Ray Denny Memorial Art Show Extended

Museum Week's annual Ray Denny Memorial Art Show has been extended through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. You'll want to check it, and the terrific art, out if you have a chance. Several mediums are on display from film, acrylics, oils, sketches, digital, nature, and mosaic. This is probably the largest art show that Museum Week has had since its beginning all those many years ago. Ray would be thrilled by both the attendance and the representation of artists. As you enter the Beaver Island Community School gym you'll see several pieces of Ray's "road art" that decorated Allen's Lakeview Road in front of the Denny home on Donegal Bay. Inside the gym you'll find several other pieces of his art and a short biography about him.

Artists showing works this year include: Susie Bonadeo, Betsy Borre, Danny LaFreniere, Desire Duhamel, Pat Boyle, Brian Cole, Kelly Duhamel, Abby Fogarty, Dawn George, Jane Maehr, Ted Nicholas, Pam O'Brien, Cheryl Podgorski, Ted Prawat, Antje Price, Cindy Ricksgers, Julie Runberg, Mary Scholl, Tom Sebert, Frank Solle, Lois Stipp, Ted Vasser and Grant Walters. Many pieces are for sale and prices range from $1 photo bookmarks to "ask the artist". It's certainly hoped that next year the Ray Denny Memorial Art Show will be larger and more artists will submit works.

One new item this year is Ted Nicholas computer generated pictures. Step right up and have your photo taken and then through the magic of Nicholas computer genius you'll find yourself in an historical photo.. perhaps as a bystander next to the Beaver Island Lumber Company train or the Life Saving Station. Check it out. Brian Cole and Frank Solle have captured the island in all four seasons, one with film and the other with digital photographs. Check out Solle's books of poetry also, where you'll find a great one about the Beaver Island we remember from the late 60's, early 70's with names almost forgotten of Joe MaFro, the Grill, Charley Martin, Mothers.

This is definately an art show you'll not want to miss, so check it out on Saturday from 10 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.




John Selwyn "Sel" Pierson

Word has been received that Sel Pierson passed away on Tuesday, July 14th at his Green Valley, Arizona home. Sel, and his wife, have been long time summer residents of Beaver Island.

They Came Back for More!

Luther Kurtz, owner of Sky Dive Harbor Springs, and crew came back Tuesday afternoon for another round of sky diving but the weather soon put a whammy on it for that evening and Wednesday afternoon was designated as "jump day" for another group which included Kathy and Abby Adams, Rachel and Megan from the CMU Biological Station, Dawn Kuligoski, Joe Weede and several others. Joy Bose asked if I was going to do it again, my response was, "Just how stupid do I look??? (Don't answer that) No way!" However I badly wanted some pictures of folks leaving the plane and some of the scenery from that high - without having to get into the parachute getup myself. Joy, being a gentleman, agreed to take my camera with him since he was the pilot this trip. He did a grand job. Those of you who read the previous article on what it's like to be the skydiver didn't get to see what it was like just prior to that huge leap. Thanks to Joy Bose now you will. Special thanks to Kathy and Abby for posing. You know, this is the way to do it.. give the camera to the pilot and just sit on the ground and wait until he lands... no stress, no ulcer, not much fear except for my camera and dandy pictures. Yup, I've finally found my spot in the scheme of things and it isn't hanging from a parachute two miles up.





Because my camera was in the plane I was unable to get any pictures of them coming down but Kathy definately got her money's worth as thanks to the winds she and her instructor hung suspended for quite a while making her trip back down almost ten minutes long instead of the usual 6 or 7 minutes.

Luther and pals are talking about coming over to the island on some Wednesday afternoons if there is interest. Want to try tamdem skydiving? Give them a call at 231-330-DIVE (3483) or you can write directly to: Luther Kurtz; 712 East Dixon; Charlevoix, MI 49720. Check out the website at www.skydiveharborsprings.com also. If you use a dial up connection you may a few minutes wait as the photos come up.

Again, thanks Luther and crew for providing us with some great entertainment! In case you haven't noticed, the islanders are crazy about you and your team. Very special thanks to Joydeep Bose for taking such great pictures for me.

Volleyball Camp

By Connie Boyle

Emma Adams, Melissa Bailey, Caitlin Boyle, Leaha Cary, Deven Cook, Emily Gray, Brenna Green, Samantha Kuligoski, Bailey McDonough, Christine McDonough, Andrea Moore, and Krystle Timsak Photo by Connie Boyle

Last week (Jul 6-9) was a volleyball camp here on the island.  Because I had a number of players I thought might be interested in improving their skills, I contacted Dan Fletcher.  He coached at Inland Lakes for many years and his team was very successful.  His team never lost to Pellston -- which many people here who follow volleyball can certainly appreciate!  His team went to the State tournament, he had 4 All State Players, and many other accomplishments.  Dan runs summer camps for many teams in the area, and has been asked to out-of-state schools as well.  He came to Beaver Island quite a few years ago to run a camp. 

