Beaver Island Fire Chief Tim McDonough has ordered a burning ban for all the islands in the Beaver archipelago. Due to the extreme drought conditions absolutely NO burning of any kind is allowed. With the unique situation of being an island so far from the mainland please abide by this burning ban. With temperatures in the high 80's and low 90's along with lack of any precipitation a fire could easily get out of control. Remember, ... Absolutely NO burning of any kind!


AMVET Post 46 is offering one $500 scholarship to any student having completed at least one year of post high-school education.

Please submit an application stating the reason you believe you should receive this scholarship by August 3, 2005 to:

John Rowley 448-2514
Doug Hartel 448-2368
Bob Tidmore 448-3088
or any other AMVET member

Heat Wave

We're having a heat wave and it ain't a tropical one although there's probably some knuckle-head who loves this hot and humid weather - my dad comes to mind. I'm not a summer person, I like spring, fall, and winter. My body isn't a summer-time body either. Heck, even my toenails are sweating. Notice I didn't say the lady-like word "perspiring"... they are SWEATING!

One of the cooler spots on the island during this heat wave is McDonough's Market. You see folks stolling up and down the aisles all day long, they aren't shopping, they're trying to stay cool. You think those folks who go back into the cooler are getting beer? Well maybe they are, but they are also reaping the benefits of the most comfortable place on Beaver Island.

I have a new car and logically thought that I'd be nice and cool if I turned on the air-conditioning. Yuppers. What came out was NOT cool air but steamy, hot, engine breath. Next oil change I'm having the mechanic toss in a quart of Scope or Listerine. So I end up, after frying my hindquarters on the seat, driving down the road with the AC on high and the windows down until the engine decides to send forth cool air.

According to the weatherman we get to look forward to another week of this lovely (snicker) heat. I'm sure that all the summer tourists are enjoying it. Certainly a lot of people have been in swimming at the playground in town. I thought of it but didn't want to cause the water to rise suddenly and accidently drown any small children. So I'll sit here at my desk with my sweating toenails and let the fan blow on me and dream about my hero, Jack Frost.

New Summer Deputy

This summer the island has a second deputy to give Jim Campbell some relief. Justin Holzschu, originally from the Elmira/Gaylord area, is getting his first taste of island life. Justin is a 2004 graduate of the Kirtland Regional Police Academy. A runner in high school, he also ran at Lake Superior State, where he majored in political science, placing in many events. Justin has been doing a great job on the island and has us all buckling up - which we should have been doing for a long time. He is looking forward to the end of summer so that he can spend time with his young daughter on the mainland. In the meantime, be sure and say hi to him as you see him on patrol about the island. Welcome to Beaver Island, Justin.

Beaver Island Rural Health Center

Board of Directors Approved Meeting Minutes

At the July 9, 2005 meeting

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Peaine Township Hall

PRESENT Board Members –Pete LoDico, Barb Murphy, Rick Speck, Don Spencer, Angel LeFevre-Welke, Connie Wojan.
Staff – Connie Harris , Donna Kubic,

Absent: Anne Glendon, Dr. Brad Grassmick, Karen Whitecraft

I. Call to Order & Welcome

President Connie Wojan called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM , welcoming all board members and guests in the audience.

II. Review, revisions to agenda

Under New Business, Connie Wojan added E) BIEMS request for use of condo for relief care paramedics for six weeks this summer and F) D iscussion of an Open House this summer.

III. Review, revisions and approval of minutes

Angel LeFevre-Welke made the following correction: page 4, VIII C. Commission on Aging, Home Health should read Commission on Aging Home Health. Motion to approve minutes of January 22, 2005 with correction. (Murphy/LeFevre-Welke) approved.

