B. I. News on the 'Net, June 21-27, 2010

Art in the Harbor 2010


Brett Maudrie's Homecoming

After successful completion of basic training in the Army, Brett Maudrie came home today, June 26, 2010, on the Beaver Islander. Here is some video of this occasion that was celebrated by many Islanders


Bike Festival

The First Annual Beaver Island Bike Festival began at 9 a.m. this morning, June 26, 2010. There were two routes for those participating. One went all the the way to Iron Ore Bay. Both routes started at the Jewell Gillespie (public beach) Memorial Park, continued out to Whiskey Point and around Gull Harbor. The out of town area for both routes went out Donegal Bay Road to Allen's Lakeview and then the two groups took the Kuebler Trail to Protar's Tomb. From there both groups went to the Township Airport where water and snacks were available or the participants could go to Paradise Bay Coffee Shop for food. From the airport the participants in the longer route took West Side Road down to Iron Ore Bay and then back up East Side Road. The shorter group took the Old Fox Lake Road to Hannigan and across to the East Side Road. Both groups were to end at the Bill Wagner Campground for rest and a picnic lunch. Then they would peddle back to town to rest up for a cook-out and refreshments down at the public beach.


Two Interviews about the Bike Festival

Bill McDonough Inteview


The Organizers' Interview


Gregory J. Busch Visits the Island

(June 24, 2010, 10:20 a.m.) This does not reference a person, but it is the name of a tug-barge ship that is anchored out in Paradise Bay. The barge pulled into the harbor the evening of June 23, 2010, with its stern very low in the water. The harbormaster stated that the vessel was low in the water last evening, but the pumps were turned on early this morning. The picture below shows the stern of the barge to be quite low in the water still. This must put quite a weight on the bow of the tug. The second picture shows the stern of the tug is somewhat out of the water as well.

This is not the first time that this vessel has come into St. James Harbor with a problem. In the late 1980's this tug came into the harbor with an overturned barge. The American Girl helped to get the barge uprighted. However, during the process of uprighting the barge, a cable snapped and the recoiling cable hit the tug operator's father in the face. The newly formed Beaver Island EMS found themselves in a serious trauma situation and were paged to the Beaver Island Boat Dock with the ambulance arriving before the tug arrived. As the tug approached the BIBCO dock, it was coming in too fast, and it literally slammed into the dock. Beaver Island EMS, assisted by the Beaver Island Fire Department personnel, went aboard to treat the patient. With the help of the BIFD, the fully immobilized patient was off-loaded from the barge and transported to the hospital.

These pictures of the original overturned barge come from a collection of photographs taken by Phil Gregg and archived by Phyllis Moore on facebook.com:

The date of the previous emergency involving this ship was August 10. 1987, and was one of the first EMT emergencies after the second EMT class got licensed.

We can only hope that the current problems that this ship is having will not be cause for yet another emergency response by our local providers. Throughout the day, Mike Weede made two trips from his dock out to the tug and barge, leaving the barge at approximately 4:45 p.m. It would likely that Mike did some diving to see if the barge had a leak, attempt to locate it, and provide suggestions to the captain of the Gregory J Busch.


Video clip status of Gregory J Busch on 6/24/10

The Factual Story-An Interview with Mike Weede

"The barge is not sinking...." Interview on 6/25/10 at approximately 8:30 a.m.


Update: The Gregory J Busch with repairs, either permanent or successful temporary repairs, must have been completed because the Gregory J Busch steamed out of the harbor this morning, June 25, 2010 at approximately 7:45 a.m.. Bon Voyage, to a familiar friend.....Safe Journeys.....See you when you return...

Watch for Fawns

This doe and fawn were photographed just before they crossed the Kings Highway from the front BIRHC parking lot toward Jim and Karen Wojan's home near the corner of Carlisle Road. The doe crossed the road after being startled by a vehicle turning the corner on the way to Donegal Danny's. The fawn was just behind the doe and just missed being hit by a second vehicle. The driver of the vehicle probably did not even know that fawn was there. Please keep your eyes wide open and do what you safely can do to avoid a car-deer collision!

The Health Department has supplied the Beaver Island Rural Health Center with

Free Shingles Vaccine

Shingles is a disease caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. Once a person has had chickenpox, the virus can live, but remain inactive in certain nerve roots within your body for many years; if the virus becomes active again, usually later in life, it can cause shingles. About 1 in 5 people have shingles at some time in their life, impacting an estimated 2 million people in Michigan. It can occur at any age, but it is most common in people over the age of 50. It is uncommon to have shingles more than once, but about 1 in 50 people have shingles two or more times in their life.

A vaccine has been developed that can prevent you from developing shingles. The Herpes zoster vaccine was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the United States in 2006. Call the Beaver Island Rural Health Center 448-2275 if you qualify for the free vaccine and make an appointment.

