Beaver Island News on the 'Net, June 30-July 6, 2008

BI News on the 'Net Website Record Set

On July 5, 2008, the BI News on the 'Net Website set a record for the number of pictures and video clips posted on the website for only one week. If you check through all the pages, you will find over 50 videos clips for Quicktime format, as well as over 125 photographs. This week has been a busy one, and is not yet over. We hope you enjoy the extra effort put into this spectacular edition. Email your comments to:

2008 Jerry Sowa 3rd Annual Memorial Golf Outing

Information about this August 1, 2008, Golf Outing HERE

Michigan Teachers' and Students' Honey bee
Apiary Project for Ecology

Dianne Tracy taught a program on Honey Bees and BeeKeeping at CMU last summer in 2007. She is also teaching another much smaller class as an independent study program this summer. Information about this project is on the web. The results of this program has been turned into a video and may be viewed at this website:

Native American Heritage Day Video Clips

4th of July Parade Starts at 2 p.m.

Parade Pictures

4th of July Carnival

Immediately following the parade

Carnival Pictures

Boat Parade

Fireworks after dusk

4th of July 2008 Video Clips

Sonic Boom Rocks Beaver Island

At approximately 9:20 a.m. on July 4, 2008, a sound like an explosion caused residences and businesses to shake right here on Beaver Island. One Island resident stated, "It sound like it came from up above." This person was correct. The Blue Angels were practicing between Beaver Island and Traverse City and apparently broke the sound barrier, which in turn caused the explosive sound and the rattling of the windows and the doors.

Several people thought that there had been some kind of explosion, but no emergency occurred, just a sonic boom.

3rd of July Golf Tournament

The 4th of July traditional tournament was held on July 3, 2008, beginning at approximately 9 a.m.

Randall Wayne Jones Passes Away

Randall Wayne Jones, 47, of Burleson , Texas , passed away Sunday June 29 th , 2008 in Oregon .  Randy was born October 10, 1960 , in Grand Prairie , Texas to Bobby and Louise (Cooper) Jones.  He graduated from Mansfield High School in Mansfield , Texas , and attended community college. Randy loved to watch wrestling and baseball, have cookouts and go to the carnival with his kids.  He loved to be on the road, and was a truck driver for many years.  Randy is survived by his wife Kimberly (Connaghan) Jones, his children Kaylyn, Tessa, Brennan, Turner, and Quinn Jones all of Beaver Island; mother, Louise Jones; brothers, Bobby, Jr., and Jeffrey Jones.  He was preceded in death by his father Bobby Jones Sr., and his brothers Edward and John Jones.  His burial will take place on Saturday, July 5, 2008 at the Holy Cross Cemetery, Beaver Island, Michigan.

Press Release on Garden Island Search and Rescue

(from Charlevoix County Sheriff's Department)

On July 1, 2008, at approximately 7:26 pm, the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office on Beaver Island received a call from 911 indicating that a windsurfer had gone missing and was overdue returning to his residence on Beaver Island.

911 received a call from Cassandra Biehler of Grand Rapids, stating that her husband Frederic Biehler was windsurfing off a point on Beaver Island known as “Sucker Point”. Mrs. Biehler indicated that her husband normally stays in the general area, but she had been unable to see him for quite some time and was worried due to the changing weather conditions that something may have happened to him. 911 notified the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office, Beaver Island Deputy, Jake Wasylewski, of the situation. Wasylewski notified the volunteer members of the Beaver Island Water Rescue Team comprised of EMS paramedic Ken Bruland, and Fire Department member Garrett Cole, and at 7:52 pm, responded in the rescue boat to begin the search in Lake Michigan. Island Paramedic Joe Moore also responded and waited on shore near Sucker Point to watch for the missing boater to return. Water Rescue searched the area Mr. Biehler was thought to be in for about an hour and a half. At 9:10 pm, there was still no sign of Mr.Biehler, the Water Rescue team requested assistance from the United States Coast Guard. The Coast Guard responded to the request within minutes and stated they were sending a helicopter to the area to assist. Soon after, 911 received a call from Paul Welke, owner of a Island Airways and a local airport on the island, asking if it would be beneficial for him to take one of his personal planes up and assist in the search for Mr.Biehler. Water Rescue approved and within a few minutes, Paul and Angel Welke were up in the air, in the area Mr.Biehler was thought to have drifted.

