B. I. News on the 'Net, June 15-21, 2015

Phyllis' Daily Weather

for June 21, 2014

It's a two-fer day! and a beautiful start for Father's Day along with it being the first day of summer! In our family, it's also my Mom's anniversary, so if you see her, wish her a Happy Anniversary. It has been 68 years since she married Dad, and even though he's gone, she points out that it IS still her anniversary.

On to the weather, it's 51° outside right now, dew point is at 50°, pressure is at 29.81 in., humidity is at 98%, wind is at 5 mph with gusts to 14 mph from the WSW. Today: Patchy fog in the morning. Highs in the upper 60s. West winds at 10 mph. Tonight: Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 50s. West winds at 10 mph in the evening, becoming light.

On this date of June 21, 1893 - The Ferris Wheel was introduced at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, IL.

Did you know that camels have 3 eyelids to protect themselves from blowing sand? Two of the eyelids have eye lashes which help protect their eyes from sand. The third is a very thin lid which works as a sort of “windshield wiper” to clean off their eyes. It closes/opens from side to side rather than up and down. It is also thin enough that the Camels can see through it somewhat. So in a sandstorm or otherwise windy day where sand is being stirred up, they can close that lid to protect their eyes from the sand, but still see where they are going.

Word of the day: swashbuckler (SWOSH-buhk-ler, SWAWSH-) which means a swaggering swordsman, soldier, or adventurer; daredevil. Swashbuckler came to English in the mid-1500s. The swash element of this word references the noise of a sword as it moves through the air and strikes a target.

An Assessment of My Day Off

by Cindy Ricksgers

10th Annual Jerry Sowa Memorial Golf Outing


The Outing was held on the Friday, June 19, 2015. The play started with a Shotgun start at 5:00 p.m. Six teams played with all teams starting on a different hole. There was an excellent meal provided to all participants. The meal included cold sliced ham, cold sliced cheese, and buns for a sandwich. This was accompanied by egg salad, Mary Ann's famous cole slaw, chips of different kinds, pineapple upside down cake and another chocolate cake, four different kinds of pop and two different kinds of cold beer. Thanks to Buck and Mary Ann Ridgeway for organizing the outing and for preparing the food!


1st Place was won by the team of Ron Wojan, Larry Laurain, Bob Evans, and Ivan Young  with a score of four under par. -4 (31)

2nd Place was won by Doris Larson, Nel Worsfold, Annette Dashiell, and Ruth Igoe with a score of three under par after a six stroke handicap.  -3 (38-6 H/C)

Other Teams that played:

Kevin Stipp-Mike Sowa   -3 (32)
Jeff Mestelle-Rob Latimer-Bill Kohls   +1 (36)
Joe Moore-Frank Solle-Howard Davis-Buck Ridgeway +1 (36)
Peter Igoe-Lars Larson-Paul Glendon-Bruce Jacobson +2 (37)

Closest to the Pin and Longest Drive:

Annette Dashiell won the closest to the pin on hole #4 (Chipped in)

Ron Wojan won closest to the pin on hole #4; Jeff Mestelle won closest to the pin on hole #6; and Kevin Stipp had the longest drive on hole #9.

Phyllis' Daily Weather

for June 20, 2014

It's 52° outside this morning, wind is at 8 mph from the south, humidity is at 67%, pressure is at 29.93 in, and visibility is at 10 miles. Today: Partly sunny. Highs in the mid 70s. Southwest winds at 10 mph. Tonight: Mostly cloudy with a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the mid 50s. Light winds.

On this date of June 20, 1973 - American Bandstand celebrated its 20th anniversary with a 90-minute television special. Little Richard, Paul Revere & the Raiders, Cheech and Chong and Three Dog Night made appearances.

Did you know that baby rattlesnakes are born in August and September?

Word of the day: cavil (KAV-uhl) which means to raise irritating and trivial objections; find fault with unnecessarily (usually followed by at or about) Cavil entered English in the mid-1500s from the Latin cavillārī meaning "to jeer, scoff, quibble."

The Escanaba-Beaver Island Connection

What in the world could connect the Upper Penninsula town of Escanaba and Beaver Island? They are about as physically separated as one island and one mainland community can be separated. On Wednesday, June 17, 2015, BINN Editor Joe Moore found out the answer to this question.

View more of the story HERE

View video of the trip HERE

Phyllis' Daily Weather

for June 19, 2014

It's 39° outside this morning, wind is at 4 mph from the NNW, humidity is at 97%, pressure is at 3016 in. Today: Mostly sunny. Highs in the upper 60s. Light winds. Tonight: Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 50s. Light winds becoming south 5 to 10 mph after midnight.

On this date of June 19, 1910 - The first Father's Day was celebrated in Spokane, Washington.

Did you know that rhinoceros have 3 toes on each foot?

