Low Water

Whether due to the wind, the low lake levels, and/or dredging in the Great Lakes, the water levels on November 1, 2007, were some of the lowest that anyone had seen in the last forty plus years. These pictures were taken from the public beach.

Looking south along the shore....looking toward the Emerald Isle.....water marks show it all....

These pictures were taken from the former water area at the public beach.........

These are from the park next to the BI Boat Company

It was pretty amazing to be able to walk out the same distance from shor as the of the bow of the Emerald Isle to take its picture.

What was this like down by the old sawmill dock area down by the BI Marine?

There were lots of old pilings completely out of the water...... Spots not previously accessible without a boat

Sranding right out among the pilings...a look toward the marinas in each direction

Pretty unusual to be able to take these pictures from these locations without getting the feet wet.

Looking back from the marina toward town area.....The fill dock completely dry along the side...