Donna Kubic, RN, Managing Director

Stoney Acre This Weekend

We will have our best ever BBQ RIBS starting again on Thursday July 1st. Our apologies for the delay.
Friday June 25 Our Famous Yellow Lake Perch
by the basket or as a dinner. Both served with our house made slaw & tarter. $10.95 & $16.95
Saturday June 26 [i] Endless Pasta & Salad $14.95
Grilled Chicken or Meatballs, Italian, Marinara, or Alfredo Sauces, Tri Colored Rotini or Penne Pasta. PLUS Tossed salad & Garlic Bread.
High standards, Great Quality, Low prices...Please join us!
Our best to you,
Liam & Marilyn

Beaver Island Hit Hard by Thunderstorms

At approximately 9:35 a.m. on Wednesday, June 23, 2010, Beaver Island was hit hard by a storm that took down a tree near Font Lake and put a live power wire down on the Donegal Bay Road. The rain is literally coming "down in buckets" and the amount of rain is probably the most rain the Island has seen at one time. With quite a bit of rain coming down, two EMS personnel and the deputy were out protecting the general public while Chief Tim McDonough contacted Great Lakes to respond to the area. There appeared to be more than one power line that went down since the wind hit a tree and the tree took out a power pole.

All of our public safety organizations were present to make certain that no further emergency situations arose. Thanks to BIEMS, BIFD, and the CCSD deputy. And, of course, thank you to the Great Lakes crew for responding so quickly.

AMVETs Breakfast Planned

July 4, 2010 from 8:30 until noon at Holy Cross Parish Hall

Let's all go out and support our AMVETs!

Flag Disposal Ceremony-Beaver Island Style

The Beaver Island AMVETs hold this disposal ceremony every year. This year as well as past years have been held at the home of Doug and Jan Hartle. After the ceremony there is a picnic for any and all who wish to come join in the festivities.

As the AMVETS stand at parade rest, the ceremonial procedures are completed including preparation of the fire and a prayer by the chaplin.

The AMVETs stand at attendtion as the stripes are named for each of the first thirteen colonies.

There were approximately fifty people present for the ceremony, and the picnic followed while the rest of the flags were burned.

Below is the video of the whole ceremony for those interested as well as an announcement of the final approval for the Veteran's Memorial Park.


Mackinac Bridge in the Distance

The Mackinaw Bridge can be seen in the distance from Gull Harbor when the wind is just right.

Ken Bruland called and notified News on the 'Net about the Mackinac Bridge being visible from Gull Harbor. One really quick trip out there on Father's Day got these two pictures. You can just barely see the towers of the Mackinac Bridge.

Video clip of the bridge (very short)


A Donegal Bay Sunset

You don't want to miss going out to Donegal Bay one of these nights when you have some time. Approximately twenty people were out to visit Donegal Bay to watch the sunset on June 14, 2010. No one saw the 'green flash' that has been suggested can be seen here. Perhaps the weather conditions were not just right. Perhaps there were too few or too many clouds, but no green flash was recorded on this night.

Video clip of the sunset at Donegal Bay


Michael Kasiborski from TV 9&10 Interviewed by BI News on the 'Net


How Should We Plan for the Future of Beaver Island

The Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Commission (NRETC) is inviting all interested parties to make sure that Beaver Island remains the special place we all love and enjoy.  Please join the NRETC on June 28th at the Community Center and help as we begin to discuss the future of our forests and wildlife resources. We have invited many excellent speakers to come and talk from 9-12. After lunch at the Community Center we will discuss forest and wildlife management objectives for Beaver Island . This is a time for people to voice what they enjoy about Beaver Island , what it was that drew them to the Island and their vision for the Island 's future. Please join us for the whole day, but if you can only attend at certain times please feel free to do so. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me (Eric) via E-mail: E_R_Myers@yahoo.com . Or, phone Jacque, 448-2220 or Pam 448-2314.

Beaver Island Natural Resources/ Eco-Tourism Commission

Part I of a Series of Symposiums on Understanding and Managing Beaver Island 's Ecosystems

For Sustainability and Economic Growth 

Symposium Number I

Managing our Forest and Wildlife for Sustainability

June 28, 2010, Beaver Island Community Center 

8:15- 8:45a.m. Registration, coffee and snack (sign up for lunch)

8:50 am. Welcome, Keynote Address -- Eric R. Myers

9:00 -- Our Beaver Island Forests Today

•  Beaver Island Forest Resources – Past Impacts, Current Conditions and the Future Brian Mastenbrook -- MI DNRE

9:45 -- Our Forest of the Future / Effects of Land Management Decisions on Our Forests

•  Forest Succession and Sustainability Eric R. Myers -- Ph.D. Forestry, MSU

•  Unique Communities and Invasive Species Phyllis Higman -- MI Natural Features Inventory

•  Private Land Management ( Forest Management and Conservation Easements) Tom Bailey -- Little Traverse Conservancy

Short Break

10:55-- Land Management Decisions and Wildlife: A look at four important game species and management options for landowners.  Eric Ellis -- Conservation Resource Alliance

11:55 Song Birds and Eco-Tourism Kay Charter -- Saving Birds thru Habitat

12:30 -- Break for Lunch: Purchased from the Community Center or nearby restaurants. Submit written questions for morning speakers.

1:30 -- Reading of Written Questions for Morning Session Speakers

1:45 – Round table Discussions: Specific questions will be discussed in groups. The overall objective is to begin a dialog on working to reach island consensus for Beaver Island forests and wildlife.

