Beaver Island News on the 'Net, June 2-8, 2008

Beaver Island Gas Price

Yes, that is $5.499!

So how does this translate into costs for a particular distance. Of course it makes a difference what kind of vehicle you drive. If you owned an electric vehicle, there would be no charge for fuel immediately. With a Dodge Intrepid, the cost to drive to the south end and back was $6.75 with 1.228 gallons of gas used on this trip. If you use that as a guide, you can estimate your costs per trip into town and back.

Perhaps, we all could decide to combine some of our trips into just one trip and save some of the costs of gasoline.

Cormorant Meeting Takes Place with DNR Official

Story and Pictures Here

Beaver Island Boat Company Announces Fuel Surcharge


To our valued customers:

Effective June 1, 2008 the Beaver Island Boat Company will implement a fuel surcharge of 15% on all tickets and freight charges until the end of December 2008.

The fuel surcharge is necessitated by significant, unavoidable increases in fuel prices that have dramatically increased Beaver Island Boat Company's operating costs. Unfortunately we cannot continue to shoulder this huge cost burden and find it necessary to implement a fuel surcharge.

Thank you very much for your patronage. We appreciate your understanding and your business.

Ride the Boat,

Beaver Island Boat Company

Beaver Island Animal Fund

Will you please help us provide FREE spaying and neutering for Beaver Island cats and dogs, for pet owners, who otherwise, would not be able to afford having these necessary procedures performed?

This would help eliminate excessive breeding, unwanted and homeless animals.

Free will collection boxes are now set up at Powers Do It Best Hardware, Montaage,Fresh Air Aviation and the Health Center.

Need assistance with your pet care for spaying, neutering or medical emergency?

Call Adam Wirth 448-2581

or Tina Walker 448-2020

For more information.


Excavation Work Starts on New School

Not waiting very long after the last day of school, which was held on May 30, 2008, the excavation for the new building was begun on May 31, 2008. There is a pile of black dirt up next to the fence by road that is taller than most students. Along with a long line of cement blocks, the process must be close to beginning.

Baccalaureate Service At Holy Cross

Sunday morning at 10 a.m., June 1, 2008, Holy Cross Catholic Church held their service in honor of the Class of 2008. Attending the services from the senior class were Kevin Gillespie, Brenden Martin, Dan Runberg, Brittany Crandall, Samantha Kuligoski, and Andrea Moore. Absent from the service were Eric Albin and Ryan McDonald.

Staying after the service for photographs included Father Pat Cawley, Andrea, Kevin, Dan, and Brenden.

Welcome to Our Newest Business Supporter

Welcome to Central Solutions!

BICS Seniors to Graduate June 7th

The graduating Class of 2008 will have their commencement exercises on June 7, 2008, at 1 p.m. at Holy Cross Hall.

Pictures and Plans HERE

McDonough's Market Celebrates 75th

Story, Pictures and video clips HERE

Joyce Bartells Wins Award

Story and Pictures HERE

Kathy Adams and Dan Merriman Married

On Saturday, May 31, 2008, at 3:00 p.m., Kathy and Dan were married. To quote the invitation: "The one I laugh with, live for, and dream with. with joy in our hearts,......, we exchange our vows and celebrate our new life together." The reception followed at Jery and Marie LaFreniere's Pole Barn on Freesoil, Beaver Island.

Pictures and video clips HERE

From the Transfer Station:

Effective June 1,2008 the following stores will be selling the GREEN BAGS. THE STATION, MCDONOUGH'S MARKET & POWERS HARDWARE. HARBOUR MARKET will no longer sell them.

At this time no price increases are foreseen, Green Bag prices will remain at $2.25


GLASS green, brown, amber, clear - rinse, remove everything but paper

PLASTIC - # 2 and # 1 - rinsed, caps, rings, and any wrap around labels removed; Clear plastic just remove caps leave paper on

CARDBOARD - dry, clean, flattened

NEWSPAPER - bagged or tied ( paper bag only )

GLOSSEY - magazines and catalogs


TIN CANS - flattened

ALUM. CANS - flattened

CLOTH - clean and dry only

BOOKS - hard cover only


BATTERIES - all sizes/ large batteries & car batteries

PHONE BOOKS - Remove front and back cover (they are garbage) put book in NEWSPRINT (they do not have to be in bag or tied.

Please try and have all recyclables prepared before you come. If you are not sure, please ask one of the attendants.

B. I. Transfer Station is open from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm from May1 through October 31. We are open from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm from November 1 thru April 30.

We are closed on Sundays, Memorial Day, July 4th , Labor Day, Nov. 15th ,Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

There is a hopper left outside when we are closed that is for people leaving the Island ONLY .

Meeetings, Activities, and Events

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Meetings, Activities, and Events HERE

Beaver Island Trivia

Last Week's Question:

The Beaver Island Marina was previously owned by Walker Hill and Phillip Gregg. The marina was named Beaver Haven Marina during those years from 1960-1987. Several Islanders have worked at this marina over the years. Can you remember the name of the boat owned by the marina during this period of history? This boat took many to the outer islands and rescued plenty of boats that were aground and/or had mechanical problems. It was a brown and white work boat.

There were several correct answers to this question. The first one way Joyce Bartells. Congratulations, Joyce! Other who were correct were: Betty Scoggins, Sally Lounsberry, and Paul Nelson. The name of the boat was the "Miss B'Haven." Quite a play on words when you consider the use of the boat, which included everything from transporting passengers to towing disabled boats to dragging mooring anchors back into alignment.

Here is the Miss B'Haven after being restored, years after it was a work boat.

Several people suggested the old World War II landing craft that Phil Gregg also operated to haul fuel and supplies for the marina, McDonough's Market, and Walt Wojan Construction. That boat was named the "Eager Beaver."

This Week's Question:

Everyone knows that the contractor for the new school building to be built is Robert Gillespie. Who was the contractor for the portion of the school (when it was built, the part on the left) that will be torn down?

The first correct answer will earn a gift subscription to News on the 'Net for the months of June, July, and August for the person of your choice, anyone who is not already a subscriber. Email your answers to:

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