Word of the day: fructuous (FRUHK-choo-uhs, FROOK-) which means productive; fruitful; fertile. From Latin fructus (fruit), from frui (to enjoy). Earliest documented use: 1382.

Rita Gillespie Memorial Blood Drive

Garage Sale to Benefit the Community Center

Phyllis' Daily Weather

for June 18, 2014

It's 53° outside right now, wind is at 6 mph from the southwest, humidity is at 93%, pressure is steady at 1013 mb, and visibility is at 9.1 miles. Today: Mostly cloudy. Chance of rain showers in the morning, then a chance of rain showers and a slight chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 60s. Light winds becoming northwest 5 to 15 mph in the afternoon. Tonight: Mostly clear. Chance of rain showers and a slight chance of thunderstorms in the evening. Lows in the mid 40s. North winds at 15 mph.

On this day of June 18, 1863 - J.J. Richardson received a patent for the ratchet wrench.

Word of the day: prolegomenon (pro-li-GOM-uh-non, -nuhn) which means a critical, introductory discussion, especially an introduction to a text. From Greek prolegómenon, from prolegein (to say beforehand), from pro- (before) + legein (to say). Ultimately from the Indo-European root leg- (to collect, speak), which is also the source of other words such as lexicon, lesson, lecture, legible, legal, legend, select, alexia, cull, lection, ligneous, lignify, subintelligitur, and syllogistic. Earliest documented use: 1600.

Men's Summer Golf League Results

Ivan & Buck 38 14
Jeff M. & Ryan 35 13
Ron W. & Larry L. 37 7
Dan & Rob 0 12
Ron S. & David 50 12
Gerald & Kirk * *
Francis & Larry 49 8
Chuck & Ernie 0 0
Howard & Joe 43 6
  Bye Week
0   Forfeit

Charlevoix Area Hospital to Host Open House

Charlevoix Area Hospital will be hosting an open house at the Beaver Island Rural Health Center on Friday, June 26 from 4-7pm. It will be a casual, friendly event for folks to stop in and talk to staff. Lyn Jenks, our CEO, will give a brief presentation around 5:30 with an update new and expanding hospital services, the fundraising campaign underway, and our changing relationship with Munson Healthcare. Hope to see you there!


Chelsea Townsend, Executive Director

Charlevoix Area Hospital Foundation

14700 Lake Shore Drive, Charlevoix, MI  49720
(W) 231-547-8502    (F) 231-547-8658
ctownsend@cah.org     www.cah.org

What's News at the Library?

There are three new bestsellers and four other new books. The new bestsellers this week are "Eleanor Park," "The Water Knife: A Novel," and "American Wife: A Memoir of Love, Service, Faith, and Renewal."

Phyllis' Daily Weather

for June 17, 2014

Not quite as nice as yesterday morning, but we'll take it. Right now it's 50°, wind is at 3 mph from the southeast, humidity is at 77%, pressure is falling from 1021 mb, and visibility is at 9.9 miles. Today: Partly sunny. Highs in the lower 70s. Southeast winds at 10 mph shifting to the west in the afternoon. Tonight: Partly cloudy. Lows in the upper 50s. Northeast winds at 10 mph in the evening becoming light.

On this date of June 17, 1885 - The Statue of Liberty arrived in New York City aboard the French ship Isere.

Did you know that a King Cobra is the biggest of all poisonous snakes and can grow to over 4 metres (13 feet) long? King cobras are the only snakes in the world that build a nest for their eggs and guard the hatchlings.

Word of the day: turbid (TUHR-bid) which means 1. Unclear; opaque. 2. Dark or dense, as smog or clouds. 3. Confused or muddled. From Latin turba (turmoil, crowd). Earliest documented use: 1626. Not to be confused with turgid.

Mason Edward Wojan Born

Mason Edward Wojan was born on June 14, 2015. He weighed 7lbs 5oz and was 20 inches long. He was born at Otsego Memorial Hospital in Gaylord MI. His parents are Ryan and Amanda Wojan. Grandparents are Ed and Connie Wojan of Beaver Island and Mike and Polly Bodjanac of Green Bay, WI. His Great Father is Walter Wojan of Alanson, MI.

The Ryan and Amanda Wojan Family

Phyllis' Daily Weather

for June 16, 2014

Finally, the fog machine has been turned off! I was beginning to worry that nobody would be able to get to $2 Tuesday at the Pub. Right now it's 52°, wind is at 9 mph from the northwest, humidity is at 90%, pressure is rising from 1018 mb, and visibility is at 9.6 miles. Today: Partly sunny in the morning then clearing. Areas of fog in the morning. Highs in the upper 60s. Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph with gusts to around 25 mph. Tonight: Mostly clear. Lows in the mid 40s. Northwest winds 10 mph in the evening becoming light.

On this date of June 16, 1884 - At Coney Island, in Brooklyn, NY, the first roller coaster in America opened.