At 9:31 pm, Angel Welke radioed the Water Rescue team that they believed they located the missing boater in Pete Manitou Bay on Garden Island, about three and a half miles from where Mr.Biehler had begun wind surfing. Welke stated that there was an individual standing on the beach matching Mr.Biehler's description. Water Rescue made it into the shallow bay to make contact with Mr.Biehler at about 9:43 pm. Once in the boat, Mr.Biehler was checked over by Paramedic Ken Bruland, and other than being cold and some scrapes, was in good health and high spirits. At this time the Coast Guard was informed of the situation and that they could stand down. Once back on Beaver Island, Mr. Biehler was checked over again by Paramedic Joe Moore, and given a ride home. Beaver Island Water Rescue and the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office would like to thank everyone involved who assisted in the search and rescue.

Chamber Web Site Visits Up 17%

During April, May and June visits to your web site increased from 19,886 in 2007 to 23,904 this year, an increase of 17%. Email inquiries to the office for Beaver Island information were up 22%.

These indicators and others like current booking at homes and overnight accommodations strongly suggest that this year looks like a busy one. Despite a very soft Michigan economy and what some contend is a national recession Beaver Island is doing well.

Your chamber's growth has allowed us, in cooperation with members, to spend more aggressively in the last few years marketing the island. Our journalist host program, like the MOWA visit, is yielding great results. Two appearances on WOOD TV Grand Rapids by Steve West about “$5.49 gas prices” resulted in positive spin about LOW accommodations prices. Hundred of web site hits came direct from the WOOD TV and national MSNBC sites.

Dan Wardlow did a wonderful job generating publicity about the recent Electric Car Show. Both the Charlevoix and Petoskey newspapers ran stories and video clips. Well done Dan!

A full page feature by NorthernIslander's Elaine West about Beaver Island's state wide leadership in tackling invasive Phragmites appears in the July 2 Charlevoix Courier.

We Are Moving Into The New Community Center.

Your Chamber office will relocate to the new Community Center in July. The beautiful new space is just to the left as you enter the building.

Don't Forget About Room Finders

Attention accommodations members: If you have open dates in July and August email your chamber office. Question about how room finders works, call (231) 448-2505.

Secret Unconfirmed Report About The Air Show

The B-17 Yankee Lady will make a low pass over Paradise Bay at about 10:00AM on July 18. We have an unconfirmed report from a usually reliable source that she will be escorted by a P-51 Mustang fighter. What a sight it would be to see both bomber and fighter fly over Beaver Island.

Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce

Osprey Back on Nest

BI Community House Grand Opening

The Preservation Association of Beaver Island held a Grand Opening, Ribbon Cutting, and Open House Tour beginning at 12 noon on July 1, 2008. MORE

BICC Open House Crowd Gathers Video Clip

BICC Open House Judi Gallagher Welcomes Video Clip

BICC Open House Building's Previous Use Video Clip

BICC Open House John Fiegen Thanks Volunteers Video Clip

BICC Open House Welters Thank You Video Clip

BICC Open House Welters Cut Ribbon Video Clip

BICC Open House Invite to Enter Video Clip


Beaver Island Community Center Rules

Beaver Island's Native American Heritage

Day Two of the Beaver Island Community Center Grand Opening's Week events included dancing, drums, flutes, fiddler, native American food samples. Another wonderful day was had at the Community Center.

2nd Mixed Doubles Golf Tournament Concludes

The second mixed doubles-alternate shot-golf tournament took place on June 29, 2008. The teams were each made up of one male player and one female player. Age was not part of the team makeup, although most of the teams included one member over fifty. Ability at the game of golf was also not part of the team makeup. The most important part of the tournament was to get out on the golf course and have a good time on a Sunday afternoon. This was accomplished with great enthusiasm by all.

