00 p.m. and fish the shallows for bass until midnight or 1:00 a.m. The results can be spectacular!

For more information on fishing for bass in Michigan, visit the DNR’s Michigan Fish and How to Catch Them website

After the Storm

Interesting sky after the storm and just before sunset.

District Library News

This Thursday, August 1, 2013

We have U.P. author Ron Riekki, and we also have Detroit Poet M.L. Liebler. The latter will be accompanied by Los Angeles singer/songwriter John Bardy, a member of M. L. Liebler & The Coyote Monk Poetry Band. It promises to be a great night. Everything gets rolling at 7:00 pm.

Then come on back Friday, August 2, 2013, at 7:00 pm for four more excellent Michigan writers: Beverly Matherne, Mary McMyne, Janeen Rastall, and Keith Taylor.

Funky Fashion Show

Vacation Bible School

The Vacation Bible School will be held August 14th to 15th a 100 yards east of the Whiskey Point Lighthouse from 9:30 to 11:30 am in a tent. This is this year only to replace the VBS that was cancelled this year. It is sponsored by the Men Saturday Morning Men's Breakfast that consists of all the Island churches.

Beaver Island Airport----Construction to Begin Soon

Is your car parked at the Beaver Island Township Airport?

Construction for the new parking lot and new terminal building at the Beaver Island Airport will be starting August 5, 2013. As a result, all cars in the parking lot will have to be moved to a new location on the airport. That new lot will be staked out and available after Tuesday July 30, 2013, for car parking. So please try to make arrangements for your car to be moved or give us a call at the Beaver Island office of Fresh Air Aviation 231-448-2089. If you have keys available in the car or brought to us, we can move it for you..

Men's Summer Golf League Results

1 4 John-Doug 37 11 106 335 37.22
2 11 Travis & Gerald 37 8 105 344 38.22
3 2 Jeff & Ryan 37 12 100 339 37.67
4 1 Ron W. & Larry L. 34 13 99 338 37.56
5 5 Chuck & Ernie 39 13 96 361 40.11
6 8 Howard & Joe 39 7 91 344 38.22
7 7 Ivan & Buck 41 8 88 357 39.67
8 9 Rob & Dan 42 8 82 374 41.56
9 3 Francis & Mike 38 12 80 374 41.56
10 10 Frank & John 38 7 77 368 40.89
11 12 Ron S. & David 46 12 77 430 47.78
12 6 Bob E. & Ron M. 41 9 71 329 41.13


Team #1 beat Team #10 13-7
Team #2 beat Team #9 12-8
Team #3 beat Team #11 12-8
Team #4 beat Team #6 11-9
Team #5 beat Team #8 13-7
Team #12 beat Team #7 12-8





Music on the Porch 2013 Video


Peaine Township Board Meeting, April 10, 2013

The Peaine Township meeting on April 10, 2013, starated right on time at 7 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. The agenda had just a few items on it. There was no controversy, and the meeting went by quite quickly with the minutes and bills approved, there were only a couple of other items on the agenda. The Peaine Township Planning Commission needs one more person, a Peaine resident, to complete the commission. At this date, there have been no applicants. Some discussion took place and the supervisor will make some calls and contacts to see if this position could be filled. There was a letter from a taxpayer about the township possibly placing a dock at the boat launch on Lake Geneserath for boat launch and fishing off the dock by youngsters. Gerald LaFreniere was appointed to the library board, replacing Carol Burton who had resigned.

Video of the Meeting is HERE

May 21 Waste Management Committee Meeting at Peaine Hall

Video by Kaylyn Jones

You can watch the video HERE

Information from Our School

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Schedule

St James Township Meeting July 3, 2013

Video of this meeting by Kaylyn Jones HERE

Peaine Township Meeting, July 10, 2013

Click HERE to view the video

WMC Links

Meeting Dates

New Prices for Transfer Station

St. James Township Board Meeting, June 5, 2013

View meeting video HERE

Beaver Island Community Center


At the Heart of a Good Community


Mon – Fri 11am – 5pm

Sat 11am – 9pm

Sun Closed!

Beaver Island Community Center Events


Check www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org or the Community Center for listings

List of Birds Seen on Beaver Island

This list was compiled by Eric Myers with help from others. If you know interested persons, please pass on this list of bird seen on Beaver Island. Perhaps a brochure could be compiled with the time of year and some likely locations. If anyone has an idea that could be posted electronically, please contact BINN via email at medic5740@gmail.com

Click to see the List HERE

Link to the Beaver Island Airport 10-year Plan

Human Services Commission Resource Manual

Complete Guide to Charlevoix County Human Services HERE

On the Beach of Beaver Island

You will need Quicktime or another music player to enjoy this link.

The music played in the Holy Cross Hall in the late 70's and early 80's, recorded for posterity and shared here.

Beaver Island Food Pantry and Gregg Fellowship Hall Donations Accepted

Click Here to donate

Wondering About Invasive Species?

If you are interested in finding out about invasive species, the following links will take you to the State of Michigan website. There is a a lot of information there about aquatic and terrestrial invasive species. The website is very well done, and the information is presented in an interesting and logical way including "Invasive Species of the Month." If you've been wondering what this is all about, here's a chance to take a look at the state's information.

State of Michigan Website on Invasive Species

Contact information for Invasive Species

Why Care About Invasives

Written by Beth Leuck for the Beaver Island Association


Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Airport Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Beaver Island District Library Board Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Steering Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Transportation Authority Minutes

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes

Waste Management Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Airport Commission Minutes New for 2011!


Vessel seen off the East side of Beaver Island

The Samuel Risley is listed as a Buoy Lighthouse Vessel with secondary usage being search and rescue. The vessel is enroute to Grand Haven, Michigan. This is a Canadian Coast Guard vessel. It is enroute to the 89th Annual Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival.


