Little Hitchhikers

For the next week or so, drive down to Barney's Lake and look very carefully.  You may be lucky enough to see the pair of loons who reside there and their babies.  Please do not disturb their nesting area, it's a good idea just to watch from the road.  Of course, don't forget your binocculars for a close-up of these darling babies.

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Stoney Acre Garden and Gifts

StoneyGarden.jpg (70057 bytes)Talented Cheryl Podgorski has opened her garden and gift shop for the second year behind Stoney Acre Grill and again deserves applause for the wonderful creations she has put together.  This is the place to find that special gift... something unique.. that you won't find anywhere else.  Inside the cute little building you'll find everything from fairy houses to t-shirts, gourds, bird houses, and jewelry.  She can also help you decide what plants to place in your yard and even sell you some, anything from flats to hanging baskets or perhaps a miniature herb garden already planted in a stone bowl.  Cheryl is also responsible for the gardens that are slowing taking shape around the Stoney Acre Grill.  The double centerpiece of that garden area is the farmers trellis - made from old wheels - and the gorgeous wooden basket that one sees as they walk back to the greenhouse.  Take some time and check out Stoney Acre Garden and Gifts, you'll be glad you did.

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Paved Biking Trail

Despite heavy rain, the crew from H&D were busy on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning paving the new biking trail from town to the St. James Township Campground.  There are those who are complaining about the loss of trees, however, in the long run this new paved path may even save lives as drivers won't have to worry about bikers spread across the road, bikers won't have to worry about being hit by a car and neither group will have to worry about being blinded by the dust that seems to be a part of island roads.  As time passes the grass, brush and trees will grow back making the trail almost invisible from the roadway.  I expect that before long it's going to become a popular place for bikers and roller-bladers who want to enjoy their hobby without dodging cars and trucks.  Please remember that is trail is for NON-motorized vehicles only!

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What Time Is It?

Anyone remember the old Howdy Doody television show?  Buffalo Bob would say to the Peanut Gallery, "Kids, what time is it?" and the kids would yell out, "It's Howdy Doody time!"  Those who live on the island generally say, "Island Time", but now, thanks to the huge clock that Keith and Christy Albin have built into the fireplace at the LakeSports building, we'll have to say it's "LakeSport Time".  This clock will be handy for kids who have been told to be home at a specific time.  No longer will they be able to say, "I didn't know what time it was."  The new clock is attractive and is framed by the stones of the fireplace.  Very, very nice Albins!

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Changes for Summer 2003

Generally things on the island just meander along and stay pretty much the same year after year.  The summer 2003 season will see quite a few new things.  On the harbor the old Hodgson's Grocery has changed hands and new owners, Mike and Kelly Collins have renamed it Harbour Market.  On around the harbor, where Gillespie Oil and Transit was located is now the Paradise Bay Dive Shop owned and operated by Mike and Gail Weede.  If you're hungry, check out Chicago Pizza, a "call ahead" and carry-out only, from the Brothers' Place.  Love horses?  Then visit Unfinished Farms Equestrian Center on Darkytown (Barney's Lake) Road for guided trail rides, lessons, pony rides, birthday parties, summer day camps and horse boarding.  They have an indoor arena so it's a great place to spend a rainy day instead of in a motel room listening to children whine there's nothing to do. 

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