AmVets Retire Worn Flags

Submitted by the Beaver Beacon

Once again the AmVets held a solemn ceremony to retire two boxes of well-worn flags so new ones could take their places. Many of the flags had been furled along Main Street/Michigan Avenue in an arc that focused the Island's patriotism on the harbor. Thick fog buffeting the Island earlier in the day pulled back, and the deluge that was to flood down held off until after the Post's Officers had completed the reading that precedes the burning. After Bob Hoogendorn played the appropriate song, the first flag's first thirteen stripes were fed into the fire individually, accompanied by the names of the first thirteen states as two late-comers bearing two additional frayed flags for the pyre in the Hartles' front lawn hastily arrived.

Afterwards a hot-dog roast was provided for the AmVets and twenty-some onlookers who had watched the ceremony.

Meet The Artist

Every weekend from July 3rd through August 14th, you can visit Livingstone Studio from 1 - 4 pm on Saturday afternoons to "Meet the Artist", share some refreshments and view their work. There will be demonstrations or explanations of their process, and each artist will bring work to view and sell. Regular commissions will be waived, so a percentage of the sales will be donated to the Beaver Island Community School for athletic or art programs. We hope you will join us in supporting our hard working artists! Rain or shine...we have a screened tent!
For more information stop by Livingstone Studio or phone 231-448-2975

July 3 - Artist Karen Johnson - jewelry design, Beaver Island bracelets, sterling and swarovski

July 10 - Artist Nancy Peterson - lampworked glass, Beaver Island Memory bracelets, and more..
To see some of Nancy's unique work, visit her website

July 17 - Artist Cindy Ricksgers - printmaking, collage and mixed media

July 24 - Artist Tom Richards - wood fired, reduction and raku pottery

July 31 - Artist Terry Conner - incised gourd bowls, containers and collectibles

Aug 14 - Artist Joane McIntyre - jewelry design - a unique combination of techniques from bead weaving to metals

Museum Open House

The Historical Society's annual Museum Open House has been moved to Saturday June 19th from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Everyone is invited!

BIRHC Grand Opening Celebration

The Health Center invites all seasonal and permanent residents to their Grand Opening on Friday, June 25. Tours and refreshments will begin at 11:00 a.m. followed by a program at 11:30 a.m.


Dearly Friends,

We are gathered here to mourn the demise of my Dell computer. After a long (for a computer) and busy life, it passed away quietly on June 6, 2004 accompanied by loud screams and whining by its owner. The Dell is survived by many years of the News on the 'Net, Beaver Island Virtual Tour, thousands of photographs, and mountains of e-mail. Services for the Dell will be private. An autopsy is being planned.

Whoo hooo, Joe got this new computer to accept my camera so I've added some pictures to the graduation article.

New Boarder?

Monday morning Island resident Jimmy White had a visitor. This wasn't your ordinary visitor, it wasn't the Avon lady nor the Fuller Brush man.... but a unique character who evidently found Jimmy's bathroom to be an attractive place to visit. Just a few minutes after prying his eyes open, Jimmy heard a crash from the bathroom and discovered that a wild turkey had flown in the window. Thinking quickly, Jimmy shut the door, ran to Jean Palmer's to tell her he'd be late for work because of the turkey and please note that he was moving so fast we don't know if he was wearing jockey's or boxers but we DO know he only had one sock on. The bird must not have been too crazy about the decor of the restroom as it made it's way into the living room to check out all the windows there. It even played the part of Goldilocks and checked out all the furniture. Eventually Jimmy's feathered friend made its way back to the great outdoors leaving a trail of broken glass. Next time Jimmy just post a sign at the store when you are looking for a room-mate. By the way, those critters must have a "thing" for him as they also ate all the blue board that he'd used to winterize his basement windows. You'll know Jimmy White's turkey friends if you see any with glass shards in their feathers or if you see any blue turkey droppings.

Meet John Jarema
Candidate for Prosecutor
Friday, June 11th from 1-3:00 p.m.
at Stoney Acre Grill

Ted Slough Memorial

Donations for the Slough family can be made to the Charlevoix County Community Foundation for a music scholarship in memory of Ted Slough. The music scholarship is for the Crooked Tree Arts Center and the Northwest Academy of Charlevoix. Send donations to PO Box 718, East Jordan, MI 49727.