The winning team included Larry Roy and Jane Bailey who shot a score of 45, but had to give themselves three more strokes to help even up the winning opportunity.

The second place team consisted of Ivan Young and Sharon Scamehorn (49) who won the 10th hole in a playoff against. Kathy & Rick Blalock (49), putting them in third place. The fourth place team was Theresa & Larry Laurain (50).

Thanks to everyone who entered and played. We had 13 teams this month and have room for 5 more in the upcoming events.   There is a signup sheet in the clubhouse or you may call either the golf course 448-2301 or Buck Ridgeway at 448-2680.  Outing Fee is $15. per team + green fees if not a BIGC member. If you played today your names are on the signup sheet so all you have to do is indicate you want to play next month or to change the team member's names. Deadline to enter is Saturday, July 26th at 4:00 p.m .The next Mixed Doubles Golf Tournament is July 27, 2008, at 1:30 p.m.

Update On Ann Zanella

Update on Ann Zanella 07/02/08 Ann's condition has not changed much, in the past four days. She is following the nurses movements with her eyes and is still being aided with her breathing. They have begun therapy on her today, to keep her muscles working. She was also placed in a chair for a few hours. Sometimes progress can be slower than they would like but, as the hospital staff says; "Everyone is different and these things take time." We appreciate your continued prayers. God Bless-- Tina Walker

I am back on the island for a day or two and now have the family's permission to give an update on Ann Zanella's condition.

Ann has had two mini strokes and was given a drug, known as 'The Clot Buster'  to help prevent any further problems. Unfortunately, a side affect of this drug is that it can cause bleeding on the brain, as in Ann's case. She has had surgery to remove the clotting and is recovering as expected, in cases like this. They have begun the gradual process of waking her up. She is currently on a ventilator to aid her breathing during the process of waking her up. She is opening and closing her eyes and seems to be aware that her children are with her. The family would like to thank everyone for their continued prayers, care and concern. They ask that you, please, do not call the hospital as it is very disruptive. Updates are given daily to Joyce Bartels. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. I will try and give updates on the Beaver Island News on the Net website but this will be difficult as I do not have access to a computer when I am on the mainland.

God bless you all, Tina Walker

Anyone wanting to send a card to Ann may do so, at this address: Northern Michigan Hospital, 416 Connable Street,Ann Zanella, I. C. U. Room 147, Petoskey, MI 49770.

A Visiting Yacht

Daisies Abound

South End Lighthouse

Charlie Martin's Truck

Richie's 62 Caddi

Iron Ore Bay Solitude

Video Clip

BICS Demolition

EV Car Show Friday, June 27, 2008

Video Clip

This event continued on Saturday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. The Shamrock and Harbour Market open area was full of EVs and prospective purchasers. Several vehicles were sold, but the amount of interest cannot be measured by the vehicles purchased. Many were thinking of future purchases, and several of the dealers will receive further contact from interested Islanders, year-round and summer residents alike.

From Dan Wardlow, EV Show organizer:

Many thanks to everyone who came to the first Beaver Island Electric Car Show! We estimate over 350 people attended over the two days, and hundreds of test drives were taken in the GEM, Miles, ZENN and Think! cars. I know I gave over 40 test drives in the ZENN alone. Four GEMs were sold and delivered during the show, and a fifth may wind up staying here too. Both of the dealers have lists of potential EV owners to follow-up with, and we expect several more will join the 11 EVs now on the island by the end of summer.

And Ed Wojan has asked for a public charging station on his office building, so when it's up and running, it will become the seventh in the island network of free public charging stations. Thanks Ed!