2:45 -- Roundtable Presentations- conclusions and new questions from each table

3:15 - 4:00 -- Panel Discussion by experts on issues raised –questions from roundtable and wrap up—where do we go from here?

This day has been sponsored in part by: The Beaver Island Association, The Beaver Island Wildlife Club, Island Airways, and Peaine Township

Islander’s Vehicle Hit In Afghanistan

In mid-June the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle, that Marine Lance Corporal (LCpl) Grant West was in, was hit with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). The MRAP was flipped on its side and heavily damaged. None of the Marines in the vehicle were seriously hurt. As matter of Marine policy those in the MRAP were put on limited duty in a base camp for two weeks so that their medical condition could be monitored.

West serves with 1st Battalion 2nd Marines (1/2) and is located in northern Helmond Province in Afghanistan. He is slated to return home in October. Grant West spoke with his brother Gavin by phone who, along with their father Steve, also served in the Marine Corp.

LCpl West generally drives the MRAP’s or mans the heavy weapons mounted on top. Now that local farmers have been paid by the Taliban for their opium crop, West’s unit has been involved in capturing large quantities from the Taliban. Opium is a primary means to finance the Afghan insurgency, and they strongly defend their stock. The Marines serving in 1/2 have earned the Marine Combat Action Ribbon.

Grant West was promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps in May. He is a graduate of Beaver Island Community School and is the son of NorthernIslander owners Steve and Elaine West and the grandson of Helen Pike.

Frank's Photos

On his way into town for a golf date at the Beaver Island Golf Course, Frank Solle saw this unusual bird in a tree along King's Highway. The bird waited for Frank to get his camera out and prepare for the photograph shown here.

Black Crowned Night Heron

Frank Solle identified this bird from his bird book, "'Sibley Guide to Birds' (published by the National Audubon Society in 2000, it is THE bird book) and found my little feathered friend. It is a Black-crowned Night-Heron, not normally found in our area, although rare occurrences have been noted around the Great Lakes area. The coloring, short tail, and overall shape leave little doubt as to its identity. The short, white stripe along the back just behind the head is actually a long, single plume that extends from the back of the head in adults," Frank wrote in an email. "The bird was spotted around 8:45 am this morning, on the west side of King's Highway, just south of the intersection with Paid Een Og's Rd."

Frank also wanted to capture the photograph of the tern at Barney's Lake fishing in that lake. Numerous attempts had been made by BINN to get a clear picture of the bird hitting the water and coming out. Frank set up his tripod and went to work. Here are the results of his patience and large lens on a camera on a tripod.

Pretty impressive pictures of a natural fisher, which is probably a common tern.

Last Day of TV 9 and 10 for the Early Morning Show

The last of a two day adventure for the TV 9 and 10 crew of Michael Kasiborski and Corey Adkins was to highlight some more of the Beaver Island attractions and the Beaver Island services. BINN found both to be quite personable and willing to cooperate with those interested in providing local coverage of the event. This truly was the very first LIVE TV broadcast from Beaver Island. Thank you to Michael Kasiborski and Corey Adkins for their excellent showcase of the Island attractions and infrastructure.

The side of the TV 9 and 10 truck

Michael Kasiborski

Showcasing musical traditions of the Irish

Liam and Marilyn Racine providing food and spirits

John Works and crew prepare for the shooting of the canon, a dramatic return from commercial and the studio news. John is interviewed, and the canon is fired.

BIEMS Director Sarah McCafferty is interviewed to showcase the EMS team.

Kayak Ken was also interviewed about his kayaking the "Inland Seas"

Here is some video of the event that was taken by BINN of the many spots that TV 9&10 crew did on their last day. This includes the misfiring of the canon that caught Michael Kasiborski by surprise as well as his successful firing a short time later.


BIRHC 2010 Car Raffle

The Beaver Island Rural Health Center is raffling off a 2010 Crystal Red Metallic Chevrolet Cobalt. It comes loaded: cruise control, air conditioning, an AM/FM/CD player, keyless entry, remote start, all season tires, front and side airbags, a 2.2L, 4 cylinder 155 hp engine and automatic transmission. Tickets are $100 and are available at the Health Center, McDonough's Market and from any board member. A maximum of 600 will be sold.

Thanks to all who bought “Early Bird” tickets. The winner of the $1000 Early Bird Prize was Sally Lounsberry. The car drawing will once again take place on Labor Day, but at a new location: The Beaver Island Lodge at 7:30 PM. All proceeds from the raffle will go directly to supplementing the Health Center's operating budget.

Beaver Island Bike Festival This Weekend

How to Have Fun at the Bike Festival

Free T- shirts -1st Beaver Island Bike Festival

Online registration information is now available for the 1st Beaver Island Bike Festival on June 26th. FREE T-SHIRTS for the first 250. The registration brochure will be available at the Chamber of Commerce office in the Community Center in early April.

On line registration is now available for the June 26 Beaver Island Bike Festival. Also, a brochure registration form is available at the Community Center.


