Fire Chief Tim McDonough has posted signs that state absolutely NO burning.  The island has hardly had any rain since June 10th.  The danger for fire is extremely high.  The upcoming holiday makes things even more worrisome as many fires have been started by fireworks.  Please be extra careful.  Beaver Island is lovely but if a forest fire were to take hold the beauty would be gone quickly.  Keep your eyes open for smoke and/or fire and report it immediately.  Watch the front window at McDonough's Market for fire warning signs, and be careful.

What Holiday Is It Again?

While watching the morning news last week one of the commentators mentioned that it was National something week and I got to wondering if there were many unknown and uncelebrated holidays that don't receive lots of attention from places like Hallmark or Ambassador cards so I proceeded to surf around and discovered what I think are probably the most unsung holidays that this country has.  For example, for this week did you know that from June 22 to June 29th is (add a mental drum roll here) National Hug Week, Lightning Safety Awareness Week, National Take Your Pet to Work Week, Carpenter Ant Awareness Week or that it was National Cheese Week.  Simply amazing to me, especially the Carpenter Ant Week which has me wondering if there is a National My Kid has Head Lice Week.

You probably thought that was all there was to it, just holidays for entire weeks.  Not!  This week we'll be celebrating on the 22nd, America's Kids Day; on the 23rd we can observe Let it Go Day (I let it go years ago and it never came back); then on June 27th we  have Decide to be Married Day to keep followed by Descendants' Day on the 28th and Log Cabin Day on the 29th.  I suppose that somewhere there is also a Brick House Day and a Dog House Day.  It's simply mind-boggling how many actual holidays there are and I'm going to write Hallmark and ask them why they don't have a card for National I Forgot to Brush My Hair Day.

4th of July Fly-Over

The Chamber of Commerce can confirm a July 4 flyover by two F-16 jets from the 107th Squadron of the Michigan Air National Guard. The flight will come from the direction of Cross Village between 2:10 and 2:15. The parade will start right after the jets depart. Island Airways will follow with a missing man formation flyover.
The fighter jets will turn north of the island and fly over a second time heading south returning to Selfridge ANG base. The flight commander has advised Chamber Exec. Director Steve West that they will do a high performance climb on the departure pass if they have sufficient fuel for a safe return to their base near Detroit. A lightly loaded F-16 is capable of a vertical climb from 1000 feet to out of sight in just a few seconds.
This is the second year in a row that the Chamber of Commerce has been able to arrange a July 4 flyover. Flyover requests require the completion of Department of Defense forms and obtaining a waiver from the FAA.

Weather Bug

Interested in keeping track of the Beaver Island weather?  I just downloaded the Weather Bug and find it to be an excellent source for watching the weather.  You can set it for where you live, mine is set for the island and now that the Beaver Island Township Airport has AWOS, it gives the recordings directly from there.  A small icon giving the current temperature (if you are online) sits in your system tray at the bottom of your monitor by your clock and you just click on it any time you're online and it brings up the local weather... temperature, winds, radar, heat index, humidity, forecast and a lot more.  A big plus is the alerts.. it can notify you of severe weather.  I've been using it for a week now, and am sold on it.  The best thing is, it's free.. you just have the download from  Check it out.

Mr. Sandman

Due to the extremely warm day yesterday, the 23rd, we headed out to Donegal so the youngest could take a quick swim.  When we arrived the beach looked empty at first, then we spied this fellow in the sand at waters edge.  I have no idea who made him, but it sure was a step up from the typical sandcastle that we usually see.

sandman1.jpg (63185 bytes)    sandman2.jpg (76765 bytes)

Firemen's Picnic

The afternoon of Sunday, June 22nd was one of those perfect days for a picnic.  The annual Beaver Island Fire Department picnic was held at the ball diamond and due to the extremely warm weather the kids totally enjoyed the water games - being blasted by the firemen's hose, having water balloon volleyball, squirt gun fights and other fun games.  Of course the largest kid having fun with the water was Jim Wojan who got about everyone there wet at one time or another.  Kudos to the Fire Auxiliary for organizing the afternoon and making this years' picnic one of the best.

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 You are Invited to a Special Presentation


 Charlevoix Police Chief Dennis Halverson

and Dennis Kusina, Kusina Insurance Agency  

Thursday evening, June 26, 2003

6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

at Beaver Island Community School

 This very informational seminar is open to the public and is geared specifically for new student drivers and their parents.  Recently licensed teen-age drivers, as well as up and coming student drivers, and their parents will also benefit from attending either all or a part of the presentation.

 PLEASE NOTE:  This is a MANDATORY SESSION for all students (and a parent or guardian) who are currently enrolled in Segment 1 of Driver Education.

 For additional information, please contact Jerry Puhl (Instructor) or Alice Belfy

Beaver Island Community School


Pavement Art

bike welcome.jpg (55589 bytes)During the past week, artwork was added to the new pavement in certain places.  Where the Donegal Bay Bike Trail begins one can see the welcome and a shamrock while at a couple of the crosswalk areas the pavement was scored and then painted to resemble red bricks and white cross-walk lines.  Comments have run the gamut from "it looks so nice" to "that really looks tacky".  Regardless, the bicycle trail has been a boon with many, many folks using it, not just bikers but roller-bladers, dog walkers, and just those who want to take a nice stroll without having to dodge cars and trucks traveling quite fast.

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