Frank's Photo

Frank Solle has done it again. Last Friday, which was a hot, humid day, he shot the hazy harbor perfectly. The brilliant red of the roofs and the delicate blues of sky and water make it a lovely scene. As Frank stated, " for those who are still planning their next visit - this is what they're missing."

Curtain Call

Story and photos by Elaine West - NorthernIslander

The Wedding Scene: HELP!
Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride (don't wear taffeta, they'll laugh at ya!)
Love -  the 2nd Time Around

"I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" launched the Emerald Isle Repertory Theatre's first season on Beaver Island on Friday, June 17. The adult musical comedy takes one on a lifetime tour of the battle between the sexes, covering dating, marriage, children added to the mix, and even finding love the 2nd time around while attending a funeral. The quartet of singers and dancers are professional actors and EIR is a non-profit organization. The show was directed by Kyle Barnette. Tickets are $20 for adults and $12 for students with IDs. The adult content of the show should be considered by parents.

Ivy, Violet and Lily Martin of Bonduel, Wisconsin would like to announce the arrival of their baby brother, Brock Thomas who arrived on June 12, 2005. Brock weighed in at 8 pounds and 10 ounces. He's 21 inches long. Proud parents are Jamie and Dawn Martin. Grandparents are Bud and Colleen Martin of Beaver Island and John Kudwa of Crystal Falls, Michigan. Great-grandma is Madonna McCafferty of Beaver Island. Congratulations to the Martin family.

Saturday, June 11th, was commencement day for the Beaver Island Community School class of 2005. At one o'clock the four graduating seniors: Melissa Bailey (daughter of Mike and Jayne Bailey), Danielle Cary (daughter of Greg and Lynn Cary), Emily Gray (daughter of Michelle LaFreniere and Blake Gray), and Keith Szczepanski (son of Marie LaFreniere and Steve Szczepanski) marched into Holy Cross Parish Hall as Jon Bonadeo played "Pomp and Circumstance". The junior class of John Albin, Cody Gillespie, Jimmy Gillespie, Justin Martin, Brett Maudrie, Christine McDonough, John Runberg, Krystle Timsak and Keri Wirth formed the honor guard. Each senior was presented flowers from the juniors that in turn were given to the parents of the class of 2005 in recognition of their support throughout the past twelve years.

Principal/Superintendent Kitty McNamara welcomed the assembledge and began the program. Keith Szczepanski introduced the Salutatorian, Emily Gray. Emily kept her speech short and sweet and then introduced the Valedictorian, Melissa Bailey. With her wit and sense of humor, Melissa kept the audience chuckling. Danielle Cary did the introduction for Judi Meister, this years' commencement speaker. Judi recognized the growth of the seniors and how they have matured especially over the past year.

Board of Education members, John Fiegen and Nancy Tritch conferred the diplomas. Within a few minutes tassels were turned and caps were tossed into the air and the class of 2005 marched out of the hall to meet their destiny.

Congratulations, Melissa, Danielle, Emily and Keith.

Island has a touch of "Whimsy"

Beaver Island's newest gift shop offers shoppers everything from coffee to unique gifts. Sister-in-laws Pam Grassmick and Linda McDonough stepped right up when the previous tenants vacated the lower level of the old Malloy Meat Marked and from the looks of things these gals are going to be busy all summer long. It's a great location and these two ladies know their stuff when it comes to the perfect gift for that special someone. Pam's family has long time ties to the island and spent her early years living here. Her parents are Lawrence and Winnie McDonough. Linda has spent all her married life on the island being the spouse of Captain Kevin McDonough.

The shop entices folks with the lovely bistro set in front where shoppers can sit and sip coffee while watching the comings and goings of the town folk. The front window teases the passers-by with things from Christmas to sailing and edible items making one want to walk in the door. Once inside it's a profusion of items, some hand-made while others are imported. It will take a couple trips to see everything that is tucked into corners or peeking down from upper shelves.


Incorporating the old with the new, Pam and Linda have made use of some of the shelving from the old LaFreniere Store once owned by Pam's Uncle Dick. Check out the other shelving and counters where they've used antique doors. Delicate embroidery on many items catches the eye - remember the old clothes pin bags that your grandmother used? You can find them here. Just get off the boat? You can buy a sand pail filled with fun and wonderous things from bottled water to toys.

If you haven't had your touch of Whimsey yet, stop in you'll be glad you did.

Lines Cut

Monday began as a normal day with everything working just dandy however, somehow while a crew was digging behing the school a line was accidently severed. Nornally that's not such a big deal but this particular line affected the islanders' ability to access the internet. Obviously it's been repaired but finding and fixing took almost the entire day. Thanks go to all those involved in making the repairs as there were a couple dozen people who were suffering from severe internet withdrawal. Could I be one of them, I wonder?