Did you know that a hippopotamus can run faster than a man? Hippos are the second-largest land animal -- second only to elephants. Male hippos can weigh more than 6,000 pounds. Females are more "delicate," topping out around 3,000 pounds. Despite their massive bulk, hippos can run faster than humans -- up to 30 miles per hour!

Word of the day: swidden (SWID-n) which means an area of land cleared for farming by slashing and burning the vegetation. A variant of Northern English dialect swithen (to burn), from Old Norse svithna (to be singed). Earliest documented use: 1868.

Graduation Parties Over the Weekend

With BICS Graduation on Saturday, June 13, 2015, the four graduates of BICS and one graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy had parties over the weekend. The first party was for 2015 BICS graduate Maddie Martin, and this party took place down the East Side Road.

Maddie's party started at 2 p.m.

The next party was for BICS graduates Hannah Robert and Meg Works, and this party took place at the Beaver Island Golf Course beginning at 3 p.m. The temperature was nice at the beginning of this party, but as it progressed, the temperature continued to drop with a chilly wind out of the East.

Meg Works and Hannah Robert

Lots of room at the golf course and lots of people attended

John, Hannah, and Deb Robert

On Sunday, June 14, 2015, another graduation party was held at the Peaine Township Hall beginning at noon. The graduates celebrating at this party were Emily Jines, BICS graduate, and Emily Boyle, Interlochen graduate.

Judy, Emily, and Kevin Boyle

Emily Jines and her Dad

Video Clips of Graduation Parties


BICS Graduation Video

2-camera edit of complete Graduation Ceremony


Matthew Cull Receives Associates Degree

Matthew Cull received his Associates in Science and Arts from Northwestern Michigan College. Matthew is transferring to Ferris State University this fall to pursue his Bachelor degree in Social Work.

Matthew Cull! Congratulations!

Beaver Island District Library Presentation

The BIDL will have presentations throughout the summer. The first this summer season is this Thursday, June 18, 2015. Ellen Airgood's reading is this Thursday at 7:00 pm. Some pictures of her book covers are presented below.

"That's right, Island readers! This week, we'll be welcoming acclaimed Michigan author Ellen Airgood (South of Superior, Prairie Evers, and most recently The Education of Ivy Blake) to the Beaver Island District Library.

This is the first in a series of four monthly author events featuring authors featured in the new collection Here: Women Writing on Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and what a way to kick things off!

Join us this Thursday at 7:00 pm!"

Phyllis' Daily Weather

for June 15, 2014

As you can tell from the photo this morning, Mother Nature has that darn fog machine working overtime! It's even thicker this morning than it was yesterday. It's either that or we have one huge, lazy cloud taking a nap right on top of the island. Right now it's 53°, wind is at 2 mph from the south, humidity is at 99%, pressure is steady at 1013 mb, and visibility is at .3 miles. Today: Mostly cloudy. Areas of dense fog in the morning. A 20% chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs in the lower 70s. West winds at 10 mph. Tonight: Mostly cloudy with a 20% chance of showers and thunderstorms in the evening, then partly cloudy after midnight. Lows in the mid 50s. West winds at 10 mph.

On this date of June 15, 1667 - Jean-Baptiste Denys administered the first fully-documented human blood transfusion. He successfully transfused the blood of a sheep to a 15-year old boy.

Did you know that a group of foxes is called a skulk?

Word of the day: tenebrous (TEN-uh-bruhs) which means dark, gloomy, or obscure. From Old French tenebreus, from Latin tenebrosus (dark), from tenebrae (darkness). Earliest documented use: 1420.



Holocaust Survivor Martin Lowenberg

Video by Kaylyn Jones HERE

Airport Commission Meeting

April 4, 2015

View video of the meeting HERE

Emergency Services Authority

February 26, 2015

Video is HERE

First Meeting of Five for Emergency Services Authority

View Video of this meeting HERE

May 28, 2015

Video of this event is available HERE

BIRHC Board Meeting

March 21, 2015

Link to video of the meeting HERE

Information from Our School

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Schedule

BICS Board Meeting Schedule 2015

BICS Board Meetings

April 24, 2015

Video of the meeting is HERE

May 12, 2015

Video of this meeting is available HERE

Video of this May 15th meeting is available HERE

View video May 21st Meeting HERE

Anti-Bullying Presentation to BICS Parents

View presentation HERE

Peaine Township Meeting

April 8, 2015

View video of this meeting HERE

May 13, 2015

Video of this meeting HERE

St. James Township Meeting Video

April 1, 2015

Video of the meeting HERE

May 6, 2015

Video of this meeting HERE

The report from the St. James Township website, which is a report to the St. James taxpayers, can be viewed HERE.