The Beaver Island Historical Society benefitted from a raffle of a Zap electric scooter, donated by Vic Staley of North Central ZENN. The lucky winner was Judy Taylor. The five second-prize winners of the movie "Who Killed The Electric Car?" are Bruce Parker, Ken Davis, Barb Lucas, Carol Aram, and Pat Nugent. Thanks to everyone who supported the Historical Society.

Big thanks to Eric and Dana Hodgson for supplying the perfect location, electricity for charging, and ice. Thanks to Jeff Connor from Inland Auto EV for the pop and water. Thanks to to Vic Staley from North Central ZENN and Frank Veraldi from Fox Motors of Charlevoix GEM for bringing so many cars for islanders to experience. And Joe Erwin rallied the cookies from Amy Burris, Joanne Cashman, Sally Lounsberry, Terry Keyes, Carol Creasser, Betty Scoggin, Heidi, Hannah, and Levi Connor.

We're starting to talk about a second electric car show for next summer!


Beaver Island Community Center Opens Doors Wide

Beaver Island , Michigan – June24, 2008 – All Beaver Island community members and visitors are invited to attend as the new Beaver Island Community Center officially opens its doors wide on Tuesday, July 1, 2008.

Beginning with a dedication ceremony at noon in front of the Center's doors, attendees will meet some of the people who first envisioned a Community Center along with those who helped to realize that vision. They'll then witness the “official” ribbon cutting and

be invited to partake in guided tours of the facility and complimentary samples of its concession offerings. Guided tours and complimentary refreshments will also be available to the public throughout the afternoon and evening.

Wednesday, July 2 nd residents and visitors are invited to Paradise Bay Park to join with the descendants of Beaver Island 's first community members in commemorating their ancestors' arrival on the shores of the archipelago. Upon the departure of the Emerald Isle at 11:30am, Native American drums, flutes and even a fiddler will herald the approach of canoes from around Whiskey Point. After the travelers disembark, short speeches of welcome and remembrance will be followed by a Native American Hoop Dancing performance on shore by Raymond Shenoskey, an award-winning national competitor in the Hoop Dance who resides in Petoskey.

Everyone is invited to the Community Center for an afternoon of Native American music, dance, food, art and games beginning at 2:00pm with a women's drum group from the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa & Chippewa Indians. The festivities will conclude back in Paradise Bay Park with a brief ceremonial blessing and thanks for the day's gifts at 4:30pm.

Thursday, July 3 rd welcomes the musical wit, wisdom and inimitable entertainment of

The Chenille Sisters to the Center's auditorium stage with a matinee performance at 2:00pm and an evening performance at 7:30pm. Tickets are $10 for the matinee and $20 for the evening performance and may be purchased by calling 231 448-2022, or in person at McDonough's Market, Montaage or the Community Center after July 1.

Friday, July 4 th celebrates our country's “birthday” with cake for everyone at noon in the Welcome Center . Following is recognition of Beaver Island 's veterans at 12:45pm in front of the Community Center, featuring performances by the Beaver Island Community Choir. The celebration wraps up in time for the annual Fourth of July parade and resumes with the premiere of the first “Friday Night Flick”, Walt Disney's Enchanted at 7:30pm. Tickets are $7.50 at the door, or are available at a discount by becoming a Beaver Island Community Center Partner for Activities. For more information call 231 448-2022 or visit the website at

Saturday, July 5 th holds a celebration of the Island 's rich Irish heritage featuring lasting links to the old country through tasty treats and tea, oral histories, and musical and dance performances beginning at 2:00pm and culminating in an evening of Irish song and dance at 8:00pm. Island—and Island connected—musicians Edward Palmer, Danny Gillespie, Danny Johnston, Cindy Gillespie-Cushman, John McCafferty, Brian Roman, and Glen Hendrix will perform. Admission is free and the cash bar opens at 7:00pm.

Sunday, July 6 th wraps up the Grand Opening Celebration with a community-wide invitation to attend a special interdenominational blessing and consecration of the new Beaver Island Community Center by the community's spiritual leaders at 11:30am. Following the blessing will be an engaging afternoon of lively competition for young and old alike with billiards, euchre, cribbage, and board-game tourneys, as well as the first of many Sunday afternoon movie matinees.