...and from one very proud Mom...

Beth Lucas had sent me this article about the ship that her son, Neal, is stationed on and the article was lost when the Dell passed away. Thanks so much Beth for sending it again.

Mary Elizabeth Gallagher 1909-2004

Mary Elizabeth Gallagher, 94, of Traverse City, and formerly of Chicago, died Saturday, June 5, 2004, at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City. Mary is survived by her husband, Earl; son Patrick (Eileen) Gallagher of Glenmont, New York; daughter, Elizabeth (James) Whelan of Traverse City; grandchildren, Sean Whelan of Traverse City, Megan, and James Gallagher of Glenmont, New York, a niece, Lorraine (Cy) Messenger Cypher, and numerous loving nieces and nephews. Mary Messenger  was born September 11, 1909, in Chicago. On January 24, 1942, she married Earl Gallagher in Chicago. In 1996, she moved to Traverse City where she was a member of Saint Francis Church. For the past year, she and Earl have been lovingly cared for by the staff  at Highlander Assisted Living in Traverse City. Mass of the Resurrection will be 11:00a.m., Tuesday, June 8, at St. Francis Catholic Church in Traverse City.  The Reverend Patrick Maher will officiate. Interment will take place on Beaver Island at the Holy Cross Cemetery, 1:00pm, Wednesday, the Reverend Patrick Cawley officiating. Memorial contributions may be made to the Father Fred Foundation, P.O. Box 2260, Traverse City, MI, 49685. The family would like to thank the "4 West" staff at Munson for their care during Mary's last days, and also  Dr. Schwert and his staff for their care during Mary's long battle with cancer. Thanks, Tina!


Left to right: Michael McDonough, Christine Runberg, Rachel McDonough, Barry McDonough, Laura Bousquet, Kerrie Gillespie. Center: Daniel McDonough
Photo by Frank Solle

The first day of their new stage in life dawned sunny and bright, just right for graduation and the parties that followed. Laura, Kerrie, Barry, Daniel, Michael Rachel and Christine marched down the aisle formed in Holy Cross Parish Hall to Pomp and Circumstance played by Mrs. Judi Meister to take their places in front of all their friends and family. Principal Kathleen McNamara welcomed everyone and pointed out each senior's accomplishments that had brought them thus far. Barry McDonough introduced Salutatorian Kerrie Gillespie who shared readings from a graduation book and asked for a moment of silence in memory of Ted Slough who would have graduated on Friday. Christine Runberg and Rachel McDonough introduced guest speaker, Joddy Croswhite. Joddy, unique being that he is, sang most of his address from the work of Gibran. John Fiegen, President of the Board of Education and McNamara conferred the diplomas. Following the recessional, the class of 2004 greeted their guests on the steps of the hall. Congratulations seniors!




Golf Tournament

Submitted by Jerry Sowa

The annual Fourth of July golf tournament will be held on Saturday, July 3, 2004 commencing at 12:30 p.m. The date and time has been changed because this year the Fourth falls on Sunday and many of the participants can't get to the island until the first boat on Saturday. Many of the golfers have to work on Friday and can't make any of the scheduled boats on that day. Please check with your team captains for specific details concerning the tournament. New golfers please call Jerry Sowa, 448-2464, to be placed on the alternate list.


Photo by Frank Solle

Frank Solle captured this curious deer checking out the racoon climbing up a tree. One can't help but wonder if the deer isn't wishing it could climb up there too.