Waste Management Committee

October 21, 2014

View video of the meeting

Beaver Island Community Center


At the Heart of a Good Community

SUMMER HOURS: Mon – Sat, 9am – 9pm
Sun 10am – 6pm


  • YOGA   M, W & F 9:30am

No experience needed - all ages and sizes welcome.
Basic Vinyasa, Mon & Fri: Flow through a sequence of postures to open and energize your entire body.
Yin Restorative,Wed:Bring balance & flexibility to the body through seated postures & passive stretching.


This certified program emphasizes range-of-motion, flexibility, balance and joint mobility. It works!


  • Saturday Movies 3pm & 7pm

From New Releases to Timeless Classics, escape to a cool matinée or evening flick – with great popcorn!

  • Other Movie showings

We might show an extra movie during the week…if it’s raining, or really hot, or we’re not getting ready for a concert or other activity!

  • Family Activities

Learn how to pan for gold, go on a birding field trip, learn some Beaver Island photo tips, and more!
Checkwww.beaverislandcommunitycenter.org and the Center for updated schedules!


Check www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org or the Community Center for listings

Link to the Beaver Island Airport 10-year Plan

On the Beach of Beaver Island

You will need Quicktime or another music player to enjoy this link.

The music played in the Holy Cross Hall in the late 70's and early 80's, recorded for posterity and shared here.

When Santa Missed the Boat to Beaver Island

as read by Phil Gregg

Click HERE

Community Calendar

A completely new feature includes a monthly calendar for each month of the entire year of 2015. Please send me your events and they will be posted so others can schedule their events without conflict. Email your schedule of events to medic5740@gmail.com.

If you or your organization has an event you'd like posted on this Community Calendar, please contact me and I'll add it in.  Please try to get me the information as early as possible.

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Airport Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Beaver Island District Library Board Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Steering Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Transportation Authority Minutes

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes

Waste Management Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Airport Commission Minutes New for 2011!

Subscriptions Expire

You can subscribe online by using PayPal and a credit card. Please click the link below if you wish to renew online:


Advice to Myself

by Cindy Ricksgers

Birding Trail Update

Thanks to the island community and businesses, the 2015 Warblers on the Water event was a great success.  The Beaver Island Birding Trail, used for the event on Memorial Day weekend, was designed for birders to enjoy the island's natural bounty year round.  One hundred sixteen bird species were documented over the weekend and placed on Cornell University's eBird website.  Last year's top bird was a migrating Kirkland Warbler found at Gull Harbor.  This year's big observation was over 200 Whimbrels (a type of shorebird) flying north to nesting grounds.  Here are a few comments chosen to help capture excitement and enthusiasm about the event.

“I will be spreading the word and certainly plan to be back in future years.  Wish we could have stayed longer. ”

“I had a wonderful time, and I saw nothing but smiling faces among the other birders. I met a number of fantastic people.” 

“When I was at Gull Harbor I heard a Black-and-white Warbler singing and found it perched on a dead stub.  I got the bird in the scope and called to have some of the people take a look.  Two couples were there and when one fellow's wife saw it she called out to her husband and the other couple, "Ooh you've got to see this, what a cool bird!" and they all scrambled over to see it like fourth graders on a field trip.  I really enjoy it when you can get 40 to 80 year-olds excited by something new!”

For more information about the Beaver Island Birding Trail visit www.beaverislandbirdingtrail.org.  For more information about Cornell University’s eBird real time bird reporting website visit ebird.org/content/ebird/about/.

BICS Graduation 2015

The Beaver Island Community School Graduation Ceremony took place at 1 p.m. today, Saturday, June 13, 2015, at the Beaver Island Community Center. Additions to the seating were required as all 120 seats filled up very quickly and additional chairs were placed between the theater seats and the stage. An additional twenty-seven (27) watched graduation via the live stream.

The four 2015 Graduating Seniors were Emily Kay Jines, Madelynn Danielle Martin, Hannah Marie Robert (Valedictorian), and Margaret Elaine Works (Salutatarian).

The adult participants processed up onto the stage. This group included Principal/Superintendent Riley Justis; School Board members Kathy Speck and Dusty Cushman; and Miss Emily Gray, the graduation speaker. The processional "Pompand Circustance" was played during the entrance of both groups by Judi Meister.

As the seniors of the graduating class entered, the juniors, members of the Class of 2016, held the flowers in a symbolic passing through the students to a new phase in their lives.

The seniors entered from back stage from the dark into the limelight of the front of the stage.

Maddie Martin, Meg Works, Hannah Robert, and Emily Jines

Then the Class of 2015 organized themselves into alphabetical order.

Emily Jines lead the entire auditorium in the "Pledge of Allegiance" to the the flag.

Mr. Justis welcomed the attendees.

Meg Works and Hannah Robert did a joint Farewell Address.

The class song was "Fly" by Maddie and Tae, performed by Miranda Rooy and John Rooy.

Meg Works introduced the Commencement Speaker, Emily Gray, former graduate of BICS in 2005.

Emily Gray spoke directly to the seniors.

Her address spoke to the seniors involving thanks and many changes in her ten years post graduation.