The new center will provide settings and services for both community members and visitors. The front Welcome Center makes Island and Center information available through collaborative efforts with the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce, who will have offices in the Center. Additionally, the Welcome Center will feature concessions, café-style seating and wireless internet access.

A Youth & Senior Center called the “Hangout” features computers, billiards, board games, cards, books, DVD player, flat screen, stereo system, and a fabulous harbor-view.

And finishing touches are wrapping up on the auditorium/activity center which will seat 150 people and promises excellent acoustics,and stage and screen visibility for any theatrical experience. The space will also adapt to accommodate community events such as weddings, dances or yoga classes. A full commercial kitchen is available for catering of any event.

The Community Center will be open regularly to the public Monday through Saturday from 7:30am to 11:00pm, and Sunday from 10:00am to 10:00pm. Information on activities and events can be found in the Welcome Center , at , or by calling 231 448-2022.


Ann Partridge, Events Director

Beaver Island Community Center (231) 448-2022: (231) 448-2537 (fax, temporary) or

BEAVER ISLAND COMMUNITY SCHOOL Seeks Teacher for Social Studies

Qualified Candidates can go to [url][/url] to apply online for the position or see the posting below.

7-12 Social Studies Teacher

Application Deadline
July 14, 2008 - or until position filled. Interviews will begin as soon as qualified candidates are identified.

Contact Information
Beaver Island Community School
Kathleen McNamara
37895 King's Highway
Beaver Island, MI 49782
Phone: (231) 448-2744
Fax: (231) 448-2919

Must mail or email letter of interest and
resume with 3 supervisory references to:

Must meet NCLB/MDE "highly qualified" standards for secondary education. Must have training or experience in middle school education. Bonus for National Board certified Teachers. Must be willing to work in small K-12 building and live in an Island community.

Certification Required
Valid Michigan Teaching Certificate. NCLB Highly Qualified in Social Studies and History. Michigan Certification RX, CA, CD, or CC endorsements.

Minimum Degree Required
Bachelor's Degree

The 'Miss B'Haven' Water Levels

There have been several reports about the water levels being low and several theories about why the water levels are low in Lake Michigan, specifically around Beaver Island. Whatever the reason(s), the water levels are definitely much different between 1980 and 2008. Here is a picture of the Miss B'Haven taken next to the fill dock at the former Beaver Haven Marina:

(Thanks to the Scoggins for this picture taken in the 1980s. The dramatic difference in water level seen in this picture prompted this story. The work boat looks more like most people remember it in this picture with Phil Gregg preparing for a trip.)

If you look closely at the picture, you will see that the water level here goes way up the launch ramp on the right side of the picture. You will also note that the water is just slightly below the level of the cement walkway on the fill dock.

The Miss B'Haven is no longer on the Island, but an attempt was made to match the approximate horizontal angle and approximate distance at the Beaver Island Marine. The major thing that has not changed much, only aged, is the fill dock at this location. When asked about the changes made in the dock due to the lower water levels, the Andersons stated, "We have had to lower our dock two and one-half feet for the convenience of our customers."

As you look at these two pictures taken on June 24, 2008, you can see a dramatic difference in the water levels as compared to the above picture. You notice that the cement walkway has dropped, and you can see the water level is much lower. How much lower, you may wonder?

Walking to the shore and down the launching ramp, this picture was taken.

In 1980, the water level was at the level of the cement walkway. In 2008, the water level is as you see it in this picture. The dramatic difference can be measured in a couple of ways. First, the photographer walked down the ramp to the edge of the water and measured the height of the cement using his body. In 1980, he would have been standing in water up to his armpits. In 2008, he was standing on the dry cement of the launch ramp. Taking a tape measure down to the same location, the measurement was 61 inches difference. There is no claim at scientific study or scientific measurement of water level in this story--only the observations made with photographs and personal opinion, but nonetheless, there is a dramatic difference between the high and the low water levels.