St. James Mission Celebrates Its Fiftieth Anniversary

Submitted by Jeanne Howell

The first recorded service of the Episcopal Church on Beaver Island took place on Tuesday, August 14, 1877. The Burial Office was read for Henry Clifton by the Reverend George Whitney, "an Episcopal Minister who delivered a practical and impressive sermon." It is said that Reverend Whitney was the first non-Roman Catholic Clergyman to have been on Beaver Island, and that he had come from Harbor Springs for the service.*

Except for the short-lived Protestant church built by the Beaver Island Lumber Company in 1910, the Catholic Church was the only one on the Island. Over the years, however, the protestant population began to grow. In 1954, the Rt. Rev. Dudley B. McNeil, the Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Western Michigan, came to Beaver Island on vacation. A paper submitted for this history tells the following story:

"He no more than got off the boat when he was approached by a summer resident who asked if he would celebrate the Eucharist. A permanent resident, the mother of Mrs. Spaulding, had not made her Communion for years. Of course, Bishop McNeil was delighted to hold this service. After much hurrying and scurrying - including a flight to the Detroit area by David Wilson to get some Prayer Books - the service was held in the Spaulding home on July 11, 1954. This house is now the home of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Christie. It was anticipated that perhaps six persons might attend, or a dozen at the most. A "Coffee Hour" had been prepared with this in mind. The service had the house filled to over-flowing and the doughnuts were broken into small pieces so that everyone present might have at least a bite. This was the beginning of the summer mission: Bishop McNeil held services for the rest of the month of July. He was followed in August by Fr. Arthur R. Willis who, with his family, was vacationing on the Island.

" By July 25, 1954, St. James Day, a chapel had been established. It was the old Tilley house on Freesoil, now owned by Kathryn and David Wilson, who being Episcopalians, offered it for this use. Through the concerted efforts of many resident Islanders and summer residents, the old house was refurbished and furnished as a chapel. The altar appointments were handcrafted from native materials. The Very Reverend Glen Blackburn, Fr. Willis, and Carl Felix made the Cross, Altar and lectern. The pews were rough planks given by the Wojan Mill which were placed over new empty fish boxes given by Elston Pischner. At the end of the summer, these were replaced by cathedral chairs given by Warren Townsend. However, the fish boxes and planks serced as auxiliary sitting as long as the "old farm house" was the chapel.

"By the summer of 1961 there were movements afoot for the erection of a more permanent building. Further impetus was given when Mr. and Mrs. Warren Townsend, Sr., gave two lots on the east side of Gallagher at Oak Street to the Mission. A fund raising campaign was launched under the auspices of Bishop Charles E. Bennison of the Diocese of Western Michigan. Bishop McNeil had resigned from this post in 1959. Dr. Paul Nelson was in direct charge of the campaign. Contributions were made from the Diocese and by summer residents and very importantly, by Islanders - not only those who were not Roman Catholic but many Roam Catholics as well. During the summer of 1963 a Bellaire log chapel was constructed. On September 1, 1963, this Chapel was consecrated by Bishop Bennison.**

For the next thirty years, the Mission continued primarily as a summer Chapel. Clergy leadership was provided by visiting Priests and Bishops throughout the summer season. Vivian Visscher, who was a stalwart member and leader of the Mission, died in the winter of 1991. She bequeathed her house on the back beach (Pine Street) to the Diocese of Western Michigan to be used as a clergy residence. So it was decided by the Mission's leaders to request the appoint of a Priest who would remain in residence for the entire season, beginning in 1993. The first person to serve in this capacity was the Rev. Robert Bast from Peach Tree City, Georgia. In 1994 the Rev. Joseph Howell was appointed and continues to serve the Mission during the summer season and at other special times throught the year. The Rev. James Gunn, Rector of Christ Church, Charlevoix, visits the Island monthly when Fr. Howell is not on the Island and is available for pastoral emergencies. At other times lay-lead prayer services continue each Sunday.

*The Journal of Beaver Island History, Vol. One, p.111
**Ibid., pgs. 116-117

New Medical First Responders

Submitted by Joe Moore

Beaver Island EMS is proud to announce the successful completion of a Medical First Responder program.  The tenth grade Beaver Island Community School students who have successfully completed the course include:  John Albin, Christine McDonough, Krystle Timsak, Keri Wirth, and James Gillespie.  One adult student joined this program and was successful, Pam Nicholas.  All successful students are eligible to take the National Registry Exam for First Responders.  Students must make their own examination arrangements.  Information, applications, and exam locations can be found at:

Meet The Artist

Artist Nancy Peterson will be at the Livingstone Studio on July 10th to meet the public. To see some of Nancy's unique work, visit her website