IV. Financial & Utilization Reports

•  Financial reports presentations & discussion

Rick Speck reviewed the financials, under the dental budget item there will be an increase with monies from the facility use fee. Interest from the Endowment Fund was budgeted at $4,000 and is $5,100. Deficit at end of this year is $22,000. Need to find $22,000 if expenses track with this budget. Don Spencer pointed out using a rough calculation; the Health Center could run out of monies by the middle of August. At the Board Meeting in June there needs to be a decision on how to cover the deficit. Examples were obtain a line of credit, obtain a short term loan or obtain a mortgage on the property. Suggestions should be made at the June meeting and decision made by August. The Capital Campaign needs to generate $90,000 in interest to fill the gap. Motion to accept the financial report (Spencer/Murphy); approved.

•  Reports on Earned revenue for Services

$2700 has been sent to the collection agency. Primary insurance aging is reflected at 50%.

•  Utilization Reports

Donna Kubic reported that the numbers of encounters for February were up by 57 visits due to Connie Harris provided 16 visits in January and 23 visits in February during early hours.

•  Resource Development Report

•  Capital Campaign update

No update reported.

•  Truck Raffle

Pete LoDico reported the truck should be on the island the first of May. Will need to sell 500 tickets. Thanks went out to Ken Slater who is able to get the truck because of an employee discount.

•  Revenue from Fashion Tea

Connie Wojan indicated the Fashion Tea this year will not be held at Deerwood. The monies raised this year might be needed for operations and the Board needs to be straightforward about this.

IV. Operations Report

•  Summary of Activities, Statistics

Dan Taylor is the new mental health care provider from North Country Community Mental Health. . Dan has made two visits to the island and is seeing several island residents as clients. The service was suspended for four months and the service is now back in place.

We are beginning to explore with Jeff Cashman 's expertise a website for the Health Center . The staff will be able to upload information and give us control over the content.

We plan to do a mailing to box holders telling residents about the Northern Heath plan being offered in Charlevoix County to people ages 19-65 who have no insurance and meet the poverty guidelines. Some have been distributed to patients with no insurance and mailed to a few islanders who may benefit from this plan. We will include the Nurse Practitioner brochure provided by Don to reach islanders who may not receive the Northern Islander or the Beaver Beacon or have access to the internet to read Phyllis Moore's website. This brochure will help get the word out again about what a Nurse Practitioner can do.

Charlevoix Area Hospital has offered to recertify our clinical machines which is a part of our recertification process. We continue to make strides to get all the pieces in place for the next audit of the health center.

September 18-21, 2005 will be the date for the Karmanos mammogram screening this year.

•  Facility use Fee

Donna Kubic referred to a copy of letter given to Dr. White concerning the Facility Use Fee. This fee is now in place for each non “no charge” and pro bono dental visit. Patients will be charged $3.50 after computing Dr. White's portion of the annual costs of the Medical Center.

VII. Old Business

•  Insurance Update

Don Spencer reported on the updated information from the insurance claim. The reimbursement monies for replacing the carpeting which was $9,000 will not be received.

B. Summary of Paving

There is a balance of $1954.00 from the $40,000 given to pave the parking lot of the Medical Center .

•  Balance of Funds

$3,362.84 remains in the bank for repairs from the insurance company

VIII. New Business

A. Commission on Aging, Home Heath Care

Sue Bergmann, Director of the Charlevoix County Commission on Aging reported on hiring a certified nurse aid to begin homemaker services on Beaver Island .

Currently meals on wheels are being provided to a couple of residents. Dining out vouchers are also available for breakfast at Dalwhinne's. The Homemaker program is designed to serve eligible seniors throughout Charlevoix County . You must be at least 60 years old and unable to perform the task yourself, which would include 2 hours every other week, to do light duty housekeeping,, 1-2 baths per week allowed, respite care and medication assistance. The case needs to be opened by a Registered Nurse. Non skilled services would then be performed by the nursing assistant under the supervision of the RN.

Sue referred to a letter received by Dr. and Mrs. Brad Grassmick regarding the inequity of the service situation for those elderly living isolated communities. Mrs. Pamela McDonough Grassmick asked this letter be part of the minutes.