All are invited to honor the memory of Carol LaFreniere at the dedication of Carol’s Barn at the Island Treasures Resale Shop on Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Carol was a founding member of the Beaver Island Fire Department Auxiliary and a driving force behind the shop on Donegal Bay Road.
Thanks to donations made in Carol’s memory after her death in November 2012, and a grant from the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, a new pole barn will soon house furniture and larger items at the resale shop.
The building will be dedicated at 11:30 a.m., and an open house with refreshments will run until 1 p.m. The Island Treasures Resale Shop sells donated items, and all proceeds go to support the Beaver Island Fire Department (BIFD) and Beaver Island Emergency Medical Services (BIEMS).

Baroque on Beaver Schedule of Concerts This Week

Baroque on Beaver  "Ensemble Popourri" CMU Bilogical Station, Gillingham Auditorium at 7:30pm on July 31, 2013

 Baroque on Beaver "Beaver Island Brass Quintet" 2:30 pm Holy Cross Church on August 1, 2013

 Baroque on Beaver "Something Old, Something New" at Community Center at 7:30 pm on August 1, 2013

Baroque on Beaver "Back to Bach" 7:30 pm Holy Cross Hall on August 2, 2013

 Pop up concert with the Baroque Woodwinds at Livingstone Studio 2 pm

 Baroque on Beaver featuring Martha Guth and Ricardo Lugo "Midsummer Noel" Holy Cross Parish Hall at 7:30 pm on August 3, 2013

Baroque on Beaver "Gaelic Blessing" Season Finale Concert Festival Chorus at Holy Cross Hall 2 pm on August 4, 2013

(It is with sad heart that BINN will be unable to record or live stream this wonderful event. The legal issues for the Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association preclude this. BINN was looking forward to providing the subscribers this opportunity, especially for those unable to attend the concerts, but the decision has been made by the BICAA. If you want to hear this wonderful music, you will have to arrange to be in attendance at the concerts.)

Livingstone Studio Open House

This Open House, "Meet the Artists" 20th Anniversary Celebration was one busy place today, July 27, 2013. It took place at Livingstone Studio, which is housed in the old Rustic Villa Cabins on the left side of the road as you head to Whiskey Point, and just before you get to the Bud McDonough Memorial Ball Park and just after the Toy Museum.

As you can see, there were quite a few vehicles parked along the road to visit this open house.

You can't miss this sign.

A sign on the building and a cake indicating the anniversary.

There were many people at this celebration and showing, as well as those who wished to purchase items from the several artists, pottery experts, jewelry makers, and sculptors. Some had their pictures taken by BINN, but the editor was more interested in getting pictures of the items that were displayed and for sale.

From jewelry to modern art

From pottery to photographs

More jewelry and art

Wooden bowls

From pottery to large and mini-sculptures

From purses to dedications

Inside the Livingstone Studio--Lots of people

Outside the Studio

The 20th anniversary certainly seemed like a very busy affair. The event continued after BINN left, but it was enjoyable throughout. The food and the beverages were very good, and the company was very exceptional. All in all, a very comfortable and interesting event.

Short Video Clip of the Open House


My Day at Meet the Artists at Livingstone Studio 2013

Posted on July 28, 2013 by cindyricksgers

From Cindy Ricksger's Blog at HERE

I’d love to tell all about “Meet the Artists” at Livingstone Studio.

There were some extremely talented people there: musicians, craft-persons, artists, and the ladies that put the food and wine together.

The planning and preparation alone is extraordinary, from coordinating schedules of dozens of artists and artisans, to gathering musicians for entertainment, to food and drink beautiful enough to stand in the company of all the lovely work displayed.

I wish I could show a selection of some of the outstanding work.

Unfortunately, the only photos I took were of my own display (and only after a sale left a hole in the arrangement). The only perspective that I can honestly give is from my own narrow point of view.

Nancy was on my left, with her glass beads and jewelry. Ruth was on my right, with her lovely ceramic ware. I was facing Larissa, who held her beautiful red-haired baby behind her table of stunning new work.

I made the rounds before the day was done, to visit with each of the artists, and to admire their work. If I tried, now, to relate the experience, I’m afraid I’d leave someone out, mix up a name, or misrepresent their work. Though we all display our work at Livingstone Studio, and many live here on Beaver Island, most of us are busy with other pursuits. We often have just this one day a year to come together-as artists-in mutual respect and admiration. It’s a good time to talk about process, technique and materials. It is wonderful to catch up on new media, fresh inspiration and changing directions. It’s a great day for artists talking about art.

It is also wonderful to be out meeting and talking to people as an artist. Many know and follow my work. Several have been grand supporters of me and my art over the years. With them, it’s fun to chat and catch up.

Every year I have people approach who know me from one restaurant or another, who have seen me in the grocery store or at the hardware store or walking my dogs down Fox Lake Road…but who did not know that I am an artist. I never try to hide it, but when I’m working at another job, it often doesn’t come up in conversation. When cutting pipe or making keys, taking orders or serving lunch, that’s the job I’m focused on, and that’s the person that I am. It’s nice to have a day where “the person that I am” is exactly the one I want to be.

From my perspective, it was a beautiful day!

Special St. James Township Board Meeting

A special meeting of the St. James Township Board was called for July 25, 2013. The major topic of discussion for this special meeting was the proposed boat launch and dock on the former DNR waterside property. This property was traded by the State of Michigan to the St. James Township Board for Whiskey Island. The Whiskey Island property was sold for back taxes by Charlevoix County to St. James Township, and has now been traded for the DNR property. Also part of the plan is to put parking for the trucks and trailers behind the DNR building now used to house the Deputy Sheriff and his family.

The engineer for this project made a presentation and much discussion took place on how to modify the one of the two proposals.