According to Adam Anderson, the water has come back up about "four inches" since last summer's lowest. If that is the average rise per year, it will take fifteen more years to get back up to the high water mark. Pretty discouraging for most of us.

"Lake Michigan's water level has dropped nearly four feet since 1997, according to federal data. The low lake level has widened beaches but created safety hazards for recreational boaters and caused freighters to run aground in Muskegon, Grand Haven and other ports around the lake.

On the flip side, record-high lake levels in 1986 caused severe beach erosion that sent several Grand Haven cottages tumbling into the lake." This was taken from the following web site:

Vacation Bible School
"Jerusalem's Marketplace"

When: July 1 - 3, 2008 from 9:30 am - 11:30 am
Who: Ages 3 - 12 ***Older children are welcome to participate as helpers!***
Where: Holy Cross Parish Hall & Convent Lawn
Admission: NONE
Please pre-register (space is limited): 36 Children are already registered!!
Deb Robert 448 - 2048

You Can Ride the Yankee Lady B-17 Bomber

On Friday July 18 at about 10:00 AM the Yankee Lady B-17 will make a low pass over Paradise Bay prior to landing at Beaver Island's Municipal Airport. There is an unconfirmed report that she may be escorted by a WWII fighter. A number of other vintage aircraft plan to attend the Beaver Island Air Show July 18 and 19 if the weather is good.

 In addition to the Chamber of Commerce the following sponsors made the Yankee Lady visit possible: Island Airways, Ken McDonald, Roger Wilcox, Beaver Island Golf Course, Paradise Bay Coffee Shop, The Elson & Helen Spangler Family, Fresh Air Aviation, Beaver Island Lodge and Haggard's Inc. A special sponsor flight will take off at noon on July 18th.

Public rides on the Yankee Lady will be available on July 18 and 19. The price is $425. The beautiful vintage plane can accommodate up to 10 passengers at a time. Riders will be able to sign up on site or make advanced reservations by contacting Dave Wright at the Yankee Air Museum, (734) 483-4030. Reservations are recommended for a family group. Rides are tax deductible donations to the museum.

Public tours of the beautiful polished aluminum plane will be available for a small donation. The Yankee Lady is the finest flying example (only 12 are flyable) of the venerable B-17 in the world. She is a B-17 G model built in 1945.

More information about the plane and the Yankee Air Museum can be found at .

Boyne Thunder to Visit Beaver July 12

News from the Chamber of Commerce

The high performance power boats of Boyne Thunder will once again visit Beaver Island's Paradise Bay on Saturday July 12, 2008. The Poker Run that benefits Camp Quality begins in Boyne City with a staggered start and a reduced speed trip down Lake Charlevoix. Once they hit Lake Michigan they bury the throttles. Some boats top 100 mph.

The first boats are expected to arrive at Beaver Island about 10:30. The Chamber of Commerce has assisted with the event for several years. This year Municipal Marine Harbor Master Jim White will take over the duties of arranging for a volunteer card boat that will be anchored in front of the Marina.

More information about the event and photographs of the colorful high speed boats can be found at .

Meetings, Events, and Activities

Beaver Island Trivia

Last Week's Question:

When did the Beaver Beacon report that the Beaver Island Medical Center was designated as a rural health center, becoming the Beaver Island Rural Health Center?

The correct answer is that the Beaver Island Medical Center became the Beaver Island Rural Health Center in February 1993 as reported by the Beaver Beacon. The only correct answer came from Carol LaFreniere.

This Week's Question:

In what month and year did the Beaver Island Community School celebrate the last show of M. A. S. H.?

The first correct answer will earn a gift subscription to News on the 'Net for the months of, July, August, and September for the person of your choice, anyone who is not already a subscriber. Email your answers to:

Where's This?

This Week's Where's This?

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Last Week's Where's This?

This one is from Peaine Township. Right across from the East Side Drive Fire Hall, this is the Eicher residence.

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