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Disposal of Our Country's Flags

The ceremony was well attended by more than 55 people. The ceremony followed the order determined for the "Disposable of Unserviceable Flags." The program was followed strictly and the flags were burned directly after the ceremony in the fire on the beach.

Flags awaiting the ceremony.....Preparation and ceremony begins........

The burning of the individual stripes......

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Beaver Island Trivia

This Week's Question:

There used to be a business on Beaver Island, not so many years ago, named "Green Acres", like the TV show that aired from 1965-1971. This business provided some of the same services of the BI Clean and Store and was located very near to Stoney Acre Grill. As a matter of fact, the same person owned the hip roof barn who owned the the rest of Green Acres, which was the McDonough Farm. The trivia question is this:

Who was the last family to operate the Green Acres' Laundromat?

The first to email me the correct answer will win a summer subscription to Beaver Island News on the 'Net for the person of your choice. Email your answer to:

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