Lucas Porath, Civil Engineer, of Northwest Design Group


St. James Episcopal Church

Schedule of Clergy

July 7 - Aug 4 Fr. James Rhodenhiser

Aug 11 & 18 Sr. Susan Bock

Aug 25 Fr. Jared Crame

r Sept 8 &15 Fr. Madson

Oct 13 Rev. Carol Spangenberg

Holy Cross Mass Schedule for Summer 2013

Saturday night mass 5:00 pm

Sunday morning mass 8:00 am


Sunday morning mass 10:00 am

Island Treasures Summer Hours


The Beaver Island Rural Health Center Board of Directors has set its meeting schedule for 2013. The board will now meeting quarterly instead of every other month. Meetings are held at 10 a.m. in the community room of the BIRHC. Meetings will be held on the following Saturday: September 28. The annual meeting will be held on Saturday, December 14.

Events at the BI Christian Church

August 4 Community picnic in celebration of the 50 years of the BICC

August 10 annual Bake Sale Women's Circle of the Christian Church starting 9AM until NOON

October 31 Trunk or Treat going from 5 - 6:30PM.

Nov 28 Thanksgiving Dinner starting at 6PM

Ministers Schedule


4 and 11: Pastor Todd Sutton, Washington DC

18 and 25: Pastor Ed Ross, Jackson MI


1: Greg Lawson, South Bend IN

8 Pastor Howard Davis

15, 23: Pastor El Zwart, Hudsonville MI

30: Pastor Harold Kruse


6: Pastor Harold Kruse

13: Pastor Howard Davis

20 and 27: Pastor Jan Beaderstadt


3: Pastor Jan Beaderstadt

10: Pastor Howard Davis

17 and 24: Pastor Harold Kruse


Gregg Fellowship Center. Doors open at 6:15 pm and games start at 7:00 sharp on Wednesday!

Beaver Island Human Services Commission 2013 Meeting Schedule

At 2 p.m. at the Beaver Island Community School

The Commission is a collaboration of organizations that advocates for the emotional and physical needs of island residents and visitors of all ages.

September 19, 2013

October 17, 2013

November 21, 2013

Members: _______(Char-Em Human Service Coordinating Body), Adam Richards (BIRHC), Alice Belfy(BICS), Judi Meister (Food Pantry), Ann Partridge(COA liaison/Community Center), Lois Williams (Hospice/Helping Hands), Kathy Tidmore(St. James Township Rep.), Pam Grassmick (Peaine Township Rep.), ______ (AmVets)

NRESC Meeting Schedule

Those below are at Peaine Hall 7 pm

September 16, 2013

Message to All B.I. Organizations

BINN is willing to post any and all events on the News on the 'Net website! There is one exception to this rule.

BI News on the 'Net cannot post your event if you don't send the information to BINN!

Subscriptions Expire

You can subscribe online by using PayPal and a credit card. Please click the link below if you wish to renew online:


Community Calendar

A completely new feature includes a monthly calendar for each month of the entire year of 2013. Please send me your events and they will be posted so others can schedule their events without conflict. Email your schedule of events to medic5740@gmail.com.

If you or your organization has an event you'd like posted on this Community Calendar, please contact me and I'll add it in.  Please try to get me the information as early as possible.

Crankin T's Club Schedules a Return Visit

The Michigan Crankun T's Club will be returning to Beaver Island this year on Saturday, September 21,2013, for a car show and cruise. The event will be sponsored by the Beaver Island Boat Co, The Shamrock & the Chamber of Commerce. According to cl ub president Bob Fitzgerald the group is looking forward to a return visit because they had a wonderful time on friendly Beaver Island in 2011. About 20 Model T Fords with a variety of bodies are expected for the weekend event.

Watercolor Class Planned

Watercolor instruction will again be offered by Destin artist Sharon Long beginning the Thursday after Labor Day. Mark your calendars for Sept 5-10 (photo walk on the 8th) Classes will have limited space so book early to secure your spot. Already 3 people from off-island are coming for this. Remember that the materials will be provided so even if you come for one lesson and don't feel its your thing, you haven't purchased alot of supplies. This time period was chosen because many islanders said they had company, or kids at home and couldn't attend last summer's classes in August. So please give me a call 448-2894, or email me, leonor.jacobson @ gmail.com. I will be happy to take your booking! We had a such a nice time; looking forward to again seeing some of our hidden talents on BI. More details will be forthcoming. All levels welcome!

submitted by Leonor Jacobson


Questions Still Exist on Kuebler’s Trail Controversy

While the previous report on BINN suggested that the Kuebler Trail was part of an easement for access to a piece of property out by Protar’s Tomb, new information has been presented to BINN.

Prior to posting any new information, however, it must be stated that this presentation of facts from another perspective does not in any way suggest that BINN has made a judgement for or against any party involved in this disagreement. BINN is only presenting information as it becomes available so that readers can make there own decisions. BINN will not, unless in an editorial, state opinions or make judgements. This is NOT an editorial. It is a statement of information that has been provided to BINN and a list of questions.

As a way of introduction, BINN is in possession of the following documents: (dated below means the date of record in the county)

  1. Warranty Deed for Parcel 2 Bonner’s Landing dated December 20, 1990 (This is the document with the language granting an easement.)
  2. Warranty Deed for Roadway of Protar’s Tomb Road dated October 14, 1976 (This shows that the Beaver Island Historical Society owns the road.)
  3. Survey map of Bonner’s Landing dated June 21, 1979 (This map shows all of the properties in question and their locations, but does NOT show the easement in question..)
  4. A copy of the Deed for property owned by John and Ruth Kelly dated December 31, 1987 (This document was provided by the owners.)

It seems as if there is a conflict between these documents. It seems that two interpretations are possible, but only one can legally be correct. It seems that those involved have been made aware of all of these documents including the Zoning Administrator.