Your chance to experience the unique unspoiled beauty of Lake Michigan’s most remote island in a fun festival atmosphere. Bikers will ride at their own pace and enjoy incredible scenery, Island monuments, historic sites, a beach picnic lunch, a downtown after party and all the friendly hospitality Beaver Islands residents are famous for,” says promoter John Sohacki.
June 25 - 27, 2010

"The Beaver Island Bike Festival (June 25-27) is your chance to experience the unique unspoiled beauty of Lake Michigan’s most remote island in a fun festival atmosphere. Bikers will ride at their own pace and enjoy incredible scenery, island monuments, historic sites, a beach picnic lunch, a downtown after party and all the friendly hospitality Beaver Islands residents are famous for,” says promoter John Sohacki.

For complete information and registration information for the new Beaver Island event see the events section on the home page of The Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce web site www.BeaverIsland.org .

The new route map and course description for the second annual Beaver Island Marathon (September 4) is now available on the Chamber web site.

The Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce is a principal sponsor of both events.

Phyllis' Photos

As former editor and founder of Beaver Island News on the 'Net, Phyllis Moore has spent many hours taking photographs for the website. She is once more interested in taking pictures and has purchased a new point and shoot camera. She also took several pictures that we will share here.

This duck and ducklings spent quite a bit of time trying to get across the road near the post office and Lil Gregg's home. They would start to cross the road and a car would come along. The mother duck would coral and herd her ducklings back to the beginning point. Finally, after several attempts, the traffic was light enough for her to cross into the Gregg's yard. Lil was waiting on her back porch with some corn for the duck and ducklings.

Phyllis shot this photo through the storm door of her house on Carlisle Road. Apparently, Buddy, Jim and Karen Wojan's dog, was wondering down Carlisle Road at the same time that the deer was coming across the BIRHC parking lot. Buddy got one look at the deer and began heading quickly away from the deer down the Wojan driveway with his tail down, and when the deer decided to also go down the driveway, Buddy took off lickety split toward the Wojan house. This is the first case of a deer chasing a dog that BINN has heard about. We've heard about a dog-chasing-a-deer, but not about the opposite.

Out near Gull Harbor Phyllis got a picture of this Merganser with, count them...., eighteen of them. Quite a few, if in fact, they are all chicks from one duck. Someone quipped, "A duckling preschool."

Islanders Working Hard to Improve Inland Lake Fishery

Here Don Tritch, Doug Tilly, and Ivan Young work to put in some trap nets in the walleye pond.

Here are those that want to work toward improving the fisheries. This group, as reported previously on Beaver Island News on the ‘Net, had planted several thousand very small walleye fry into the walleye rearing pond that is kept and maintained on John Fogg's property near Barney's Lake. These firs ttwo pictures show them placing the nets in the walleye rearing pond.

Last year, the total number of small walleye taken from the rearing pond was low and only approximately 1500 were planted in the inland lakes. This year, the very first nets that were removed had more than last year. This means that the success rate has already more than doubled for this effort of the Beaver Island Wildlife Club.

Some of these walleye will be planted in Lake Geneserath and some will be planted in Fox Lake. There will be another net setting gathering this next weekend with, hopefully, yet another successful harvest of small walleye to continue the planting of this excellent sport fish in the Beaver Island inland lakes.

The walleye rearing pond and wench apparatus early on a Friday morning, 6:30 a.m. to be exact.

Don Tritsch brings buckets to fill the coolers with water while Jeff Powers sets out more coolers................Ivan fills the buckets while Doug Tilly gets ready to start on the lifting of the nets.

Moving the trap nets over toward the wench and getting ready to raise the nets using the wench.

Can you count the number of walleye fry in these two pictures? Lots and lots!

Unwanted..........different sizes of walleye fry

Lifting the second net....

Working hard to improve the fisheries of the inland lakes of Beaver Island...Thank you very much, Beaver Island Wildlife Club!


Beaver Island Music Festival Schedule Announcement



10:15-11:15 SOWA BROTHERS









"I See the Island"

Several people have mentioned that when flying over Lake Michigan they have seen Beaver Island from the jet aircraft. On this sunny afternoon, the aircraft was seen in a unique position over Beaver Island. It's almost as if the new moon was pointing at the aircraft to make us believe these stories that have been told. Certainly, if we can see the aircraft, then the aircraft can see the island.

Flowering Cedar?

Obviously, this is not a flowering cedar, but is an excellent example of two species working together to accomplish something. What? No one knows, but if you are down by the yacht dock, take a look at the wild roses and the cedar making a beautiful hedge between the yacht dock and Whimsy.

Wendy Anne Makes Another Trip

Being in the right place at the right time is an excellent opportunity to get a good photo. The first photo shows a small outboard equipped boat pushing the barge out away from the dock and the shore. The quite capable Wendy Anne headed out of the harbor with another load for its mainland destination.

Update on Loons at Barney's Lake

The loon is still on the nest at Barney's Lake protecting the eggs from predators.


A close-up view of the loon on the nest on Barney's Lake

There is plenty to see if one just takes a moment and slow down and look around. A visit to Barney's Lake will be worthwhile.

Wildlife on the Island

Harbor area

Ospreys are busy on and in the nest

Bringing food to the nest and then relaxing in a tree...


Here is an interesting video clip of the ospreys in the nest, the osprey calling for its mate, and the mate delivering food to the nest, and then resting in a tree.

