Josephine Bonadeo

Word has just been received that Josephine "Jo" Bonadeo passed away on July 11, 2003 in Petoskey, Michigan.  The recitation of the Rosary will be on Monday evening and the funeral will be on Tuesday, July 15th, at Holy Cross Catholic Church.  A full obituary will follow next week.  Our sympathy, thoughts and prayers are with Jo's family.

We Finally Got Rain

After receiving more than 2 1/2 inches of rain in the past 48 hours I think it's fairly safe to remove the Fire Warning.  The island is beginning to look "green" again.  We really needed it although I'm sure that the visitors from the cruise ship and those who only had a couple of days vacation didn't appreciate the deluge of water.  According to my dad, Phil Gregg, "it never rains on Beaver Island... that's liquid sunshine."

This Week's Pictorial View of the

New Rural Health Center

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From the Chamber of Commerce

Just received a report from the Michigan Air Guard.  "Our" planes had four other flyovers to do in the mid-southern lower peninsula.  Because they had to divert their flight plan to avoid storms they did not have enough fuel to do our flyover and return to base.  The Chamber of Commerce will be the application process for next July 4th in January.

Steve West

How Come the News Was Late Monday?

Somehow a fiber optic cable on the mainland was cut which caused all internet connections and, I understand, long distance service to come to a complete standstill.  Repairs were done as quickly as possible.  Great Lakes Energy, our island service provider for the internet, has done a terrific job of getting us up and running quicker than the 24 to 36 hours we'd figured.

Island Evacuation?

Once the festivities of the Fourth of July are over folks have to head back to the mainland and jobs.  Every year the line up for the ferry grows larger and folks start lining up earlier and earlier to make sure that they aren't the ones left behind when the Captain announces that the boat has reached its limit of passengers.  Sunday morning the dock area was packed with adults, kids, and dogs waiting patiently in the hot sun for a place on the Emerald Isle.  Once the "board" was called the line slowly moved forward only to come to a halt when the magic number of 294 was reached.  Those souls who were not able to climb aboard wondered aloud how they were going to get home and if they'd better call their bosses.  Some quick thinking had a captain and crew quickly ready the Beaver Islander and a huge sigh of relief was heard as 82 folks quickly walked up the gangway.  Although I wasn't down on the dock for the later boats, I understand that it was almost a repeat of the 11:30 boat as the line was long and the boat fully loaded as it pulled away from the dock.  Just to give you an idea of how many people were waiting to leave, check out the photos below.

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