Questions that seem to need an answer:

How can an easement dated December 20, 1990, include an easement if that easement is not mentioned in the documents for the Kelly property which are dated in 1987?

How can an easement dated 1990 exist if it is not included on a Survey map of Bonner’s Landing dated in 1979?

How can an easement be enforced when it was never included in these mentioned documents dated prior to 1990?

Who or what agency will be the deciding factor in determining if this 1990 easement can be enforced on documents dated earlier?

How was the easement determined? Who wrote up the paperwork for this easement?

Can a property owner be forced to allow an easement over their property without it being recorded with the cournty when their property was registered in that county?

Summer Men's Golf League Results

1 11 Travis & Gerald 38 13 97 307 38.38
2 4 John-Doug 36 13 95 298 37.25
3 2 Jeff & Ryan 33 13 88 302 37.75
4 1 Ron W. & Larry L. 38 12 86 304 38.00
5 8 Howard & Joe 39 8 84 305 38.13
6 5 Chuck & Ernie 35 16 83 322 40.25
7 7 Ivan & Buck 40 7 80 316 39.50
8 9 Rob & Dan 39 7 74 332 41.50
9 10 Frank & John 42 10 70 330 41.25
10 3 Francis & Mike 42 4 68 336 42.00
11 12 Ron S. & David 46 7 65 384 48.00
12 6 Bob E. & Ron M. 42 10 62 288 41.14


Team#1 beat Team #8 12-8
Team #2 beat Team #12 13-7
Team #5 beat Team #3 16-4
Team #4 beat Team #9 13-7
Team #6 tied Team #10 10-10
Team #11 beat Team #7 13-7


Team #1 vs Team #10
Team #2 vs Team #9
Team#3 vs Team #11
Team #4 vs Team #6
Team #5 vs Team #8
Team #7 vs Team #12

Beautiful Moon and Whiskey Point

From the public beach....

From the point

The August Dinner is BACK!

The August Dinner will take place this year, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, August 11, 2013, at Holy Cross Parish Hall. A wonderful grilled chicken dinner with all the trimmings and great desserts is $12 (adults, 12 and older) and kids $6 (under 12). Those wishing take out orders need to go to the front of the Hall to purchase your tickets. Deb Robert is the chairperson for the event.

Beaver Island Association Annual Meeting Live Streamed

The 2013 Annual Beaver Island Association meeting took place at the Beaver Island Community Center today, July 22, 2013, from 4:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. The regular items such and minutes and financial report was included. The most interesting items on the agenda for this editor was the presentation by Peter Plastrik, formally or the NRESC, where he described the process and the results of the 18 months of discussion and negotiations to get the end result that was presented to the two townships at their July meetings. There was also an interesting report on the Beaver Island Association actions on invasive species and a question and answer period after these presentations. The video of the majority of the meeting can be viewed HERE

Rita Gillespie Memorial Blood Drive on Thursday

The annual Rita Gillespie Memorial Blood Drive tolok place onThursday, July 25, 2013, from 12 to 6 PM at the Gregg Fellowship Hall.

The blood drive was successful with over sixty successful donors. Way to go, Beaver Island!


Beaver Island Vintage Vehicle Show and Parade

Aug. 11, 2013 at 1:00 pm at the Whiskey Point. Don't miss it.


and the livin’ is easy

I love that song. Every word, every sentiment.

It brings me, in my imagination, to a breezy screened room with a sturdy wicker chair and a tall, cool drink. Looking out, of course, on a perfectly groomed lawn and garden. The sun is shining. No obligations hang over me. Warm and comfortable, I may just doze right here.

Real life is a little more hectic, for me, here on Beaver Island in the summertime.

My granddaughter, Madeline, and I went to a concert last weekend.

Claudia Schmidt is a former employer and a dear friend of mine, as well as a wonderful musician and singer. She used to live here on Beaver Island, and it’s always lovely when she makes it back. She performed at the Community Center last Saturday evening.

We dressed for the occasion. Madeline chose the “very similar to the styles that Taylor Swift wears” dress that she’d worn for her own recital (she plays stand up bass). The sash was a bit frayed from the wash, but was elegant nonetheless. I wore the gauzy, tie-dyed “summer of love” dress that I’d purchased when visiting Florida with my sisters. Unaccustomed to wearing dresses of any kind, I managed to briefly flash the people in seats behind me while trying to disentangle my flowing dress from the folding theater seat. Fortunately, my grandmotherly underpants and sixty-year-old fanny caused only laughter, and the evening continued shamelessly.

Claudia intersperses her concerts with anecdotes, reminiscences and commentary. A poet at heart, these bits of information are generally heartfelt, thoughtful and thought-provoking.

One thing she spoke about this time was “Busy.”

That has become the stock answer to any questions regarding how things are going or what one is up to. It’s not an answer, really, but a definition of a condition.


“Busy, busy, busy!”


It starts to sound like gibberish after a while, she noted.

She avoids that answer, on principle.

To instead answer, “Nothing,” when asked, “What have you been up to?” has value for the looks of horror it evokes.

“What?! NOTHING??”

Generally, though, when activities seem overwhelming, her answer is, “I am living a rich and very full life.”


So, as I look out from my messy desk on this Monday in July, onto a lawn that needs mowing and a garden that needs tending, trying to plan my week that involves three outside jobs, preparing for and attending an art event, finishing a commission piece for a very patient client, making some progress on housework and yard work, sending out resumes and letters of interest for possible employment, a trip to the mainland to visit the Secretary of State, paying bills that have been ignored too long, repairing my washing machine and finding time for some worthwhile and memory-making activities with my granddaughter, I say-

This summer, I am living a rich and very full life!

