We're Having a Heat Wave

While Irving Berlin wrote the terrific lyrics "We're Having a Heat Wave", I think that Laurie Kittle's parody of Berlin's smash song is more of a hit this week across the country:

We're stuck in a heat wave
A mid-American heat wave
The temperatures scorching
my body's remorsing
With certainty we'll fry, bye-bye

Can't get no relief wave
An underarm stink wave
It's hard to believe that
the weatherman says that
With certainty we'll fry, bye-bye

See, my anatomy
dead as a battery
jumpstart me please

I'm frying my brain waves
lobotomizing heat waves
how slowly that sun moves
when in it's summer groove
It's with certainty we'll fry, bye-bye..

Even the critters are walking slowly. Caught this deer and the baby turkey tribe meandering across the road about 6 a.m. this morning. It seems they aren't too crazy about running in this heat either.


Baroque on Beaver ... Beautiful

Despite the soaring temperature and humidity, both Baroque on Beaver performances were SRO. The Chamber Music performance was held Saturday evening at the Beaver Island Christian Church while Sunday evening offered both Orchestra and Chorus at Holy Cross Parish Hall.

Music ranged from Mozart, Brahams, Schubert, Copland, Weber, Vivaldi and J.S. Bach performed by approximately 80 musicians from Beaver Island, mainland Michigan and eight other states. From the first soaring note to the last fade-away the audience was enthralled.

Congratulations and many, many thanks go to Jane Maehr, Project Director; Baroque on Beaver Advisory Team: Christy Albin, Constance Currie, Paul Glendon, Jeanne Howell, Ruth Kelly, Kathy Speck, and Steve Velloff; the St. James Episcopal Misson for sponsoring the event; the Michigan Council of Arts and Cultural Affairs, the Cheboygan Area Arts Council and the Charlevoix County Community Foundation for their support; Directors Jason Economides, Will Nicols, Peggy Wheeler; Soloists: Len Allman, Drew Hinderer, Charles Krutz, Joanna Cowan White, Rachel Allman, and the Van Overen family.

Violin I
Takeshi Abo Jaime Fiste Jennifer Dean Christy Albin Jerry Charbeneau
Peggy Wheeler Katie Lutz Drew Hinderer Jayne Bailey Bill Detwiler
Karel Abo Elizabeth Suminski
Annette Dashiell Paul Niehaus
Jamie Krutz Sherill Smith Len Allman Joyce Economides Deb Plastrik
Barbara Hiranpradist
Charles Krutz Krys Lyle Ed Van Overen
Mary Beth Leiderbach Leon Bennett
French Horn
Kathy Ruis Ken Zick
Violin II
John Gerrish Jill Sipe Joyce Runberg
Betsy Frasure
Lisa Honeycutt Ellisa Van Overen Peter Amster
Anna Lutz Sandy Gerrish
Bob Bass
Holly Lutz Jeanne Howell Kurt Hodges Rachael Allman John Glenapp
Tim Lutz Joanna Cowan White Mark Hodges Katie Glenapp Jack Kelly
Ivan Suminski
Oboe/English Horn
Jeanne Howell Roger Lutz
Harriet Groenleer Lynn Hansen Mark Mantel Jennifer Thomas-Krutz Tim Lutz
Kathleen Light Steve Velloff Doris Larson Marty Maehr
Jennifer Alman
Lois Meier Bob Meier
Jan Capute Constance Currie Jane Maehr Liz Niehaus Don Ross
Deborah Groenleer Kennen White   Jean Palmer  
Beth Lutz Joan Van Desel   Julie Roy  
Robert Dudd     Helen Spangler  
Adam Sypniewski     Kathy Speck  
      Davi Stein  
      Sherry Van Overen  

Other musicians included Hannah Robert, Danny LaFreniere, Marissa Crandall, Charlene Skinner, Joe Moore, and Judi Meister.



AMVETS Pig Roast

AMVETs Post #46 will be having a Pig Roast on August 5th, from 4:00 until 7:00 p.m. at Holy Cross Parish Hall. $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12.