BoyneThunder Poker Run

Keep your eyes on the harbor this Saturday from approximately 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. as the BoyneThunder boats run from Boyne City to Charlevoix to Northport then on to Beaver Island and then to Bay Harbor before heading back to Boyne City. This is not a race per se but a game of chance. Each participating boat navigates a carefully charted course, stopping at five checkpoints along the route to pick up a sealed envelope containing a single playing card. At the final checkpoint, the envelopes are opened and the crew holding the best poker hand is declared the winner. The BoyneThunder Poker Run entrants have a thunderously good time while supporting Camp Quality, the organization that helps kids with cancer be kids again.

Beaver Island Community School Press Release

Board of Education appoints New Officers

At its July 10, 2006 annual organizational meeting the board of education elected the following officers from among its members. Barbara Schwartzfisher was elected president after having served as treasurer for many years. Sharon Nix-Cole was re-elected as board vice-president, a post she has held for 3 years. Nancy Tritsch was elected secretary and Linda McDonough was elected board treasurer. Long-time president John Fiegen joins other members Brian Cole and Dawn Marsh as board trustees.

In other business, the board appointed members to the following committees: finance, building, curriculum, policy & personnel, school improvement, BIYC and negotiations. The board also accepted with regret the resignation of science teacher Adam Chittle.

Secondary Science Position Posted

Because of the recent resignation of teacher Adam Chittle, the school district is seeking applications for a 7-12 th grade science teacher. The ideal candidate will be a highly qualified secondary science teacher, preferably with a chemistry background. Applicants can submit a letter of interest and resume to the school by the end of July or may apply online at or may email information or questions to .

Harlem Ambassadors Basketball Show
Coming to BICS Tuesday October 17, 2006
Entertaining and Educational
Comedy Routines and Basketball Skills
Watch for More Information

Wow! What a 4th!

While most folks consider that the holiday is over by the the 5th of July, this year a lot of the people who had traveled to the island to celebrate the 4th stayed on for the rest of the week. There were family reunions, weddings, retirement and anniversary parties, etc. By the time the 11:30 boat left this morning the town was almost bare compared to what it was all week. Now things will begin to build again in anticipation of Museum Week, the Music Festival and Homecoming but we will have a few days to catch out breath, change the linens and restock the refrigerators.

Belated Congratulations

Belated wedding anniversary congratulations to Russ and Joy Green who celebrated their 50th anniversary this past week. What a great party that the Green kids put on for their parents. It was wonderful to see so many old friends. Grandson Neal was unable to get leave from the Navy to attend but thanks to some ingenious person jeans and a shirt were stuffed and a photograph of Neal was placed on top so he was there.... sort of. Look at it this way Neal... no hangover although I understand your Uncle Mike is a karaoke singer now. Hopefully someone taped that! Congrats, Russ and Joy!

The "Other" Retiree

During the past week was also a party to celebrate the retirement of Ron Gregg after 20 years of serving in the United States Army. While I agree that Ron served his country heroically in Kosovo, Iraq, and various places around the world and is finishing up his career as Deputy Commandant at Fort Campbell it seems to me that someone just as important has also served her country courageously and has pretty much been ignored.

Ron's wife Ann, and all other military spouses, are just as much American heroes as are their helpmates and deserve just as much as the military partner. They don't receive the medals, the parades, or the acclaim, but what they do is just as important. In the 20 years that Ron and Ann (I'm including Ann as she, by being Ron's spouse, is also in the military) have been in the Army, he's been gone by reason of deployment or field work most of the time leaving Ann to take care of bills, sick kids, attend school functions, do the packing for moves, home-school their two children when the school systems where they were attached weren't acceptable to her, take out the trash, get the car fixed, change the tire, put up the storm windows, and do the millions of things that in normal marriages the other spouse helps with. Being a military wife is probably like being a single parent or having a long-distance romance all the time. When he was deployed to Kosovo and later to the war in Iraq she dealt with everything with dignity and calm. When Ron had to attend formal military events Ann was right there at his side in her best dress.

Now that they, and I do mean they, are retiring it seems to me that we ought to give just as much applause to Ann, and other military spouses, who have been the ones to hold things together at home. Without them the soldier wouldn't have much to come home to. So, congratulations on your retirement Annie. I, for one, am extremely proud of you and what you've accomplished over the past twenty years. Way to go, girl!


The Beaver Island Christian Church invites the community to attend a complimentary banquet in celebration of the new Gregg Fellowship Center. Special music and a presentation of the planned uses of the Gregg Fellowship Center will follow the dinner. Please join us on July 15 th at 6:00 p.m. for this special event.

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