By Cindy Rickgers from her blog at http://cindyricksgers.wordpress.com/author/cindyricksgers/


Blacksmithing Demonstrations

A grandson of one of the blacksmiths worked on an item.

This grandson did an excellent job, but he asked others many questions.

Here is the result of the first part of his work.

Many items homemade were for sale.

One blacksmith offered to show the process from beginning to finished project.

The finished product

and the maker of the product.

Another of the blacksmiths putting finish on the item he had made.

This was a fascinating demonstration of the blacksmithing and the handmade products that are available. If you didn't get to see it, that's really too bad. Perhaps, they will come back next year for Museum Week.

Here is a sample of the blacksmithing with some video HERE




A potluck salad/dessert luncheon and funky-fun fashion show will be held on

Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 12:30 pm at Gregg Fellowship Hall.

With beverages provided by BICC Women’s Circle.

Space is limited so call to make your reservations at Island Treasures Resale (231-448-2534) or Dee Gallagher (231-448-2262)

A Donation Jar will be available with proceeds to go to the BI Food Pantry and BIFD.

CMU Researches Game Fish Consumption

Central Michigan University is conducting a research study to determine the dietary game fish consumption of Beaver Island community members. A 2012 sediment study conducted on Lake Geneserath by Dr. David Long (link to video of presentation) revealed higher than expected contaminant levels, including mercury and DDT at the sediment surface. By dating sediments, it was determined that these contaminants likely entered the system in the 1960s and 1970s, but unlike other systems, they are persisting at the sediment-water interface. CMU is currently conducting a follow up study on lake sediments, fish tissue, and dietary consumption of game fish in the Beaver archipelago. If you would like to participate in this study, please complete the Fish Consumption survey. Your identity will remain anonymous. More information can be found below. These data will be made available after completion of the study. Thank you for your participation!

Potential Impact of Dietary Fish Consumption on the Beaver Island Community

The purpose of this research study is to determine the dietary game fish consumption of Beaver Island community members. For that reason, we will be surveying adult members (age 18 years and older) about their fish consumption habits. If you are willing to participate, our questionnaire will ask how often you eat fish caught on or around Beaver Island , where the fish were caught, and the type of fish consumed. The anonymous survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete. There are no foreseeable risks associated with this project. There will be no compensation for participating in the survey. This is an entirely anonymous questionnaire, and so your responses will not be identifiable in any way. All responses are confidential. Your participation is voluntary, and you may choose to stop at any time if you want. This study is being conducted by Dr. Rebecca Uzarski (email: uzars2rl@cmich.edu ) and Dr. Salma Haidar (email: haida1s@cmich.edu ), School of Health Sciences , Community Health Division, who can be reached at 989-774-2485 or 989-774-2623, if you have any questions.

If you are not satisfied with the manner in which this study is being conducted, you may report (anonymously if you so choose) any complaints to the Institutional Review Board by calling 989-774-6777, or addressing a letter to the Institutional Review Board, 251 Foust Hall Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859.

Take the Fish Consumption Survey online:



2013 Garden Tour Thank You

Another beautiful summer on Beaver Island means fun for everyone! Whether you are working on earning a living, working on entertaining guests, planning a family event, or working in the peaceful landscape around your home or cottage, it is nice to know that all of us have our interests, and the need to get out and explore and meet new neighbors along the way.

The 3rd Annual Wellness Garden Benefit Tour provided just that opportunity for 32 people on Tuesday in Peaine Twp. and over 37 on Weds. in St. James ( which included 30 more for lunch and the "Ellie's Walk" presentation to Sue Solle in the Wellness Garden afterwards). The gardens of Owen Neils and Bill Schneider, Darlene and Bob Dooley, Jim Luteyn, and David and Sandy Howell, Patti and Dave Mueller, Kathy and Bob Tidmore, Donna Hardenberg, and Amy and Don Langford (BI Library) all were unique to their location and reflected the personality of the gardeners. We appreciate their generosity in allowing us to glimpse at their accomplishments and applaud their endeavors! Some were natural, some were manicured. Others were randomly planted to capture your curiosity, to draw you "in". One of them covered many aspects of gardening; from perennial flowers to herbs and vegetables. Even rhubarb and berries were placed in neatly designed beds! One was labeled with horticultural names and was a "garden in Progress". Another was filled with flowers from her former home, surrounded by BI rocks from the beach, carried up by her grandkids.

An old farmhouse and surrounding yard was made to feel like the past: no driveway, only a footpath. Rhododendrons, weeping nootka, and mature clematis highlight this place. A former shed, and foundation of the old barn were left standing and used as unique "artscape". One property and yard had been devasted by a "tornado" that took out several beech trees and left the owners with rubble and an open scar across her otherwise shaded spot. “Making lemonade out of lemons” is what they did and now the garden is a work of art! An historical island abode in town was renovated by the family and has a lovely view and wonderful vegetable garden as well as an adjoining neighbor who has maintained his home so beautifully and has been an inspiration to many BI gardeners. When another family arrives as late as June 15th what else can be done other than let it grow, let it grow! Flowers that have seeded themselves in the rocky, sandy soil seem to thrive, and old lilacs in the back are reminders of the old farmhouse that once stood here. The last stop is a memorial and designed to provide "Serenity" to all who visit.

