Absolutely NO BURNING!! on Any Island

With the wind conditions and the dryness of the ground cover, Tim McDonough, Beaver Island Fire Chief, has declared that the fire danger is extremely high. No burning of any kind is allowed at this time.

Free Child Safety Program at BI School

There will be free fingerprinting and DNA swabs (q-tip swipe of inside of cheek-not uncomfortable at all) for parents to take home in case of future emergencies. Keely Frye, the Victim's Advocate for the Prosecutors Office, will be at the school Friday 22 from 4-6 in the 5th and 6th grade classroom. One of the island deputies will be there to assist with fingerprinting. (Parents will need to be present or send a note allowing this service to be done.)


On August 2, Mitch Ryan, M.D. to Speak

On August 2 Mitch Ryan, M.D. will be speaking about his experiences working with the Karen people of Burma . The community is invited to the potluck dinner at BI Christian Church at 6:00 P.M. and Mitch's presentation after dinner.

Mitch's goal is to provide health care to some of the people in a country designated by the U.N. as having the second worst health care in the world.

Over 1.5 million people have been forced from their homes, fleeing with what they can quickly gather up before the ruling Burma Army reaches them and begins shooting, burning their villages, torturing, imprisoning, raping. Their choices – escape into the hills and try to re-establish a home or escape to refugee camps across the river border into Thailand . A typical refugee camp at Mae La is home to 54,000 people in the 8 square miles of the camp.

For these escaping minorities, there is virtually no health care. Mitch, working through Earth Mission Inc. and other non governmental agencies, is training minority medics to take care of their own people. He teaches small groups of the Karen how to provide some basic aspects of health care and supplying them with what is needed in the way of medicines and equipment.

Relief teams make trips into Burma from Thailand , carrying what food, used clothing and medical supplies they can on their backs. Also carried in are the hats knitted by women in the Beaver Island Needlers . As of June, more that 150 hats for babies, children and adults have been donated!

The connection between Mitch Ryan and Beaver Island ? Mitch, son of LD and Sue, helped build their cabin on Donegal Bay Road in 1977.

From the Beaver Island Boat Company

We would like to invite you to come and join us for an exciting three hour cruise to Mackinac City, Sunday, August 5, 2007. The cost is $50 per person with an advanced ticket or $60 if you buy your ticket at the dock on August 5th. The price includes a round-trip ticket, coffee, and donuts. The trip departs Beaver Island at 7 a.m., and departs Mackinac City for the return trip at 5:30 p.m. The seating is limited.

Once there you can climb aboard the Kewadin Transit to take you to the Kewadin Casino, stay and shop in Mackinac City, take a trip to Mackinac Island (discount rate with Shepler's), or tour the USCG Cutter Mackinaw. Sign up or buy tickets at the Beaver Island Boat Company, Beaver Island Office. Hope to see you there! (This trip is weather permitting, and the trip may be canceled due to lack of commitment.)

Museum Week, July 17-22, 2007

Make your plans now for another wonderful week of history and entertainment. There is a complete schedule online at the following website:


Museum Week: a promising schedule submitted by Bill Cashman

To celebrate its 50 th year of operation, the Beaver Island Historical Society is holding an attraction-packed Museum Week, its 27 th , starting on July 16 th .  Actually, the first event, the dedication of the Library's new Music Room, will begin the day before, Sunday, at the Library from 11:00 until 2:00.

All of the most-loved events will be reprised, from Jim Gillingham's exciting presentation on reptiles and amphibians through the Art Show, Pet Show, and special Nature Walks to Pinky's popular high-stakes Bingo. And, except for the Nature Walks, there will be no charge for any event. Of course donations are always appreciated.

To make amends for last year's rain-shortened presentation, talented carver Skip Duhamel will kick off the festive week by carving a totem pole on the Print Shop Museum's porch at 1:00 on Monday. The long-popular  Music on the Porch will be held at the Print Shop at 8:00.

The staff at Beaver Head Lighthouse will be conducting special tours all week, which means our community transport bus will be busy.