After the Commencement Address, Mr Justis, Mrs. Speck, and Mr. Cushman rose to present the diplomas.

Receiving diplomas: Emily Jines and Maddie Martin

Receiving diplomas: Hannah Robert and Meg Works

On the direction of Maddie Martin, the seniors turned their tassels

The Class of 2015 recessed out of the Community Center to greet guests outside to music by Judi Meister.

Video of the graduation ceremony is HERE

Reception Line Outside the Community Center

Everyone in attendance congratulates the graduates and most of the hundred thirty plus attendees get hugs.

Three posed pictures

Experiential Learning-Beaver Island Style

Seamus (Jim) Norgaard at Tara's Meadow

Read article HERE

Open House for Island Museums

June 20, 2015

Schools Are Broken, But Teachers are Heroes

Says Retiring State Superintendent

Read his comments HERE

"I am so proud of our teachers... They are life-savers and life-builders. They give our children hope. Please take time today to thank a teacher you had, or one you know."

Camp Quality Cruise

Camp Quality, a camp for children with cancer, is planning this to thank the community for its welcome and friendly environment here for their events here on the island.



7th Annual Glen McDonough Memorial Concert

The 7th Annual Glen McDonough Memorial Concert will be held at 7 p.m. on saturday, July 11, 2015, at "Reddeer," Kings Highway, Beaver Island. All proceeds from the free will donation got to the Glen McDonough Memorial Music Scholarship Fund for music students who have a genuine interest in having music lessons. Five scholarships have been awarded this year so far.

We welcome all musicians to join us. For more information, please call Eleanor McDonough in Charlevoix at 231-547-6722.

Bring you lawn chairs and enjoy a wonderful musical evening.

Eleanor McDonough, 301 May Street, Charlevoix, MI 49720

Beaver Island Music Festival

July 16-18, 2015

Bike Festival Scheduled

BINGO Announcement

BICS End of School Year Calendar

Organizations Wanting Dates on the Community Calendar

BINN sponsors a Community Calendar as a one-stop location for anyone to view the meetings, programs, and events taking place on Beaver Island. BINN just included the entire year of 2015 in this location. Events already planned for a specific week or date could be placed in this location, so that no one else schedules an event that might conflict with your meeting, program, or event. In order for the editor to place these meeting, programs, or events on the Community Calendar, that information has to be emailed to the editor at medic5740@gmail.com. Please get this information to the editor as soon as possible.

Airport Commission Regular Meeting Schedule

Talking Threads Quilt Guild WEDNESDAYS

Talking Threads Quilt Guild invites all quilters, sewers, knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners, and any other crafters to Peaine Township Hall on Wednesdays from 9:30 until noon. � Bring your projects, supplies, and enthusiasm. � Call Darlene at 448-2087 if you have questions , or just stop in on Wednesday.

Island Treasures Resale Shop

Island Treasures Resale Shop will start the spring schedule on Tuesday, May 19.  We will be open from noon until 4:00 Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Open for shopping and donations

If you need help with your donation, call the shop at 448-2534

or Donna at 448-2797.

Charlevoix County Transit Spring Hours

Beaver Island

BIRHC Meeting Dates Set

The board of directors of the BIRHC has set these meetings for 2015:
All are Saturdays at 10 AM in the Community Room at the Center:
June 20
Sept. 19
Dec. 12 -annual meeting

B I Christian Church Worship Leaders

9:30 a.m. service

June 14--Steve Finch

21-Pastor Mark Milkamp, Grand Rapids;

28-Pastor Randy Weener, Grand Rapids

July 5--Karl Hinkle Music Ministry, Carmel IN

Bible study

every Tuesday evening at 7:00; discussion led by pastor of the previous Sunday-

-Everyone welcome!! Bible study 7:00 - 8:00; coffee/dessert fellowship after Bible study.

Message to All B.I. Organizations

BINN is willing to post any and all events on the News on the 'Net website! There is one exception to this rule.

BI News on the 'Net cannot post your event if you don't send the information to BINN!

Auditor's Report for St. James Township

for Year Ending March 31, 2014

Thanks to Bob Tidmore for the link to this report.


Spring is here and the Wellness Gardeners’ thoughts are turning toward the joys and tasks of maintaining and improving the BIRHC Wellness Garden.  The Annual Garden Tour Benefit, our sole fundraiser, celebrates its 5th year in 2015!  Again featuring gardens on the northern part of the Island, our tour includes six new gardens discovered with the aid and discerning eye of a well-known local landscaping professional.   This year’s tour builds on our successes -- access to unique and private spaces created by the hands of the gardeners themselves and described in their own words,  a presentation in a public space with its own unknown story, a delicious lunch at The Lodge, and a dessert tea at our final garden, all with transportation provided.  This year we plan to include a speaker with tips and information we all want to hear, either at lunch or tea.  So get your calendar out and mark the date:  Wednesday, July 15th (9:30 - 3 pm) the 5th Annual Garden Tour Benefit!  Tickets will be available to purchase beginning July 1st at the Beaver Island Rural Health Center. 