We had 12 players, grades 8 through 12, attend the camp.  All the girls worked hard and learned a lot.  They all improved their individual skills and had a lot of fun.  As their coach, I appreciate that all these girls gave up some of their summer time, had to arrange work schedules, and suffered through a lot of sore muscles!  It was another example of what a good group I have.  Wherever we travel, the spectators usually comment on the fact that "Beaver Island really came here to play!" 

With the improved individual skills and a few "secret strategies" we learned this summer, next volleyball season proves to be another fun and exciting year.  Go, Lady Islanders!

Where Is It?

This lovely wreath with its bright red bow, a reminder of Christmas past in July, can be found somewhere on a main road at the north end of the island. Do you know where it is? Check next week for the exact location... and keep your eyes wide open as you drive around... you may find it. Stop and sing a chorus of "Jingle Bells".

Beaver Island's Own Waterpark

Next time you visit the Rural Health Center take your swimsuit and check in with the cute redheaded receptionist who will rent you a paddle boat to use while you're waiting for your appointment. When it's time for your examination, you can use the new Slip 'N Slide hallway with the added touch of carpet burn on your way to the exam room. I understand that Donna Kubic will be offering swimming lessons and Sue Solle will be the lifeguard.

Seriously, on the morning of July 11th, it was discovered that sometime during the night a pipe too close to the air conditioning froze and burst sending gallons of 200° water down over the office area of the Rural Health Center and out through the front door causing much damage. Immediately Robert Gillespie had his crew in there with water vacs and help arrived from all directions to offer their services. Unfortunately the water disolved the carpet glue, ruined some machinery, warped doors and ruined paperwork. Haggard's Plumbing caught the first plane they could and immediately set to work resolving the problem. The insurance company has been notified and patients who weren't emergencies were put on hold for the day as they strived to dry out the interior.



While I started out poking fun, this was certainly a terrible thing to happen and I sure hope that some safeguards and/or alarm can be installed to prevent this from ever happening again. All those who worked so hard cleaning up the mess deserve huge kudos for all their hard work.

Museum Week Kick-Off

Monday evening was the kick-off for Museum Week 2004 and as is tradition it began with Music on the Porch. Doris Larson, the traditional MC for the program was unable to be on the island so Robert Cole stepped in and did an excellent job.

The road was closed in front of the Print Shop Museum as a swelling crowd gathered to hear their favorite musicians and see new ones. A great job was done by all and what a perfect setting with the harbor on one side and glorious voices on the other.

Musicians included: the Community Choir with Kathy Speck conducting, Brenda LaFevre with the Sondheim musical ensemble, Joddy and Stryder Croswhite, Stryder and Jenny Bousquet, Barry Pischner, Jewell and Brighid Cushman and Cindy Gillespie-Cushman, Sheri and Krystle Timsak, Cory Sowa, Julie Sommers, Danielle Cary, David Molinari, Robert Cole and David Molinari, Tom Burke, Hilary and Tara Palmer, Dawn George, L.D. Ryan, Bill Markey, Kevin White, and others.

To learn what events are scheduled for Museum Week 2004, stop in that the Print Shop Museum, Marine Museum, or the District Library to pick up a schedule or check the sandwich board sign in front of Holy Cross Parish Hall.

Thanks from Sky Dive Harbor Springs

Dear Beaver Islanders,

We are writing to thank everyone from Beaver Island for sharing the enjoyment of skydiving with us. As skydiving instructors, we live for the days where we have crowds and jumpers excited as you are. We came over to Beaver Island expecting to jump on Saturday for the day, and were overwhelmed with the friendliness and generosity of the Beaver Island people.

Over the last three days, we have taken a wide spectrum of people ranging from Brian Sommer at 18 to Glenn Arden at 81½ years old. The Islanders are the most energetic and exciting group of people we have ever encountered. Many of the Islanders expressed gratitude to us for bringing skydiving to the Island. We are writing this letter to let you know that the pleasure was equally ours. This is by far the most beautiful place we have ever jumped. We look forward to coming back soon.

Many thanks and blue skies,

Luther Kurtz
Joydeep Bose
Patrick Murphy
Julie Strickland


To see Luther's pictures and his article about the Island skydivers go to his website. If you're on a dial-up connection, you may have to wait a few minutes for the photos to load. www.skydiveharborsprings.com and click on the Beaver Island link.