Men's Golf League Surprising Results

Update by Buck Ridgeway on June 24, 2010:

The 1st place and 2nd place team going head to head, even up.
The other matches, although not as dramatic could really shuffle the order of 3rd place through 6th place.
 Ivan and Buck (get 5 strokes) play Ron and Bob.
Francis and Larry (get 1 stroke) play  Rob and Dan.  
Frank and John (get 3 strokes) play Larry and Joe.
Bill and Bob (get 6 strokes) play Chuck and Earnie.
It could be a wild night with a lot of frustration with the handicap strokes given.

There were several interesting results this week in the men's Wednesday night golf league. The handicap league really is not very forgiving. A team has to be 'on' every single week because this handicap provides an opportunity for every team to "win once in a while." If your team is not 'on' for one particular night and the other team is playing very well, you can lose several points as well as your placement in the league standings. The handicap is 'fun' simply because it makes each team play their best.

"We played and tied the other team for score, but actually lost points because we lost one more hole than the other team," one player stated. "Another team won and gained a lot more points with a score that was much higher than ours. It isn't all about the total for nine holes. This makes it a more competitive game and gives each team a chance to win. If you never have a chance to win, it wouldn't be much fun."

Jeff and Ryan are in the lead in this league play with a nine point lead followed closely by Rob and Dan. The rest of the places from 2nd down to 6th are separated by a two point difference. This makes it quite easy for any team move up to second place very quickly. Larry and Joe are just two points out of second place. Howard and Joe are just four points out of second place. Ron and Bob, after having to give seven strokes handicap this week, are just six points out of second place. So there is an equal opportunity for any of these teams to move up in the standings.

Next week's matches could make a real difference in the standings with Rob and Dan giving Ron and Bob a competitive match if they are playing as well as they did this week. Frank and John could give Jeff and Ryan a really excellent competition next week if they play well. This editor thinks that the match between Howard and Joe against Buck and Ivan will be quite a competition, but friendly competition.

As more than one golfer stated last night after the games were over--"It's just a game, but a lot of fun."

Inland Seas Visits the Island

The 77' two-masted schooner, Inland Seas , was built for ISEA in 1994 and was specially designed to accommodate Schoolship learning stations and up to 32 students (10 on overnight trips). (from Inland Seas Education Association website)

Recently, the Inland Seas took students over to Gull Island to study the gulls, but according to the website, the students did not go ashore due to the sensitive environment there. The vessel Inland Seas docked at the St. James Marine (Gillespie) dock two days in a row.

Inland Seas coming into the harbor....Inland Seas leaving the harbor....Inland Seas docked at St. James Marine dock

These two photos were taken by Ken Bruland on the night that the Inland Seas sailing vessel entered the harbor.

Please note that he captured water transportation, air transportation via seaplane, and the Whiskey Point all in one picture. Thank you, Ken!

This video was taken as the Inland Seas left the harbor, possibly enroute to Gull Island..

Island Musicians Enjoy Participating in Baroque on Beaver

As plans are finalized for the ninth annual Baroque on Beaver Classical Music Festival, July 28 – August 1, musicians on the island are enthusiastic about rehearsing and performing in the Festival. Jayne Bailey, a member of the Festival Chorus, looks forward to singing with professional musicians under the direction of Kevin Simon, who will be returning to Beaver Island for the third year. “He is a choral director who makes it fun but also brings out the best in everyone. That is truly a gift,” Jayne said. She described the practices as “almost like a workshop - you get to be a better singer.”

The Festival Chorus is made up of approximately 30 singers, about two-thirds of whom are Beaver Islanders. Mr. Simon brings professional singers and soloists from his chorus in Saginaw. Jayne believes that many of the singers return each year because they enjoy working with Kevin and also because they love spending time on Beaver Island with friends that they have made here. Most of the musicians from off-island stay at the Brothers' Place during the festival; however, some artists, particularly those with families, stay in the homes of island residents. Several members of the orchestra have family connections to Beaver Island and enjoy returning each summer.

A newcomer to Beaver Island and to Baroque on Beaver, Sheri Richards is a native of Grand Rapids who has played the violin since she was four. Her musical career includes playing with numerous community orchestras and ensembles, most recently with the Grand String Quartet. Sheri began a Suzuki violin program at the Beaver Island Community School during the winter and will play violin in the Festival Orchestra this summer. She is excited about the opportunity to play in an orchestra for an intense, but short time. “Usually the commitment to an orchestra is for a long period of time. It will be a treat to be working as a serious musician every day – for a week!” she said. “Intense moments are few and far between in life, and I am really looking forward to those in store for me during this Baroque on Beaver week.”

Judi Meister, another talented Beaver Island musician, has participated in Baroque on Beaver in the past, as a member of the chorus and an accompanist at rehearsals. Now she serves on the board of the Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association and sits in the front row of the concerts! She and Jayne were both hopeful that with so many talented singers on the island, more people would get involved in the Festival Chorus. Judi emphasized, “Love of good music is more important than formal training.” Both women encouraged island singers to join and guaranteed that they would have a great time! They agreed that the choral music this year is particularly exciting.