July 4th Parade Theme

Theme: “Once Upon A Time”

Chamber of Commerce directors wish to thank Dawn Martin who suggested the theme idea. The Big Parade & Island Airways Flyover, featuring the missing man formation at 2:00. Line up for the parade starting at Holy Cross Church starting at 2:30. Cannon fire by John Works.
July 4th 2015. Kids Carnival managed by Chamber VP Diane McDonough will start at 3:00 PM



AMVETS Bulletin Board

The AMVETS Post 46 bulletin board in front of the marina has been rebuilt and painted.  It’s available for posting of announcements and events.   Please use good judgment and taste in posting items.

Peaine Township Board Meeting

June 10, 2015

Video of this meeting HERE

Men's Summer Golf League Results

The Beaver Island Golf Course Summer Men's Golf League officially started last night, June 10, 2015, with nine teams of two men each. This is down a few teams from previous years. The afternoon and early evening was gorgeous weather for the opening day. The mosquitos and black flies were out in force, but a little bug dope kept them at bay. Here's to a great summer of golf!

PLACE: # TEAMS: Strokes Pts Total Points  T.S. S.AVE.
1 1 Ron W. & Larry L.
2 2 Jeff M. & Ryan
3 7 Ivan & Buck
4 3 Dan & Rob
5 4 Chuck & Ernie
6 5 Francis & Larry
7 6 Ron S. & David
8 8 Howard & Joe
9 9 Gerald & Kirk
Team #6 & Team #9 
  Will make up by Monday do to injury before Match started.
  * BYE Week!
Team #1 beat Team #3 13-7
Team #2 beat Team #4 13-7
Team #7 beat Team #5 13-7
Team #6 vs Team #9 will Make up by Monday
Team #8 BYE Week
Team #1 vs Team #2
Team #3 vs Team #4
Team #5 vs Team #6
Team #7 vs Team #8
Team #9 BYE Week

YMCA Camp Arrowhead – Beaver Island

Registration is now open for Camp Arrowhead! The YMCA of Northern Michigan is excited to extend our summer day camp program to Beaver Island. Camp Arrowhead runs from July 6th- August 7th (5 weeks). Families can sign up for one or more week(s) at a time. Camp runs Monday through Friday. Campers participate in activities such as sports & games, arts & crafts, archery, outdoor education, and so much more! Y camps foster a safe and nurturing environment where all children have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. Registration forms are available at the Community Center and the Community School. Registration forms must be returned to the Community School.

More information: http://www.ymcanm.org/CampArrowhead.htm

Camp Hours/Prices
Half Day: 9:00-1:00 PM ($100/week)
Full Day:  9:00-4:00 PM ($135/week)

Explorers:     Ages 5 to 6                                                                            
Trailblazers:  Ages 7 to 8  
Pathfinders:  Ages 9 to 10
*Limited Counselor in Training (CIT) spaces available: Ages 11-15

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Excessive Alcohol Usage

Powers' Do-It-Best Hardware Drawing

Today, June 10, 2015, was the drawing at Powers' Do It Best Hardware for two $500 gift certificates .From March through May, we had entry forms to fill out with name and phone number, and drop in a box. Each household could enter once per day, no purchase necessary. The box had to be picked up on May 31st. Jeff Powers wanted to be on the island for the drawing, so instead of June 6, 2015, the drawing was held today.

Levi Connor and Erin Boyle handled the drawing of names.

The two winners are Mary Palmer and Emily Jines.

Jeff Powers, owner; Emily Jines, winner; Emily Boyle, employee

Video of the Drawing


Rita Gillespie Memorial Blood Drive Scheduled

BICS Board Meeting

June 8, 2015

Link to the school board packet and minutes HERE

Video of this meeting HERE

Glen McDonough Concert and Scholarships

First Mixed Doubles Golf Match Scheduled

What's New at the Library

See what's new this week at the Beaver Island District Library at:

*** http://wowbrary.org/nu.aspx?fb&p=9446-50 ***

There are eight new bestsellers, one new children's book, and 20 other new books.

The new bestsellers this week include "Radiant Angel," "It's a Long Story: My Life," and "14th Deadly Sin."

Quilting Workshop

Beaver Island Community Survey 2015 by Homeschooled Children

Here are the Questions, and the Answers are given in the order of largest responses

Being a member of a small community, we decided to ask several people questions about the place we live in. Our questions included people who are residents as well as non-residents who frequent the island.
The occupations and age groups varied. The occupations included but were not limited to the following: Local Business Owners, Government Workers, Retirees, Educators, as well as the students themselves.

