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Chamber News about 4th of July

The Chamber announced today, June 29, 2007, that unfortunately there would not be Michigan Air Guard flyover this year. Instead, Luther Kurtz and team from Sky Dive Beaver Island will kick off the parade at 2:00. They will jump trailing red white and blue smoke and land at Drop Zone Beaver, the public beach. Paul Welke will lead a four plane flight from Island Airways performing the missing man formation at 2:15.

Aranmore Park Benefit, July 5, 2007

Irish music will be performed at the Holy Cross Hall at 8 p.m. on Thursday, July 5, 2007. The admission will be $10 with proceeds to benefit the Aranmore Park Benefit Fund. The performers will be "Switchback."

Joe Moore Announces Retirement from BIEMS

After providing twenty years of service to the residents of and visitors to Beaver Island, Joe Moore has submitted his letter of retirement from BIEMS as a volunteer. Joe has been the only year-round paramedic on the Island for the last few years since Bob Hamil and Mike and Bev Russell left the island. Joe has been the local EMS instructor and coordinator fo the BIEMS education program for more than fifteen years. Joe, along with Kellogg Community College instructors Steve and Lisa Rose taught a paramedic program this past year which graduated Ken Bruland and Sarah McCafferty. So the Beaver Island ALS team will consist of visiting paramedics Steve and Lisa Rose and the two graduates for the summer of 2007.

"It has been an interesting twenty years. I have enjoyed helping people and being able to provide the best care possible to my friends and neighbors. I will miss the opportunity to help others in this way, but I am sure I will find another way to help," Joe said. "Having been part of the original group that organized BIEMS, I have had lots of interesting experiences. We have had many opportunities to help our friends and neighbors over the last twenty years."

"I would like the Island community to take some time to thank all of the EMS volunteers here. They give up lots of family time, work time, and personal time just to become licensed, but that is only the beginning. At an average of ninety times each year, these dedicated volunteers leave whatever they are doing and respond to another person's troubles at all hours of the day and night. I know that I certainly thank all of the people who I have worked with and trained over the last twenty years."

"Thank you, Beaver Island, for the opportunity to serve your emergency medical needs for over 20 years."

Mackenzie Has a New Sister

Three-year-old Mackenzie Martin is pleased to announce that she has a new sister, Alyssa Catherine, born in Petoskey, on June 25, 2007. Alyssa was 6 pounds, 10 ounces and 18 inches in length. Proud parents are Travis and Bridget Martin of Beaver Island, Grandma Linda Wearn of Detroit, Catherine "Georgie" Gatliff of Detroit as great grandmother , Great Grandpa Russ Wearn of Detroit, Beaver Island Grandparents are Bud and Colleen Martin, and Beaver Island Great Grandma Madonna McCafferty.

Beaver Island Clocks

These clocks are simple and beautiful as shown in the picture below. I am doing this to offset the cost of getting my private pilot's license. The base clocks are made of pine with a clear finish. I can make these clocks out of different woods, but the price may be different depending on what you want. I am selling these "base models" for $30 plus shipping (to the island it will be about $6). I also have an airbrush and for an additional fee I can airbrush (to an limited extent because I'm not an artist) additional images or text.

If interested please email me at and place in the subject line: Beaver Island Clock

I also have the plans for those interested in a weather station on the shape of wood (temperature, humidity, barometric pressure). If interested please let me know and I'll price it out.

Joe and Jean Howell Here in July

I got an email from John McNeil that said that Joe and Jeanne Howell will be here for the entire month of July holding services at St. James Episcopal Church. Joe and Jean have spent many summers here, and Father Joe Howell has been providing the services at the Episcopal mission here for many summers.

Dedication of the Music Room at District Library

Open house will be at the Beaver Island District Library on Sunday, July 15, 2007, from 11 a.m. til 2 p.m.. The music room is dedicated to the memory Donovan A. Langford IV. The family also upgraded the Cheryl Struik Memorial Garden, added a patio, and new furniture for the garden. Come see the changes!

Gearing Up for the Summer

Commercial Fishermen getting nets ready for the summer

Come Help Celebrate 60 Years with the Greggs

The new building at the Beaver Island Christian Church will be the location of a celebration on July 5th from 3-5 p.m. The picture last week was of the newlyweds. The pictures this week are of their 60th anniversary dinner at the Beaver Island Lodge. See you at the Gregg Fellowship Center on the fifth of July!