On Tuesday, and again on Friday, Antje Price will be at the Protar Home on Sloptown Road to answer questions about how this great man lived. On Tuesday evening Mike and Gail Weede will show footage and talk about their experiences diving on Beaver Island shipwrecks.

The first of three Nature Walks, the one for adults ($10), will be held on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m., leaving from CMU. Participation is limited to 25, so reservations must be made at the Museum—448-2254. Thursday's and Friday's Nature Walks ($5) will be for kids. Wednesday also marks the opening of the Art Show at the Beaver Island Christian Church, from 12:00 until 5:00 the first two days and from 12:00 until 7:00 on Friday. The fine new video, A Great Lakes Jewel , will be shown at the Parish Hall at 2:00 at the Hall on Wednesday afternoon, with Barbara Lucas on hand to talk about production quirks and future plans, and to answer questions.

On Wednesday evening Andy Robbins from WMU's PBS station, who has had his crew here off and on for well over a year, will present the first broadcast of the Beaver Island Music radio show at the Parish Hall at 8:00, which the rest of the world will hear a few weeks later.

Jim Gillingham and the CMU staff will introduce the amazing reptiles and amphibians at the Hall on Thursday at 2:00. That evening at 8:00 at the Hall Lee Boisvert will arrive from Garden Island to talk about the adult life of Keewaydinoquay, the subject of a second book; the first, on Kee's childhood, was published by the UM Press. If the weather kicks up and she can't make it, Stanette Amy will take her place.

Friday will see our favorite stories tell Beaver Island tales at the Hall, starting at 8:00, under the direction of Doris Larson. One or two of these tales have been heard before, but we all want to hear them again.

The Pet Show will take place on the Print Shop Porch at noon on Saturday. Remember, no potentially lethal animals will be allowed. At 2:00 Dyanne Tracy will open her lectures on bees to the public because of the interest in their decline. This will be held at CMU. On Saturday evening Pinky will host a game of Mighty Bingo at the Parish Hall. A Great Lakes Jewel will be shown again during intermission.

In addition, there should be plenty of copies of the new 24-page History Brochure available; you can get them at either museum.

60th Wedding Anniversary

Please come help celebrate Phil and Lil Gregg's 60 th wedding anniversary on July 5 th from 3:00 until 5:00 p.m. at the Gregg Fellowship Center .  No gifts please.


Thursday, June 14 – 5:00 PM - Everyone was welcomed to a cookout with hamburgers and hot dogs furnished by the AMVETS of Emmet Burke Post #46, following the Flag Retirement Ceremony at the home of Doug Hartle (across from Bob & Sue Welke's home)......................Continued on page two.....

Beaver Island Trivia...

Last Week's Question:

There was a family that held picnics and get-togethers on or close to the beach, usually in the summer. They called these events "crane" parties.

Who was the family and why were they called "crane" parties?

The family that started the "crane" parties was Phil and Lil Gregg. At the time of the original "crane" parties, the Walker Hill family, the Gregg family, the Lounsberry family, the Gerstler family, and the Kuligoski family were invited to come down to the Beaver Haven Marina (now the Beaver Island Marine) and have a picnic under the crane that Phil used to put boats in the water for the marina. At that time, the crane was stationed on the fill-dock directly behind the current location of the gas pumps at Beaver Island Marine. The crane could be used to put a boat into the water in the boat launch area (which is where most of the boats were placed), or the end of the fill dock, where gas was pumped, or on the right side of the fill dock. These parties included the picnic and swimming and great times of talking and getting to know everyone.

Where is this?

Last Week's Question:

On another road, there were these beautiful yellow Lady's Slippers and Wild Iris, as well as this unidentified wildflower.

The above pictures were taken all within less than a quarter mile walk down a gravel road. Can you identify where these beautiful flowers are located?

These beautiful flowers can be found on the Kings Highway between the end-of-pavement and the first driveway after the end of pavement. It is amazing what you can find if you take a short walk and look at your surroundings.

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