Anyone interested in participating in the Festival Chorus or Orchestra should contact Managing Director Zac Moore by email at zac@baroqueonbeaver.org for more information.

Baroque on Beaver – 2010 – Made in Michigan

July 28 – August 1


Opening Night – Benefit Concert* - Going for Baroque, Wednesday, July 28, 7:30 pm, Beaver Island Community Center

Penelope Crawford, Harpsichord – Baroque instrumental and vocal classics with Claudia Schmidt, Martha Guth, and Annie Crawford

*Ticketed event, reserved seating: Phone 231-448-2022 for information

Chamber Music a la Carte, Thursday, July 29, 7:30 pm, Central Michigan University Biological Station – Gillingham Center

A sampling of engaging selections from Mozart to Stravinsky performed by chamber ensembles and soloists

Friends and Family Friday - An Introduction to the Orchestra Friday, July 30, 3:00 pm, Beaver Island Community Center

Family concert featuring pre- and post-concert activities including an Instrument Petting Zoo – fun for children of all ages!

Back to Bach – and a Few More Friends, Friday, July 30, 7:30 pm, Beaver Island Community Center

Sections of the orchestra present baroque influence across the centuries, from Bach's 3rd Brandenburg Concerto to Mozart's Serenade no. 11 and Stravinsky's Dumbarton Oaks

Baroque Classics on Parade: Concerto, Oratorio, Symphony and More, Saturday, July 31, 7:30 pm, Holy Cross Parish Hall

Handel's Concerto Grosso, Opus 6 no. 11, Carissimi's Jephthe Oratorio, Shubert's Symphony no. 5 – offset by Barber's Knoxville Summer – presented by the Festival Chorus and Orchestra

Season Finale: Baroque on Beaver – Made in Michigan, Sunday, August 1, 2:00 pm, Holy Cross Parish Hall

Bach's Orchestral Suite no.1 in C, Copland's Old American Songs, plus the traditional Gaelic Blessing – a special Beaver Island finish to the Festival performed by the Festival Orchestra and Chorus

For more information about Baroque on Beaver – 2010 – Made in Michigan , please check the website www.baroqueonbeaver.org .

Beaver Island Artist on Diplay at Library

Daniel McDonough is the first Beaver Island artist on display at the Beaver Island District Library. His drawings are on display until the middle of July.

Here is a sample of some of the information that is available about Dan McDonough and his art:

Make certain that you stop by the district library and view the rest of Dan's magical cartooning.

Island Treasurers Expands Days/Hours

Island Treasures Resale Shop is now open Tuesday through Saturday from 12:00 until 4:00. The volunteers will be there to accept" gently used, barely used, like new" items. We accept only seasonal clothing. Questions- call Donna at 448-2797. Thank you for supporting your Fire Department.

Checking out the Library

Summer isn't exactly here yet, but it sure has seemed that way. With some very hot days, the library was one place to cool off thanks to the air conditioning. Rainy days it's a great place to pass the time away while searching out all the videos, perusing the books and magazines, or just doodling around on the computers. Our number of visitors is growing every day!

Best seller books from the New York Times Best Seller List? How about The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest , by Stieg Larsson;   The Help , by Kathryn Stockett; Dead in the Family , by Charlaine Harris; War , by Sebastian Junger; The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo , by Stieg Larsson; The Girl Who Played With Fire , by Stieg Larsson; Eat, Pray, Love , by Elizabeth Gilbert; . Three Cups of Tea , by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin; or The Last Lecture , by Randy Pausch with Jeffrey Zaslow just to name a few of the titles we have at the library.

Want to watch a movie instead? How about Avatar ; Alice In Wonderland (with Johnny Depp); Life (narrated by David Attenborough); Blind Side ; Invictus (with Morgan Freeman); Sherlock Holmes ; The Hangover ; Wolfman ; The Hurt Locker ; Planet Earth ; or for the kids how about Shaun the Sheep ; The Princess and the Frog ; or Up .

Did you know you can dig up old bones at the library? Just log on to Ancestry from the library and begin your search. Need a bit of help? Just ask a librarian and she can set you up with the basic pedigree charts and family group sheets to start you on your way to climbing your family tree. What may start out as a little interest can quickly become a hobby and turn into an obsession. Who knows, you just may find out you're related to someone famous!

We have some very special events coming up in July so keep your eyes peeled for the signs. Story Hour will begin on July 7 th at 10:30 a.m. with Mrs. Connie Wojan!

Hot or cold and wet outside, stop in at the Beaver Island District Library and check something out! If you don't have one of our new library cards, we can easily remedy the situation AND it's absolutely painless!

Community Center Events Summer and Fall 2010

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The St. James Township Assessors, Dawn Plude and Amy Jenema will be available to answer questions at the St James Township Hall at 37735 Michigan Ave. on Monday, June 21st from 3pm to 7pm and Tuesday June 22nd from 9am to 1pm. The intent of this meeting is for the assessors to answer any questions or concerns about the reappraisal or the tax cycle process.

Rick Speck, Supervisor St James Township

Free Varicose Vein Screening Event

Thursday, July 15, 2010


On Thursday, July 15, 2010, from 4-7 pm, Dr. Marc Lame will be hosting a free varicose vein screening to raise awareness for venous disease and available treatment options, including the VNUS Closure ® procedure.

