Golf Clinics

Photos and story by Frank Solle

Former PGA teaching pro Larry Roy will be offering free golf clinics this summer at the Beaver Island Golf Course. Roy, who has over 20 years of experience working with golfers of all levels, started the clinics this past Tuesday with an hour and a half session for men. Next  Tuesday he will run a session for women. All the clinics start at 6:30 pm.

Roy will repeat the cycle of Tuesday clinics in both July and August, with sessions for men July 11 and August 8. Women golfers will meet July 18 and August 15.

A very engaging and knowledgeable instructor, Roy mixes in a good amount of humor as he details the finer points a swinging a golf club. And when it comes time to demonstrate the principals he has discussed, Roy makes it all look easy as he sends shot after shot sailing down the fairway.

Roy was a student of the late Henry Picard, who claimed the 1938 Masters and the 1939 PGA Championship among his 26 professional wins, and was recently elected to the PGA Hall of Fame.

The workshops are a great way to start improving your game. Roy is available for private lessons as well.

Roy helps Vince Beilman with his follow-through
Larry Roy demonstrates the correct golf swing
Roy can even help those golfers who hit the ball from the wrong side,
as demonstrated by Ron Wojan

Little Sand Bay Update

Photos and story by Frank Solle

For those who like to visit Little Sand Bay, well, you need to bring  your waders. As the recently-placed sign tells us, the trail at the Little Traverse Conservancy site is currently impassible due to heavy flooding created by active beavers. And as the other photo shows, even a resident frog (lower right corner) is unsure of using the partially submerged boardwalk near the beach end of the trail.

Hopefully the folks at LTC will find a resolution to this situation sooner rather than later. While the beach itself has become
somewhat overgrown with vegetation and is quite marshy in areas, the bay itself is still a great place for a swim. If you can get there.


It's A

It's a bouncing baby boy for Brian and Rose Cole as Aeden Michael joined their family on May 26th weighing in at 9 pounds and 7 ounces. Brontae and William "Billy" are thoroughly enjoying their roles now that they have a little brother. Grandparents are Don and the late Lillian Cole of Beaver Island and Margaret and Robert Wright of Grand Haven. Congratulations to the Cole family.

Hello and Goodbye

It was just a few weeks ago that we welcomed Deputy Clyde Payton to the island. Clyde has accepted a full-time position with the East Jordan police department. He left the island last week and was replaced by Deputy John Heise.

John joined the Charlevoix County police department July 2005. He was born and raised in Charlevoix. Yes, girls, he's single however he is engaged and a May 19th wedding is planned for next spring.

We are happy to welcome John to our community and we wish Clyde well in his new job.

Driver Education

All Star Driver Education of Ann Arbor, Michigan, will be teaching Segment 1 at Beaver Island Community School beginning July 17 and Segment II beginning August 7. For more information, or to register, please visit their website at or call the Beaver Island Community School at (231) 448-2744.

Busy Week

This is a busy week for the island as one can see by the Community Calendar. With baseball, meetings, the final week of school, exams and graduation no one will have any reason to complain about being bored.

There will be no update next Monday, June 12th. I have to go do some continuing education stuff and so won't be back on the island until next Tuesday. I can't guarantee an update on Tuesday but will try for Wednesday or Thursday.

Snow in June?

Thanks to a telephone call from Cindy Cushman I was able to see the snow fall last Friday on the Beaver Lodge Road. From reports the west side was also receiving the same "weather". The photos don't do justice to the cottonwood "flakes" that were falling but the drifts along side the roadways attest to the fact it happened. One can still see the "snow" on the west side and on the Old Fox Lake Road if they look carefully.


Kahlenberg Update

As reported in early May, Karl Bartels has been busy working on the Kahlenberg engine from the Bob S tug owned by the Beaver Island Historical Society. He's slowly reassembling the old engine after cleaning and painting it. The base is approximately 6 feet wide and 12 feet long. It's looking terrific!


For the Birds

Osprey Nesting

Having spent several hours out on Sloptown Road staring at the Osprey nest, I was hoping to be able to tell if, and how many little ones were in it. I simply couldn't tell, but the parent bird was not too crazy about me walking too close to the fenced in area below the tower.

Great Blue Heron


These birds in the harbor area may need an air-traffic controller

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