Phil and Lil Gregg celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Thursday June 21, 2007. They were married 60 years ago in Richmond, Michigan. Lil said they were supposed to get married in Memphis, Michigan, but the church burnt down, so it had to moved to Richmond. Phil and Lil have three children Phyllis Moore (Joe), Ruthie Gregg, and Ron Gregg (Ann). They also have some fine grandchildren: Philip (Jessica), Andrea, and Courtney Moore, Michael (Danielle) Himebauch, Angie Mogford (Kevin), and Tom and Kayleigh Gregg. So far, they have three great-grandchildren: Victoria Mogford, Philip Robert Mogford, and Lillian Noelle Moore.

Mitch Ryan to Speak on August 2nd

Mitch Ryan, M.D. will be speaking about his experiences working with the Karen people of Burma . The community is invited to the potluck dinner at BI Christian Church at 6:00 P.M. and Mitch's presentation after dinner. Mitch, working through Earth Mission Inc. and other non governmental agencies, is training minority medics to take care of their own people. He teaches small groups of the Karen how to provide some basic aspects of health care and supplying them with what is needed in the way of medicines and equipment. Mitch, son of LD and Sue, helped build their cabin on Donegal Bay Road in 1977.

Cruise to Mackinac City, Sunday, August 5, 2007

The cost is $50 per person with an advanced ticket or $60 if you buy your ticket at the dock on August 5th. The price includes a round-trip ticket, coffee, and donuts. The trip departs Beaver Island at 7 a.m., and departs Mackinac City for the return trip at 5:30 p.m. The seating is limited.

Museum Week, July 17-22, 2007

To celebrate its 50 th year of operation, the Beaver Island Historical Society is holding an attraction-packed Museum Week.

Beaver Island Trivia

Last Week's Question:

There used to be a business on Beaver Island, not so many years ago, named "Green Acres", like the TV show that aired from 1965-1971. This business provided some of the same services of the BI Clean and Store and was located very near to Stoney Acre Grill. As a matter of fact, the same person owned the hip roof barn who owned the the rest of Green Acres, which was the McDonough Farm. The trivia question is this:

Who was the last family to operate the Green Acres' Laundromat?

Several people emailed me the names of Lawrence and Winnie McDonough, who did run the laundromat, but they were not the last to run it. Mark and Lisa Welke, ran the laundromat after the McDonough's, and it closed after Mark and Lisa left the Island. Joe and Sandy Kilmartin bought the property and chose not to open the laundromat.

This Week's Question:

There was a lady who lived down by Fox Lake in the summer time. She had been a teacher at the Beaver Island Community School many years ago. I understand that she is now an archeologist, and brings groups of students to Beaver Island to study the 'mound builders.' She used to sing a song titled, "Beaver Island Blues." The chorus ended, "I've got the Beaver Island Blues, but NOT THAT BAD." What is this person's name?

If you are the first to email me the correct answer, you may choose a person to receive a subscription to the Beaver Island News on the 'Net for the months of July, August, and September. Email me your answer to:

What is Tara's Meadow?

Tara's Meadow is the location of the south end sawmill, formerly known as Carpenter's Mill. There are still remnants of the old sawmill house there between the trees, but not much more. Way back in the field, just beyond the edge of the trees, you will find two small piles of sawdust under the leaves and pine needles. That is pretty much all that is left of the thriving business that operated down at this location. I used to drive down there years ago to harvest the creatures that were digesting the sawdust, worms and grubs, to use when I went fishing at Fox Lake or Barney's Lake. The bass and trout seemed to like this particular brand of bait. Then I took the bass or trout, very seldom both, home and cooked them up and ate them. This is very similar to the circle of life celebration that took place in this meadow on June 23, 2007.

Tara's Meadow now houses a retreat center. A beautiful twenty acre meadow and forest site with enchanting accommodations, an onsite stone circle, and walking access to the great lake, conservancy marshes, and ancient oak grove, and other natural and historic treasures. The retreat center provides services including life coaching, tours, meditation and healing, Celtic Body Prayers, group retreats, and studies in peace and native wisdom in the center's 'tree top' hexagon.

You may contact Jim at 231-347-7957 for your guest sojourn. Scheduled activities this summer include a Peace Retreat on June 30th and July 1st; and "Healing and Joy" Retreat September 1-3, 2007.

Beaver Island Community School Building Project

Why do we need this?

It is crucial for the Beaver Island community to modernize its school facilities to provide classroom spaces that meet state and local program needs, to proactively respond to the need for enhanced security and safety in our school, and to move into the future with a facility that is fuel and energy efficient. The building improvements will replace the oldest and most structurally deteriorated part of the building where projected upkeep costs continually rise. The youth of the community will benefit with a safer and more efficient facility with spaces designed for 21st century learning in a global world.

Features of the August Bonding Proposal

Hear more and ask questions at the public forum at school, July 9, 2007, at 7 p.m. after a public walk-through of the school at 6:30 p.m.


For more information contact superintendent/principal Kitty McNamara at 231-448-2744 or by email at

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