An estimated 25 million people in the United States have varicose veins. A leading cause of varicose veins is venous reflux disease caused by incompetent or “leaky” valves in the great saphenous vein running from ankle to groin in each leg. In addition to varicose veins, other symptoms may include leg pain, fatigue, swelling and skin ulceration. This condition can be progressive if left untreated and symptoms may worsen with time.

•  It is estimated that in America , 72% of women and 42% of men will experience varicose veins by the time they are in their 60s.

•  Peak incidence of venous insufficiency occurs in women aged 40 – 49 years and in men aged 70 – 79 years.

•  Common risk factors for varicose veins and venous reflux include multiple pregnancies, family history, obesity, and standing professions.

Dr Marc Lame is hosting this free screening event in order to educate the community about venous disease, risk factors, prevention, and treatment options. Varicose veins frequently force people to dramatically change their lifestyles, especially when they have standing professions and can no longer tolerate being on their feet all day.

Multiple treatment options are available for this condition. Patients with venous reflux disease can now be treated with the VNUS Closure procedure, a minimally invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to treat the diseased vein. Patients treated with the VNUS Closure procedure typically resume their regular activities in approximately one day. Prior to the introduction of the VNUS Closure procedure, traditional treatment has been vein stripping surgery, which can result in significantly longer return to work recovery time. Patient satisfaction with the VNUS Closure procedure is high, with 95% of patients reporting that they would recommend the procedure to a friend. The procedure is widely embraced by physicians and is covered by most insurance companies.

Those interested in attending this free varicose vein screening event can contact

Charlevoix Surgeons at 231-547-2812 to make their free appointment.

Wellness Wednesdays at Charlevoix Hospital

Charlevoix Area Hospital's next “Wellness Wednesday” will be from 8 a.m.until 11 a.m. on Wednesday, July 7, 2010. The Wellness Wednesday Health Screens include: Total Cholesterol, HDL, ratio, and Glucose levels, Body Mass Index (BMI) score, Fat Percentage, and a Blood Pressure reading. No fasting required. However, if you are fasting an LDL and triglyceride reading can also be obtained. Cost for the service is $12. Participants will also receive a blood pressure log and pedometer as well as all test results at the time of the screen. A Registered Nurse will adapt health Consultation and educational materials to individual results. Appointments can be made in advance by calling the office of Community Health Education at Charlevoix Area Hospital :

(231) 547-8906 or by email: kjacobsen@cah.org Walk-ins are always welcome.

Peaine Township Meeting June 9, 2010

We seem to have a mystery that we can't solve. Perhaps someone reading this will be able to provide information about the missing tape. Levi Connor videoed the meeting while the editor was off the Island for some family business. The first tape of the first hour seemed to disappear. Levi believes he left it by the side door near some stacked chairs, but when the editor checked the township hall, there was no tape to be found. If anyone has any information about the whereabouts of this tape, Beaver Island News on the 'Net will be most grateful for the information. We may even offer a reward to the person who returns the tape to us.

Beaver Island News on the 'Net has the second hour of the meeting with discussions about the airport committee, the township attorney process, Bill McDonough's trip to Lansing regarding the BIRHC, dust control, and the Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Commission discussion. We present that here.

Airport Committee Ordinance 1


Airport Committee Ordinance Composition 2


Airport Committee Ordinance Composition 3


Peaine Township Attorney 4


Peaine Township Attorney 5


Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism 6


Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism 7


Bill McDonough Trip to Lansing, BIRHC Funding Situation 8


Dust Control 9


Dust Control 10


Island Airways 11 (this one is not complete due to running out of tape)


Letter to St. James Township

Link to letter sent to St James Township from Ken Taylor HERE

Free Bumper Sticker at Chamber Office

Free "B I" bumper sticker available at the new Chamber of Commerce office located at the Municipal Marina. Phil Hoffman donated them to the Chamber.

Nature Walks Are Back

The nature walks are co-sponsored by the Beaver Island Historical Society and Central Michigan Biological Station. The price for each nature walk is $25 and includes lunch. The first one is on Saturday, June 19, 2010. You should be at CMU Bio Station at 9:00 a.m. Reservations are necessary, so please call Pinky Harmon at 448-2461. The first nature walk will be done by Ed Leuck and is entitled "Early Summer Wildflowers."

There are other nature walks planned. On July 3, 2010, Jeff Scofield and Nancy Seefeld will take guest on a nature walk to Barney's Lake. The mysteries of the dunes at Cable's Bay will be revealed by Beth Leuck on July 15, 2010. There will be an adult nature walk on July 21, 2010, and a child nature walk on July 22, 2010. Dan Benjamin will show people the secrets of the inland lakes on July 31, 2010.

Be sure to call for reservations and get in on these wonderful opportunities to learn about the natural surroundings right here on Beaver Island!

Health & Human Services Fair Scheduled for September 16, 2010

The Beaver Island Human Services Commission is hosting a health and human services fair this fall. The event will take place at Gregg Fellowship hall on September 16, 2010, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Mark your calendars so that you do not miss out on this great opportunity to get in touch with a wealth of information aimed at improving your health, happiness, and well-being.