For those of you who attended the tour thank you so much !!!! The financial support will go into the Wellness Garden for maintaining and adding where its needed. The plantings in the main garden have been completed and Forest View will now recieve some extra attention. We could use some more volunteers to keep it weeded and looking green. Please let us know if you can spare a few hours this summer or in the fall to help out. We have a "wish list" of tools and "artscape " now on the biruralhealth.org website. Go to the Wellness Garden tab and read our news! Thank you to Donna Kubic for getting us linked to the internet. There is also news of the silent auction packages and art pieces that you can bid for online. Remember that the Victorian Dollhouse bidding deadline is August 15th!! Other pieces of art have different end dates aswell, so log on today, or come into the Health Center Lobby for more opportunities to bid! (Thank yous for all of the silent auction items will be forthcoming in Sept. news)

Thanking those who helped make the Tour a great event is important to us: Co­chairs Jan Paul and Dana D'Andraia, behind­the­scenes assitants Betty Scoggins, Ken Scoggins, Dave Paul, Bob Marsh, Fran Pike, Bob Anderson and Alana Anderson. Of course our Wellness Gardeners: Connie Wojan, Judy Jones, Alana Anderson, Dana D'Andraia, Jan Paul, Marijean Pike, Sandy Howell and Cary Johnson, and businesswomen Heidi Vigil, Cheryl Podgorski, Pam O'Brien, and Denise McDonough. Thank you to all the drivers: Frank D'Andraia, Jean Kinsley, Anne Glendon, Gene Masta, Bruce Parker, the Stoney Acre Grill Bus with driver Bob Marsh. The extra Tuesday nibbles: scones and grapes provided by Betty Scoggins, quiches by Cathy Jones, cranberry bread by Jim Luteyn, cheesecake from the kitchen of Bruce Struik ­yummy!!!!!!! Anne Glendon, the bulb catalogs are wonderful, and Scott Slezak thanks for speaking about your up­and­coming island seed business; we loved hearing about it! Taffy Raphael thank you for the beautiful photos for our website and archive scrapbook.

We also want to thank : The Forest View residents and Theresa McDonough for their dessert offerings on Weds., BI Gardens for the flowering pots at the entrance, CMU and the Biostation, John Gordon, Ed and Beth Leuck , Rose Benjamin, Shawna Ross and the CMU Honor Students, the Lighthouse School, Jim Wojan and Stoney Acre Grill all are to be thanked. The donations of tablecloths from Pam Grassmick, Heidi Vigil, Joyce Runberg, Marianne Weaver, Betty Scoggin, Dana D'Andraia, Jan Paul, the Resale Shop, the birdhouse centerpieces (Still up for auction!)decorated by Doris Larson, Lois Stipp, Nancy Peterson, Kris Ries, Gaye Paget, Yvonne Crandall, Jan Paul, Judy Jones, Cheryl Podgorski, Forest View Residents, Leonor Jacobson and and the BI Christian Church for their chairs, the Firehall for their tables and chairs ,and Bob Marsh for all his labor in making this a great day and wonderful venue to enjoy year round.

Last but not least: the Wellness Garden Tour and the silent auction could not happen without the endless amount of help we recieve from the BIRHC staff: Betty Hudgins, Donna Kubic, Mary Cook, Gaye Paget, Marianne Weaver, Sue Solle, and Deb Plastrik. Thank you also to all our news organizations: Joe Moore (News on the 'Net) Jeff Cashman (the Beaver Beacon), Elaine West (Northern Islander). We'll keep you updated on our website regarding the auction, as well as the planting plans and needs. Thank you and see you next year in some new and interesting gardens!!

(Submitted by Leonor Jacobson for all the Beaver Island Wellness Gardeners)


50th Anniversary Picnic

New On-Line Peaine Township Hall Community Calendar

This is where everyone can go to see updated info and events that are currently scheduled at the Peaine Township Hall. It can be accessed on our Township Home page which is: http://www.charlevoixcounty. org/peainetwp.asp
There is a link at the top of the page marked "Calendar" that will take you directly to the calendar.

If anyone would like to reserve the Hall for an event they need to contact Julie Martin during our office hours Thursdays 10am-2pm . 448-2389 or peainetownship@gmail.com . I can also be reached at juliemartin88@gmail.com or my home number is 448-2074
Qualifications for the use of the Peaine Township Hall
Non-Residents will be charged a non-refundable $25.00 fee for the use of the Hall.
Residents - no charge for the use of the Peaine Township Hall for any activity except: USE OF THE KITCHEN FACILITIES - Which requires a $25.00 FEE. (Adopted by the Board 10/2004)
Upon booking your event you are required to mail the rental fee of $25 made out to Peaine Township to Julie Martin P.O. Box 375 Beaver Island, MI 49782
Rules of the Hall are posted there.

Postings for BICS

Posting for School Board Member

Posting for Title 1

St. James Episcopal Church

Schedule of Clergy

July 7 - Aug 4 Fr. James Rhodenhiser

Aug 11 & 18 Sr. Susan Bock

Aug 25 Fr. Jared Crame

r Sept 8 &15 Fr. Madson

Oct 13 Rev. Carol Spangenberg

News from our District Library

New Hours:

Monday - Friday 10 am--6 pm
Saturday 12 pm--5 pm

Second, we have not one, but two library story times to announce for this summer, one of which is to continue through the winter (Jenny Justis's):

Other News:

It is all about kids learning to love books! Stop by for great stories, engaging krafts, and more fun than anyone is entitled to on a Tuesday morning. Beginning the first week in July!

Reading and fun aimed mainly at kids preschool age and below. Wigglers, toddlers, preschoolers and parents welcome. Come on in for a great time exploring stories. Starting Thursday June 27th!

Both story hours start at 10:30

And just a reminder that e-books and audiobooks are now available through the library website, thanks to the Up North Consortium, a collection of libraries pooling resources to build a substantial collection of e-books and audiobooks for free downloading.

From the Recycling Center

JUNE 1, 2013

The Beaver Island Transfer Station will be accepting the following recyclable's (in the following ways):

Free of Charge

•  PLASTICS : Film (clean plastics bags, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, etc.), Bottles (caps and wraps left on or off), Buckets (wire handles removed), Trex (or similar decking material), #1 PET, #2 HDPE, #3 V, #4 LDPE, #5 PP, #6 PS, #7 Other, including Wide-mouth Containers and Styrofoam (any size including peanut style, all foam bagged in plastic bags), Toys (any size with metal removed), Oil Containers (dripped out). All of the items mentioned above are accepted as one.