The goal of this project has 3 parts:
1. To test the students skill and ability to communicate with adults.
2. To teach the students the importance of considering other peoples opinions.
3. To encourage the students to develop and exhibit opinions of their own.

This is a summary of the questions and the answers received. The answers are listed with the most common listed first to the least common being last.

What do you like about the Beaver Island community?
1. Peacefulness
2. Friendly and helpful people
3. Small and safe
4. Everyone is familiar with each other
5. Beaches and sunsets

How do you help our community?
1. Helpful to others
2. Provides a needed service
3. Keeping the island beautiful
4. Keeping people safe

How long have you been in the community?
1. Answers ranged from 2 years to 87 years

How can we improve our community?
1. Improve the school
2. Improve the roads
3. By making the public better informed
4. Better public transportation
5. Helping each other more
6. Learning to accept each others differences
7. By making things cheaper
8. By keeping the island beautiful

What are things that hurt our community?
1. Prices of goods and services
2. Rude and uncaring people
3. Greed
4. Lack of communication
5. Dishonest people
6. Alcohol and drug abuse

Where is your favorite place to go in our community?
1. Beaches
2. Community Center
3. Visiting family and friends
4. Exploring the woods
5. Home
6. Transfer Station
7. Daddy Franks
8. Stoney Acres
9. Lake Geneserath
10. The Campgrounds
11. The Library

We wanted to share our school project with our community. We believe it will be helpful and informative as well as fun. We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. Thank you to all who participated in the interviews.

Woodring Elementary Home School
Sierra (age 10)
Seth (age 9)
Shyeanne (age 7)

Barney's Lake Loon Nest Plus

Running deer in Sloptown fields

Loon on the nest at Barney's Lake

Video clip of Loon

Hunting for fish?? Osprey at Barney's Lake

Video clip of Osprey


Beaver Island & Midwest Flyer Magazine

A great Beaver Island feature story appears on page 26, 27 & 28 of the new issue (print & web) of Midwest Flyer magazine – see it here.


The Beaver Island Lodge and Beaver Island Marina / Car rentals partnered with the Chamber of Commerce to make this possible.

“With two great airports Beaver Island is a wonderful destination for private aircraft owners all around the mid-west. Their demographic profile is strong. Thanks Publisher Dave Weiman for a very nice Beaver Island story,” said Chamber of Commerce director Steve West.

New BIRHC Provider Begins Work

We are pleased to announce that Carolyn Space, Family Nurse Practitioner-Certified, has joined our staff. Carolyn has experience in a wide range of clinical settings, most recently as Emergency Nurse Practitioner at Wood County Hospital in Bowling Green, Ohio. She has worked with all age groups in both medical and trauma situations. She is also a veteran of the United States Air Force.
She and her family will be settling in on the Island in the coming weeks. Carolyn will join Sue Solle, also a FNP-C, to provide medical care seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We will hold a welcoming event soon. But feel free to stop in to meet her at the Center if she is not busy seeing a patient.

Carolyn Space became a licensed EMT and a licensed EMT-Specialist in 2000 and 2001 respectively, but both of these licenses have lapsed. Carolyn became a licensed RN in 2015 after service in the USAF. She became a licensed Nurse Practitioner on March 31, 2015.

Video of short interview with Carolyn Space


Regarding Invasives' Treatments

by Cindy Ricksgers

Workers from Wildlife and Wetlands Solutions are here to begin spring treatment of invasive plants. They will be here for about ten days. Their plan is to start on the perimeter of the island and work their way inland. They will be treating state lands and conservancy property, and private properties where permission was given. More literature is available at the Library and the Community Center. Yellow signs will be posted wherever they are actively working. Questions or concerns can be directed to any of the crew if you see them out there (they are staying at the O'Donnell place), or to Cindy Ricksgers at 448-2960.

Bike Rodeo at BICS

The Bike Rodeo was set up inside the BICS gymnasium and took place yesterday, June 4, 2015. This event is organized every other year by Beth Croswhite, counselor at BICS, as part of a guidance class. The students really like this event, and a quote from Ms. Rooy's classroom was: "We love Bike Rodeo. We want to do it every day."

This even usually involves one of the parents and the Charlevoix County Deputy Sheriff. This year, with the changeover in deputies, the deputy could not be part of the program. This year senior Emily Jines helped out with Mark Englesman as the parent. The Bike Safety portion of the program includes grades K-6 and includes hand signals, sizing of the bikes for each student helmet sizing and usage, as well as rules of the road including riding on the sidewalk.

The Bike Rodeo includes an inspection station manned by a parent where riders learn how to check out his/her bicycle to find any issues. It includes an obstacle course where they use the rules of the road. It includes a weaving course and a figure eight course for determining coordination and proper bike sizing. It also includes a "slowest race" in which the slowest time becomes the winner using elimination. In this race, the first one across the finish line is the loser.

And a good time was had by all!