Editor's Note: The Human Services Commission is working to get a wide variety of mainland services introduced to the needs of Beaver Island, a part of Charlevoix County.

How you can help support this effort, click HERE.

St. James Township Meeting of June 2, 2010

Video clips HERE

Baroque on Beaver Seeks Singers

4th of July Golf Tournament

The 4th of July Golf Tournament is really on July 3rd. See poster for more information


AMVETS Post #46 has been placing flags on our veterans' graves at both cemeteries for quite a few years. We do the best we can to make sure every veteran has a flag at their grave by Memorial Day. However, there very well could be people buried that we don't know were veterans.

If you happen to be at either Holy Cross Cemetery or the St. James Township Cemetery and notice a veteran's grave without a flag, please contact Brian and Dee Gallagher, who are members of AMVETS Post #46 and Ladies Auxiliary, and members of the Holy Cross Cemetery Committee.


Beaver Island Veterans Memorial Park

On May 21, 2010, Rick Speck, St. James Township Supervisor and Bob Tidmore, AMVETs, signed the agreement with Wolverine Power that will allow the construction of the Veterans Memorial Park at the old power plant site called the “Agreement to Develop Conservation Easement Property." The agreement states the Wolverine must approve the final plans before construction can commence. Fundraising for the project will now begin.

There will be three monuments.  One will provide information on Post 46. One will salute the veterans who served in the armed forces, One will provide with the names of those from Beaver Island who died in the service of their country.   There will be three flagpoles. Two will be 30 feet tall with a rotating service flag, and the center flag of 35 feet will have the American flag . 

The AMVETs wo;; sell 4 x 8 bricks with the name, service dates, and service affiliation that will be in one of the three areas in front of the monuments.  The AMVETs also are proposing to sell 8 x 8 bricks that will become the sidewalk to the memorial.  These will be sold to any business, individual or organization that wishes to make a donation.  The 4 x 8 bricks will be in the neighborhood of $50.00 each and the 8 x 8 will be around $100.00 each.  If anyone wants to donate a flag pole or bench please let the AMVETs know.

The AMVETs will organize the fund raising structure this week and hopefully have it in place by Memorial Day .   In the meantime if anyone has any questions they can e-mall the Post at amvetspost46@yahoo.com or write to them at Box 319 Beaver Island, MI  49782.

Beaver Island Rural Health Center Announcements for June 2010

Click for Video Clips below:

Men's Health Screening Day-will be scheduled this summer

JUMPSTART to Wellness Starts --starts now with no deadline

Chiropractor and Opthamologists Visit the Island -Chiropractor every other Friday

Aging Parents and the Legal Issues Telehealth Presentation- coming June 15th

Preventive Care / Wellness Screening at BIRHC

$25.00 fee includes the following:

· Review of Medical History

· Height & Weight

· Blood pressure check

· Cholesterol , anemia , and blood sugar screening


To make an appointment for a Wellness Screening, call the BI Rural Health Center - 448-2275

You can schedule a screening Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm , or after hours upon request.  Beaver Island Health Wellness Screening Program is designed to emphasize the benefits of preventive medicine .

from Donna Kubic, RN, Managing Director

Beaver Island Women's Golf Tournament Scheduled

Women golfers, mark your calendar for the annual Beaver Island Women's Golf Tournament to be held on Saturday, July 17, 2010 at the Beaver Island Golf Course. Teams of four golfers will compete in a scramble format, and all levels of golfers are welcome. There will be lots of fun individual contests as well.

Sign up in advance at the Golf Course as a team or individually to be added to a team. The fee to play is $20 which includes lunch at the course following the tournament. Sign in at 8:30 and the shotgun tournament starts at 9 a.m. For further information, contact Jean Carpenter, 448-2893, Sharon Scamehorn, 448-2641 or Sandy Birdsall , 448-2982.

Beaver Island Transfer Station Information

NEW Community Calendar Feature

New Events Scheduled!

At a request from a couple of emails, the BINN Community Calendar has been extended from one or two months to include the rest of the entire year of 2010. Several people wanted to schedule their events without having a conflict with another event. The BINN reply via email was, "Of course, we would be happy to include a full calendar year in the Community Calendar!"

Please send us your calendar of events for the the entire year. We will put all scheduled events on one calendar with one place to check!

This will only work if all those people with scheduled events send a quick email with those events to the editor of this website. We will gladly post them on a community calendar available to everyone. Please take the time to send your events to:


Subscriptions to Expire

There are quite a few subscriptions that will expire in June or that have already expired. We appreciate your support and ask you to renew your subscription as soon as possible. Emails have been sent out, but quite a few have been returned without delivery, which means that BINN does not have your current email address.

You can subscribe online by using PayPal and a credit card. Please click the link below if you wish to renew online:


Beaver Island Community Center


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We have another great year in store...stay tuned!

Summer Hours begin on June 7, 2010

Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm

Sunday 10am-6pm

Check www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org or the Community Center for listings

June COA Menu HERE

June Senior Activities click HERE

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The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010 NEW!

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Commission Minutes NEW!

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes (includes agenda when available) New Feature for 2010!

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