•  PAPER : Newspaper (loose, not bundled or bagged), Catalogs, Hard and Soft Covered Books, Magazines and Telephone Books (covers on), Office Paper, Envelopes and Gift Wrapping Paper.

•  CORRUGATED CARDBOARD : Boxboard, Brown Paper (bags, wrapping etc.), Cereal Boxes (liner goes with plastic), Waxed Cardboard or packaging used in refrigerators, freezers and coolers.

•  TIN : Plated Steel Cans, Trays, Metal Jar Lids (rinsed free of contents-labels are acceptable), Wire Hangers (ok with paper on).

•  CLOTH : Clean and Dry (no pillows or rugs).

•  GLASS : Jars (lids go with tin), Container Bottles (caps and wraps on or off, but rinsed). Note; House ware glass and windows go with trash.

•  STEEL SCRAP: B.I.T.S. is excepting two ways, small items inside and larger items outside (please no attachments like plastic, wood, Rubber, Glass etc. and properly prepared.

•  ALUMINUM : Collected inside two ways, small items in the gaylord marked aluminum (foil, cans, and other) and larger items not to exceed 2'x4' to be bailed, ask a staff member if you need assistance.

•  OIL : Transmission, Power Steering and Crankcase are collected from your container.

•  WOOD : Small Quantities (picture frame, toys, etc.) are collected inside.

•  BATTERIES : Household and Power Tool (Lethem is now collected separate of others).

•  COPPER : Wire, Pipe, Fittings etc. (coatings on or off, clean or unclean).

•  LAWN CLIPPINGS and LEAVES : Any quantity (Dumped in a designated area please check in first).

With Fee

•  WOOD: Larger items, up to truck loads and including trees and stumps, are accepted outside.

•  BATERIES: Automobile and larger.

• STEEL SCRAP: Washers (clothes and dishes), driers, stoves, ovens, grills, folding chairs, office chairs, desks, file cabinets, bicycles, tricycles, lawnmowers, etc. These items are reduced and prepared to become recyclable by the BITA Staff.

• BRUSH: (Please check in)

• STUMPS: (Please check in)

• RUBBLE: (Please check in)

• CORDED: These items vary from $1 to $3 depending on size from alarm clock to vacuum cleaner.


Should you not have the means, the BITS staff will help you prepare or reduce your recyclable items for a minimal fee. As always, we are here to serve you, and together we are making a difference. Please keep in mind this is a new trial and you should look for updated postings. If you have any questions, please call us at 231-448-2228.

AMVETS Scholarship

Beaver Island AMVETS Post 46 is offering a $1000 scholarship to any student who graduated from the Beaver Island Community School and has completed at least one year of post-high school education and has not previously received an AMVETS scholarship.

We are accepting applications in electronic format at the following e-mail address.


The deadline is August 31st and the scholarship will be awarded not later than the 15th of September.

Wellness Garden Silent Auction Until August 25th

In case you just arrived to beautiful Beaver Island, you have missed the cold weather, the spring bugs, and a month long show of Trillium and other spring wildflowers holding their bloom this year. We gardeners have had many days of rain and cold wet feet to match!

Over the winter Connie Wojan, BJ and Phil Wyckoff, and Jean Kinsley and Cathy Jones have worked on a house renovation (dollhouse, that is) and now it is time to auction it off! Come see it on display in the lobby of the BI Rural Health Center lobby. We'd love for you to give us a bid on it. Also go online and check out dollhouses and miniatures; it will amaze you what the value is! We are bidding in $25 increments starting withan opening bid of $100 and will take a $2500 "Buy it Now" bid at any time. You can bid silently with your own number assigned by Betty or Donna and we won't even know who is bidding. This will make a wonderful present for yourself a wife, daughter, granddaughter (or even if you buy it and then donate it to a children's hospital , historical society, or library somewhere which may even give you a tax benefit). The money raised will be used for more garden expenses and upkeep. We have a wishlist of wants and needs so check out the biruralhealth.org website for more information on what we are doing. Look for the Wellness Garden "tab" at the top of the home page, click on it to stay up-to-date on what is happening! From auction items to Wellness Garden Benefit Tour to "our gardening wishlist." This will be ready to use on or before July 1st. If you see something on the wishlist that you'd like to see your winning bid pay for, please let us know.

Other auction items to view include some from the art community on BI: since housing was the theme we have several hand decorated one-of -a-kind birdhouses (for decor only) done by Judy Jones, Jan Paul, Leonor Jacobson, Gaye Paget (our new PA), the Forest View residents, Lois Stipp , Nancy Peterson and Jacque LaFreniere. Cheryl Podgorski has made a gourd birdhouse, and Krys Lyle has hand-knitted a hummingbird nest and Lois Williams has donated two pieces of "kitchen" art to buy . There is a Michael Glenn Monroe framed, signed and numbered limited edition print of "Loons in the Moonlight " available (Go to his website to see his work). Frank Solle has a lovely framed photograph as well and Gaye has also made a Native American-style woven grass basket she is offering us. If anyone else has the desire to donate something artistic or garden-related for the auction we welcome it!!

Also we have many "Service Packages" : Reminiscent of our first auction at the BIRHC Fashion Tea in July 2004! Many of you may have come to Deerwood that day for the first live island auction!

