Celebrating the 4th of July Island Style

This year the 4th of July was jamb-packed with events for people of every age and interest.  The events began at 8 a.m. with the Men's Golf Tournament; then at 11:30 was the dedication of the Donegal Bay Trail; at 1 p.m. the Tappers entertained folks on Main Street followed by the Community Choir singing patriotic songs; at 2 p.m. the parade began, marked by the Island Airways fly-over (evidently foul weather made it impossible for the Air National Guard to do their fly-over); the day ended with the traditional fireworks. Although bad weather was expected, the storms missed us and it turned into a beautiful day full of sunshine.  So much sunshine that I'm sure there's a lot of folks like me who are suffering from sunburn today.

Men's Golf Tournament at the Beaver Island Golf Course

GolfTourney1.jpg (77589 bytes) The Brothers' Place was where all the golfers met for their annual breakfast before heading out to the Beaver Island Golf Course.  Ninety men made up 18 teams that teed off at 8:30 a.m.  Gerry Sowa was this years' organizer and did a fine job.

GolfTourney2.jpg (81737 bytes)The winners with 3 under 32 were the team consisting of Greg Cary, Jeff Mestelle, Larry Hirschey, Bill Hirschey, Jr. and Todd McDonough.  This team, as the #1 winners received trophies generously supplied by Ed Welter.  Congratulations!

GolfTourney3.jpg (62449 bytes)Other prizes of $50 certificates sponsored by Robert's John Service, Ed Wojan Realty, Jim Wojan Excavating and Rich Gillespie Enterprises were won by the following: Longest Drive - Ryan Smith; Closest to the pin on #4 - Joe Moore; Closest to the pin on #6 - Gerald LaFreniere, Jr.; and Closest second shot on #9 - Larry Hirschey.  Congratulations!

According to Sowa all the non-winners responses were, "just wait 'til next year!"

Donegal Bay Trail Dedication

Quite a large crowd gathered for the "official" opening of the Donegal Bay Trail on the 4th.  St. James Supervisor, Don Vyse and Gary Voogt of Moore & Bruggink Engineering Firm, of Grand Rapids kept things short and sweet for all the souls eager to "test" the new trail.  Voogt announced a writing contest open to all.*  John Works civil war cannon was shot, announcing that the trail was open.  The first 100 people to reach the end of the trail at the St. James Township Campground received a commemorative waterbottle.  Lemonade and cookies were given out to all who attended by the Youth Consortium.

BTDon.jpg (70713 bytes)    BTbottle.jpg (55421 bytes)    BTGary.jpg (55133 bytes)

The first bikers to reach the campground were David Brown of Carol Beach, Wisconsin and Tim Hassler of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

BTfirst Bikers.jpg (70209 bytes)

The first runner to arrive was Zack Gerganoff of Sand Bay and Westminister, Colorado.

BT first runner.jpg (71625 bytes)

The first walkers to make it to the lemonade and cookies were the husband and wife team of Shelly Topham and Ken Cichewicz of Saginaw, Michigan.

BT first walkers.jpg (75361 bytes)

The first to arrive via a mom-pushed stroller was Todd and Lynette Remenecz of Burt, Michigan.

BT first stroller.jpg (78877 bytes)

First family consisting of three generations to arrive were the Green family of Beaver Island.

BT Greens.jpg (95229 bytes)

There were over a hundred people taking part in this event.  The new trail is NOT for motorized vehicles like mopeds, golf carts, and the like.  Expect to see bikers, hikers, roller-bladers, skate-boarders, scooters (non-motorized), and lots of walkers.

BTded1.jpg (94957 bytes)    BTded2.jpg (89385 bytes)    BTded3.jpg (89681 bytes)    BTded4.jpg (101897 bytes)

BTded6.jpg (68469 bytes)    BTded5.jpg (98089 bytes)    BTded7.jpg (95569 bytes)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... last to arrive of the Beaver Island news media was Elaine West, who says she's never included here.

BT Last in.jpg (68481 bytes)

*Folks are asked to write their thoughts on why they like the new bike trail.  The contest is divided into Adult, 11-18, and 10 and under (children 10 and under may submit a picture).  The prize is $25 for the best in each group with an additional $25 going to the best over-all submission.  The deadline for this contest is Monday, July 21, 2003.  Mail your submissions to Don Vyse: Box 181; Beaver Island, MI 49782 or email to joanv@biip.net  Good luck!

Tappers, Singers, Planes, and the Parade

Tappers1.jpg (71533 bytes)    Tappers2.jpg (57013 bytes)

Choir4thbetter.jpg (55345 bytes)    Choir4th.jpg (51013 bytes)

flyover2003 1.jpg (23181 bytes)    flyover2003 2.jpg (32789 bytes)

parade street 1.jpg (47941 bytes)    parade street 2.jpg (47289 bytes)

CannonCrew1.jpg (49005 bytes)    parade34.jpg (43793 bytes)

parade1.jpg (59525 bytes)    AMVETs.jpg (63933 bytes)    AMVETs2.jpg (51101 bytes)

parade2.jpg (51209 bytes)    parade3.jpg (61373 bytes)    parade4.jpg (42589 bytes)

parade5.jpg (69089 bytes)    parade6.jpg (49733 bytes)    parade7.jpg (52853 bytes)    parade8.jpg (50349 bytes)

parade9.jpg (73973 bytes)    parade10.jpg (60349 bytes)    parade11.jpg (63733 bytes)    parade12.jpg (50373 bytes)

parade13.jpg (52797 bytes)    parade14.jpg (46009 bytes)    parade15.jpg (67777 bytes)    parade17.jpg (63945 bytes)

parade18.jpg (48797 bytes)    parade19.jpg (64025 bytes)    parade20.jpg (55777 bytes)    parade21.jpg (57477 bytes)

parade22.jpg (57809 bytes)    parade23.jpg (69545 bytes)    parade24.jpg (57545 bytes)    parade25.jpg (52545 bytes)

parade26.jpg (62845 bytes)    parade27.jpg (53025 bytes)    parade28.jpg (53281 bytes)    parade30.jpg (71581 bytes)

parade31.jpg (59785 bytes)    parade32.jpg (59085 bytes)    parade33.jpg (83469 bytes)    parade35.jpg (55409 bytes)

The parade would not be complete without checking in with Claire Cull

ClaireCull.jpg (60057 bytes)

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