Link to video clips of the Bike Rodeo

Sheriff's Department News Release

St. James Township Board Meeting

June 3, 2015

Fourteen community members attended the St. James Board Meeting last night, June 3, 2015, beginning at 7 p.m. On the agenda of the meeting were approval of minutes and payments, correspondence, reports on dangerous structures, K. McNamara report on the township committee investigating the sewer system, and a yacht dock report. In old business, the topics were: Donegal Bay Road Project, Hiring of Sewer Billing Bookkeeper, board review of cover letter to sewer users and an update on progress, confirm the current REU rate for sewer billing, appoint board member to work with the attorney on collection options, board approval to re-post for 2014-2015 audit, and update on installation of sewer clean-outs by July 1, 2015.

Video of this can be viewed HERE

BICS Academic Awards and Elementary and Middle School Graduations

The Elementary school awards were at 12:30 p.m. and the Secondary awards were held at 7 p.m. on June 3, 2015. BINN video recorded both sessions.

You can view these HERE

Osprey in the Nest

Driving out to the microwave tower to get a look at the osprey, one was seen in the dead tree across the road, but nothing was seen in the nest. A short walk and the video camera was set up to record the sounds of what is thought to be the osprey young in the nest. At this time, one osprey stays in the nest with the young so that no eagle or other prey may take the young for prey. One adult osprey does the fishing while the other adult osprey guards the nest. In just a short time, these pictures were taken of the osprey returning to the nest with a fish, the other osprey leaving the nest while the returnee begins feeding the young.

Arriving to the nest, the second osprey adult is seen making room for its mate.

Landing an the mate leaving

One adult gone, another in the nest, possibly feeding the young.

Video of the osprey young peeps and the delivery


Loon on Nest at Barney's Lake

In the morning of July 4, 2015, the loon in on the nest at Barney's Lake.

Sandhills near Barney's Lake


The Walleye Pond

Harvesting Fry

Beautiful morning at the Walleye Pond, the nets are waiting the harvest.

On arrival the, Wildlife (Game) Club members, Don Tritsch, Ivan Young, and Gary Morgan were ready quickly and in their waders ready to pull the nets and harvest the walleye. Ivan and Gary were talking about how they had checked yesterday and found almost two gallons of the tadpoles, and they also had concerns that there might not be many walleye to harvest. There was also conversation about oxygenation of the water, and that the tadpoles may have used up a lot of the oxygen in the water.

Tadpoles and mating frogs, lots and lots of tadpoles

These were the reason for the harvest, but only fifteen total walleye out of two nets that were full of tadpoles. This was not such a successful harvest.

Video of the Harvest


BIRHC Newsletter-Spring 2015

Strawberry Moon

Full Strawberry Moon – June This name was universal to every Algonquin tribe. However, in Europe they called it the Rose Moon. Also because the relatively short season for harvesting strawberries comes each year during the month of June . . . so the full Moon that occurs during that month was christened for the strawberry!

The strawberry moon on June 2, 2015.

7th Annual Glen McDonough Memorial Concert

The 7th Annual Glen McDonough Memorial Concert will be held at 7 p.m. on saturday, July 11, 2015, at "Reddeer," Kings Highway, Beaver Island. All proceeds from the free will donation got to the Glen McDonough Memorial Music Scholarship Fund for music students who have a genuine interest in having music lessons. Five scholarships have been awarded this year so far.

We welcome all musicians to join us. For more information, please call Eleanor McDonough in Charlevoix at 231-547-6722.

Bring you lawn chairs and enjoy a wonderful musical evening.

Eleanor McDonough, 301 May Street, Charlevoix, MI 49720

BICS Class of 2015

Individual Pictures and Video for this class of four HERE

2015 Emerald Ash Borer Program Notice

Beaver Island remains under an Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) quarantine along with Isle Royale and Charity Island.  “Don’t Move Firewood” signage is at all points of entry and under the watchful eye of the Beaver Island Boat Company and the island airlines.  On June 4th and 5th, volunteers will be working with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to place Emerald Ash Borer traps around the island.  The large purple triangles with lures will be placed on ash trees and remain until August.
Emerald Ash Borers are native to Asia and are so aggressive that ash trees die within 2-3 years after they become infected. Millions of ash trees are being lost in the US and Canada. Through an intergovernmental agreement between the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Beaver Island Natural Resources and Ecotourism Commission, technical and entomological services over the past 6 years have resulted in no Emerald Ash Borers being found. 

Emily Boyle Graduates from Interlochen Arts Academy

Emily Boyle, former BICS student and former member of the BICS class of 2015, attended Interlochen Arts Academy for her senior year to participate in creative writing programs not available at BICS. Emily graduated from Interlochen on May 30, 2015.

Congratulations, Emily! Congratulations, Judy and Kevin!

(Thank you, Kevin Boyle, for sharing your pictures)

Museum Week Planned

At the Library

Coming this Summer

Vacation Bible School