"Spring into summer" package: Get ready for your guests! L & L carpet cleaning (2 rooms), and 4-hour housekeeping from Marijean Pike , all put together in one neat biddable bundle. min. bid $100

"Tidy yourself up!" : haircut and manicure /pedicure from Karen Whitecraft will get you set for the big event or maybe just to have a new look (see the details ) min bid :$50

"Dinner Out at Home": Wonderful homemade dinner for four people (starter, entree, 2 sides, and a dessert) brought to your home upon arrangement with the chefs (from Bruce and Leonor Jacobson!) Will have several menu options , and date to be decided later. (Can be used next spring also) min. bid $75

"Get that thumb to turn Green!": Let Landscapes by Barb help put together a simple garden design (2 hour design work) to get your green thumb going! Garden apron for tools, handmade by Betty Scoggin, 20% off Perennial flower coupon from BI Gardens (some limits) and a new-fangled lightweight hose to make watering easy .All-in-one package deal! min $100

"Sunrise Special":Donna and Larry Kubic have offered their cottage on the shores of lake Michigan for the weekend of September 6-8. Included will be fresh eggs, Tim's sausage or bacon, coffee, breakfast breads and jam. What more do you need for a relaxing weekend? min. bid $100

"From Retro to Modern": Sara Busby Design would love to help you update your kitchen and/or baths ! If you just bought a cabin or home that needs some modern conveniences and decor(or maybe just need a new look) or maybe you are working on a new home design(?) she is offering a 2-hour design consultation to help you get on your way. Min. bid $50

"Store it, warm it up and deliver it " That's what Gordon's Auto can do with your vehicle for the winter! ( He'll warm the engine and deliver it to the airport or boat dock on your spring arrival day )min.bid $40

"Put your house and garden to sleep" A fall special from Dave Avery 4-hour yard clean-up added with Robert's John Service closing of your home or cabin (some limitations) min bid $100

Did I mention the annual Beaver Island Bounty Basket of homemade goodies, in time for Homecoming? We have 2 bottles of homemade BI wine from Pete Lodico and Alvin LaFreniere, a seasonal pie from Shirley Detwiler, pickled goods from Heidi Vigil, Beaver Island eggs, 2 home baked breads from Barb Murphy, and a lovely apron handmade by Betty Scoggin. min bid $50

We would love to include some more in this basket so think about what you are talented at: Cookies, homemade salsa, herbed vinegars, soaps, handmade oven mitts or kitchen towels. Give us a call and/or drop off the handmade items with Betty in the lobby of the Health Center. All baked items will be arranged for pickup between the donor and the winner of the basket during homecoming week. Please make sure we know who made the items!

So now you have it, get bidding!

Victorian Home for Sale


Lovely Victorian Home Readied for Sale on Beaver Island

Once upon a time this dollhouse was handmade with love by Phil Wyckoff for BJ's and his granddaughters.

As the house was erected BJ thought of everything she wanted in it. She shopped for the flooring, the wallpaper, the furniture, and all the extras including some figurines to inhabit the lovely home. She shopped at stores all over the state and then some, looking for items to make this a desirable miniature rendition of a victorian classic. As time went on, and she and Phil continued to lead their busy professional and social lives, the dollhouse was set aside for a "rainy day project" until it got moved. Phil's hangar seemed the ideal location to finish the house but alas, as time went on, the grandchildren grew, Phil and BJ became involved in BI projects ,and the Victorian dollhouse got pushed farther into the back of their minds.

Then this past fall, BJ and Phil decided to clean the hangar out and "Voila!" there was the dollhouse draped in it's covering waiting to be restored by somebody. The furniture and other decor were stacked neatly in boxes aplenty. BJ knew what she wanted to do with this item: give it a good permanent home. BUT it needed to be finished! For what home would sell without some fresh paint, wallpaper and flooring? And how best to offer this to the public??

An auction of course! The Health Center would be doing their Wellness Garden Auction in the summer and the team of Wojan/Jacobson would likely take this on. A quick call to Leonor and Connie to see if any interest was there. Yes! Yes!! they said. But who would be able to finish it? Well, you can bet Connie accepted that challenge and sure enough she worked all winter on this (thank goodness for the snowy days that kept her inside!!) And then, after the main house work was done, BJ inspired the knitters (Jean Kinsley and Cathy Jones) to join in the fun of finishing the decorations, placing the furniture and staging the home for "sale" . They added their personal touches of little hand- knit rugs, including some of BJ's mothers work. Leonor called on Mary Scholl to paint two miniature original pieces of art which will hang on the walls as a finishing touch of BI uniqueness.

The miniature landscaping around the house will be provided by some of the Wellness Gardeners and lastly, the home will go on display in the Health Center beginning in June. Stop in and see the work of our dedicated "crew" and then plan on making a bid on this one-of-a-kind auction item handmade by Phil and BJ and their BI friends and neighbors. The winner of this home will be featured in several area newspapers in late August/Sept. time period. Bids will be taken at both the BIRHC and online so please watch for more details !

The B.I. Transfer Station and Recycling Center

After a little bit of research and just a quick walk through the transfer station and recycling center, it became quite obvious that a large amount of money could be saved if more of the "trash" could be recycled. There is a large quantity of each green bag received by the transfer station that could be recycled. A figure given at a previous Waste Management Committee meeting was 75-80% of the contents could be recycled. Imagine if your family or your employees were provided the opportunity to save your family and/or your business some money?

The mathematics is quite convincing. If you could cut your trash quantity down to 25% of the current amount, you would pay $4.50 for a big bag of trash instead of four times that amount $18.00. This seems like something worth doing. The various categories of recyclable materials that are currently accepted is quite large. Perhaps the name of the building should be changed to emphasize the need for more recycling. Just a switch of the two names would do a lot. This suggestion would make the building name, The Beaver Island Recycling Center and Transfer Station. This would put the emphasis on recycling, which is where the island families and businesses could actually save money. The difference is just one of sorting the materials and placing them in the proper recycling boxes.

Here is a video of some of the items recycled HERE



Road sign..............Express lane

Lots of options for recycing!

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