•  Income from Endowment

Discussion by the board to take the income from Endowment Fund and put the monies into the operating budget. This will be acted on yearly. Motion was made to contact the CCCF to disperse capitol campaign interest money and send check in total to be put in the general account (Spencer/ LeFevre-Welke), approved.

•  Authorization for Managing Director to transfer funds from Special Projects

In the past Grace Matela had the authority to transfer funds from the Special Account. After discussion Motion was made to authorize Donna Kubic with permission from the finance committee to transfer funds from the Special Projects Fund (LeFevre-Welke/LoDico) approved.

•  Discussion on Memorial for Grace

Discussion was had on memorial for Grace Matela. Bill Cashman mentioned Tom Matela wanted to construct something out of stone and is looking for a location to put it. It was decided to revisit the idea again at the next meeting.

E. BIEMS Request for Use of Condo

Donna Kubic explained a conversation with Joe Moore, regarding relief care for Joe for six weeks this summer. The Paramedic has committed for six weeks this summer and BIEMS is looking for a rental place to house the paramedics and two teen age daughters. The Board would like to offer the use of the condo if BIEMS would pay a $250.00 deposit and the electric bill for the six weeks. Motion to allow BIEMS the use of the condo for six weeks this summer, paying $250.00 deposit and the electric bill for that time period (Murphy/LeFevre-Welke) approved. This lead to discussion about selling the condo and putting the monies into the Endowment Fund. Rick Speck said it would sell for about $75,000. This would take $4,000 out of the budget for condo expenses. LoDico asked about renting the condo. Rick Speck said it would break even . Motion to inquire about what the condo might sell for (Spencer/LoDico) approved . This will be revisited at the next board meeting. Discussion of an Open House this summer

F. Open House this summer

Because of new people moving to the island and summer residents who may not have visited the open house last summer, it has been suggested to have another open house sometime this summer. Motion to have an open house sometime in July Spencer /LeFevre-Welke) approved.

IX. Next Meetings

June 18, 2005 , 2:00 PM , Peaine Township Hall.

X . Public Comment

No public discussion.

XII. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 3:50 p.m. (Spencer/LeFevre-Welke) approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Glendon, Secretary
Donna Kubic , Managing Director

Beaver Island 2005 Rural Health Center Fashion Tea

2005 marked the twenty-second year that the Beaver Island Rural Health Center has held it's Fashion Show/Tea and Silent Auction. This year the annual event was held at Holy Cross Parish Hall. Lenor Jacobson out-did herself as the organizer of this popular event. Lenor was aided by storyteller Doris Larson and narration by Lisa Gillespie. Models were Jayne Bailey, Kathy Blalock, Mary Gillingham, Sue Solle and Florence Newman. Jim Gillingham assisted the ladies off the stage as they began their circle of the room wearing the lovely clothing from the Beaver Boat-tique. Flowers were arranged by Bob Hoogendoorn while food was catered by Stoney Acres Restaurant, brownies by Dalwhinnie's, and Whole Foods of Ann Arbor, Michigan donated the teas. Also helping were Rural Health Center board members and employees. Members of the Emerald Isle Repretory Company delighted the audience with a few renditions from "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" and Doris Larson had them giggling and grinning with her take on the Cinderella story from childhood.

Modeling stunning outfits from pajamas, swimsuits, dresses, pant suits, and all the jewelry and purses, the models did a marvelous job showing them off as the audience enjoyed a variety of teas and finger food. During breaks Lenor Jacobson did some live auctioning and finished up the program with the winners of the silent auction. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. The grand total after expences will be over $7,500.00 - a job well done certainly!




Thank you Leonor Jacobson for all your effort!

The following items were purchased with the 2004 Fashion Tea Monies

Cholesterol testing device $3,300.00  
Wide wheel chair
TV/VCR/exercise tapes
for exercise program
Glass containers
for patient rooms
Postage box holder mailing
nurse practitioner brochure mailing
Blood born pathogens hazard communication
OSHA required staff education video tapes
PT INR testing device
Printer for PT INR testing device

Thank you from the Beaver Island Rural Health Center

Board of Directors and Staff

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