Beaver Island Fire Chief Tim McDonough has ordered a burning ban for all the islands in the Beaver archipelago. Due to the extreme drought conditions absolutely NO burning of any kind is allowed. With the unique situation of being an island so far from the mainland please abide by this burning ban. With temperatures in the high 80's and low 90's along with lack of any precipitation a fire could easily get out of control. Remember, ... No fireworks, no campfires, no tossing smokes from the vehicle, no trash burning. Absolutely NO burning of any kind!

BIEMS Finds Lost Adult and Child on Garden Island

By Joe Moore

On the night of July 17, 2005 , at 9 p.m. Beaver Island EMS was dispatched to Beaver Island Marina to join in a search for a lost adult and a lost child on Garden Island . Apparently, the two were part of an outdoor excursion from the northwest area of Garden Island where a group was camping. The adult and child were walking with the group and somehow became detached and lost their way trying to catch up with the rest of the group. Deputy Jim Campbell requested the help of BIEMS by contacting Central (911) Dispatch.

The paging tones went off and several of the local emergency medical service members went into service including EMT-Specialists Gerald LaFreniere and Ken Bruland , Paramedics Steve Rose and Joe Moore, EMTs Karen Whitecraft and Cindy Cushman, and recently Nationally Registered Basic EMT Sarah McCafferty, and recently Nationallly Registered First Responder Adam Wirth. The entire crew responded to Beaver Island Marina where some got on board John Runberg's boat to travel from Beaver Island to Garden Island . Jim Stambaugh, Medical First Responder, went down to the municipal marina to get on board Jim Campbell's boat for transportation to Garden Island .

The Beaver Island Fire Department Chief Tim McDonough allowed Beaver Island EMS to take charge of this search and rescue due to the severe fire danger on Beaver Island with the lack of rain for 55 days. Chief McDonough turned the scene command over to paramedics Joe Moore and Steve Rose. The two paramedics stayed on Beaver Island to coordinate the search and rescue and to coordinate the radio and telephone communications. Gerald, Ken, Karen, Cindy, Sarah, Adam, and Jim all ended up on Garden Island and searched for the lost individuals.

Around 1:30 in the morning on July 18, 2005 , BIEMS members Ken Bruland and Gerald LaFreniere located the lost 8 year old girl and the lost 37 year old female in the dense woods. Attempts were made to locate a helicopter to fly to Garden Island and retrieve the EMTs and the lost individuals, but needed thunderstorms threatened the area and other emergency situations had all resources in Michigan committed to other rescue missions.

At approximately 3:15 a.m. , the decision was made for Ken and Gerald to “hunker down, spend the night, and await daylight.” Ken used his orienteering skills and the stars to mark the direction for North in preparation for the morning. Gerald consoled and calmed the 8 year old who was soon fast asleep in Gerald's arms. The rest of the EMS crew was rounded up and returned to Beaver Island to await daylight. They arrived at Beaver Island Marina on John Runberg's boat. John was willing to return to Garden Island as soon as fuel could be obtained for his boat. EMS personnel went home to dry out and prepare for the next morning.

At approximately 5:00 a.m. Beaver Island Marina owner Pat Anderson was awoken by a phone call from Joe Moore. The situation was explained, and Pat drove down and turned on the gas pump so that John Runberg's boat could be fueled up. Jim Stambaugh, Cindy Cushman, and Karen Whitecraft joined John and Carol Runberg on John's boat after preparations were completed and emergency equipment was loaded. By 5:40 the boat was enroute to Garden Island .

Daylight brought Ken and Gerald and our two lost individuals the light needed for Ken to begin to lead them out to the north shore of Garden Island and back to the camp site. The lost girl and lost woman were not injured, but were dehydrated. These two did not want to return to Beaver Island , and it was determined that there was no medical reason for them to come back to Beaver Island . The BIEMS crew was loaded back on John Runberg's boat by 6:50 a.m. The BIEMS crew arrived back on Beaver Island tired, but ecstatic over the success of the search and rescue. All EMS vehicles called back in service and available at approximately 8:10 a.m.

Another trip to Garden Island will be necessary to gather up equipment that was cached for later use if needed.

Many thanks go out to John and Carol Runberg for their generous service to the community and BIEMS during this search and rescue effort. Thank you John and Carol.

Just How Hot and Dry is it?

Nobody I know can remember when it was this hot and dry for so long on the island. It's been about 55 days since we had rain, although some places got a twenty-minute drool from the sky last night along with a lightening show. No matter where you go the topic is the heat/humidity/drought/sweat factor/heat/humidity/etc. Whenever there is a blip on the radar indicating rain it either dissipates or goes to the south of us, to the north of us, to the east of us.... anywhere but here. We're going to have to change our name from America's Emerald Isle to America's Beige Isle in another week or so.

How am I dealing with it since I'm definitely NOT a summer person? I'm caulking my armpits instead of using regular deodorant. I've decided to take a page from those southern gals in the lower tier states and unequivocally state, "I'm not sweating, I'm glistening." Belly bulge, butt sag, varicose veins notwithstanding it got to be too much last night. If you were in the harbor area that was not a seiche, that was me jumping into the harbor. Refreshing it wasn't, since the harbor water is just shy of boiling and you can now choose your harbor Mallard duck in "original recipe" or "extra crispy", but it was wet and certainly felt better than suffering inside. Actually, I have found a way to remove those varicose veins, or at least scare them deeper so they don't show. Just climb into any vehicle that does not have fabric seats or relax on any non-fabric surface. When you stand up you'll see, that sound of your first two layers of skin being ripped away scares those veins into behaving. A side benefit is the sound effects you'll emit that will entertain the kids who didn't know you were even capable of sounds that high. The only really hard part of going to the beach is putting on that swimming suit you haven't worn in a couple years. First of all the extremely high humidity means that you have to remove your clothing with a teflon spatula and then you have to spray Pam™ inside your suit so it can slide on. Because every item of clothing adheres like a second skin there's no problem of getting sand in that suit. Of course once you arrive back home getting it off becomes the problem. You're on your own there - I think my suit as become one with my body since the Pam™ quit working when it was 3/4 of the way on. I'm just telling folks it's a gigantic flowered tattoo with a skirt.

Happenings This Week on the Island

There's lots happening this week on the island. You can go to the theatre and see either Wives of an American King or I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change; go on a CMU field trip and learn about the mammals of Beaver Island; this coming weekend check out the Beaver Island Music Festival and the Celtic Games. In between events visit the beach, swim, wander the aisles of McDonough's where it's cool; visit Cole's Gallery on Main Street and buy one of Brian's pictures while enjoying their air conditioning; or simply just enjoy the island, heat and all. Just remember that there is a burn ban in effect so be careful.


AMVET Post 46 is offering one $500 scholarship to any student having completed at least one year of post high-school education.

Please submit an application stating the reason you believe you should receive this scholarship by August 3, 2005 to:

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